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Mukti Bajgain

Mukti Bajgain: Priyanka Chopra on Nightline    

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Paul Winstead

Paul Winstead: Lily, Juliet, NABC bears, and Nightline – UPDATE April 18, 2014    

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Dick Shafer

Dick Shafer:     Why was the April 16 edition of NIGHTLINE censored? When I attempted to replay the entire segment I found that the portion dealing with the radical elements had bee deleted.

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Kalejaiye Adetayo

Kalejaiye Adetayo: Nightline face off - Does satan exist? with Deepak Chopra Carlton Pearson Mark Driscoll 10 of 10    

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Collyde Prime

Collyde Prime: Chief Keef Gets On ABC's Nightline (Inside Chicago's Gang Wars) Gangland         Hidden America: Inside Chicago's Gang War Rapper Chief Keef Gets On ABC's Nightline (Inside Chicago's Gang Wars)
Watch the video: video http://cms.springboardplatform.com/previews/258/video/582883/0/0/1

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Ilona Vörös

Ilona Vörös: Lily, Juliet, NABC bears, and Nightline – UPDATE April 18, 2014    

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Fans of Animal Rights

Fans of Animal Rights: Lily, Juliet, NABC bears, and Nightline – UPDATE April 18, 2014    

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Yogesh Pun

Yogesh Pun: Priyanka Chopra on Nightline    

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Jimi Bailey

Jimi Bailey: ABC Nightline: Fly The Buggy Skies         Bugs, maggots and even scorpions are flying along on airplanes.
Watch the video: video http://www.hulu.com/watch/168450

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Monica Tooblessed Holmes

Monica Tooblessed Holmes:     Gn fb...Be Bless!!!

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Carla Iacovetti

Carla Iacovetti: Lily, Juliet, NABC bears, and Nightline – UPDATE April 18, 2014    

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Debbie Clearwater

Debbie Clearwater: Lily, Juliet, NABC bears, and Nightline – UPDATE April 18, 2014    

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Tasha Reign

Tasha Reign: Could Internet Piracy Kill Porn For Good?     Could Internet Piracy Kill Porn for Good? See what TashaReign has to say on Nightline     One mysterious company is a controversial force upending the $12 billion dollar porn industry.
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxRvJQtFwXw

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Nightline: Singer Chris Brown's Bodyguard on Trial in DC     Tonight on Nightline, it's time for R&B singer Chris Brown to face the music - why he appeared in court today:

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Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment

Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment: Book Talk and Signing with Josh Ruebner, author of
SHATTERED HOPES: Obama’s Failure to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace.

Wednesday, April 30 at 7:00 PM at Grace Vision United Methodist Church 80 Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown.

Shattered Hopes: Obama’s Failure to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace (Verso, September 2013) is written in a clear and accessible style by the advocacy director of a national peace organization and former Middle East analyst for the Congressional Research. It offers an informed history of the Obama administration’s policies and maps out a true path forward for the United States to help achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Josh Ruebner is the National Advocacy Director of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, a national coalition of more than 400 organizations working to end U.S. support for Israel’s illegal 46-year military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip, and to change U.S. policy toward Israel and the Palestinians to support human rights, international law, and equality.

Ruebner holds a graduate degree in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC. His analysis and commentary on U.S. policy toward the Middle East appear frequently in media such as NBC, ABC Nightline, CSPAN, Al Jazeera, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, The Hill, Detroit Free Press, Huffington Post, Middle East Report, and more.

Sponsored by Survival Education Fund, Inc.
Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment

For more information or questions, email survivaleducationfund@gmail.com

For media inquiries, contact Jessica Turner, Publicist, Verso Books at 718.246.8160 or jessica@versobooks.com

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25th Edinburgh Boys' Brigade

10152083348282194 25th Edinburgh Boys' Brigade:         Group photo on the final day at Whithaugh.
It's been a great week!!
Swimming, Archery, High ropes, Nightwalk, Mountain biking, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Grass sledging, Water Walkerz, Zip wire, Low ropes, Nightline, Bushcraft, Orienteering, sketches, Superboy, shopping, Camp fire.
Video edited for parents night, time for bed!!

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Breaking News America

Breaking News America: Watch: The Day Bill Clinton Met JFK     Watch: The Day Bill Clinton Met JFK

A 1998 ABC News Nightline piece features Clinton talking about his handshake with President John F. Kennedy.


You don’t have to be an expert to trade the markets – open an account today and learn how to trade the easy way.

from ABC News: U.S. http://ift.tt/1lg3GLl


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Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh: Priyanka Chopra on Nightline    

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Chez Orr

Chez Orr: Bored tried an want to go home. I hate nightline.

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Breaking News America

Breaking News America: Full Episode: Nightline Prime 4/12: Unification Church Mass Wedding: The Big Day     Full Episode: Nightline Prime 4/12: Unification Church Mass Wedding: The Big Day

Followers of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon believe international marriages promote world peace.


You don’t have to be an expert to trade the markets – open an account today and learn how to trade the easy way.

from ABC News: U.S. http://ift.tt/1kOfQe8


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De Elizabeth

De Elizabeth: Peter N. Bouckaert    

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Kim Jenkins

Kim Jenkins: Nightline face off - Does satan exist? with Deepak Chopra Carlton Pearson Mark Driscoll 10 of 10    

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Erin Chase

Erin Chase: So much for not traveling in April...next week it's off to Tampa to meet with Sandra Lee about Favado partnership. The following week to NYC to tape the Nightline segment, immediately followed by a trip up to Chicago to see/meet some of the coolest bloggers on the planet. #pinchme

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Tek Bdr Limbu

Tek Bdr Limbu: Priyanka Chopra on Nightline    

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Ismail IL

Ismail IL:    

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Sherryl Klingelhofer

Sherryl Klingelhofer: ABC NIGHTLINE Tells America About the Virtual Dementia Tour®     this is terrific! It is so great that something like this was developed! maybe something for Parkinson's will come soon...?     ABC News reporter Cynthia McFadden experiences the Virtual Dementia Tour and shares the story of a family facing Alzheimer's disease. The Virtual Dementia To...
Watch the video: video

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Ashley Harrell

Ashley Harrell: What are Patti's favorite songs to listen to?? *Hint Hint* (She said it on Nightline)

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Larry Freeman

Larry Freeman: Happy Friday everyone! I have debated with myself over whether to comment on something or not, but I think everyone needs to see it for themselves. It was the ABC Nightline Special Wednesday night, 4-16-14, regarding Muslim Extremists in Great Britain. I couldn't figure out how to post the link, but there was a link on the ABC Nightline site. MUST SEE TV if you value your way of life. I'm not anti-any religion (everybody knows where I stand on that) , but these guys...... well, Ill let them tell you themselves. While you are watching remember that there are THOUSANDS of these guys here in the U.S. already. Buckle up!

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Mohsin Mansoor

Mohsin Mansoor: Priyanka Chopra on Nightline    

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Rob Bliss

Rob Bliss: Congratulations to Kendal Pektas on accepting her ABC News Nightline summer internship! If anyone needs a summer subletter in NYC let me know.

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Hearing Voices Network Cymru (Wales)

Hearing Voices Network Cymru (Wales): 6PR - Homepage     Greg Ralls (10pm (GMT+8) Perth radio 6PR 882) talking with Nightline presenter, Tony Serve, on topic of mental health, hearing 'voices' and his memoir, 'Unravel: To Unwell and Back' (Vivid Publishing, 2013).

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James Darrel Wilmoth

James Darrel Wilmoth: Rhonda Page Jordan    

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Linda Driessen

Linda Driessen: Nightline | Official Show Homepage    

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Courtney Moore

Courtney Moore: Tonight on Nightline: our love/hate relationship with bears, from bear maulings to teddy bears. Slow news day or awesome news day?

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ABC News Radio

ABC News Radio: Nightline Podcast - April 17th, 2014 - Nightline Podcast - ABC News Radio     Nightline Podcast - Studies show a dramatic spike of cheating among wives. What's behind it? - April 17th, 2014

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Corey Gilliland

Corey Gilliland: For the Thrill of the Affair: Why Married Women Cheat    

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Shamaur Bmorerealist

Shamaur Bmorerealist:     Talking to the wifey

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Kickinitwith Kawanna

Kickinitwith Kawanna: Watching Nightline..the show is abt infidelity women that cheat..there is a dating website for infidelity..the owner of the site makes 40million a month..WOW! But really..society views women cheating in a different light! They say men cheat on their wives but women cheat on their families because women become emotionally attached quicker! Do you agree?

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Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy: I hope when I wake up to log on, I can get some good answers. This question have been asked many times about men...but, Why do women cheat? Nightline raised the question.

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Marsha Ralston Reinauer

Marsha Ralston Reinauer: Even Nightline is using Scandal to talk about the female cheating subject...Now, don't tell me that Shondra is not powerful...

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King Gotti

King Gotti: Omg channel 7 news special*women cheat more than men* nightline ......bout to eat popcorn and watch this

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Marilyn Harmon

Marilyn Harmon: Every American needs to try and watch last night (Wednesday) episode of "Nightline." The very last item was on the Islam religion and sharia law. The last man on there was in London and told the reporter (who was being told to get out of the area) that this is coming to America and freedoms will be taken.

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Daniel Nebens

Daniel Nebens: Video: 'Aladdin,' The Musical: Behind the Scenes     This is a cool thing to see for any fans of "Aladdin" and/or broadway shows!
I'm so sad I couldn't get tickets to see this in May! It's a cool behind the scenes look into the new musical. And the most awesome thing is that the guy who voiced Jafar in the movie is playing Jafar in the musical as well! :)     The Disney classic about a prince of thieves that stole our hearts comes to life on Broadway.
Watch the video: video http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/video/aladdin-musical-scenes-23341138

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Nightline Peer Listening

Nightline Peer Listening: Nightline Peer Listening, Columbia/Barnard's anonymous, nonjudgmental peer-listening helpline will be open for extended hours tonight in solidarity with Take Back the Night. Call 212-854-7777 anytime between 10pm-5am. Were here to listen to whatever you want to talk about.

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Alexa Jeskö

Alexa Jeskö: ABC Nightline: Hate Next Door: English Defense League's War Against Radical Islam     Congrats Jacqueline Jesko on producing this awesome piece!!
http://www.hulu.com/watch/623539     Part 1: Anti-Islamic protest movement and radical Muslim rallies have made Britain a battleground.
Watch the video: video http://www.hulu.com/watch/623539

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Rev. Craig Williams

Rev. Craig Williams: Rowena Abad     Posted by Sister Helen Lee shared Rowena Abad's status update.

Rowena Abad

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Tony Palmisano

Tony Palmisano: Saw a great story on ABC News (many of you may have missed it) Nightline. It was a story about Islamic Fundamentalist Jihadis religious nut-bags & right-wing Nazi jack-booted white supremacists who oppose them( and other groups) in Great Britain. Just made me think with all the cross/bombings of each other and all the innocent bystanders caught in the middle .....it is a shame. Each side gets more radical with each murder,bombing,beating,burning mosques/churches......dam shame what the world has come to.....that is all.

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Rhonda Page Jordan

Rhonda Page Jordan: Whoa! Watching ABC's Nightline from April 17th about Radical Islamic Muslims in Great Britain. Two of this group are the ones who killed and beheaded the British soldier a while back. Their plan is to take over the world, including the United States, by taking the White House. Very, very scary stuff; especially knowing they are already here in the process. And this wasn't Fox News, it was ABC!

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Plus Size'Homo Love

Plus Size'Homo Love: What are you afraid of?
anything that dam moves, heights( 5'1 so you know how that goes) THE DARK (i still have a nightline dont judge this homo)
Black Eye Peas


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