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Shelly Torres

Shelly Torres: Listen lap band divas, Matt Smith, and Daniel Weeber Rosie odonell does not have a Drs degree. Everybody has different opinions about weight loss surgery. It makes me sick to always here the negative. I've been asked would I do it again and yes I would. I've been through a lot but proud of me. I would just love to know were everybody gets there Degrees. So ignore the negativity. God bless them.

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Pamela Fouts

Pamela Fouts: My husband got laid off his toxic job after 22 years and them transferring us in joplin away from family in wichita after 10 years last june.He got a big severnce package if we signed a form that said we would not sue for age discrimination. He developed a cyst on his pancreas the size of grapefrut at that time. The drs and I was sure it was cancer. They took fluid off and said it was not so far. The stress he has not had over summer paid off today. He had scope and cyst is nearly gone today. Dr. said it would have taken his life. Turns out getting laid off from a job they said they deleted saved him. He starts new job tomorrow which is sit down electronics job. God intervenes when you think he has decieved you. I used to say there is life after our job and I never knew how true that was at the time. Praise God!

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Steve Bellish

Steve Bellish: Evening gang well got kiddo a drs. Appointment to see if they will clear her to play.she says it feels better but still limping pretty good i think its to early we will see.have a good sleep friends......goodnight

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Casey Parker

Casey Parker: I'm going on my 4th wk of f/t work w/ some amazing people!I hate getting up early & not knowing everything but then I think about where I'm going & I get pumped!We all know how to get the job done & show our patients that they are #1 but I also love our "cut-up" time!I've asked our Drs several questions this wk & it's only Tuesday & they've taken the time to give me some pointers;even laughed at me for stressing out.The office crew look out for me no matter which place I'm at & I'm so thankful!I've got Polly Hudson showing me stuff & telling me to stop stressing & Dianne Casapulla helping me from across town in a different office lol!I love y'all!:)

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Christine Allred

10204814778389394 Christine Allred:         re did my hair so much cheaper took marley for a walk soon headin to the drs then cin gym for body pump

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Ron Leslie Jaynes

10204942775513719 Ron Leslie Jaynes:         Drs say it is starting to heal from within. I pray she is right...Worn out from the constant burning pain and throbbing. Thanks for all the prayers and thank you Lord for hearing my pleas.

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Armaan Sidar Drs

Armaan Sidar Drs:

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Drs Amirul Haqeem

Drs Amirul Haqeem: The Amazing Lengths Parents Go Through For Their Children     Im one if em...

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Presiden Drs Iwan

Presiden Drs Iwan: 'Gmorning:*({})

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Norma McClure

Norma McClure: Been at the Doctor all am and to therapy this afternoon!! The Dr. Thinks all the swelling and pain is from the femoral fracture. He said it was probably going to be swollen for a long time and painful! The good news is it is healing nicely and already shows regeneration of new bone growth!! I about fainted when I saw the size and length of the metal rods and screws used to hold the break secure!! But hey if it's working what can I say !!! The old knee replacement on the same leg is holding up good!! Thanks for all the prayers, visits, calls, food, and concern over the past few weeks!! A special thanks to my hubby for dragging me back and forth to all the Drs appts and therapy !!! Last but certainly by no means least, my five children who have gone above and beyond for their mother!!! Much love to you all!!!

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Deerhound Finn-Fergus

Deerhound Finn-Fergus: I love Halloween! Worst costume, my Dad said I should be a smile, smile stickers were in. I was in a big yellow box, no one knew what I was, cause I had to turn sideways, I was so big. Biggest scare, I'm about 6, 2 doors down,the door opens, nothing but a boiling caldron. Then a lady comes out with an African witch Drs mask on, I ran all the way home. How about you?

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Drs. Witherspoon, Optometric Physicians

Drs. Witherspoon, Optometric Physicians: Citiscapes Metro Montly | Best of Northwest Arkansas Annual Readers' Poll     It's that time again! CitiScapes Metro Monthly Magazine is collecting votes for their "Best of Northwest Arkansas" Readers' Poll! Visit www.bestofnwar.com to vote for Drs. Witherspoon, Optometric Physicians in the "Family & Health" category for BEST EYE CLINIC!

Thank you for your support!

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Becky Brown-Trammell

Becky Brown-Trammell: Just wanted to start of by saying thanks to everyone for the visits, calls, texts, messages, thoughts, & prayers for the past month & a half. Really blessed to have such caring & thoughtful people in my life. Love u all! Also wanted to let uns know that the drs office finally called me back today. The tests have came back normal. They are wanting me to keep a log of my blood pressure and pulse. Follow up appointment is the 3rd of November & they would decide 2 what 2 do from there. She told me that if I had any more trouble before then to contact them. Glad the tests came back good, just frustrates me that that we don't know what's causing the issue! Although I've been doin better than what I was a month ago, I'm ready to get completely back to my ol rotten self!

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Alison Winn

10152319242922111 Alison Winn:         YOU can get our new Breakthrough product for FREE and here's how:
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I'm so excited to share our brand new, breakthrough anti-aging product, Acute Care. It uses Hyaluronic acid, which is a commonly used filler, but the delivery system (our patented Liquid Cone Technology) allows you to simply wear a patch while you sleep! No need to go to the dermatologist for injections! Incredible results after just ONE use, as seen here from some of our fellow consultants including my best buddy and business partner, Kelly Cody!
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AND if you Share my post on your FB page you will be entered in a drawing to get an additional sample - SO a possibility of 4 Patches!"

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Emily Skattei

Emily Skattei: The amount of shit I got accomplished today is ridiculous. Dropped off my 24 hour urine to the lab, got my registration and tabs, went to my drs appointment, went to value world for some holiday decorations, went to Walmart and bought laila's winter wardrobe, came home to the pigs being out and in gracies' pasture, round them up with clay and diesel. Catching one by the leg even. Then flushed clays radiator. Now laying on the couch wishing I hadn't done so much.

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Donny Whan

Donny Whan: ****17 DAYS AWAY FROM MY BDAY PARTY***



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Paula Pierce

Paula Pierce: So at the drs. Nurse asks kelley "do you feel safe at home". Kelley responds with "oh yeah i have lots of guns". Of course i start laughing hard n kelley looks up at me with a confused look. I say "i think the nurse is asking you if you feel safe from me. The whole room was crazy with laughter. What a dingy

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Misty Rigdon Denney

Misty Rigdon Denney: 48 hrs into a killer migraine. Including a Sunday night e.r. trip & a drs visit today. Just praying for relief.

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Drs Mustahari Sembiring

Drs Mustahari Sembiring: TANAH KARO MENANGIS - Rajutan Kasih Untuk Pengungsi Sinabung    

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Jessica Pearce

Jessica Pearce: wow what an eventful morning.. got up early so we decided that we would have a big clean up then have a lazy movie afternoon .. well miss jets had other plans .. she thought that spending the morning in the drs would be more fun lol.. so naturally she cracked her brother in the head with a hair brush and split his head open ... the love between a brother and sister is priceless ;)

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Trent William Lyerly Mitchell

Trent William Lyerly Mitchell: Mom is resting peacefully in the CVICU unit but strong possibility a pace-maker will be put in tomorrow. The Drs. are watching over her hourly and will make a decision later tonight. Please keep her in your daily prayers. Thanks so very much.

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Timothy Thrasher

Timothy Thrasher: Father God I lift up the family of one of my oldest and dearest friends. Danny Staggs his wife has brain cancer and it is very progressive drs gave her 3 weeks two months ago. I pray your holy spirit will comfort her husband and children during this critical time I pray you are glorified in every aspect of this trial. All things we pray in Jesus Holy name. Amen.

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Jennifer Caldwell Noice

Jennifer Caldwell Noice: Well, my prayers have been answered!!!! I have a diagnosis!!!! Today, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Yeah, it sucks because it'll never go away! But at least I know what's wrong with me!!!!! I've prayed for answers, and my friends have prayed for me to have answers.....and I have my answer! Thank you Lord! After years of being dismissed by Drs, treated like a druggie because I wanted something for relief, and being accused of only wanting pills.......I have my answer! A solid, concrete answer! Thank you Jesus! You are great!!!!!

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Tim Holtschneider

Tim Holtschneider: So anyway... I guess im just gona put it out there... i had a respiratory infection and was out of work for 3 days with a Drs note...

Integrity staffing let me go wrongfully so I had to leave New World Pasta a few weeks ago....
Well New World liked my hyperness and so...

Im going back Thursday morning but it is gona be thru another staffing agency...but yes. I have to do paperwork tomorrow at 2:30 and then Im back at New World Pasta Thursday at 6 a.m.

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Hollywoodj Bka Punchlyon

Hollywoodj Bka Punchlyon: R.I.P Daddy - Flipagram with music by Gangsta Lean -DRS     We will all ways miss you we love you     created using Flipagram app | Download for Free!
Watch the video: video http://flipagram.com/f/JAEMKcKq6c

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Carolyn Burnam

Carolyn Burnam: I feel bad as I've asked so many times, but need your prayers again please? I have had two more episodes with my heart (tachycardia) and did get an appointment set today finally with the cardiologist for the electrical part. Sadly, it is not until 10/21!!!!! I am on the "on call" list there as they know I am having problems, but unless I end up in the ER again or they can get an earlier opening, I will have to wait. My heart rate was 125 and climbing at 4 AM the past 2 mornings and they also know this.

I cannot afford to go to the ER again. I also need prayers that the dr. will be able to do the 2nd heart cath and ablation this year while my deductibles are met and no more of the obamacare goes into affect...as medicare will pay out less next year and the medical bills for 3 ER visits and the drs. and tests are mounting higher and higher.

I know regardless God is in control and just keep trying to stay focused on that for now. Thank you so much and may God bless you all!! (((HUGS)))
(Sorry I haven't been online much, these episodes set me back a good bit and I just try to rest and sleep...)

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Brenda Harriman

Brenda Harriman: another drs apt tomorrow may need another surgery find out whats what poor gary still in a lot of pain:(

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Brittney Mckeever

Brittney Mckeever: Thank you everyone for the love and prayers... Biopsy went well. Pain meds are wearing off so I am really starting to feel it now...lol or maybe it was the cleaning and not resting per drs orders lmao. Hope everyone had a good day and enjoyed this nice weather we had today! Hopefully it won't go away too soon‼️

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Stacy Noble

10204991967865287 Stacy Noble:         Ava was such a good girl at the drs today. Got an all clear on the ear infection. Now to fight the bronchitis left in her lungs....Whew~ finally a sign that we may be finally getting better... I was beginning to wonder ;)

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Jessica Pimentel

Jessica Pimentel: :( I`m leaving the drs office aggravated cuz we had `the talk` regarding my health. Bs....then older guy passes me bye & recognizes me from brookfields haunted house. So the splew of ?`s comes now on when r we doing it again & blah blah blah. Just keep twisting the knife buddy......screw this, now I feel worse than b4

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Jennie Peck

Jennie Peck: Welise snow suit ek for babydave.. might have to walk my kids to the drs tmr smh

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Margaret Tomaska

Margaret Tomaska: After 21/2 hrs. at the drs. my stitches are staying in for another month. Retina is healed and lens is in place, but eye is still healing. Vision should be better after stitches are out.

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Carla Stacey

Carla Stacey: Michigan Cat Rescue    

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Phil Brock

Phil Brock: Gee, wasn't the Singapore GP a let down, nearly boring.
The super soft tyres degraded far too quickly, and the DRS zones ineffective, which resulted in bugger all passing opportunities.... yawn.
Aah well, can't win them all I guess...

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The Devlin Radio Show - DRS

The Devlin Radio Show - DRS: I don't know the answer to this, but what will it take to bring crowds back to the ITM cup? Or is this as good as it gets from now on?

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Angie Woody

Angie Woody: I need all my prayer warriors again our friends Danielle Hart and Randy Hart need prayers for their baby Lexi the drs here think she has something going on with her lungs and are sending her to a specialist in Charleston for testing we all know what God can do so please lift this baby and her family up to him. Also if you have prayer warriors please start a prayer chain for her Tia

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Teri Breneman-Middleton

Teri Breneman-Middleton: Veet Hair Removal Gel for Men - Funniest Review EVER!     This had Paul and I laughing so hard at the drs office people were staring at us!!!

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Armand Brideau

Armand Brideau: Just got a call from Roy an he says Kevin is now out of surgery an the drs did ''5'' bypasses an they expect a full recovery..... so far all is well,,,, Let us all take a moment to thank GOD for this blessing,,,,,

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"I am a teen mom or young mother": Mummy Question

No answered my question nd everything so I want to repost.Hello everyone! Okay so I just found out that I'm 8 weeks pregnant with my second child nd I'm so happy nd excited but this pregnancy feels a lil different them my first nd I knw all pregnancies are different by this one is idk just really different. Okay so when I found I was pregnant probably a week later I threw a lil all normal but then it started to get really hard for me to get out of bed nd hard me for me to eat nd even hard for to take care of my daughter. And I tired some many times to go to work but every time I go to work I get all hot nd it feels like ima pass out nd for 2 1/2 weeks on and off I've been calling in sick cuz it's hard for me to be there without passing out. Nd now it's still kind of the same I get sharp pains on my right side of stomach nd some times in the middle nd then I have a headache that never never goes away I could barley stand for more then 1 min nd I could barley be at work for an 1 hour nd every time I stand or get up or go some feels like ima pass out. I'm not dehydrated I eat or try to eat as much as I can nd I have no idea what's wrong. I went to the drs nd they told me it could be preeclampsia nd I just want to knw if anyone has dealt with this or at least knw what it is that I'm feeling. --Please nd thank u

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Julie Collier Sabatis

Julie Collier Sabatis: went to Bangor today for a drs appointment and we decided to stop at Applebees. Molly Elizabeth Sabatis looks over at the bar and the bartender could have been a twin to Val Chmerkovsky from Dancing with The Stars. Almost identical!!!!!

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