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Sandra Thon Fitzgerald

Sandra Thon Fitzgerald: Leaving monday... going back to ocala to close the other trailer...have a drs. Appointment on the 25. Than jim is going to md and I am going back to cape coral my sister will need help with my brother who has cancer we should know this week how much time he has. Thanks for all your prayers

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Debbie Jones

Debbie Jones:

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Beverly Cayubit

Beverly Cayubit: The Drs told me that my meds weren't making me gain weight. So why then did I lose 8 1/2 pounds in the 5 days that they got me off of them?

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Alicia Parente Carlos

Alicia Parente Carlos: Please keep my mom in your prayers today, she passed out during church and was rushed to Kent. Drs are doing testing right now but they think it may be her heart.

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Venus Winkler

622766294474975 Venus Winkler:         These are a fews pic of my mother this morning when we went to dicuss her condition with the drs, i will post more later on letting every know how she is doing. But plz keep the prayers cuming for her cuz she is still in ICU

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Priya Priya

Priya Priya: G8 nyt frnds hve a swt drs

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Dennis-Tricia Bryant

Dennis-Tricia Bryant: Tina McCandless    

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The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery

The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery: Happy Easter from The Wall Center's Drs. Simeon Sr, Holly, Simeon Wall Jr, and Michael Lee! We hope your holiday is filled with family, friends, and lots of fun!

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Vanessa Hill

Vanessa Hill: Has anyone taken the oral vaccine for typhoid? Serious stomach cramps for over 24 hours and feel like shit. Two more tablets to go. Me thinks recall drs and get a dead arm instead. Sooo not the easy route...

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Shelly Waggoner Taylor

Shelly Waggoner Taylor: Hallelujah ! No surgery for my father in law. Drs are going to treat his BP with meds and monitor any changes, but believe it is manageable.

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Jenny VanDorn

Jenny VanDorn: 3 hrs in the er..Aubri has n upper respirtory inf. Sad drs try 2 convince u ur crazy but Ik wen sumthins up n sure enough..tests confirm Im not jus paranoid. Wish I was wrong tho:'-(

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Eva Venable

Eva Venable: Good morning y'all!! Ava's first Easter an I can't be with her today!!! This sux!! It's guna be a very long day for me :( Drs. appointment in the morning!!!

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Kellie Holland Spence

Kellie Holland Spence: No Pismo trip for me!!! Not how I wanted to spend my Easter, Alone and at the Drs ;( (at 10)

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Theresa Robinson-hernandez


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Walt Seamans

Walt Seamans: If the Drs told me that I had 6 months to live I would immediately move in with my ex wife. Wouldn't make me live longer but those 6 months would seem like it was years.

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Anirudh Bodkhe

497915366976981 Anirudh Bodkhe:         "Make the Change, Take on the World"- DRS Model United Nations Conference 2014. This July. PRIORITY APPLICATIONS OPEN TILL 25TH APRIL SO HURRY UP!!!




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Jeremy Wayne Felthoff

Jeremy Wayne Felthoff: I just wanna take this time to thank the LORD for keeping me alive an the Drs for being so good at their jobs. Second I'm very thankful for my Dad I love that man. 3rd to all my friends who was their during my down time please know ima come back swinging. Stronger than ever. Kick me while im down watch out when I get back up. And final HAPPY EASTER love the lord love your life an be at peace with everything even if its outta your control.... I'm Feeling BLESSED.

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Rob Dickinson

Rob Dickinson: Happy Easter everyone! God truly is awesome! They took daddy off of the vent tube about 7:30 last night and he's doing great, he's in a lot of pain but the nurses and Drs say that he is doing great! He will get to move from the ICU to a regular room sometime today!! Thanks everyone for all of your support, thoughts and prayers it means the world to our family!!

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Mellissa Honeybee Rodriguez

Mellissa Honeybee Rodriguez: Going home today don't know what time it's Sunday& drs move slow & going to my sister house for dinner & relax & take my pain pills the dr.is gonna prescribe me got a bad muscle spasm from them dam beds, then monday work hopefully .Happy Easter & Godbless

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Amber Stark

Amber Stark: My ankle is swollen but I'm up about to get ready to cook for my family and my drs appt! #hopingforgoodnewstoday

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Benjamin N Amanda Conway

Benjamin N Amanda Conway: What a service! What an awesome service! Deborah shared an amazing testimony, Michelle Marquis led the worship (with the band) so beautifully. That was just amazing. And Drs Jackie-Imo Akande shared such a powerful thought about offering time (THINK RICH!) and Adam David Conway and John Poon saved the day by making the computers talk to each other. Chris and Funmi Fadero did such a good job making everything run smoothly and ensuring the ushering team welcomed new people...

And how many new people. That wasn't just record attendance, it was record-smashing attendance. So many people healed, 2 salvations (in addition to the third one yesterday).

That's how Easter should be. A massive thanks to everyone who came, served, worshipped, prayed, listened, chatted, and did what they needed to do to make it happen. Tree of Life Church you are awesome!

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Krista Boehmer

Krista Boehmer: Poor fynlee has the worst cough. So hoarse and I can tell it hurts her. I wish drs still made house calls. They say don't clog up the emerg with colds and coughs but where do you draw the line?

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Carolyn Estes

Carolyn Estes: Michele Hainey Brzozowski     Good news prayers answered.

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Mikki Adkins

Mikki Adkins: Mom has another bladder infection and I'm taking her to the Drs. this Morning.

Happy Easter

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Linda Hight Cook

Linda Hight Cook: Happy Easter everyone! Had a better night last night now that pump for pain meds is hooked up. Gettinv PICC line today to eliminate being stuck all the time. Happy pain is under control but no closer to a resolution yet. Told drs to be aggressive because we're not staying another month and a half!

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Emma Smith

Emma Smith: Looked forward to having some days off for my birthday and Easter.. What a load of shit. More or less slept most of it. Back to the drs when they re open. Been bitten by something. arm is on fire and itching but feels bruised If I scratch. Citirizine not working. On the plus my cold has gone.

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Jody Doerfler Cheplic

Jody Doerfler Cheplic: Yesterday when I was at the hosp I wrote the Drs a letter letting them know ( even tho I already told them) what has happened every time she has been hospitalized in the last 6 wks. The Dr just called me and said he just read my note and thanked me for it! He said he feels it could be adrenal insuffiency, and he knows what to do. He also agreed when she leaves the hosp that she should go to a skilled nursing ctr to regain her strength. Im a little happier!

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Rachel Lynn

Rachel Lynn: Happy Easter! Come grab a drink with me at Drs Inn today! Working 12-6 Celebrate the holiday & did I mention I baked cookies? πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸΊπŸΊπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ’πŸŒ·πŸŒΊπŸ°πŸ£πŸ₯

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Samantha Jones Armstrong

Samantha Jones Armstrong: Once again asking for prayers for my daddy. They moved him to CICU. He has a blood clot in his lungs & his heart rate is staying very high (130-140)......like his heart is racing constantly. His Drs are trying to decide what they want to do. Please keep him in ur thoughts today. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

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Tina McCandless

Tina McCandless: Praise God he's still alive and still I'm the healing business !! Happy Easter everyone !!! I have good news this morning just spoke with one of Tonyas DRs and it looks like she does NOT have MS but rather an auto immune insiffalitis ( spelling who cares ) but it means that her body is producing antibiotics that are attacking her brain there are 1,000 of strands of these antibiosis and sometime never find out exactly which it is BUT thank GOD they are all treated the same way and Tonya has been caught early and usually people make a full recovery or an almost full recovery !! I'm so happy so Thankful and so Blessed !!! Thank You Thank You Thank You JESUS !!!!

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Megan Blowers

Megan Blowers: 845 easter morning and we r heading to the drs with lil man lol ughhh just glad they r open and I dont have to wait or go to the walk in

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Summer West

Summer West: 15 years ago I have birth to my first miracle and blessing Cameron West. Camo you are My Favorite ....... Oldest Son! I knew from the first moment of many trials during pregnancy God had his hand on your life. For a child that who's(we where told) lungs where not developed....... You & God proved the Drs wrong. You keep allowing God to use you in ministry and song. I Love You Most! Happy 15th Birthday!

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Nancy Boyer-Campbell

Nancy Boyer-Campbell: Happy Easter to all the Drs and Nurses and thank you for helping my mom figure out what's up

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Sruthy Keneth Keneth

Sruthy Keneth Keneth: Hapie easter my drs

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Sharon Saslaw Bridson

Sharon Saslaw Bridson: So last night I got to meet two of my heros!! Dick Hoyt, Rick Hoyt, and the women thats behind them all the way Kathy Boyer! It's amazing that a dad had a son that was born and the drs said put him in a institution....and this dad said no...and together they have traveled spreading the word of peace, love, and acceptance!!! The icing on the cake was I got some words of inspiration from Uta Pippig whispered in my ear that I really needed to hear! What an amazing women you are!! I would love to take you to lunch one day!! Kristine Aristide thank you, thank you, thank you for being a wonderful friend with a heart so big!! The kindness,compassion, and ability to get things done amazes me!! Love you enjoy tomorrow and take back the finish line!

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Barb Moore

Barb Moore: I may not be a biblical scholar, or a prophet, but I do know this. God is Alive and with me every single day. I watched him stump the drs at the hospital after my prayer warriors lifted my mom up for healing. He is in control.

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Kelly Lynn Huey Neiswonger

Kelly Lynn Huey Neiswonger: Happy easter family and friends would b a happy one for us if we could all b together at home and if they drs would find out what's going on! We have a refferal put in for blaze to b able to go to danville just have to wait for the insurance company to approve it..hope they do and soon! Have a good day everyone.

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Kimberly Krug

Kimberly Krug: Let's pray that my hubby is awake enough today so the Drs can take out his breathing tube..... I can't figure out how to sneak in Jelly beans and birthday cake down his tubes?!?!

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Mark LaRush

Mark LaRush: First and foremost I want to thank the nurses and the Drs. at the Mattawa Hospital...nothing but great care for the little stay I had this last week. I am out and in good hands with my wife,Doreen and my daughter Judith who gave up her week-end at our cottage in order to help out with what its going to take to keep me in on the right track to get better. I also want to thank all of my facebook friends and especially relatives on all of the get well wishes....thank you, merci beaucoup. migwitch, grazias. . Today is Easter Sunday so I will wish everyone on the line a HAPPY EASTER. I might as well confess to a few things that I have done , the easter bunny will be supper here today, Santa is next on my list, we also had the groundhog for a meal not too long ago
I will be using some pumpkins for target practice soon as I do need some practice to go after Bambi, and Marcel the Moose. All in all I still want to wish you all the best for today and all of the days to come. Take care stay safe .

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Phyllis Boling

Phyllis Boling: drs. got the blood clot, the baby is fine, its a boy wt. 7 pounds 15 oz. thanks for your prayers for our grand daughter.

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Sean Miguel

Sean Miguel: Although I work in healthcare, the only physicians in my personal life are Drs Oetker and Bronner.

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Jaise Itticheriya

Jaise Itticheriya: Happy easter...drs...

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Tuesdi Mcqueen

Tuesdi Mcqueen: Getting all my belongings packed to be discharged and go home today, here I come mom! I am thankful and so pleased with all the care I had from my drs and all the nurses. You all are amazing, thank you

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Jess Maree Lyddiard

Jess Maree Lyddiard: Fucking hell. Just had a fall and smashed my head just below my eye on the basin...... Now I'm on head obs and possible fucking cat scan!!! Grrr I've been telling the drs for days I'm unsteady on my feet...... What more evidence do u need.

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David Ellis

David Ellis: Bit of positive news nans on a drip to get fluid out bit of lung infection but should be able to treat it will be updates from Drs in next 24 hours

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Lyn Doane

Lyn Doane: 19 years ago something happened to me that would change my world forever, something that I could never imagine I could do, but when the drs put you in my arms,oh man the love that I felt for you. Just looking down at you thinking omg what the hell am I doing lol but hey look at you, you made 19 years and your still alive (sometimes it was questionable if you would make this far lol). But I would never in a million years change anything. You have become a beautiful adult that I am very proud to say you are my daughter. We have been through alot, but we made it. You will always be my baby girl, no matter how old or how big you are. So a big shout out to the most beautiful baby girl in the world, Elizabeth Marie...momma loves you

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Sally Stephenson

Sally Stephenson: We are home on weekend leave from the hospital. It feels a bit like parole or time off for good behaviour. We were checking behind us all the way off the ward in case the Drs changed their minds. D v happy and hasnt stopped smiling. Bipap going well for d. Still beeds a bit of oxygen with it from about 3 am. I am content but a tad tired....iv learned to cope with 3/4 hours sleep a night over the years but am struggling to cope with 1or 2. Im sure I'll get used to it. D awake early and full of energy now he gets proper sleep. He is being so good with the mask, which is a blessing because it is actually quite claustrophobic and the pressure pushed thro is high...it gives me a panic attack, but hes tougher than me. Hes also looking nice and chubby now that breathing isn't so hard and using all his calories! been able to reduce his tube feeds and jncrease actual food a bit, but taking it slow. Big Dr's meeting this week. Most of the equipment sorted, just a few things to organisd. Could b home for good this week as this weekends going well xxx

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Tarun Ayitham

10152158229508580 Tarun Ayitham: Timeline Photos     Those opposing Modi will have to go to Pakistan, says BJP leader Giriraj Singh http://read.ht/drs

Poll: Should Giriraj Singh apologise for his statement? Vote here: http://read.ht/dsu     Ok Sir! Provide me a Visa please.

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Kathy Rae

Kathy Rae: I was suprised to find out a friend has just read my Women's Running story from October at a Drs surgery in Bundaberg :)

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