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Kevin D. Anderson

10150446071654944 Kevin D. Anderson: Timeline Photos     On this day in 1841, thirty-five (35) survivors of the Amistad mutiny departed New York City and returned home to Africa. Africans of the Mende people were captured and forced aboard the Spanish ship, La Amistad, where they revolted against their captors and attempted to force the ship back to Africa. Instead, it sailed to Long Island, New York. In a fight for their freedom, the slaves were put to trial in the United States, and the case would eventually reached the Supreme Court where they found not guilty were returned home to Sierra Leone in January 1842. — with Tricia Harris.    

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Marseile Amistad Salvani

10153294010218943 Marseile Amistad Salvani:         ... Family matters.... Home sweet home ...

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Alan-jay Amistad Parto

821418607901345 Alan-jay Amistad Parto:         Vacant time. Selfie ! #FRIDAYS

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Choco Cañedo

Choco Cañedo: Amistad reflexiones y Algo más: Te mando la primera flor de Navidad     Maria Rodriguez

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Linda Isabel Lizcano Ricaurte

Linda Isabel Lizcano Ricaurte:     Mary Zam “Gracias por mostrarme lo que verdaderamente significa la amistad, aunque pase el tiempo y la distancia nos aleje nuestra amistad siempre que continuara.”    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1554703078101535

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