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Anthony Gamboa

Anthony Gamboa: Anyone got a atv/4wheeler?

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Mark Lane

Mark Lane: Ok ATV gang, Im talkin calling all cars.... John and I are planning weekend at Mountain Ridge ATV park on the week end of May 3rd.. we are talking a camp site and everything.. WHO IS INTERESTED

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Rick Proctor

Rick Proctor: Picked up our area's weekly classified ad today. I never look in this section but ran across an interesting ad while flipping thru for the ATV stuff. Person was looking for someone to trim 3 acres of fence row and around the house every other week. The ad gave the location which is right near my house.

I love working outside but don't get to do it much these days as I'm glued to a desk most of the time. So I figured a little compensation would give me an excuse to get outdoors outside of a race weekend.

So I call this guy up to get the skinny on the job. Come to find out he's a Vietnam Vet who lost his arm in combat, can't do the trimming and his last helper up and quit. So I immediately said yes, told him I was a Disabled Vet too and his voice picked right up and he went on and on, thanking me for my service and saying how happy he was to be able to give a Vet some work.

I've been smiling ever since. The odds of all if this taking place like it did... Just kind of makes you think. He has no idea about my passion to help our Nation's Heroes and I can't wait to have the conversations that are sure to take place. A very awesome day!!!

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Al Owen

Al Owen: ISO running 4x4 atv under $2500. North Florida or South Georgia.

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Dany Brassard

Dany Brassard: iso ATV 125cc or bigeur for around 300$ to 600$ PM what you have.

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Mike Richard

Mike Richard: Getting everything ready for our ATV trip to Mena Arkansas! Ready to take on Wolf Pen Gap trails in the mountains.

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Cassidy Brooke Gallant

Cassidy Brooke Gallant: Didn't realize that the prerequisite for drinking at marydale was owning your own atv and being a hick... Thanks for pointing that out but last time I checked no one owned it😂 therefore anyone can go lol

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Mike Nemo Worley

Mike Nemo Worley: Selling my boat or trading for an atv or dirt bike

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Alyre Ouellette

Alyre Ouellette: atv ready me ready beef jerky ready sun hope it will be ready lol

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Kenny Gehring

Kenny Gehring: Got 2500-3000 cash looking for a 4x4 atv wyg!?

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Crissy Pierce

862389047111368 Crissy Pierce:         What I got today that I ordered from Rocky Mountain atv&mc!! Bigger stuff but so cool!

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Robert Ricard

Robert Ricard: New Polaris 550cc or 570cc atv?...

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Nicole M Howlett Norris

Nicole M Howlett Norris: http://a.no/     Just landed from our incredible vacation...Riviera Maya was so gorgeous and we loved everything about it (especially B who got to ATV, jet ski, swim in a cave, and kayak in the ocean). Not only did my sis get married but I also gained a fabulous bro-in-law. We luv ya E...welcome to our dysfunctional family :).
I know alot of you asked for pics but no phone, Internet or texting for 6 days so sorry about that. Have to say it was SO nice! Everybody should try it!

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Cruz'el Teke Reke' Barrera

Cruz'el Teke Reke' Barrera:     Leave it to a family member to flip a atv into the lake    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152340965360792

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J Allen DeGuillermo

J Allen DeGuillermo: ATV tour guide job, first day manana :)

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92.5 The Wolf- Denver

10152276288721195 92.5 The Wolf- Denver:         We want to welcome a new sponsor to the Capt Lee Afternoon Show, Can-Am Off Road...ATVs and Side-by-Side Off-road vehicles.
Test ride one today at RPM Motorsports in Lakewood, or Steamboat Powersports in Steamboat Springs...Let's Ride!

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Mike Mangum - State Farm Agent

Mike Mangum - State Farm Agent: Off-Road in Zion National Park | Utah.com    

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Dale Rabe

Dale Rabe: ATV loaded .....packed and on the road up north to cottage . Now if the mess work on the wisdom teeth or a bucket full of old fashions and weekend should be a great one

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Moe Beats

Moe Beats: Tomorrow morning 8 sharp Home Depot parking lot please come in time I know how we are (black folks) lol but let's come out and help find Troy Gray Jr.. Anybody with a mule or atv please inbox me and let me know that your are bringing one. It would be nice to have bottle water and maybe grill hot dogs there, if any one have a grill they can bring please let me know. We will search from 8 till noon and thanks for the support.

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Mile Hi Rafting

Mile Hi Rafting: Everyone ready for the Easter bunny? Hop on the phone and schedule a ATV tour! Call 303~567~0717 or visit our website MileHiRafting.com Have a happy Easter and remember...whitewater rafting right around the corner. Book your adventure today!

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Meg Burley

Meg Burley: GROUP PHOTO!!! So I will be (bravely) bringing my camera in hopes for a giant group shot for the ATV site/FB page/future mud runs/PROOF of all these bikes!!! So WATCH for me trying to find a place high enough and waving like a goof :)

Of course will be trying to capture more fun but am really after a group shot!

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Michael M. Flanagan

Michael M. Flanagan: Anyone have or know of anyone who an ATV pull behind disc?

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John Booth

662677277113396 John Booth:         Cash offers or trade for 4x4 atv

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Stef Moravitz

Stef Moravitz: I have never seen so many jeeps and nice trucks in my life! There must be over 10,000 riding around Moab this weekend. Going to try and get pictures tomorrow, its just crazy! If Ely could get some jeep/atv trail systems going, it sure brings in a ton of business. There are around 200 vendors at the arena there, big names like BF Goodrich, Mickey Thompson, etc...raking in the cash in town this week! Pretty cool how Moab has multiple- use (Jeep, off road, river rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, horseback, mining, ranching), this little town sure does a good job at keeping busy. Not that I'm always a fan of busy, but there are plenty of places to escape if needed and they keep the money flowing and the small business going. The recreation center here is just awesome! That's what you get when everyone can get along and do their thing to make it. Its a good thing.

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Matthew Bogner

Matthew Bogner:     ATV case spliter    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=626008064153278

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Heidi Howie

10200869277012762 Heidi Howie: Photos from Andrew Gomez's post in Miami Mx atv riders     Why you shouldn't wear sandals when riding your ATV.     Ariel Howie Larry Howie Tyler Howie never ever ever

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St. Helen Power Sports

St. Helen Power Sports: Arctic Cat - ATVs     Some earlier ATV ads from Arctic Cat were pretty cool.

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Wendy Johnson Cosby

Wendy Johnson Cosby: A big thanks to everyone who helped me with my quad/ATV.
I did get it back, though not running of course. but after 5 and a half months, enough is enough! I doubt I'll ever get my money back or have it replaced, though it is brand new and under warranty, but at least I have it and hope someone can fix it for me. I really love the bike and has been all customized for me ( my weight, my dog, my throttle, etc.) Thank you Steve (Newf), Johnny and Huck for helping me get it out of there today, before shit hit the fan at WEEKEND MOTORSPORTS. I appreciate it large

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Trish Gelinas Shepherd

Trish Gelinas Shepherd: Here's what i see out my front window: boys surfing on a plywood board attached to an ATV. WWWIIIPPPPPEEEE OUT! We don't need water. (well, later for the bath since these kids are eating dirt!)

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Friendly Powersports

833699849991762 Friendly Powersports: Timeline Photos     Open House & ATV Giveaway!    

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Brenan Parkos

Brenan Parkos: lookin for a used set of hoosier atv flat track tires

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Xtreme Mud Magazine

687935321267236 Xtreme Mud Magazine: Mobile Uploads     ATV NIGHTS
are back at
April 23 rd.
TRUCKS GONE WILD pre party !!!!!! Starts at 6pm. All new games - All new prizes ! All ATV CLUBS will be there, come compete, watch, or just socialize and enjoy the fun! — with Cindy Salter Williamson and 129 others at Twin Peaks Baton Rouge.    

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Jesse Bright

Jesse Bright: Finally have the ATV trip on the calendar! Excited!

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Eric Jacobson

Eric Jacobson: Dear ATV Enthusiast who keeps using my driveway to circumvent the borough roads. Yeah, I don't rent this property for you to do that crap. Kindly knock it the hell off. Thanks.

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Savage Volunteer Fire Company

Savage Volunteer Fire Company: Volunteer Fire Company ATV Raffle     http://www.savagevolunteerfirecompany.com/

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Lisa Boone Agency, Inc. - American Family Insurance Agent - North St Paul, MN

Lisa Boone Agency, Inc. - American Family Insurance Agent - North St Paul, MN: ATV Safety Tips     Summer fun is right around the corner!! (I hope)

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Kelly MacAulay

Kelly MacAulay: Kelly MacAulay    

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Kelly MacAulay

Kelly MacAulay: ATTENTION ALBERTA ATV RIDERS: All quads, all cc's, all racers, are now OFFICIALLY ALLOWED to ride at the Rimbey Motocross Track! I am now on the MX board of directors as the director of track maintenance. So I need volunteers from the ATV community to help as much as they can with track maintenance this season. The next meeting is April 29th in Rimbey again, I hope to see lots of helpers there!

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Mohammed Montasser Ali

Mohammed Montasser Ali: 8 hours with a Ferrari 458 Speciale... one awesome day! Drove a Polaris ATV too! Saw a amazing garage and a house full of collectables... Will post pictures soon!

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Rick Alderman Jr.

Rick Alderman Jr.: Anyone want to go ATV riding on Saturday May 3. I am looking for people and a place to ride.

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Hillarosa Atv Park

Hillarosa Atv Park: We want to thank our sponsors for all the help to make this event the best yet



Footsies Beer Wine

Little mos liquor

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Sault Tribe Higher Education Department

Sault Tribe Higher Education Department: ATV/ORV Youth Safety Classes Come to Chippewa County!

Michigan DNR is teaming up with War Memorial Hospital and Chippewa County 4-H to bring an ATV/ORV Youth Safety Class to Chippewa County. The class will be held at the Kinross Recreation Center (43 Wood Lake, Kincheloe, MI 49788) on Saturday, May 10th from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm. The class is free and it includes a free lunch sponsored by War Memorial Hospital. Recommended age is 10+, however all ages are welcomed! Youth 0-9 must be accompanied by an adult and may not have the opportunity to receive a certificate. The instructors will work with the parents for this age group.

Register by calling Mary at the DNR office, (906) 635-6161. Preferably you can arrange to pick up your youth’s ORV/ATV safety work book before class to review it ahead of time. Otherwise, you will receive your book at class. Class size is limited to 50, so register early! First come, first served!

For questions, you can contact the local DNR Office at 635-6161 or contact Melanie Greenfield, Chippewa County 4-H Program Coordinator at 906-635-6368 or email at greenf20@anr.msu.edu with questions.

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Charlie Fairweather

Charlie Fairweather: anyone need a atv trail pass the lady will be down at tims at 1p.m on Saturday to sell them, just let me know who will be there so I can let her know how many to bring down with her. thanks

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Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce

Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce: 23rd Annual Bradford Marine & ATV Buddy Bass Tournament     Grab a Buddy for some Fishing, Food & Fun
23rd Annual Bradford Marine & ATV Buddy Bass Tournament
Saturday, May 3 | 2014
Register before end of day April 25 and Save!

Watch our TV Spot!

Coming to Cox Media cable networks and KNWA.    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=730804970273983

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Zach Shiver

Zach Shiver: Bout time to load up the rzr to get ready for a fun filled weekend at Soggy Bottoms Atv Park

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MTX Audio

MTX Audio: 2014 ATV Mud Nationals     2014 ATV Mud Nationals. It was a blast… http://ow.ly/vMDCV     Our guys got some great footage of people who love getting dirty, getting dirty at this year's Mud Nationals event held in March.
Watch the video: video http://ow.ly/vMDCV

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Zach Couch

646012682120524 Zach Couch:         Okay folks I know this ain't a atv so plz no bs comments.! 2003 chevy 4x4 with 108k on motor. I'm the second owner. Clean truck on inside and out! Cold air an heat. Brand new wheels an tires. Cold air intake system. Runs great. Just selling so I can get me a dodge. Askin 6800$ located in new boston Texas. Text or call 903-319-1102

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Adu Amani

Adu Amani: Hello Everyone,
i will be on Multi Tv digital Channel "Amasan Tv/Atv Again @6:30 pm

NB: My twi is not good but i will try my best

Thanks For Your support
#ExceedingGrace #GoingPlaces`

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Mark Mathers

Mark Mathers: Thank you Lord. I am proud to announce that I start work tomorrow as a Service Advisor at Mountain Motorsports in Conyers. If you need your bike, jet ski, atv, or side by side serviced, let me know!

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Mud Life Magazine

Mud Life Magazine:     MUDAPALOOZA I hope y'all are ready to check out this AMAZING park on May 22-26! Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park, Sarepta LA #mudtime Get more info right here! http://muddybottomsatv.com/     It's getting close! MUDAPALOOZA I hope y'all are ready to check out this AMAZING park! Make sure all your friends know where you will be May 22-26! Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park, Sarepta LA #mudtime
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1511966122364398

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