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Chris Rockwell

10152323365011615 Chris Rockwell: Timeline Photos     LET'S DO THIS! It's Wildcard Wednesday and #Pittsburgh is READY for tonight's game!

Let's get a virtual BUC YEA! Share this photo so we can BLACKOUT Facebook and show the Giants what Pittsburgh Pirates fans are all about!!!


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Lemeriga Fadhil

Lemeriga Fadhil: MUSLIM UNION STUDENTS OF ARUA(M.U.S.A) alliance global college branch arua.     The wonders of Islam and how it has impacted mankind and the world.

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Lucy Fells

Lucy Fells: David Clarke    

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Adri Phoelich

Adri Phoelich: Welcome @ Toril's Rocky Mountain Horses         Welcome @ Toril's Rocky Mountain Horses
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Toq8IayURC0&feature=youtu.be

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Kunle R Omorogieva

Kunle R Omorogieva: Christ Embassy New York    

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Chris Jackson

685611818168815 Chris Jackson: Timeline Photos     This accident in Santa Rosa over the weekend killed two people.
And you know why it happened?
Because the driver of the truck that hit them was apparently looking at his cellphone.
And he didn’t notice that traffic in front of him had stopped.

There were four people in the car that was hit, including Jay Hufford who was driving.

“I could see him barreling right up on me and I was terrified.”

Hufford’s wife Sue and his mother Sharon were in the back seat of the car. They were on Highway 12 when traffic came to a stop.

The driver of the truck plowed into them at about 60 miles an hour. Both Sue and Sharon were crushed to death.

Hufford says:
“I had nowhere to go, and I couldn't if I wanted to, I'm stopped.”

The driver of the truck was a 30 year old man from Rhonert Park.
CHP Sgt. Erik Egide says:

“He was looking down at his phone. He may have been texting, that's still being investigated.”

The CHP also says he may have been high on marijuana.

Sue Hufford was out celebrating her 53rd birthday.
She was a teacher.
She had three kids in college.
Now she’s gone.
And for what?

What is it going to take to get people to stop looking at their cellphone or texting while driving?

In 2012 more than 3000 people were killed by distracted drivers.
That’s nine deaths EVERY day.
And more than 400,000 people were injured by distracted drivers.
That’s more than 1,100 injuries EVERY day.

Is a phone call or a text message really worth all of that?     Best to just drive

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Chris Clark

Chris Clark: Jesus replied, "But even more blessed are all who hear the word of God and put it into practice." (Luke 11:28 NLT). For the umpteenth time; you can quote scriptures like a theologian, have biblical revelation knowledge 24 hours a day, the choir can sing you into frenzy, and you can dance like David did before the Lord! These things mean nothing if you’re not applying scriptures, Biblical revelation, or what you’re dancing about to your life! Listen, God gave us his word to bless us not to condemn us. Not only that before we can derive benefits from God’s Word/ Promises; we must walk in obedience which is the key to a victorious Christian life. So today, right now; would be a great time to practice what you preach. That having been said thank God for speaking to us through His word which helps us draws closer to Him. Fire in the hole~ Chris Clark “Dismantling Satan’s Kingdom Brick by Brick”

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Chris Walker

Chris Walker: Geography in the News: Wolf Controversies    

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Chris Edrev

Chris Edrev: Hi guys,
at today's main meeting (Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 4 from 18:30-19:30)
And yes, this time it IS Appleton Tower :D ...

We have the following line-up and a very interesting lecture.

Line up:
Welcome – Mohammad U Hassan Qureshi
A central role for synapses in Alzheimer's disease – Dr. Tara Spires-Jones
Overview of Project Proposals – Mohammad U Hassan Qureshi
Principia Scientifica – "Is Space deeper than the human mind?" - Engineering vs Psychology

Dr. Tara Spires-Jones is a Chancellors fellow at the Department of Medicine, here at the University of Edinburgh. Her current research focuses on the mechanisms and reversibility of neuronal degeneration in Alzheimer’s disease and ageing. Tomorrow she is going to talk about Synapses from an Alzheimer’s disease perspective.

See you all there I hope!

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John McNicol

John McNicol: Rotary Club of Dalby - RI District 9630    

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown: All about those 12 hour shifts

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