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Gary Messer

Gary Messer: Why Luke Bryan Says He Won't Be 'Shakin' It' in 10 Years    

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Leigh Bishop

Leigh Bishop: ABC Nightline: Proboscis Monkeys, Nature's Swingers     For some reason this made me think of my sister. Need to watch where he protects his harem. LoL     These rare monkeys found deep in the jungles of Indonesia have an unusual sex life.
Watch the video: video http://www.hulu.com/watch/705001?utm_source=facebook

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Brandon DeGroote

Brandon DeGroote: Country Music News:

Taming the Sexy Beast: Luke Bryan Plans to Tone Down His Booty Shakin' in the Future

Ladies, you'll want to sit down for this. These days, Luke Bryan is know for shakin' his groove thang in concert_ in skin-tight jeans, no less_ but the star admits he won't pull the Beyoncé moves at his shows forever.

Tragic, we know At 38, Bryan is still young and full of energy, so he's ready to dance for his fans each night as he belts out country hits after hit, but that won't always be the case.

"Ten years from now will I be on stage dancing? No I won't be, he tells 'Nightline.' "I would certainly say it will be much more tamed'"

For now, fans can continue to enjoy Bryan busting a move onstage at his shows, and thankfully, he's out on his huge That's My Kind Of Night Tour.

"I'm up there being really free, relaxed and chilled out... And that's really our basis for getting up there and dancing and having fun, " he assures.

Bryan's fans have come to know and love his moves_ okay, and his butt_ so much that they've even created mashup videos of his shakin' and Twitter handles dedicated to his rear. While he may not understand all the hype, Bryan does find it flattering:

"And if fans want to create fan pages dedicated to my butt I will take that as flattering

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Melissa Iricks

Melissa Iricks: Why Luke Bryan Says He Won't Be 'Shakin' It' in 10 Years     Dam I really hate that...lol

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Sandra Pfeifer

Sandra Pfeifer: Video: Luke Bryan's 'Roller Coaster' Ride         "Nightline" goes on the road with country music's golden boy for his sold-out tour.
Watch the video: video http://ow.ly/DjrUo

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Idaho Floats

Idaho Floats: Floating Up and Away: Experiencing Sensory Deprivation -- A Reporter's Notebook    

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