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Felicia Jane Dixon

Felicia Jane Dixon: Little Miracles UK - Leicestershire    

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Little Miracles UK - Leicestershire

354903071347264 Little Miracles UK - Leicestershire:         Esme's legs drs say its been caused by me having no water around her she will be 3 years old in feb and were jusy starting to jump she still cant walk that far but drs say they cant do anythink . Xxx

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Beverly James

Beverly James: As this is the month for giving thanks I haven't wrote something everyday like some have. I couldn't have kept up part of the month since I was under the weather. But in thinking of all I'm thankful for, I can't never tell all of it. So here goes what's on my mind the most. First I'm glad God gave me good Christian parents, parents who taught us to be respectful of others and took us to church. Next I'm thankful for my salvation. Next I'm glad He gave me a wonderful husband and family, without them I wouldn't be where I am today. A wonderful church family. In the past year most of you know we have had some bad health issues. With that said I'm glad I still have my sweet little Moma, it was scary there for a while. Then in May I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am truly blessed(not that I had cancer!) On the way home the day I had my biopsy I prayed Lord if this is to be please send me good drs. And He did. In July 2 of these wonderful drs operated on me taking 7 has, but I am cancer free. That's a great blessing by itself. Then He blessed me with a great oncologist. Please continue to pray for us that His blessings will continue as we travel this journey. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and can tell wonderful things God has done for you.

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Jada Crain

Jada Crain: I refuse to beg a mf to communicate with me , come to drs appointments , etc etc ! Changing my number again so MFs won't have to worry

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Daniel Mack

725245277544699 Daniel Mack: Timeline Photos     Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Drs. Kincaid, Fett & Tharp! We are closed Thursday and Friday so our staff can enjoy the holiday with their families!    

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Veronica Rose Peters


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Val Annette Johnny

Val Annette Johnny: M Just Wondering If Anyone Is Going 2 Da PUDDLE I Don't Have Very GOOD TIRES On My Truck So M Trying 2 FIND A RIDE In 2 TOWN :) If NAWT Its OK Always Tomo Cuz I Have a Drs Anyways So I TURTLE 2 Town In Da Morning I Guess :)

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Drs Mohd Najib Amir

Drs Mohd Najib Amir: Arrived here

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Drs Andre Rukmana

Drs Andre Rukmana:

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Stephanie Knaras Darling

424964740866392 Stephanie Knaras Darling: Timeline Photos         I need help!!! can anyone identify this object? I saw it in a magazine at the drs. office, but it never said what it is or what you do with it. Help!!!!!!

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Larry J. Mannasmith

Larry J. Mannasmith: Rhonda Update: We're HOME! The Drs. said we will do GB surgery on the first of the week and to come home, enjoy the family, go to Thanksgiving in Red Oak and come back to Omaha on Monday! She is feeling much better since the infection is gone and can take her medicine at home as easily as in the hospital. She is able to eat small amounts and drink again so things are looking up! Thanks for the cards, flowers, letters, emails, and Facebook messages. You guys are amazing and we love you all! We have a long way to go, but the road looks a lot straighter and brighter than it did a week ago! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Kathy Rose

Kathy Rose: 43 yrs ago it was our first Thanksgiving at our new house and we had a blizzard :) I would like to wish all my family all over the country a Special Happy Thanksgiving & I love you all! and to all my facebook friends/family I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and if you are in New England - drive safely...p.s. Brought Grams Rose home this afternoon after almost 2 months of hospitals, rehap and nursing home...she sure is happy and snuggled in her own bed tonight :) and still scheduled to fly to Arizona in a week! God Bless everyone including Our troops, nursing staff and drs.

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Drs Fardosa Qorane

Drs Fardosa Qorane: be carefull wen a guy says he luvs u from the bottom of his
heart....... cuz he may still have enough space for other girls on
top....loooolz joke!!!♧♧♧♧♧♧

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Derby Remapping Services

Derby Remapping Services: Another busy Saturday coming up, possibly one slot available at 12.45 if anyone would like a remap :)


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Jeremy Framo

Jeremy Framo: I think fat slobs that chew gum like a cow in a drs office should get shot

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Brenda Lupton Baker

Brenda Lupton Baker: Andi is making so much progress! She is talking and talking. Asking about family and friends. She tells Justin thank you for painting her nails, and to Steve for rubbing lotion on her arms. She knows now that she was in a car accident. She doesn't know ALL the details, as we don't want to add stress to her. Our goal is still to keep her calm. So she knows her neck is "hurt", and that she cannot stand up and leave (yes she is asking to) because the Drs still have to work some more on her leg. The other injuries and details will come with time. For now, she is showing signs of her old self. And we are so happy for that! ♡♡

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Chris Irwin

Chris Irwin: Flu shot: done. Drs appointment: done. X-ray: waiting. (My doctor is seriously cute:) I might need to have more health issues:))

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Katherine Whisenant

Katherine Whisenant: Tripp Halstead Updates     Katherine Whisenant dog and then you are you can you can be able to see the new one more about this email address or the other than the way you have any of the other r p free fun to be in this is the way to see if I have a lot and then you can only for the other day of this message is not be in this is the other than that is not be in the new year of the way you are the I have to the way you can be a bit more than that is ppoi oooooiu gdegh appointment with you can be in this email is a bit more than the way you oi Oujda dq f for a bit of a lot and I am appointment for your email is not be on Wed Dec and the other than that is not be in this email address is the other than that is not be in this email is a few weeks to be a lot and then you are not sure if you can be in those of emailed you are address or there is not sure that is not the other day and then you can be a bit more about this email is not the other people who was in this is the other than that is not be a few things are the way to be in a few months of a few days to be to see if I am not sure if you?

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Therapy Network

Therapy Network: Grateful today for good news. auto-immune Condition is non cancer. Couldnt get to doc, no money no insurance. Put off appointments. not a good idea. Not curable, but treatable...Medicine was $10 and drs office gave me 10% discount...feeling humbled, feeling loved, feeling grateful...

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Lori Thompson Fox

1500992620154055 Lori Thompson Fox:         Exercises required daily . Alone with his own technicians and physical therapist he's on a special diet. He's living the dream can't you tell? Really other than this and trips to bathroom which has to be with this same harness on, Jorge Rodriguez isn't allowed to do anything other than sit in a chair to eat and lay in his bed. Being on this neology unit isn't fun nor is it entertaining! He can't move without a nurse or technician helping him do so. Plus being filmed on camera 24 hours a day for up to 7 days or until the drs decide to let us go home is not pleasant. As for his diabetes up date , they have decided to increase the amount insulin he is getting morning and nightly and he's getting numerous shots now because his sugar was still rising thought to be because of stress of hospitalization and constant eegs being ran on him, etc. High blood pressure is OK though so that's amazing in its self! As for now waiting on seizures isn't easy but when we don't want them they come all the time! Patience isn't one of his strong points and he's bored. Prayers are so appreciated and we love you all so much thanks friends!

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Brenda Prins

Brenda Prins: Hey all been another rough day for me but this weather never helps but this headache I've had for 3 days now is starting to get to me I have to call the drs on Friday if I wake up with this tomorrow. I'm gonna be so not happy I want to enjoy turkey day with my family not home alone in this chair. Slow healing here and not happy about it.

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Alexis Nishi

Alexis Nishi: How Likely Is It That Birth Control Could Let You Down?    

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Tovah Norman

Tovah Norman: Had drs appt today. Im 10 weeks and 1 day :) also got a chance to listen to the babys heartbeat. Super excited but still a long way to go....

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Drs Fhajar

Drs Fhajar: want to search Invoker player gg ? congratz you now seeing :)

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Janet Schiavone

Janet Schiavone: Tripp Halstead Updates    

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Mardy Cook

Mardy Cook: I'm at the Drs ofc waiting to be called back. There's a couple here talking away, and she's bitching and complaining that's it's not fair, that a lot of the stores will be open tomorrow, that's it's so unfair. But yet she's got a list of places she's going to go and get, really???

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Liz Tear'che IdaBreeze

Liz Tear'che IdaBreeze: Whats on my mind ??


Wait.. wake up.. smell the roses, welcome to the real world... a place full of hate and abuse, but oh well we get over it.. we still alive walking this earth... whether its with our head high and some low... but that aint nothing unusual nowadays... but heey what the hell right ??

we are who we are and we do what we do...

but that dont mean ignore what everyone has to say..

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Lisa McKellips

Lisa McKellips: Thank you to everyone for the prayers and well wishes today. Thank you to Mom for being here today. My beautiful daughter was my rock today holding my hand and wiping away tears. I am truly blessed with my family and friends who prayed for this surgery today. The Drs said everything went well and am looking for to starting the road to recovery Wishing you all a happy thanksgiving and hug your loved ones tonight

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Lonnie E Groves

Lonnie E Groves: I got to ring the bell for my last chemo treatment today!!! My P.E.T. Test came up clear so I am still cancer free!! I go back Jan. 5 for blood tests to check again!! Then every 3 months after that!!! It has been exactly 1 year ago when I started going to these Drs. For tests and they found the cancer in my Colen!!! So finally good news all the way around!!! So glad to be done with the chemo!!! I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers through this!!!!!

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Drs Gewargis Acis

1397988133826791 Drs Gewargis Acis: Timeline Photos         A beautifull Logo in Syriac of the Seyfo 1915. Designed by my relative Raban Mikael Oez

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Carol Edmands

Carol Edmands: Just got the good news about my Grandson, Dev. The surgery went well & the Drs were pleased with what they were able to do for him! YIPPEE! :)

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Melani Johnson Alwell

Melani Johnson Alwell: Tripp Halstead Updates    

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703945526379557 Ria:         A collection of drs which was needed with cybermen wandering london

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Teri Browne-Smith

Teri Browne-Smith: Prayers for Carson     To all my friends & family;Please say a prayer for this little guy. His name is Carson and he has been through more suffering in his 1st year of life than most people in a lifetime. His grandma, my longtime friend and sister to my step-son, has had to spend many waking hours in and out of hospitals and Drs.,let alone sleepless nights taking care of him. My heart just brakes for them. Be Thankful for all your blessings!

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Tammi Heitman

Tammi Heitman: he is getting up and about feeling pretty good...starting a clear liquid diet...he chooses to drink around the tube .. Stomach drainage tube...the lower part of stomach is constricted from inflammation and nothing was going out...hoping it opened enough for liquids .rather than risk having it put back in....no fever..... no pain..white count headed down...skinny again! He had the drs hopping yesterday. ..huge amount of fluid again... couldn't get everything done that they wanted to ...next week will be out patient ....not today but home soon....

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Zena Gurley

Zena Gurley: Ray Hagins    

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Rita Wardlaw

Rita Wardlaw: Tripp Halstead Updates    

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WE Bear Essentials and Whitelighters

WE Bear Essentials and Whitelighters: The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for Pain     WE Bear YL news:

Don't bear the pain alone...find some natural alternatives like YL to help. Want to know more? visit http://Whitelighters.teamWildFrie.org for free classes or have a look at the resource below..bear hugs :)

MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is the first safe, natural, side-effect-free remedy for many types of pain and inflammatory conditions. In this authoritative look at MSM, Drs. Stanley Jacob and Ronald Lawrence reveal how to tap into the benefits of this amazing "miracle" compound. Experienced in the successful treatment of thousands of patients for pain, they explain how to take MSM—how much, when, with what foods, and in what form—to relieve pain in its many varieties, including:
* Degenerative arthritis
* Chronic back pain
* Chronic headache
* Muscle pain
* Fibromyalgia
* Tendintis and bursitis
* Carpal tunnel syndrome
* Post-traumatic pain and inflammation
* Allergies

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Lindsay Hannon

Lindsay Hannon:     Andrew Hannon

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Anna Christine Redmond Rogers

Anna Christine Redmond Rogers: OK home from the drs with my girls no pe for Joyce for 3 to 4 weeks because of her knee and Julianna well poor child is on several medications for the next several days

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Doug Weber Sr.

Doug Weber Sr.: You know it makes me really mad when drs tell you not to be late.. But they can make you wait..

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Matt Le-On

Matt Le-On: Ray Hagins    

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Ryan Scrilla Scarcelli

Ryan Scrilla Scarcelli:     Make sure if you're in the D you stop by and see my homies performing their sets and live performance from Chris Doe! $crilla Ent always in the building! Nation wide! The works for meltdown 4.5!

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Rhiannon Wolf

Rhiannon Wolf: Dr. John Lowe on Thyroid Disease - Fibromyalgia Treatment     Great article about fibromyalgia, low thyroid and... why did Drs used to test reflexes? And why don't they any more ? (clue, do lab tests result in more money being made for the lab?)

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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper: Well drs appt went ok, she said I'm 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced but baby's still sitting a little high. She stripped my membranes again, I actually felt it this time lol, I've been having some cramps since she did it so I guess it's just a waiting game now!! Hopefully he makes an appearance soon!! Mommy and daddy can't wait to see you peanut!!!!! :)

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Drs Gunz Zaey

Drs Gunz Zaey: Single :)

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Laura Walters

Laura Walters: Another sinus infection, dizziness, imbalance, feel terrible. Returned to dr and put on antibiotics and steriods. Dr running blood to check my immune system. Hope something shows so we can get this figured out. I feel bad and hope Thanksgiving can be a great day. Please pray God will give drs answers. Having problems with my eyes tracking properly and working with how bad I feel. Thanks

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Slow Transit Constipation - Aussie kids and families

Slow Transit Constipation - Aussie kids and families: One of my main reasons for starting up this page was to connect with other families in similar situations. Doing so is not an easy as many hide away from talking about poop issues which again makes it even harder for people to understand or why Drs make an easy misdiagnosis. When my son and I first started this long and painful journey there was little to no information on anything. Even now having a name for his condition there still is not enough information out there. There are no local support groups. Many Drs have not even heard of STC or of a chait bowel button. Our GP was lost for words when he finally saw my sons chait button. Actually he was horrified and even asked me why did I do that!?! As if I was the surgeon! My sons pediatric gastronologist had told us that this is a very well known condition...is it really? If it was it then why do we feel so lonely? All I ask is for you to share this page and get others to like and share it too. Thank you ♡

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