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David Crawford

David Crawford:     Thanks to Darren Reilly for the nomination, I nominate Andrew Cavanagh, Michael Cavanagh, Nicola Stewart, Jamie Whitecross and Steven Blackwood.48hrs guys, Craig Macdonald get your finger oot.    
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Michael Andrew Macdonald

Michael Andrew Macdonald:     Amazing. !!     Pra quem tem força de vontade, nada é impossível!
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Andrew MacDonald

Andrew MacDonald: Spent 20 minutes driving around this holiday park in hunt of a 3G signal! #fml

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Andrew MacDonald

Andrew MacDonald: SocietyBar Kirkcaldy    

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Aaron Andrews

Aaron Andrews:     Here is our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, as requested by Joe Jackson. Sorry about the Low Audio ( you will have to crank it up) not sure what happened there.

Shara Siegel Andrews I nominate :

Sean Macdonald: All the way from Japan The Sushi Capitol of the world,

Felipe Moura :From one of the surfing capitol's of the world Beautiful Brazil.

Crazy Bald James E Breakiron Jr : From the deck over looking the intercoastal behind his beautiful condo in Delray Beach.

Samuel Lee At his brand new Internet Cafe in New York City.

Josh Paiva From his Farm in Rhode Island and

Jason Busch :From the Gym in Delray Beach

You have 24 hours to complete the challenge! :) We will be making a donation to ALS Foundation as well.    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10204324765863095

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Aaron Pateman

Aaron Pateman: Congratulations to Andrew Wibe and Ashley Macdonald on your wedding day!!!! God bless.

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Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith:     I nominate Victoria Maya Colin MacDonald Julie Andrew and Wendy Smith    
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Shereen Denton

Shereen Denton:     I have done the ice bucket challenge after being nominated by Ben MacDonald, it was soooo cold haha, I have donated by the way and I choose to nominate Andrew Denton, John Denton and Ryan Denton good luck, u all have 24 hours.    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=564541963668384

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Michael Andrew Macdonald

10152670345824295 Michael Andrew Macdonald:         Prepared off to the Manchester Gay pride

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