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Matome the original jokes

Matome the original jokes: Matome AND Innocent IN THE OFFICE

Innocent: matome,
I have been attending night
classes for 5 months now and I
have exams next week.

Matome: oh!

Innocent: For example, do you know
who is Graham Bell?

Matome: No

Innocent: He invented the telephone in 1876; if
you take night courses you
would know

The next day, the same discussion took place.

Innocent: Do you know who
Alexander Dumas

Matome: No

Innocent: He's the author of "The 3 Musketeers", if
you take night
courses, you
would know this.

The next day, once again.

Innocent: And do you know who
Jean Jacques Rousseau is?

Matome: No

Innocent: He's the author of
"Confessions", if
you take night courses, you
would know this.
This time, matome got irritated and said: Do you
know who mark Xolani
Zuma is?

Innocent: No

Matome: He is your neighbour, screwing your wife
since five months ago.
If you stop
taking night courses, you would know

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Mokka Confessions

Mokka Confessions: #7557

If d clzroom z nt a place to sleep.....-_- Thn...,,,, Home s also nt a place to study :P ;) #unknwn :P

#kiki. -_- go to sudukaadu and study -_-

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Jon Homes

Jon Homes: "Unholy Confessions" by Avenged Sevenfold     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-QaFWURsMU     "Unholy Confessions" by Avenged Sevenfold
Watch the video: video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-QaFWURsMU

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Confessions Of a Cheating Boyfriend

Confessions Of a Cheating Boyfriend: If your ex- gives u money or send u airtime, don't feel shy to accept it...its your pension!!!

Confession 26 loading......

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Wildflour's Cottage Kitchen

868602819839243 Wildflour's Cottage Kitchen: Timeline Photos     Sweden gave us ABBA, Alexander Skarsgård, IKEA and the method used to make these — Hasselback Sweet Potatoes w/ Pecans & Cinnamon Butter.
Recipe/Technique: http://unorthodoxepicure.com/2014/10/21/food-snob-chronicles-recipe-hasselback-sweet-potatoes-w-pecans-cinnamon-butter/     Wow!! What a unique way to make sweet potatoes! Holiday show-stopper! :D By The Unorthodox Epicure: Confessions of an Aspiring Food Snob !! :D

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18+ Confessions

18+ Confessions: Pls post dis
Not a big 1 but small yet complicated
I love a gal n v r in relation since three yrs
She was called back home urgently for some reason n her parents fixed her marriage with somone else she came back from hime n she is still with me...
She got engadged to dat guy v told her parents about our relation but the dint agree n now that gal is saying that she wont go against her parents n marrying a guy who is not worth her in any way...
Convinced her in evry way but she wont go against her parents.
She luvs me a lot i knw it but its jst her parents happiness that she is marrying that guy.
I dnt want her 2 ruin her lyf by marrying dat guy coz its jst bcoz her parents compelling her 2 marry n for their happiness she is doing dat
Really dnt knw wht 2 do.
She is still in contact with me evry moment she is with me but future is not together
Pls suggest guys
Really dont know wht 2 do..

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Fatima Haider

Fatima Haider:     Iqbal that girl has a taste

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NIGERIAN MUSIC: Touching! Watch “Shocking Confessions of 19 Year Old Sex Slave – Ifekoya Adejoke” - Jaychoc.tv     Touching! But Glory Be To Go!

Touching! Watch “Shocking Confessions of 19 Year Old Sex Slave – Ifekoya Adejoke”

Watch http://jaychoc.tv/videos/touching-watch-shocking-confessions-19-year-old-sex-slave-ifekoya-adejoke/

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Hyderabadi Confessions ; ) : D

Hyderabadi Confessions ; ) : D: #8666 Hyderabadi Confessions ; ) : D

Aslmalkm,tis z my tru stry.. Wana share my hapins wit al people hea..Abt me-m a tru hydbdi.alhamdulilah a haji quite relgious dun my masterz in bio sciences.. Nw cmg to my stry..! 1 fine day a guy fm my rltivs cm to my hme wit hs fmly to visit us..i ws seing hm aftr a lng tym.at d v.fst sight i fald fo hm..thot to msg hm afta he left .shaitan poured in svrl waswasas in my mind bt i smhw cntrold n stopd myslf fm nt msgn or cntctng hm in anyways..being a lone chld 2 my parnts iws v.clse to dm lyk evrytym i shard tis matr too wit my parnts.thy sd v cnt tel hs parnts incase if thy say no it vl b humiliating thng fo us infrnt f whle KHANDAN.i agrd wit dm.wen i cmpltd stdiz thy strtd searchng guys fo me.. As hews in my mind 24/7...,I jus kneeld dwn n suplictd to allah.ya allah i lyk hm to b my lyfpartnr if hez gud fr me enjoin me wit hm in dunya n akhirah if nt dn wipe hm off fm my mind.. one mth pasd away sudnly 1 day d same guy's dad n uncls cme to my hme wit hs proposl fr me..V gt marid witn 1 mth afta BATCHIT.lyk always evn in tis matr ALLAH ws wit me..allah bestwd hs rehmat upn us in form f a litle princess.tis way i got my dream soulmate nly thru HALAL means,alhamdulilah..


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AMC Confessions

AMC Confessions: #1192

Big round of applause for the MunAM team! An affair well done! Ps President ADLS you have a very charismatic personality ;)

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AMC Confessions

AMC Confessions: #1190

to #1185 why you are so jealoused of CSM Ayub? Aap ke sath yaha per bhi buri ho rei hai aur IA aage PMA ja kr bhi hoay g, its just because of your low mental level.

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The JRU Confessions

The JRU Confessions: ENTRY #408 #TJC

Missing You.


Sender: blank


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Barbara Monteiro

Barbara Monteiro: Bad Girl - The Pussycat Dolls. (Confessions Of A Shopaholic) High Quality 2009         PCD - Bad Girl No copyright infringement inteneded
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/7CXVMZ8jwxc

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Glam and Glitter Forever

Glam and Glitter Forever: My Career Path || Monday Confessions |Glam & Glitter     New Monday Confessions is on the blog lovelies, read this honest story about all the hardships I had while deciding what my career path would be

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Crazy Confessions

Crazy Confessions: When a woman loves you ,
you are a husband ...............

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Hpgsianes your secret confessions

Hpgsianes your secret confessions: A boy;
rubab i wanna let u know that i have real feeling for you. Waiting to figure out a way to share . Any suggestion only decent ones ??

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DWCL Quatro Kantos

DWCL Quatro Kantos: DWCL QK CC #671
11/22/2014 23:56:22

"Hello kay Mr.Bryan Oloya and Christian Giga of CoECS, Actually ang cute niyo, lalo na pag mag kasama kayo! Sana po maging friends tayo.
- Ms. Techie"

- Ms. Techie, Female

Send in your confessions and compliments here:

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Whatsapp Confessions

Whatsapp Confessions: Confession no. 28313(#romeo)

:3 :3 miss **** kya chal rha ye sab haa page pe DP chor wapas aa gya dp chura lega etc etc :3 :3 dekha maine kisse kaha jaa rha dp chor par ye bata koi prof hai tere pass ki wahi dp chor hai hai toh sbko dikha nahi hai toh shaant baithe reh ek jgh roz ki ek hi bc dekhne ko milti tmhre aur neha k trf se aur groupng maashaallah badi mast hui hai aaplogo ki ek jo bolta use k piche pura grp bolta :3 kch aaplogo k chmache bhi yaha mast type k hai :v :v agr itni hi prb hai dp chor se toh plz prof lao yaha pe sbko dikhao tasalli dilao qki reh reh k ye mttr utata hai bc alg se hoti hai :3 **** ek baat kehne aur krne mai bht diffrnce hota hai smj gai hogi kya kehna chah rhe dp chor kaun hai tu kafi famous ho rha **** aur **** k wajah se :v

romeo : well being serious for the first time i would like to say defaming somebody is of no use :( daily fights really is irritating for members like us who have no idea of the matter..
I would request both the parties to calmly sit n talk n sort out the matter n whosoever is raising fingers better gather legal proofs n file a case ya atleast don't fight here yaar _/\_
Time to leave now .. Gud bye tc :)

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INTI IICS Confessions

INTI IICS Confessions: #14989 "I love how everyone here "falls in love" with someone just because they look good. "

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CLC Confessions

CLC Confessions: #122

"hey dear manish ,
when i saw you first time i fall in love with you and still i can't focus on my study due to you only. I don't know what's happening with me and i try to forgot you and try to concentrate at my study many time but it couldn't happen, try to recognize me, once we met at a photographer shop, i want to talk with you at that time but i couldn't do this, so please accept my request and inbox me.
i m waiting."

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Confessions of heart

Confessions of heart: There are two type of men in this world

1. Well settled
2. Engineers :/

- William

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Universal Whatsapp Confessions

Universal Whatsapp Confessions: nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you and you meant nothing to him ;)

#Akira O:)

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Rob Reinaldo

Rob Reinaldo:     Explanations and confessions regarding Wabba Universe 2014 Watch it and share it.

Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10205140777420568

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LBRCE confessions

LBRCE confessions: "Mech nani kanubadutaledhu
RASNA leedhu
Facebook leedhu
Whatsapp leedhu
Phone no. Kuda marchesadu
Contact loo nee leedu
Vaadu ekada una
Comnt cheygalaru
Itlu RASNA abhimani

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FB Confessions

FB Confessions: Divided by groups united by "mene b nahi padha aaj"



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CAT Exam Confessions

CAT Exam Confessions: #462

can u get 90% percentile with a score of around 100?


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Kashur Batak Poot

Kashur Batak Poot: Anyone who wants to become the admin of the below page can give his/her email.
I need atleast 3-5 posts per day.
A post should relate to everything whether it should be sports,news,confessions,jokes etc.
Online 24/7
Online 24/7

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Ultimate Confessions

Ultimate Confessions: Blanket on... Earphones plugged in... Eyes on Mobile
screen- And thats how winter nights are
spent.! :-P :-D

#sush :-*

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Confessions of IISR Love Breakups

Confessions of IISR Love Breakups: Admin- I think we need a new page cover, right? If we have good designers in our page, then submit your most kickass designs!

Best one will be published with your name as courtesy.

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Dyonalin Gutierrez



Michelene Ocampo
Agnes Lumatao
Arlyn Santos
Jonalyn Sicuya Gutierrez
Norlyn Tobias
ILaz Ovillo
CJ Balase-Jackson
Marian Marzo
Lue Nisnisan
Joana Jane Carredo
Andes Francia
Rosemarie Apiag
Ericka Prudencio
Jossa Lyn
Sarah Joy Teodones
Mhelique Masangkay
Ara Louise DeLeon Lib
Nhez Nhez Nhez
Shaira Tejano
Hazel Love Ofianga
Sweetfaith Pilya Ofianga
Agnes Bonares Pagantian
Krystal Kaye Lagsub Pahayac
Kathreene ElfourKstore Solina
Jaedel Mae Peralta Lib
Jae Dee Park
Micha Ella Amor Pagente
Fille Fontanillas Nhielyn
Reina Jessa Rin
Jasmin Kate
Ty Mae Castañares
Acuu Si Jhanine

Can't tag na daw...arawchu!


Stallion Riding Club : Revisited by Sonia Francesca
Sonia's Jewels Confessions
Sonia's Jewels (SF Fans Club)    
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gt_0yorbur0

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Most Awkward Confessions

Most Awkward Confessions: #3984
"I need inspiration from u guys...help me out...I need positive energy
i'm confused should I smile or cry....but i'm doing both.....2 times I have fallen in love and I didn't get the opportunity to talk that person...dekhnai main dono achai he thai...let me describe myself.....and i'm just perfect..fair,tall,thin...par I don't understand kiske naseeb karab hain mere ya unkai...isliye haasi aari :P
kya karun"

Admin MJ
confused ho tum :/ isliye theek se likhi bhi nai ki kis tarah se baat nai hui ? :o i mean khali crush the wolog ya phr u vr in rltn in wid dem :/ so thoda aram se kaam lo dnt rush in rltn vry fast :) ache se jaano parkho aur phr aao rltn me :)

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UKM Confessions

UKM Confessions: #ukmconfessions - 28812

"“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” It was once said by a man named Adolf Hitler..well it clearly describes the situation that the first and second year medical students suffering.
Stranded in a place where they should not belong ,,KPZ &KKM,..promises made by the authorities that the IPG dubbed as KTDI 2 would accommodate pre clinical medical students turning into what I call deception...a great deception
Why the hack the hostel promised that would finished by 25 th August still haven't served its purpose...to whom shall we put the blame to...questions thrown but no satisfying reply given
It's not that the hostel we're staying now is substandard by any means...Its just that we deserve better,,
We want want we deserve to get...students who lack of sleep,many of skip classes,deteriorating performance of the second years who traveling to and fro from bangi n cheras n getting more n more frustrated with UKM...pls reply us "

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Whatsapp Confessions

Whatsapp Confessions: Confession no. 28312(#romeo)

F20 my dear admin #prince iam a great admirer of u i do like ur sense of humor ur posts what not everything i knw u get these kind of confessions a lot but this is not for fun i really love u.Ur reply for my comment made my day and iam smiling like an idiot i wish i can see u talk to u and i knw this is gonna be my biggest fantasy thats never gonna happen and sry for my first word 'dear' :(

romeo : hope he reads it n replies you :)

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Secret ConfessionS

Secret ConfessionS: #comment_time

#complete the sentence

Last one

Public bus me chutiyappa is ____________

For me

Public bus me chutiyappa is sab silent me bus ki journey enjoy karrahe hai achanak
Peechhe se china phn ka ringtone baja loudly
#saathSamunderPaarMeTerePeechhePeecheeAagayi :v

#Akki :D

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Guy Jeanes Houston Commuter

Guy Jeanes Houston Commuter:     Commuter Confessions "Road gold"    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=572358096243131

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After Drinking Confessions

After Drinking Confessions: How many of our ADC members have started with Rum in this cold weather ?? :p
# Comment guys

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Korea University Confessions 고려대

Korea University Confessions 고려대: Confession 12 is very direct:
"Richard is soooo cute! "

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Rahul Maganti

Rahul Maganti: Confessions Of An IITian: What I Learned, And Didn't, In My 4 Years Of College     I have been ultra-frank to smash the bubble of hypocrisy I have been living in. I write about how I failed the idea behind IIT's and how the system inturn failed me. A look at my four years at IIT Bombay!

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Technologian Confessions Censored

Technologian Confessions Censored: #TCCothers

Aside from physics 1, muaccept nlng pud ko ug chem 1 and chem 2 nga lab report (but not physics 2) since daghan man sad ang nidemand. Text me for details 09234642594

- College of Engineering and Architecture

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Uzma Ali

Uzma Ali:     MY FAVOURITE SHOW................     one of my favourite scene of dmg.. missing there confessions
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=651685231541955

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Confessions of India

Confessions of India: * You Are Beautiful In All ways *
''So Mr. Writer what are you thinking right now?''
She just broke the ice by claping in front of my face,
'' I was finding more words to praising your beauty my love..'' I replied quickly.
She giggled and replied
'' ahhaaa.. More words..who knows if you are thinking about some other beautiful face..''
Again she chucked and made a comment over me..
I was always been a quickwitted and there were a lots of shayaris in my mind to made her speechless. But I have choose some other way.
As I have always made her feel special by my own way.
And I replied,'' No way sweetheart, you are the only one who always be in my mind, and what you mean to me, I can describe in so many ways..
I am a writer, you just give me a sign and my words will tell you what you are for me.''
She was listening, but I observed there were something fishy was going threw her mind..
But what ?? May be a challenge or a new task for me.
And with taking a gasp she replied..
'' ok ji, I know playing with words is nothing but a cup of tea for you, so this time I am restricting your abilities of describing. You wanted me to feel special in my way then just describe me in a single word.''
I was listening her carefully by having a gaze in her eyes, those beautiful mesmerising big eyes.
Answer was already there in my mind but I wanted to make her a little restless.
'' Oye you can't take that much time..
Just describe me in single word na..''
It was the moment I hold her hand in to mine and placed my head just in front of her, I moved my lips just close to one of her ears and whispered
'' MINE ''
And very next moment I found myself wrapped in her arms. That hug was enough to made me realise that again I was reason for her smile.
And I was loving it. :)
♥ shubh ♥

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Lo Key

Lo Key: Usher - Confessions Part II     @     Music video by Usher performing Confessions Part II. (C) 2004 LaFace Records LLC
Watch the video: video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Sy19X0xxrM&sns=fb

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Tim's Vinyl Confessions

Tim's Vinyl Confessions:     Did we get that? Was that a take?    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=379970872166853

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18+ J&K Confessions

This message is for every
Girl .........Who Goes to college or office
alone........... If you find any child
crying on the road ........showing his/
her address n asking u to take him/
her to that address,.................take that
child to police station and ..............plz
don't take it to that address . .............IT
RAPE and KIDNAP GIRLS. ......plz
circulate to all ........don't feel shy to
Share This as ur status .


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