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Bhaskar Saini

Bhaskar Saini: Qubool Hai    

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Srikantiah Anantharamiah

Srikantiah Anantharamiah: Beniprasad Verma,Azam Khan,Mulayam and others have let loose their tongue coming out with irritating angry outbursts against Modi and also comunalisng the elections.Beni Prasad calls Modi a murderer and so also Mulayam . Azam Khan says that Muslim soldiers won Kargil war for India and not the HIndu soldiers! just to get Muslim votes in elections. Imran Masood wants to cut Modi to pieces!.Shockingly Rahul Gandhi canvassed for. such a Masood! .Voters are watching the loose tongued politicians closely and would surely vote against parties comprising of Beni Prasad Verma,Imran Masood,Azam Khan etc.

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