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Tatsumaki No Vivian

Tatsumaki No Vivian: arrey!!!! when did modi became PM????

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Solomon Arrey

Solomon Arrey:         Mummy's rules or the curb...Such a cutie!
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Jessica Arrey Ongue

689579557772722 Jessica Arrey Ongue: Mobile Uploads     With Angelina Ambourouet and 15 others.    

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Lisa Arrey

Lisa Arrey:         hahahaha at least she is honest and truthful about it...#realest
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Solomon Arrey

Solomon Arrey:         And you thought your commute was a hassle . . . This is an intersection in the capital city of Ethiopia . . .
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Mumbra Kausa Confession - BOX

Mumbra Kausa Confession - BOX: #1580

Ek din husband apne ghar ki light
theek kar raha
Usne apni wife ko awaaz lagai:...
idhar toh aana ek minute ki lye.
Wife: Kya hai?
Husband: Arrey idhar toh aao yaar,
kaam hai.
Wife: Lo aa gayi, batao kya kaam hai?
Husband: Yeh 2 wires hain, inmein
se kisi ek ko
Wife: Kisliye?
Husband: Arrey pakdo na, just ek
second ke liye.
Wife: Yeh lo, pakad liya... ab?
Husband: Kuch hua toh nahin?
Wife: Nahin toh... kyun?
Husband: Iska matlab current doosri
waali taar
mein hai....

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Nathan Kane Arrey

Nathan Kane Arrey: Cops Seize Car When Told to Get a Warrant, Tell Owner That’s What He Gets for “Exercising His...    

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Rohit Saharan

Rohit Saharan: When you do something for someone and get a "Arrey, who told you to do so much for me?!" instead of appreciation... Not worth it...everyone jealous from you and your abilities.need a break.!want to go #shanticafe i think Adrak-waali-chai is literally the solution to all life problems...nd everything sucks everything....

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