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Jillian Ullstrom Schneider

Jillian Ullstrom Schneider: update on Wyatt. All day he has had an on going fever of about 100.8 to 101.0 . have been taking tylenol every 4 hrs because when it comes close to the 4 hrs up his temp spikes really quick. Drinking lots of fluids and sleeping off and on all day. talked to the Drs. at childrens hospital and they thought maybe he contracted a virus when he was in one of the hospitals. And that is why the fevers and body aches. He is still also sore all over from the seizures as well. But Taylor and I are close around him watching that he's fine. He seems to be doing better as the night goes on, so hoping tomorrow goes smoother for him.

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Jamie Gervais

Jamie Gervais: I have a little story to share. Everyone who really knows me is aware that I prefer to self doctor. I had enough of drs and hospitals with all those ob-gyn visits. Anyway I had a growth in my a removed almost 40 yrs ago and biopdied. Simple benign fatty tumor, then another one started to grow 30 yrs ago and then it stopped growing for no apparent reason until we moved to Florida. Within weeks it began to grow. I ignored it for several months until it was the size of my little finger and about a quarter inch above the rest of my arm. I was seriously suffering with another skin rash.... I don't handle the heat well but then it only got worse. One of the seniors here told me about her rash from mangos... Turns out mangos and poison ivy are related.... They produce the se compound . So now I wear gloves to handle
Mangos , but to deal with the rash, nothing worked. Sweat only make rashes worse. So I made a water baking soda paste and tried that on the rash with a little success . At least I could get some sleep. But I noticed two things improved.i know that there is am Italian dr who uses baking soda injected into rumors with great results, and I used the baking soda paste on a rash but i also applied it to the growth that was bugging me, in two weeks
Of maybe 4 applications the growth is GONE and in addition I had a bunch of skin tags in the same area as the rash and they too were gone overnight. Not a scientific controlled study but got anyone suspicious of
A skin growth try baking soda before you waste money on a dr biopsy etc. if it doesn't work you always have the dr option but if it does as it did into case you save yourself the time for a dr visit and the out of pocket expense

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Sello Matlala

Sello Matlala: Whether u believe or not "GOD IS GREAT".Drs in Gaza managed 2 remove a newborn baby from her mum's womb by c-section only 2 find the mum was already dead.ja neh.

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Mona Anderson-Gamill

Mona Anderson-Gamill: Y'all just don't know how I appreciate all the calls, texts, inboxes, visits, and especially the prayers for my Stankabug. He has been fever free almost 48hrs and he has be taken off isolation. Drs told us this morning that the antibiotics are working and there was need to head to OR. I know the God I serve is an AWESOME GOD and He never fail u. If everything stays the same, he will be discharge tomorrow. So plz continue praying for him and that things stay the same. Special shout outs to Tristan Thomas & Ladyswagger A. Thomas for staying with Tiawanna Ne'Twaski while I was away. Corine Bankhead Harris & TeeTee Davita Walls Weary for suggesting Batson Children ER, TeeTee Carla Walls-Key for getting me there after the funeral, and to Summer Graves for such an awesome home cooked meal special made and delivered to us along with the brownies for desserts. The nurses were amazed how we actually had a home cooked meal spreaded out in a hospital lol. Y'all just don't know the praise breaks I've been having today. When u do right by ppl, ppl don't forget that. Uncle Justin O. Mathis and TeeTee Suite T Mathis, DJay will be waiting on y'all for that trip to the mall for them J's lol.

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Pastora Itzel Trochez

10152600800797438 Pastora Itzel Trochez: Timeline Photos     Join us - 1Week only for the CELEBRATE AMERICA CAMPMEETING in SILVER SPRING, MD August 17-22, 2014 Sunday - Friday am & pm 30 min North of the DAR Constitution Hall - Washington DC

Drs. Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne

Immanuel’s Church
16819 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20905

Service Times:
Sunday at 8:30 AM, 11 AM, & 7 PM
Monday-Friday at 10 AM & 7 PM

Travel Information:
The Holiday Inn, Laurel West
15101 Sweitzer Ln, Laurel, MD 20707
(301) 776-5300
(mention Terry and Immanuel’s Church)
10.8 Miles Away; 13 Minutes Away

Come and join us - Sun - Fri 2x meetings a day for a week of celebration, revival - come expecting a touch from God! #souls #soulwinners #america #jesus #greatawakening #celebrateamerica #nation #shaken #now    

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Tracey Leitch

10153032628294046 Tracey Leitch: Photos from Brooke Squire's post in Lost and Found, Geelong and Surrounds.     LOST: Black and white border collie by the name of jett...missing since 1230pm when i went to drs and returned home at 145n the gate has flown open and he has got out. Missing from marjorie ave belmont. Wearing red collar n tag (hard to see his details) Please contact me if u find him.have been driving around but havnt found him yet.thank u (this damned wind!!!)    

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David D Kim MD

David D Kim MD: Dear Patients:

I have decided to accept a position at Kaiser Baldwin Park and I will start in September, 2014. Although I am excited about this new opportunity, I am saddened that I have to leave my wonderful patients. I want to thank you for the opportunity to partner with you over the past 14 months. I will be seeing established patient for continued care until the end of August. For continuing care after that time, I recommend the OB/GYNs at Sierra Madre Medical Group. Drs. Grady, Chou, and Hong are great physicians and I recommend them without reservation. For specialized Urogynecological Services, I recommend Dr. Alison Tate in Pasadena. If any of my patients happen to change to Kaiser Health Plan, I would love to see you at my new office at Baldwin Park Medical Center.


David D. Kim MD

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Patrizia Taroni

712795515467568 Patrizia Taroni: Photos of Homer Blind WonderCat     Hi homer !!!! My name is minka and I'm 2 years old. This is a picture of me and my mommy. She couldn't get me to focus because I was to entertained by a fly on the wall. Exactly a month ago I got really sick and thought I was going to pass over the rainbow bridge. I stopped eating and was throwing up yucky stuff. My mommy thought it was just a tummy ache so she fed me soft wet food and pedialite . When that wasn't working, I needed to go to the dr because I stopped drinking water too. I was so scared when we got there, but my mommy kept me in her arms and gave me lots of kisses. The X-rays showed that I ate something bad and it was stuck in my intestines, so I needed surgery to remove it because it was too big to pass. After the surgery I wanted to go home but the drs kept me on an IV for 2 days because I was severely dehydrated. But finally when my mommy came to pick me up I was so happy to see her I nibbled her cheek and kissed her nose. Then the vet showed her what I had eaten- it was a piece of my mommy's leather backpack. I went home with some medicine and a new haircut under my tummy and on my leg. Now, I am back to my crazy self (: I run around my mommy's room and play with my brothers and sisters. Sometimes I get to play with cat nip which is my favorite. My mommy puts all her purses and bags in the closet so I don't get into them. We love you homer !!! Maybe I'll introduce my brothers soon(: take care love always minka !! xoxoxo    

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Punkin Roberta Paxon

Punkin Roberta Paxon: all good from the drs today!!!! God is Good ! so beat ...running on 2 he's of sleep is so not good

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Emma Hallett

Emma Hallett: Day 2 of what I'm grateful for

I'm grateful for the midwives and drs who brought my boy into this world 13 years ago today!

I'm grateful to have my hubby home tonight for 6 days!!! I love family time!

I'm grateful to have great friends near and far who even after not seeing or speaking to them for days , months or even years. I can still call and gave a conversation like we spoke yesterday!

I nominate Colette Patoine Voth and Tracey Cooke to post 3 post ice things for the next. 5 days, then nominate 2 people a day

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Lisa Way

Lisa Way: Alot of you know we have been working with Peanut & potty training.
Today was our 1st day out of the house without pull ups on .
Ayla had a Drs. appt & she went 3 times while we were their.
Then it got scary because hubby wanted to go shopping at Wal - Mart.
So again no pull ups on & she went about 6 times while we were their.
we came home & had 2 accidents & she came & said "Dog Pooped" when it was actually Ayla that did the mess.
I am very proud of her & we will keep pull ups on hand & use them when necessary.

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Holly Nutt-Foreman

Holly Nutt-Foreman: Gotta get up early tomorrow go to drs finally hopefully they figure out wots wrong wit my stomach

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Brooke Squire

10153032628294046 Brooke Squire:         LOST: Black and white border collie by the name of jett...missing since 1230pm when i went to drs and returned home at 145n the gate has flown open and he has got out. Missing from marjorie ave belmont. Wearing red collar n tag (hard to see his details) Please contact me if u find him.have been driving around but havnt found him yet.thank u (this damned wind!!!)

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Matthew's loving heart

307425319417445 Matthew's loving heart:         Matthew Jacob you beat all odds!!!! I can remember it just like last week drs were telling you "not going to make it out side water sack, (BEAT THE ODDS OF THAT), won't make it 1 hour (BEAT THE ODDS OF THAT), won't make it first day....week....months....6 months....year. And on and on and on!!!!!! (BEAT THE ODDS OF THAT) ......he still amazes and puzzles doctor's daily!!!! You are one special boy Matthew!!!! You've been through more than I could imagine any human being going through!!!! I'm going to make this short and sweet because I have more for later and LOTS of pictures!!! Plus gotta put Matty to bed since we let him stay up until midnight ..... I love you Lil brother of mine and happy 15th birthday!!!! "Just keep swimming" you will always be my Lil hero and do big things!!! Love you and again happy birthday!!!!πŸ˜‡πŸ’•πŸ™ŠπŸšΌπŸŒŒπŸ™ˆπŸŒžπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸŽ†πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽ€πŸŽˆπŸŽ‡πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽΆπŸŽΌπŸŽ΅πŸ΄β™ΏπŸšΉO:-)

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Saravanan Lakshmanan

708315955905433 Saravanan Lakshmanan:         IMA Chennai Perambur- Doctor's day Celebration 2014
Prizes to Drama artists Drs Kandasami Kuppachari, Arunan Subbiah Vijayachandar Sundaramurthy Kumudha, Narayanan Parameswaran & Balachander

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Vivienne Collings

Vivienne Collings: Two babies in hospital at once this morning... just waiting to go to Drs appointment with Jess

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Tonya L. Poore Hardy

Tonya L. Poore Hardy: Please say a prayer for mine and Lisa Kate Poore dad he is having some tests tomorrow. He is very sick and weak. Pray for the drs to find out why and treat it so he can get back normal back to our dad :) we love you daddy!

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Lynette Gailey Bergman

Lynette Gailey Bergman: Feeling happy! Just passed off article of # 13 to jenny!! Almost earned my second young women's medallion!! It's been fun working on it with my girls!! Now to finish the Book of Mormon!! The things i do while sitting at my drs office for 3 hrs. Have to say they got a laugh listening to me!'

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Shara Ree

Shara Ree: Week in Review - leading up to labor (for those following the drama)    

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Amanda Byers

Amanda Byers: Please pray for my family. My husband has a traumatic brain injury and a lot of back issues to complicate things and walks with a cane. Adam is 33. We are having a lot of financial difficulties since we are making trips back and forth to the drs. I have a rare blood clotting disorder and am not in the best of health myself. We just need a break of some sort. I set up a GoFund Me Account for him, and was able to get some help for a few trips to the dr. He is in a lot of pain tonight. If you would just remember us in your prayers. Also a couple who we have known over the internet lost her husband very unexpectedly over the weekend. Casey had a traumatic Brain Injury and was paralyzed after his surgery. Their little girl Kasey Lynn has heart defects and isn't doing so well tonight. Jennifer his wife has done such a great job trying to keep things together while they were traveling to therapy. Casey died at the motel, living his wife Jennifer and daughter Kasey Lynn. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

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Jacquie Stull

Jacquie Stull: Still feeling like crap...have to go to Drs tomorrow..

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Mubi Mol

Mubi Mol: Happy eid mubarak to all drs...

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AshMarsha DianaMia Cottier

AshMarsha DianaMia Cottier: Omg called to get a room for Monday since Mia has her drs appointment to see the specialist Tuesday morning an they said $300 fuck that I ain't paying no 300 bucks for a room soo who wants to let me n my wild tribe come spend the night lol

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Derek Bradford Thrash

Derek Bradford Thrash: Hey FB friends and family,
I brought Carleen Sanders Thrash home tonight. Her complications have been resolved and her Drs. said her blood count and platelets look good. She has lost a few lbs and may continue for a while but at least she can rest solid in her own bed and have uninterrupted sleep.She is eating better and her mind is clear. Thirteen day in July she has been hospitalized so everything is on the way up from here. Thank you all for your prayers and just everything you step in and do for the Thrash family because you are doing what God called you to do. We love you and are grateful for your compassion and heart to serve. My wife nearly made an unappointed trip to Glory. I am solemnly grateful she's with us and on the road to recovery.

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Elise Garetto

Elise Garetto: SLUCare | Town&Style     Some of the most wonderful drs! So happy Chloe was able to have their wonderful care! It's amazing to see everyday the odds she's defying.

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Junior Diphaphi Mamushi

Junior Diphaphi Mamushi: A Prayer Group (With God before us who can be against us?)     Good morning friends and God bless

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Anjali Anand

Anjali Anand: Eid mubarak to all...especially to ma calicut and drs frndz...miz u guyz..

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J.d. Carlile

J.d. Carlile: It would have been nice to know how my Son's Drs. Appt. went Today!

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Jennifer Vidales

Jennifer Vidales: DRS - Gangsta Lean [ HQ ] + Lyrics     love this song!     Official HD 720p HQ Audio Version..From the 1993 Single '' Gangsta Lean '' DRS (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) was an Rhythm and blues band from Sacramento, Califo...
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/MIJCCupi_c4

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Michele Stockstill McCay

Michele Stockstill McCay: Michele's RF Lead The Way Milestone 4 Achievement Badge     I'm just 2 miles away from my next major milestone where I will earn an all expense paid trip to our convention in Atlanta in September with VIP amenities; an all expense paid trip to a private leadership event hosted by Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields in San Francisco; $1000 shopping allowance and more! All for using our amazing, transformational skin care products, telling others about it and inviting all to join me in doing the same! I LOVE my business and how my awesome partners reward me for my efforts! BEST business decision EVER!

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Mark Wilcox

Mark Wilcox: Good evening brothers, I had a chance to talk with Brother Kies, and Brother Hoing on Sunday after mass and Danica suggested I should post to the rest of you. My dad who is 75 and has a pacemaker was diagnosed with prostate cancer this past March. It turns out it was further advanced that the Drs thought. In May, he suffered total kidney failure on one and 85% failure on the other and was put on Dialysis. The past few weeks he has not been sleeping well, Dialysis hasn't been going well and he's had painful swelling in his one leg. He was told on Friday the 25th that he would need a new port put in for Dialysis to return to effectiveness. Rather than put his body under any more stress he has elected to discontinue Dialysis and enter Hospice care, placing himself in the Lord's hands. He has been sleeping better and is being kept comfortable at home. I ask my fellow brother knights to keep our family in your prayers and ask that the Lord comfort my Father in his remaining time with us.

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Brian Breuss

Brian Breuss: Wow what a long two days. Yesterday I never slept at all after getting up at 4 am and working all day then couldn't sleep cause daughter was having a bad day. Then this am back to work again at 4 am on no sleep to get out of work and taking daughter to drs. In city and just now getting home. I'm on almost 48 hrs no sleep and so exhausted and a lot on mind it gonna be hard for me to sleep tonight. I may have to take a half day vacation in morning just to let my body catch up and get normal. I have to work in 4 hrs. Hope I have energy at 4 am and don't have to go to work and put my self in danger from no sleep. Wish this situation would get better soon!!!!

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Walufu Ivan Egesa

Walufu Ivan Egesa: Current intern Drs r starving.. & u muffs r silent.. swinging a pair n a rough sack; & ... you'll practically keep dien'

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Mutilation Watch

Mutilation Watch: Makaila Simmons     If you can't even bear to watch it, what makes you think your fragile baby can endure actually being subjected to it? Protect your baby from circumcision. He's counting on you. Keep him genitally intact (like most of the world).

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Anoop Anu

Anoop Anu: Innathe kani......!!??? Pls like my pf pic.....ivanmarkonnum vere oru paniyum illeee......!?????

Good mrng drs......!

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Penny Kent Lyons

Penny Kent Lyons: Asking all to say a little extra prayer tonight and tomorrow as my oldest baby girl will be having surgery she will be in God hands just praying that all goes well GOD JUST BE WITH THE DRS AND STAFF AS THEY DO THE SURGERY PROTECT MY BABY GIRL mommy loves you very much

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Jessica Mitchell

Jessica Mitchell: I'm so tired today. Had a drs appt today and that stuff wears me out. Well daylen and Allison mommy got her Cleaning job so I will be taking u guys school clothes shopping this week. Yay. Bub were going to celebrate that bday party also. Love u both can't wait to see u and hold u..

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John Hall

John Hall: Being out of the big brother Hospital is a welcome. Put a few things in a bag and head for the house. I walked out with less pain than I walked in. KNEE REPLACEMENT is easier for Drs to do a good job now. My knee just glided out, straight ahead, no cracks, bumps or grinding. How is that, Combat Medic, Alyssa Benford? Boston was the Surgeon, noted sports medicine for Roll Tide Alabama. Ha,,,no photos.

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Deanna Mueller Pyeatt

Deanna Mueller Pyeatt: Not much new to report except things are not any better. Levels still drop easily and blood pressure consistently high. A little better spirits today. No real answers from Drs. except wait and see. Frustrating!

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Sheila Yvette Cushman

Sheila Yvette Cushman: Not a good post. ... I need prayers people. .. a friend of mine passed today. She has children, and they will need ur prayers. Also a girl from my cancer group got very bad news and the drs can't do any more for her. She needs prayers.

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Crystal McClure

Crystal McClure: Update on dad - they went for a follow-up visit today after the results of biopsy to discuss his treatment plan. Met with his team of Drs Who have been with him for 10 years. The results: Dr markert and dr Nabors came in and out of the exam room several times just stunned! Said cancer is farther back in his brain and possible swelling and/or bleeding! 3x steroid treatment from the first time when he did them. First time to do chemo. Severe dysphasia also and getting harder for him to communicate. Please continue to pray for strength and healing for both dad and mom. Thank you all.

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Michelle Bage

Michelle Bage: Drs ask Jon how's ur pain 0 to 10 wat woul yu rate ur pain Jon said 0.. Thts the first :"D finally doing some thing rite he was hurting for a week here at the hosp

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BetsyAnn Morgan

BetsyAnn Morgan: I've been a little behind on things. Sometimes we just get caught up in stuff but I'd like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who sent love, prayers & healing for my brother Buddy Gregory who had to stay in the hospital this week due to some really scary heart problems. He's home now (against drs wishes, of course lol) but is being careful & going to be under a drs care. It meant everything to have you guys there when I needed you. Love to all of you

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Smoochapooch Poodle

792710824094252 Smoochapooch Poodle: Timeline Photos     More than half of vets reportedly revaccinate yearly while most others still vaccinate every three years - despite four decades of research showing that vaccines last at least 7 years. Why are vets ignoring this research and sticking to dangerous and ineffective vaccine schedules? Get the answers: http://bit.ly/1864EE5 β€” with Niki Galbraith and 2 others.     I have told all my clients for well over 20 yrs. I met Dr Dodd at a seminar many years ago she is awesome and very smart. Didn't vaccinate my children. We are a society of auto imune compromised people and pets hmmmmm. When are we going to get smart about the dangerous things we do to our children and pets so our drs. And vets. Can live in the manor they are accustomed too???

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Juliet Taylor

Juliet Taylor: Tomorrow at 2:30 is my pain management Drs appt and I will get test results back. Praying the blood tests come back ok but no matter what I will have answers and we can begin to treat this nonstop pain correctly. No matter how much pain I'm in I know there's always others who are worse off and I am grateful to be able to even be able to feel pain

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