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Fernando Gabriel Isidro Üller

Fernando Gabriel Isidro Üller: Fernando ~ ABBA ~ Performed by Tatiana Marie         "Fernando" is a song by the Swedish pop group ABBA. It was the group's first non-album single and was released in March 1976 through Polar Music. Solo parts ...
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MaryLan Amistad Manuel

1025469007469412 MaryLan Amistad Manuel:         The newest face of Gerber, 2014! haha. Lol! Awesome brand! Perfectly fits for awesome and unique babies. He wants to be a model. hihi..we Love you baby Kyle Dylan. Thank God for this wonderful blessings!

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El Paso Noticias

El Paso Noticias: Carta a un amigo     Anna Manquero     Para dedicar a esas personas tan importantes que son los amigos. Feliz dia de la amistad
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랸태양:     Haaaa lol
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Harold Lee Rush

Harold Lee Rush: Artist’s paintings of Amistad slave mutiny tell of African triumph over slavery    

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Lasore Olamide

Lasore Olamide:     Okewole Afolabie     This is friendship! // Esto es la amistad
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Ray Winbush

Ray Winbush: Artist’s paintings of Amistad slave mutiny tell of African triumph over slavery     Hale Woodruff's paintings of the Amistad Rebellion are extraordinary. See this exhibit if you're in DC in the next few weeks.

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Billy King

Billy King:     For Betsy Hamel and Carolyn Holmes Gregory     La verdadera amistad no entiende de barreras
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