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Drew Nickerson

10152447006694147 Drew Nickerson: Timeline Photos     ONLY ONE MORE WEEK TIL WE ANNOUNCE THE #ROCKONTHERANGE 2015 LINEUP!!! Who do YOU want to see most??
www.rockontherange.com     Justin Free David Semler

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Ilona Semler

998491013499595 Ilona Semler: Timeline Photos     Does anyone know where this stunning shot was taken?

Source: http://bit.ly/UZ8Y1N    

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Ilona Semler

464846923653035 Ilona Semler: Timeline Photos        

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Ilona Semler

1642524132641609 Ilona Semler: Photos from Michèle Mathys's post in Die schönste und lustigste Tierseite! 100% gewaltfrei        

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Vinicius Aquino Marco

963032510376830 Vinicius Aquino Marco: Timeline Photos     Curta Seja Dita Verdade

Será que a Folha gostou do que Ricardo Semler escreveu em sua coluna?     Sensato!!!

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Markus Semler

Markus Semler:         Mission Impossible: Squirrel Edition
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=721535437924757

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Markus Semler

Markus Semler:         Brilliant!
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=778091828917868

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Ilona Semler

1642525089308180 Ilona Semler: Photos from Michèle Mathys's post in Die schönste und lustigste Tierseite! 100% gewaltfrei        

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Scottie Nell Semler Hughes

Scottie Nell Semler Hughes: Grand jury decision tonight after 6pm- Tune in tonight to Making Money at 6pm eastern on Fox Business as we discuss this and other issues
Then at 8pm flip over to Fox News Networks The O'Reilly Factor as the discussion continues with Juan Williams and myself!

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Shawn Semler

Shawn Semler: Getting real sick of people but when they get mad and talk shit they really need to look in the mirror stop makin everyone misreable lol comical funny shit but soon enough there will be noone to talk shit .

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April Smith

558376484292307 April Smith: Timeline Photos     Sorry guys, you can participate if you like but, Ladies TAG YOUR BESTIE!     To my best friend Jennifer Semler

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Andy Semler

Andy Semler: On the Duggars and the Locus of Outrage     "So let’s get this straight. The Duggars support an extreme version of patriarchy that holds that wives must be constantly sexually available for their husbands, and no one bats an eye. The Duggars promote child rearing practices that involve spanking infants and punishing children for frowning, and no one cares. The Duggars don’t allow their adult children to be unchaperoned or to text their beaus without daddy reading over their shoulders, and everyone smiles and calls it quaint. The Duggars support a sexual predator and continue supporting his ministry even after his actions are made public, and everyone yawns. Michelle Duggar records a transphobic robocall and most people just shrug. But the Duggars delete pictures of gay and lesbian couples kissing from their personal facebook page, and that is enough to bring a hundred thousand people out of the woodwork to demand TLC to pull the show."

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Jason M. Semler-Minnesota Star Realty

318836871642541 Jason M. Semler-Minnesota Star Realty:         Buildable Lot with Lake Mille Lacs frontage! 2+ acres!


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