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Laura Lee Stone

Laura Lee Stone: Saw a girl At work looks Like T made me upset and said i want to start a site for women and willing men to make men come clean to their wives before they kill em thru disease to protect women who r married and dont use protection think their husband doesnt cheat and she said works at a drs office and said thats so true and said men lie and thats why i want them held accountable in their pants pocket to pay and get help for behaviors Its not ok And need women to start standin Up instead Of just lay Down Taking It

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Sya'ir Community

Sya'ir Community:    

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Kibasomba Kimbwelele Kibasomba

Kibasomba Kimbwelele Kibasomba: Dr's photo    

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Katrena Markum Trevino

Katrena Markum Trevino: Some of you know that dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer and the dr's gave him 3-6 months to live. We pray they are wrong.
Kirk and I have decided to get married soon so dad can walk me down the ailse and share our special day with us.
Dad picked March 8, 2015 as the date.
Now planning begins.

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Coolah Creations

Coolah Creations: Welcome to the school holidays!

1. Savannah smashed her head into the swings at 8:30 and we were at the Dr's by 9 getting the gash cleaned and ensuring no stitches needed (none, thank the universe)

2. Let the ferret fuzzbutts out into the newly secured backyard for a run, only to have 3 of the 4 find the ONE hole I missed and go romping through next doors backyard. One came back when called, one was hiding in their garden that I had to go call out, and the most docile, lap ferret ever was bouncing all over their dog!!

3. Opening the garage roller door saw Milton, a random dog run in. Waiting for the owners to return my call so he can go home, for now he's pulling his best puppy dog face wanting in (I'm allergic!)

4. Savannah, while outside with Milton, falls down the 3 steps outside and gashes her ankle open on the bricks.

It's not even midday!!!!!

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Drs M Fardee

Drs M Fardee: Foreign students and graduates could be sent back to home countries before they can apply for...     Must be concern...!!!

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Wendy Napier

Wendy Napier: Sitting at the Drs and realise my children weren't that irritating as teenagers after all. Compared to some these days anyway

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Nicole Drs

1548973845341906 Nicole Drs:         :3

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Drs EgikSatria Sjdw

Drs EgikSatria Sjdw: Happy MOM's day..@@>~~~ ({}) U're my everything. *gift* ;)

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Birthing Better Babies Philippines

10152940036744168 Birthing Better Babies Philippines: Mobile Uploads     Drs Reg and Catherine Hamlin were just two people. Two humans who stepped up to care for some of the most marginalised women in the world. They did not give up a life of luxury. They took up a life of adventure!     Absolutely agree. Don't waste your life wishing you can change it. Just do it. #nikedoctrine #whywedowhatwedo #birthingbetterbabies

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Tate Duley

10204068993377365 Tate Duley: Mobile Uploads     Today has been a great day!! Drs are even very excited! Emily has opened both eyes and focusing! She is mouthing words and sentences. She is responding to commands. She may possibly get off the ventilator today. She will still have a trach for awhile. We are very excited to see what tomorrow holds! Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray! — with Emily Sturgis.     Emily and Cody I've been keeping u both in my prayers and I'm gonna continue to pray for u both I hope everything go's in ur favor and that she continues to get better

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Sarah Tony Fisher

Sarah Tony Fisher: Exuhsted really hope the drs office is open tomorrow

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Dr and the Medics

Dr and the Medics: Metal Jackson     Drs video for Xmas. Happy Xmas folks x x x     Lagi sekali lah!!
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152982895904714

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Diploma Drs

889878427710158 Diploma Drs: Photos from Author John Kuykendall's post in G-HUNTER MAGAZINE        

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Pamela Lloyd

679525862164105 Pamela Lloyd: Mobile Uploads     Gotta brag on our God: See what my folder says?!? Operation Prison Break was a huge success, and I'm very elated to tell y'all that your fave Sickle Cell Warrior Princess has been cleared to go home! Can i get a happy dance?! Our God is healer, awesome in power, and we can't thank Him enough for His faithfulness and His love...He got me through the most painful sickle cell crisis & another ovarian cyst/fibroid/endometriosis/scar tissue removal! My prayer has always been that throughout all my pain & suffering, I give all the glory & praises to our Father...for He is so amazing and SO worthy! Ok y'all, even though I'm home now we still need your prayers as now the tough stuff starts. My H&H is back to where it was pre surgery(20 & 7), which is pretty low. We argued with he hospitalist about blood transfusions, then realized this is a losing battle because he didn't know much about Sickle Cell & he believed these numbers are normal for SS sufferers. It's amazing how little some drs know and understand about sickle cell. After arguing why transfusions were imperative with no luck, we decided to go home to begin recovery & schedule blood transfusions with my hematologist on Tuesday of next week. I'm very grateful and thankful to Dr. G, my Sickle Cell Dr, for believing in me and taking such good care of me. Sickle Cell warriors often have to fight for medical care because we're oftentimes not believed because blood diseases can't be seen & we don't "look" sick. I've gotta thank my sweet family for praying every step of this journey & for loving my handsome hubbs and I! I'm on house arrest for the next three weeks to heal from surgery, & I'm only allowed out to go to my checkups & blood transfusions. Please keep joining our prayers for healing, relief, & restoration...these war wounds are very fragile & painful. I love y'all with all I have, all the way to the moon and back! Love, hugs, & joy always ~Lydia~    

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Kelley Smith

335961929914153 Kelley Smith: Mobile Uploads     REPOST for all my new supporter who are asking my story. Thank you all for supporting me and I pray that my story Blesses you!
My Testimony!
June 30,2012 I was run down by a female who did this on purpose. There was an altercation an I was simply trying to keep the peace when the female got in her car & drug me folded up under the car for almost 200ft,which then the car turned the corner and my lifeless body was released from up under the car. I suffered multiple injuries and I was in a coma for almost 2 months & in the hospital for 4 months. I am a widow of four and this took a huge affect on my children..because my husband was killed by the hands of a car.
I suffered multiple injuries..I had a broken leg,pelvis,and dislocated spine(which needed titanium and rods in them) also 7broken ribs,a collapsed lung,my left side of my face was ripped up,I nearly bit my tongue off and it needed to be sewn back on,I lost 3 teeth,the skin on my back was ripped off (road burn) and needed a skin graph,a fractured shoulder and jaw,a hole in my side that Drs described as the size of a shark bite, and a small amount of blood on my brain but thank God it caused no damage..and many scars from head to toe! My family was told that I may not make it..and if I did I may never walk again..may be a vegetable..may be paralyzed..but God had other plans!! I am not paralyzed..I can't fully feel my feet YET & I am walking with the aid of a cane..but I am alive and God has his hands on me & I am living proof that God is far too good & he is not dead!! Not only did I survive this night..but I have survived many other attacks on my life.. & I have chosen to follow Gods lead & put my testimony and my story of survival in a book in hopes to inspire and encourage you! My book Left For Dead is NOW AVAILABLE and your copy is waiting to bless your life! Get your SIGNED copy today www.survivalstorytees.bigcartel.com     Testimony

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Shorty Saluga

Shorty Saluga: had a nice evening at church watching the christmas play now going to get me food then off to watch a movie an a long day with dr's tomorrow

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Haiti Love Taylor Jackson

Haiti Love Taylor Jackson: I finally finished my Xmas shopping! This boy is spoiled! And clearly by us both! However, he is worth every bit of it! My son can be very mouthy, and misbehave like any other 6 year old, but he has the biggest heart and we are his whole world! Sometimes I get frustrated and agitated by his behavior and constantly question my parenting. But sometimes, God speaks me to me and through me in the most subtle ways, to remind me he is truly a blessing!!! He is way more outspoken than I was as a child. I was always scared and made to be quiet, yet he talks to know end, asks questions all the time and is not afraid to speak his mind! That is a great quality and I love his confidence! He is going to be a great man! Of course he already thinks he's a grown man!
😉😍😄 I'm so blessed! I see the love of my life is tired by all the festivities of today because Nicole is out like a light! Watching ID Channel and about to make a snack! All that shopping and I'm too tired to finish wrapping these gifts. Totally forgot I have 2 Drs appts tomorrow! Let the hectic week begin!
# 4 days until Jesus' Birthday & Xmas!!!⛄️❄️🎄💜💙❤️💜🎄⛄️

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Drs. Freed and Gliksman

Drs. Freed and Gliksman: We only need 10 fans to reach our goal of 100! Let's make it happen!

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Deiverson Drs

872756409413707 Deiverson Drs: Mobile Uploads        

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Melissa Lovelace

378850495619351 Melissa Lovelace: Mobile Uploads     New update on our sweet girl!

Thanking God for his never failing love, grace and mercy. Without God, where would we be?! We know for our family this would all not be possible. Miracles shown daily for those who believe.

Yesterday was a very busy day here in Rm#573. Amiyah received her clinical trial drug at 9:30 a.m. (this time was a decreased dose) She had a echo done, PT, OT clinical rounds with ICU & BMT Dr's and pain management. During her PT yesterday she took 3 steps!!!! Over the last couple of days she has become more awake. Amiyah will be getting more frequent echo's done since she has some fluid around her heart. The cardiologist is keeping a close eye on it.

Today during speech therapy Amiyah ate 5 bites of chocolate pudding and had 6 sips of water! Each one of these steps is so huge for her recovery. Gets even better, during PT she stood up on a bench (with some help) and hugged me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The feeling of her hugs is something I have longes for. Daddy made sure he snuck one in also.

Another great report, today our nurse was given orders to lower one of the blood pressure medications. As I had stated before Amiyah is on 2 continous drips for BP control. The one medication has been decreased twice and the other once. She waited to tell us so we did not get anxious. Amiyah has tolerated the decrease very well.

Ohhhhhh and Amiyah had another (4th) ND tube placed yesterday so that she could start formula feeds. Today they also increased the amount of feeding. Another benefit to the tube is she can start transitioning to oral meds again since it can be placed through the tube. This all will make it quicker for us to get back to 7south and out of the PICU!

Tonights photo is from today. Stay blessed everyone. Thank you for loving and caring for our family!    

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Dianne Carone

10152105099886570 Dianne Carone: Food Matters Mantras     The best 6 doctors in the world! LIKE if you agree!

#foodmatters #youarewhatyoueat     Love these Dr.s

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Jacob Martin

Jacob Martin: {ѦǤḼ} just me was just iced by Jacob, which brings the body count to 524,054 rivals.
{DRS} Red Beret was just iced by Jacob, who has whacked a total of 524,050 rivals.
Jacob just brought the body count to 524,046 by icing [Śuzue] Don Uzumakii.
Jacob just brought the body count to 524,044 by icing ◆╣ֆ♍╠◆ ASIA.

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Colleen Danneman

Colleen Danneman: ⊰ҝβҝ⊱ Kʌɼɱʌ҉ =Ʀ²Ƒ= was just iced by Jingle Bells P® Қʞ, who has whacked a total of 273,593 rivals.
Jingle Bells P® Қʞ just brought the body count to 273,591 by icing ☼ ІḆ▪₥ Elliot's Mess Inc..
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Jingle Bells P® Қʞ just brought the body count to 273,589 by icing {DRS} WildBoudreaux.

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