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Brooks Confessions

Brooks Confessions: Anyone know that girl that works at countess 2 for C******??? What's her story????? I'd let her sit on my face all day!!! Oilfield bitches drive me wild!!!

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Confessions Of A Parent

Confessions Of A Parent: Are you single,taken, engaged, or married ?

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Riverton Rants & Confessions

Riverton Rants & Confessions: Anonymous post:

If you have ever been divorced you should not be allowed to vote against gay marriage based on your concern for the sanctity of marriage. Also, if you voted against it based on this, you should never be allowed to get a divorce in the future. Your principles would never allow such sacrilege.

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Michael Antoni Toti

Michael Antoni Toti: Confessions de Sportifs devient les-confessions.com | Basquetebol     YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

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Judith Øk

Judith Øk: Confessions?

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Brittnee Alexandra Baldwin

Brittnee Alexandra Baldwin: LMS
& confessions!

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Confessions of a Coupon Queen

Confessions of a Coupon Queen: TwirlyGirl Giveaway: Win a $100 Gift Card!     Great giveaway for your little girls from our friends at FatWallet!


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Confessions Of A Parent

Confessions Of A Parent: Working mom or stay at home mom?
If you work, where?

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Audi Schmidt

Audi Schmidt: Confessions of a horse hoarder on the mend: That is going to be the name of my new blog! It is so hard to know you are in over your head and a whole new ball game to do something about it.. I am desperate to reduce numbers and it looked like Rambo, Pistol, and Radi were all sold or had interested people. Due to the horrible economy we still have all three and a couple brood mares to sell. Thank you all for your support who have been close to me. You know how hard it is to place animals you value next to humans into unknown situations. Even friends that you know and vet out as a home can disappoint you..so each person who comes and checks out a horse is another emotional roller coaster. I am not stupid enough to give a horse away any more as people tend to not value them as much. We did pick up Badger from training and swapped out Pistol for a refresher with Herm. We have one leaving this week and hopefully we will be able to find Rambo 17 (mos)...a barrel racing home or a roping home. Wish me luck and I will be posting my progress to reduce and simplify my life!

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Matt Danger

Matt Danger: Labor Day Confessions: Sometimes I think about how much white privilege I've squandered I purchase two sex-robots.

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Heidi Moreno Leyva

Heidi Moreno Leyva: Lms for confessions.
2 likes for 1.

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Meritorious Institution Confessions

Meritorious Institution Confessions: Confession # 686
(From Boy)
N_or-us-S_ba of XII-Quaid 2014 batch(the girl with 437 marks in pre-Medical) I tried to forget you too much but I cant and how can I... When you are my first and last love..! And dont know what this feeling but just that kis more paa layee hai mujhay Ashiquie..and all time when I sit on FB I only search your Id but I cant.. I now desperately need to talk to you... Contact you.. If you are reading this please do message me on my page https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=278662108815284&view=page&refid=17 or any of her friend reading this tell her to contact me.. K.O..al, S.d..a, A..s.na etc
I know Its late and janay kyun #Humesha #Deer #kar #deta #hoon

#Namaloom : parhtay parhtay emotional hogaya aj admin ... :'( peechay background music chal para esa laga "janay wo kese log thay jinke pyar ko pyar mila"

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A. Kenriva Bethel

A. Kenriva Bethel: Lecrae - Confessions (@lecrae @reachrecords)     Confession of A Millionaire http://youtu.be/EFVV5SXqqrA     VOTE TO GET CONFESSIONS ON THE COUNTDOWN: http://bet.us/13ncJOo Directed by: Kyle Dettman Lecrae's latest album "Gravity" IN STORES NOW! It All Comes Down. G...
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/EFVV5SXqqrA

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Most Awkward Confessions

Most Awkward Confessions: Admin MJ

chat post :P ajao saare girls nd boys chit chat karte hai ^_^ online members cmnt :D

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Kamloops Confessions - Anonymous

Kamloops Confessions - Anonymous: Where are all the hot men around here? I want a man who's ripped with tattoos and a jacked up truck!!! Must like chubby girls! ;)

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Horace Willis

Horace Willis: ♫ Front Porch Confessions - Truck Patch Revival. Listen @cdbaby     Yo guys, so I shlap da bass for this awesome band known as Truck Patch Revival and we just finished up our new album. Click the link and give it a listen and if you like what you hear, hit that buy button and jam us everywhere you go!!!! Support your local music! Much love peeps.

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Bilaspur Confessions.

Bilaspur Confessions.: Good Night.

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Old Bhopal City confessions and proposals.

Old Bhopal City confessions and proposals.: winner again #Sara khan afridi n #Tanishqa

1st lyk than comt

nxt #Dard

#Dcent_Boy #Z_N_B & #N_K

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Saskatoon Sk Confessions

Saskatoon Sk Confessions: I wanna tell people to stay away from my ex because she gave me genital warts but I just want every one to know she gave me an std

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Eman M. Alamayreh

Eman M. Alamayreh: Here we start :3

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EverQuest Next

EverQuest Next: If you're at #PAX, check out the "Confessions of a Troll" panel featuring Brasse happening now!

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Mock Trial Confessions

Mock Trial Confessions: #3022
Hey Stanford's Aaron Broder and Tufts' Nicholas Teleky, since you two are making the AMTA app, just a few thoughts on something I'd personally like to see for regionals, orcs and major tournaments - an in app guidebook type feature. (I'm not a well versed in app design so bear with me). Something where, for instance if Yale is having its Bulldog Invitational, everyone would be able to click on that and from there access maps of campus/ buildings where rounds will be taking place (It sounds like a lot but if I remember correctly, you would need a general map of campus and maps specific to the layouts of 2-3 buildings because that's how many were used). In addition to maps, one would have access to time schedules, round pairings, receive updates on the tournament, have access to the tournament packet, and locations and lists of nearby restaurants for lunch. I'm assuming since you guys are trying to make the case packet accessible on the app, that you will also try and have tabs available for view on the app as well? Would love to hear more about what you guys are planning with the app. Just a thought!

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Humboldt Confessions

Humboldt Confessions: I confess,this town is so unwelcoming, I hate how people look at you with such disdain because you aren't from here. I thought small towns were supposed to be friendly.( and Humboldt, you really ARE a small town, stop thinking otherwise)

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Target Team Member Confessions

Target Team Member Confessions: I am gonna show MyTime what's up, I am calling in sick.

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ALS Confessions

ALS Confessions: Thank you for 500 likes!!!!

We hope you enjoy the confessions because we sure as hell do :D

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Aadia Ansari

Aadia Ansari:

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Target Team Member Confessions

Target Team Member Confessions: Should I be a brand team member? I got asked today . What should I look forward to? Is it a promotion?

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Eileen Moore

Eileen Moore: Kim Burrell     I received it and believe it.

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Araguacu Latin Dance Company

Araguacu Latin Dance Company: Confessions of a Salsera     Latest Blog post by our friend Yoana capping off the end of our first Bachata course!!

Thank you for all the kind words of respect, love, and support!!

Its amazing to read about the benefits of our class, and how it is viewed by those that have taken it! We can only hope to achieve more, and teach more people about the history, the culture, the music, and the dance!

New set of classes start tonight!!!

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Gregori J. Martin

Gregori J. Martin: Happy Labor Day to all you wonderful & amazing THE BAY WATCHERS!! It's the end of summer folks so here is the update that so many of you have anxiously been waiting for! We at LANY Entertainment are in heavy preproduction on the next Chapter of our Emmy nominated series THE BAY. While shooting is scheduled to take place this fall, the next (extended) episodes will not premiere until this December! That doesn't mean you will have to wait 3 more months to see anything The Bay! Fortunately for all you loyal supporters we will be releasing various special segments including a music video, additional "Confessions" and more! Plus, check in via social media for various The Bay trivia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we will be offering some fun and excited prizes to those who know the show best! So be sure to go back and watch all previous installments of the show to brush up on all things Bay City and win!! I know we've said this before but it's ALWAYS the truth! These next installments will be better than anything you've ever seen on THE BAY before, with a shocking death that will shake things up in Bay City, the introduction of a compelling new "Garrett" duo, and the return of town Matriarch Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) at her finest and so many fan faves, THE BAY will be hipper, hotter, juicer than ever before!! So get ready folks to let the TIDAL waves begin! The Bay will be back on your computer screens before you know it! Please help spread the word! Sending you all love and light and a big THANK YOU for your continued support throughout the years! -Gregori J. Martin


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Prince Albert Confessions

807186275998583 Prince Albert Confessions:         So ive decided since they're so damn close in votes that when we hit 10000 likes I will do a very limited run of maybe 15 Party Without PA & 15 Awas Bitch shirts !

Everyone wins

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CU Crushes and Confessions

CU Crushes and Confessions: "Hmm...finally confess korei feli,varsity te crush khawa ekta normal bepar..ami o khai felsi,kintu kno normal crush na,kv serious wala crush....... B-)
Utsab thanesshor( r kichu mne hoi bolte hobe na,social science jhupri'r lover boy :-P)
1st live jhupri tei deksi...shei nki gaan kre..ami abar gaan taan sune pagol hoi ni,band er gaan amr emni tei vallage na..
Ami to fida hoisi tmr hasi tei ;-) ,wow! ja cute hasi tmr :-* ,ato cute kre tmi haso kmne? :-O Onekei bole tmr hasi nki vetki macher hasi :-( bt let me say,de r jealoua of u :-O ,tmr best feature holo tmr hasi :-) , r tmi shave o korbe na,chapa darite tmk shei lage :-) :-)
tmr hasi r dari amr fav :-) ...
Hoise,r likhte partam na, take care of ur hasi nd dari ...
Offtopic: part e utso valo ktha , bt remember tmk part e kintu ami e tulsi ;-) B-)

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Yan Naing

Yan Naing: Confessions of a Beauty Queen -in Rape-Country-Korea.         Confessions Of A Beauty Queen -in Korea. Warning to ALL Beauty Queens The girls have a meeting to discuss the rising problems and issues within the Miss Asia...
Watch the video: video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BDf7Ru0Ai4&sns=fb

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Wanda Zaula

Wanda Zaula: Usher-Confessions II (._. ")

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Target Team Member Confessions

Target Team Member Confessions: Before working for Target, I was against unions. After working for Target for two years, I understood why they exist and why they are needed.

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Target Team Member Confessions

Target Team Member Confessions: I enjoy hearing almost everyone's stories. I do think that everyone should keep it positive. Let's not believe that one lazy exec or tl makes them all that way. I am a tl because I worked hard for years doing everything I was asked to do without complaining about not having someone holding my hand. Most tm have no idea the hard work , stress and pressure we have trying to get everyone to do what they are paid for. I am tired of not being able to say to team members, "Step up, grow up, and just do your best!" Oh, and don't take it so seriously. It's just retail. It isn't going change. You know the job, if you can't accept that, go find a job that will. You only live once. Cheers!

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Bhopal Confessions

Bhopal Confessions: A Blind Man Was Begging On Side Of
Newyork Street With A Board Written....
"I Am Blind Help Me"
Once A Man Passing That Side Saw Him.
He Took His Board & Wrote Some Thing.
From That Time The Blind Man Got
Heavy Collection.
Many People Started Giving Money To Him.
Can You Guess What He Wrote..??
He Wrote: "U R Beautiful But,
I Cant See U"
The Way Of Xpressing Can Change
Many Things..
So Xpress Ur Ideas In Diffrent Way..!!
Good night :-)

#angel_ash O:)

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Jason Goundan

Jason Goundan: Healing confessions     http://youtu.be/j9mhubLyYIQ     say these often to maintain faith
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/j9mhubLyYIQ

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Macewan Confessions

Macewan Confessions: School starts tomorrow and that means MacEwan Confessions is back too. I will be posting confessions regularly so send them in! Hope everyone has the most wonderful year :)

xo -MC

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Inside BruCrew Life

833945649972151 Inside BruCrew Life: Timeline Photos     Craving this Chocolate Peanut Butter Overload Cake -- It would go perfectly with wine, right?! ;)
Recipe: http://bit.ly/1vhc02c
Pin for later: http://bit.ly/1yapfxR     This Peanut Butter Overload Cake from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen is gorgeous...and I'm sure extremely delicious!

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Leduc Confessions

Leduc Confessions: "I need to confess since I personaly blocked certain people so I no longer see their dumb, lame, or stupid comments this page is so much nicer to read and not have to see such rude dumb things said by uneducated rude people who make themselfs feel better by making fun of others!!!!! Don't miss the one lady I blocked at all..... :-)"

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UC Merced Confessions

UC Merced Confessions: So how dumb is the fraternity that decided to host a water wasting event the first week of school? Don't you understand we are in a DROUGHT!? Even if you guys do it every year why the hell wouldn't you cancel it this year. Really you are probably going to give a bad name to the school if any local farmers or people find out about it.

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OpSssss Ye Confessions

OpSssss Ye Confessions: Gud night :)

- JuniOr

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UC Merced Confessions

UC Merced Confessions: So my girlfriend doesn't let me eat her out. What does a guy have to do to eat some pussy around here!!

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UC Merced Confessions

UC Merced Confessions: My BEST friend jumped in to save me from a mugging after I was knocked cold. Because of his BRAVERY he got his eye sliced. He just got out of surgery and will wear a bandage over his eye for the next three months. If you see a Mexican guy with an eye patch around campus this semester, just know you're looking at a fucking hero, MY hero.

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UNCC Confessions

UNCC Confessions: #12479 Who are these people on UNCC confessions who claim that they get laid every other day? I'm 26 years old and I"m still a virgin. Is there such a thing as a top 1% who gets all the pussy? Shouldn't people protest that instead?

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UNCC Confessions

UNCC Confessions: #12477 Given how suicide rates are spiralling among young college-aged men, mostly because of acute loneliness and inability to form relationships with women, I think schools and universities should really step up and promote male-female romantic relationships on campus, without pandering to conservative christians by worrying about unplanned pregnancies and STDs. Create forums, programs and activities that help young single men and women meet.

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Shirley F. Lascano

Shirley F. Lascano:     Clearly the celebration of the feast of Tata Osteng all around the world by every Pinoy from Tanza, Cavite is a demonstration of our faith at works. We Tanzanian is an example of the dedication of faith to our great patron, St. Augustine who also exemplify the challenges of life BUT with faith and recognition of fault and sin was himself awarded by becoming the DOCTOR of the CHURCH. His famous writings, CONFESSIONS and THE CITY OF GOD is a MUST read!
AGUSTIN AMANG MARANGAL.....ILAW NAMI'T PARALUMAN!     Tanza Feast of St. Augustin in Paris, France
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=819474358086266

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Linh Pham

Linh Pham: Teacher confessions: 5 things parents shouldn't do - Today's Parent     Some great points! Fyi. Lol.

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