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Arrey Miranda

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Briggitte Arrey

316416285203135 Briggitte Arrey: Timeline Photos     **GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY**

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Briggitte Arrey

679775792109795 Briggitte Arrey: Mobile Uploads     A warning to parents of a new craze goin round...the 'salt and ice challenge. ..salt on the skin then ice on top. My daughter an 2 of her freinds were dared to do this while it was recorded on a phone...it does not hurt at the time however as you can see in the picture is causes lasting damage. Taylor will be scarred for life.....had to take her to st johns..there was talk of skin grafts but thankfully it looks like they will be able to treat it over a period of time. After talking to other parents I have discovered that others knew about this....I feel this is information should be shared with others so they can discuss the dangers of peer pressure an the damage they can do to themselves.     Denise Crawford

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Ultimate 18+ Jokezone

Ultimate 18+ Jokezone: Just Like "FUCK".. We Indians Also Have A
Universal Versatile Word "LAUDA"..
As A Noun: Woh Bahut Bada Laude Ka Baal
As A Verb: Zayada Laude Baaji Mat Dikha..
As A Adjective: Laude Ke Baal Jaisa Lund
Now For Different Emotions:
ANGER: Bhaag Maa Ke Laude..
FRUSTRATION: Murr Gaya Maa Ka Lauda..
SHOCK: Arrey.. Yeh Kiya Lauda..
ACCEPTANCE: Sahi Baat Hain Laude..
REJECTION: Gaand Marwa Laude..
FEAR: Ab Kiya Lauda..
JOY: Main Jeet Gaya Laude..
SORROW: Laude Maa Chud Gayi ......
:p :p

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Chetan Khullar

Chetan Khullar: Two best friends coming out of the examination hall
with chips and coke in hands.
First friend: Yaa aaj kaun sa paper tha???
Second friend: Shayad Maths ka tha yaar, but I m
not sure...
First friend (surprisingly): Oye, you read the
question paper???
Second Friend: Arrey nahin yaar! Mere paas kahan
time tha, I saw a girl sitting besides me using a

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Heart Dash Shirantha

836673129690340 Heart Dash Shirantha: Mobile Uploads     Heart dash new sound     Heart dash JBL line arrey sounds

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Daxeshgiri Goswami

Daxeshgiri Goswami: Tere bin Main Yun Kaise Jiya Kaise Jiya Tere Bin    

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