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Jim Arrey

Jim Arrey: +18 Fena     You ever remember any of these good old fashion beat downs when you were a kid,like the neighbors husband or an uncle that came home late from the bar.     Senin neyine lan kadın dövmek gıbıl :D :D :D
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=140073099355424

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Anrette Ngafor

Anrette Ngafor: rise and shine it's 4.50 am awake about to push my cadio level even harder today. nice warm water with a touch of fresh slice Lemon to boost my up. cc Linda Arrey

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Hawa JOkes

Hawa JOkes: Husband came home drunk. To avoid wife's
scolding, he took a laptop & started working.
Wife: did u drink
Husband : no
Wife: Arrey, then y u r typing on suitcase :p
:p :p :p :D :D

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Theresa Gina Arrey Flores

790562101010236 Theresa Gina Arrey Flores: Timeline Photos     Daily Devotional - 3 Signs You Need More of God's Direction in Your Life: http://bit.ly/1CK9zqO
Winkie Pratney #Christianquote    

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Suman Varma

Suman Varma: Shaadis can be a celebration for the end of a hunt for a groom / bride.
Attended a shaadi where I wanted to run away from - UGLY guy, HOrrendous wife...Bizzare food & decoration... Arrey kaun khush tha ? Na baaraati na sharaati? Wanted to be dramAtic in saying " roko yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti" :). Guys mom looked embarrased with the new "dulhan".Only the "ghodi" looked relieved. & unclejis lukd DRUNK.AISA BHI HOTA HAI

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Desiree Arrey

1157839147576593 Desiree Arrey: Timeline Photos     MOTHERHOOD - IT'S THE GREATEST
Through all the little trials we face each day, motherhood is still the greatest. It is what we were born for!     Me times 3.

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Zareena Khatoon

10153144183124578 Zareena Khatoon: Timeline Photos     Aapko dhaka marr du ?     arrey maaro dhakka rey

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