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Autofest Performance Festivals

Autofest Performance Festivals: River City Rumble     Well just over a week before we head over to Murray Bridge for the inaugural "RIVER CITY RUMBLE"

With some of the Country's Best Rockabilly, Blues and Good Ole Rock N Roll Bands plays a totals of 16 hours over the two days as well as Saturday night this should be one to remember.

Bands include the Satellites, East Texas, The Chris Finnen Band, Mick Kidd and Raunchy Sugar add to this the Sealed Krooze Track open on both daze as well as the Period Fashion Parade also on both afternoons and even some kids entertainment, there is something for everybody to enjoy.

Remember that the "RIVER CITY RUMBLE" is all about All Things Pre 1976 but we will have a Special Interest Parking Area available for those latter models that would rather be on the inside rather than the General Parking areas.

Hope that you can be there to support us with this Festival so that it can continue to return for many years to come............

Please Like and Share our page with all of your friends so that everyone knows about this festival https://www.facebook.com/autofest.murraybridge?ref=hl

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Chris Levesque

Chris Levesque: Justified anger: Rev. Alex Gee says Madison is failing its African-American community : Ct    

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Chris Turner Peck

Chris Turner Peck: Aggression – Why children lash out and what to do    

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Chris Brown Sr.

Chris Brown Sr.: Chris Brown Sr.    

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Mike Inlow

Mike Inlow: Le-Vel    

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Jeaniejo Marie

Jeaniejo Marie:     If you are interested in this It Works business or just trying out some or all of our products join me!

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Tristan Chris Heiss

10152120641440070 Tristan Chris Heiss: Timeline Photos     BAN the BURKA

It is time for us to come together as an online army and spread our message far and wide!

The last time we produced this viral image on this page, thanks to YOU, an amazing 900,000 people viewed it!!!

This is the power of social media. Let us go for 1,000,0000 this time.

EVERYONE please SHARE and LIKE this post and see what people power is all about. All you need to do is CLICK.    

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Chris Bussanich

Chris Bussanich: Um I don't know what the fuss is all about regarding these hacked celebrity nudes. I applaud the hackers for making my job simpler when it comes to seeing my future wives nude before our wedding night lol.

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Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison: Man we gotta start up da "DA CHRIS SHOW" all about dese hoes and dum babymommas!!!! Kmsl

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Chris Ando

Chris Ando: The Risk of Retinal Toxity with Plaquenil    

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Chris Torino Devilsden

808119142561664 Chris Torino Devilsden: Timeline Photos     You know we are having a costume contest for all the kids and dogs.. but we would also like to ask everyone to please Bring a bowl of candy or something so the kids can have fun and do a little trick or treating at the show.. let's keep this show all about family and kids like we always do!! The more fun they have.. the more fun we all have!!! Big thanks to Kevin Romero and Diana Romero for putting this together.. now let's all make it a huge success and fun for the Kids!!! — with Heidi Champagne and 14 others.    

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Chris Mac

Chris Mac: www.the-gutters.com     http://www.the-gutters.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/gutters530-colours.jpg

"So, in an upcoming Guardians of The Galaxy story entitled Planet of The Symbiotes, we will once and for all learn the origin of the Venom symbiote.

Yep, it’s a story about some goo.

I know that a lot of people see Venom as Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis, or in his new incarnation as Flash Thompson’s legs, but I’ve never really been able to get behind the character (same goes for his cousin/brother, Carnage).

But, it’s Bendis and Guardians of The Galaxy is a book that’s been pretty solid so far, so I’m willing to give it a shot. Even if it’s no good though, thanks to Odo from Deep Space Nine, Venom will still only be my second-least-favourite pile of goo."


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Chadsity Jacobs

Chadsity Jacobs: Chadsity Jacobs     I couldn't tag ppl in the original too many of y'all lol

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Isaac Simpson

Isaac Simpson: PAPERMAG: The Top 10 Celebrity Dick Pics of 2013     Funny how when a male celebrity dick pic is leaked (e.g. Kanye, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Anthony Weiner) everyone just kind of laughs at the guy, yet when it's a celebrity woman, most of whom walk around 90% naked anyway, it's all about "rape culture" and there's an FBI investigation.


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Dakao Do

Dakao Do: Inspirations, print media.    

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Chris Winfrey

Chris Winfrey: Without YOU, Street Dogs Like Camila Have No Hope. Please CLICK HERE To Help Them.    

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Chris Zuver

Chris Zuver: NDRL Mckean County Raceway    

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Chris Winfrey

Chris Winfrey: Please CLICK HERE To Watch A Short Video About Our Sponsor Club.    

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Michelle MI Woverine BarlondSmith

Michelle MI Woverine BarlondSmith: Imperial Metals on the aftermath of the Mount Polley mine spill from Kamloops    

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