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Paulo Raimundo Raimundo

Paulo Raimundo Raimundo: Os PEC`s do PS e outras golpadas!!!    

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Mohamed Sakeel

Mohamed Sakeel: Hostel Room Allotment for the academic year 2014/2015 (FIRST
YEAR - E2013 Batch)
Final Hostel Room allocation for the upcoming academic year starting from 28th
April 2014 is as given below. All selected hostel applicants should follow below
1. Arrangements will be made to open the shroff counter between 9.00 hrs - 12.00
hrs on Sunday the 27th April 2014.
2. All individuals should pay the annual Hostel Fee (Rs. 600.00) and produce the
receipt to the full time sub-warden.
3. Individual room allocation will be done after producing the University IDs of
relevant applicants.
4. No negotiations are allowed for change of rooms/occupants.
Warden (Male-Hostel)

For more Details http://www.eng.ruh.ac.lk/LMs/mod/resource/view.php?id=1103

Thank you Duminda Heshan

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