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Bhavesh Ramrakhiyani

Bhavesh Ramrakhiyani: Bunny :-arrey ek second koi ldki hai
Naina :-ha uski foreing ki cousin aai hogi suna hai bahot khatarnak dancer hai
Bunny:- Iski Maa ka #lara ... #yjhd... :-p :-D

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Bhavesh Ramrakhiyani

Bhavesh Ramrakhiyani: Arrey iske liye to mein seene me goli khauga seene me.. #mujhseshaadhikaroge

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Saurabh Singh Rajput

Saurabh Singh Rajput: Girlfriend:" Last night I had a
dream of you.."
Boyfriend (got excited):" Maine
kya kiya tumhare sapne mein
aa ke"
Girlfriend replied:" We were
traveling in bus,
Suddenly the bus lost
fell in the river..
Everyone swam to save
theirlife, but you were still
swimming and searching for
Boyfriend (with luv): "I was
searching for you, na.. ??"
Girlfriend said:" NO, You were
"Arrey, conductor kidhar gaya,
2 rupiye lene the.. :-P :-D

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Abhishek Parihar

Abhishek Parihar: Girlfriend :”Last night I had a dream
Of yOu.”
Boyfriend (got excited):”Maine kya
kiya tumhare sapne mein aa ke”
Girlfriend replied :”We were
traveling in bus...,
Suddenly the bus lost control and
fell in the river.....
EverYOne sWam tO saVe their life....,
but yOu were still swimming and
searching for sOmeOne.”
Boyfriend (with luv):”I was
searching fOr yOu, na...?
Girlfriend said: NO, You were
“Arrey, conductor kidhar gaya, 2
rupaye lene the....saale se''

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Ganesh Awasthi

Ganesh Awasthi: Arrey koi toh bata do, ye Gujrat Model kya hai ?
Gujrat is a state where Electricity per unit is costliest in India, where CNG is costlier than Maharashtra and lot other state, it is a state which has a world bank Debt of more than 11000 croro U.S. Dollars, it is a state where rich r getting richer and poors r dying. Where 5000 farmers committed suicide.
So many more things to research on, guys please please let me know wot is Gujrat Model ??

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Sümît Kùmår

Sümît Kùmår: Two best friends coming out of the examination hall with chips and
coke in hands.

First friend: Yaa aaj kaun sa paper tha???

Second friend: Shayad Maths ka tha yaar, but I m not sure...

First friend (surprisingly): Oye, you read the question paper???

Second Friend: Arrey nahin yaar! Mere paas kahan time tha, I saw a
girl sitting besides me using a calculator.

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Amanda Harris

10152181434441263 Amanda Harris: Timeline Photos     2014 Schedule will be revealed tomorrow on NFL Network (8pm ET).

One step closer to football.     Tegar Hell Made Arrey

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Nandini Sharma

Nandini Sharma: my logic =D
mon: whom do u lyk more...mummy or papa??
me: both
mom: tell only 1
me: both..
mom: ok ok...if i vl go 2 America & ur dad will go 2 Paris den wer u vl go?
me: paris
mom: it means u lyk ur dad..?
me: no,bcoz paris is more beautiful
mom: if i go 2 paris & ur dad vl do 2 America den wer u wll go?
me: america
mom: why?
me: arrey!! Paris toh ghoom ke aai na :P

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Sunny Sajgotra

Sunny Sajgotra: Last night
i had a dream of u.
U were traveling in bus!
Suddenly the bus lost control n fell in the river.
Every1 swam 2 save their life,
but u were still swiming n searching 4 som1.
1 person asked u whom u r searching 4?
U said
Arrey, conductor kidhar gaya,
20 rupaye dye they 6 rupey lene they…. ;-)

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EhsƏŋ'ŋ ÅŋsƏrı'ı

EhsƏŋ'ŋ ÅŋsƏrı'ı: arrey.....??
Koi editor h kya...!!
Meri ek pic edit kr de.....!!

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Sushil Sharma

Sushil Sharma: Nobita : Arrey Doraemon kahan bhagey jaa rhe ho.

Doraemon : Nobita, apne mom/dad ko bolo to click this link using smartphone and let me take a break ;)


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FIJI SAAS PATO: Bahu: amma, I am going to Supermarket

Achi Saas: Patoya, Take my Sanskaar!

Pato: Ab bas bhi karo…

saas: Arrey, I mean my Son’s Car

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Steve Peterson

Steve Peterson: Thank you, NVP Joanne Rinaldo. Joanne chose to honor the birthday of JCI Deputy Secretary General Arrey Obenson with a $10 donation to Nothing But Nets. Her donation will be matched by EcoPlanet Bamboo. Two lives will be saved.

How are you fighting to end malaria? www.iljaycees.org/nbn

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Sanjiv Ratnani

Sanjiv Ratnani: Santa ne kal raat customer care mein phone kiya, ladki ne phone uthaya - 'Sir, aapka swagat hain, main aapki kya seva kar sakti hun ?'
Santa - Mujhse shaadi karogi ??
Ladki - Sir, aapka wrong number lag gaya hai please..
Santa - Nahi, sahi number laga hai, please bata na !
Ladki - I m not interested in u .
Santa - Arrey, sun toh arrange marriage pe Switzerland ka aur love marriage pe Singapore ke honeymoon ka plan hai.
Ladki - Mujhe aapse shaadi mein hi interest nahi, apne plan apne paas rakho.
Santa - Arrey yaar sun toh, Hindu function wedding pe diamond necklace dunga, muslim pe jhumke aur christian wedding pe toh gold ke kangan !!!
Ladki - Chup karo main interested hi nahi hun toh 😡
Santa - Ab samaj aaya mera dard, roz phone aur sms karke pata nahi kya kya offer dete ho jinme main kabhi interested hi nahi hota !!! 😎
Santa Rocks, Customer Care shocks 😂😂😂

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Kamila Zakariya

Kamila Zakariya: Subh sundhyaa..
Arrey dost,,, ?
Thanks to invited me

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نہ چھیڑ ملنگاں نوں

نہ چھیڑ ملنگاں نوں: -sUno
kAbhi aHo naW inbOx mE khUshbu lgA k ;)
ARrey hAan aPko hi bOl rhA hUn :D

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Kamsrc Secret Confessions

Kamsrc Secret Confessions: #51
PPL....we are seriously making fun of ourselves ....we are letting other college ppl comment badly on us....is it rite on our part??...why arent we able to realise it evn after this much of rubbish on the page....this is seriously going out of our hands....arrey come on....we are KAMSRCians....we are no less than others...we hav won laurels to our college but at the end of the day we are commenting against ouselves..??...this is extremely wrong....confession page must be and meant to be healthy ...and y r we turning it a shitty page....come on evry one...we alll belong to the one of the WELL reputed institutions...let us start acting lyk one...WE ARE ONE AND WILL BE....FOREVER AND EVR!!...COME ON!

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Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar: he bhagwaan, mein toh "ardh-narishwar" jeisa ban gaya hun iss naye ghar mein.....uffo....kabhi bhaari evam baahri kaam; kabhi gharelu evam baarik kaam....arrey bachaao.....koi hai....!!!


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Anil Suthar

Anil Suthar: Arrey Duniya Janti hai Finch ko. .. Shoaib

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Jadid Islam

Jadid Islam: Aimatro.....
Ajoni pagoli e fb't relationship update dise that....''in an open relationship...'' :p
arrey pagoli korobar nijor character khini manuhor aagot dangi dhori famous hbo khujiso ni....???
Hahaha....ki j din....

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Vikram Singh Naruka

Vikram Singh Naruka: Girl Demanded for Ice Cream
Boy Purchased It
Girl: Thank U
Boy: Sirf Thank U
Girl: U Want Kiss Na?
Boy: Arrey Romance Ki Bhuki, Aadhi
Icecream De

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Sachin Sihag

Sachin Sihag: >>>>>SALMAN TROLLED

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Dibyendu Karmakar

Dibyendu Karmakar: Its damn too difficult to understand the turn of events...arrey ki kre bjuhbo j ki krle sob thikthak thkbe...ne1 got a gnrl soln....????

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Avi Singhal

Avi Singhal: Fleet of 3 aircraft ensures Modi is home every night after day's campaigning - The Times of India     Answer Delayed Is Answer Denied.

Stupid ques to ask Narendra Modi ..rt..?. People now have started saying,"Arrey bhaai, don't u have any other topic other than this to talk about.. Bore mat kar.." But I say,"Arrey yaar, answer toh milaa nahi, toh baar baar poochoonga naa..?" This is the same response I get when I talk about 2002. This is what our Neta's want from us, TO HAVE SHORT MEMORY. "Bhool jaayenge yeh bhi" they think "Agar hum ans nahi karenge toh".. So true..


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Quantum Care Ltd

Quantum Care Ltd: Congratulations go to this month’s Quantum Care Achievers.

Level 2 Diploma in Health & Social Care
Laura Hoare, Belmont View
Zoe Wade, Belmont View
Kirsty Maltman, Courtland Lodge
Stefan Williams, Courtland Lodge
Caroline Hogg, Freeman House
Heather Ellwood, Margaret House
Rae Holmes, Margaret House
Michael Bellington, Meresworth
Anokwu Akwugo, Mountbatten Lodge
Isabelle Brasier, Providence Court
Tanya Wallace, Richard Cox House
Harriet Nalubega, Willow Court

Assessors Award

Josephine Sibanda, Minsden
Kim Fry, Pinewood Lodge

Big thanks also go to the following Assessors who enabled these learners to gain their Level 2 Diploma in Health & Social Award
- Winsome Johnson, Courtland Lodge for completing Kirsty Maltman and Stefan William's Diploma Level 2
- Elvis Arrey Etta, Fosse House for completing Heather Ellwood's Diploma Level 2
- Donella Clarke, Freeman House for completing Caroline Hogg's Diploma Level 2
- Meryl Franchini, Mountbatten Lodge for completing Anokwu Akwugo's Diploma Level 2
- Dawn Mortby, Providence Court for completing Isabelle Brasier's Diploma Level 2
- Hannah Bilcock, Richard Cox House for completing Tanya Wallace's Diploma Level 2

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Churka''': ***childhood***

me : arrey farookh ek bol ek :p

friend : ek :p

me : chaddi kholke dekh :'D

friend : nai hui abi teri .. Qatna :3

#bachpan klaundpane :3

#stalker :3

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Rana Sen

Rana Sen: dear all , thank god kejriwal is not in the fauj, otherwise on a post on the border -- he would have said -- untill and unless i have this xyz gun , with this abc bullet , having only this pqr capabilities. weighing uvw weight ,,,, so on and on ... only then i will fight the enemy , otherwise saab chor hain , arrey baba , jo gun hai usse tho fight karo , jito and then ask for all that , may providence prevail upon him , had he been in the fauj , he would have been court marshaled and thrown out , without any retirement benefits , and god forbid had he been in the army during the chinese war in 1962 , we today will have been speaking manadarin and not hindi, sorry friends , no offence meant to you, but in our heart of hearts nobody likes a shammer , and he appears to be one ,and he loftily claims that only he is honest ,and rest all of us are idiots and chor. and i certainly did not like the way he belittled our republic day parade , just for sheilding that "?????" of a law minister of his , may the almighty god give him and his likes some ' sud budhhi' and teach him how to be humble , but then like he in his arrogant ways ,always says - only he knows everything , that is right , rest all of us are zeroes, if he knows everything then maybe Bill Gates should appoint him as his know all adviser , and sack every body else, and "microsoft " will become the biggest company in the whole wide world and all of the rest will be nobodies. -shunya. , why does he not take a referundum on that......... ek bahut hi garib , budhiheen and dukhi 'aam aadmi; - i hope he does not mind if i call myself so, after all he knows all
38 mins · Edited · Like · 1

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पंडित शैलेन्द्र मुखरैया

पंडित शैलेन्द्र मुखरैया: there r many benefits of having elder brother..one of those u will realize at ur later age, dat iz uncle-aunt cnt ask u "beta shaadi kab kr rhe ho?"...coz if dey ask u then u hv a BRAHMASTRA "arrey aunty :o pehle bhai ki toh hone do"..;)

luv u Devendra Mukharaiya bro..u gave m one more reason to luv u...;)

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Zubin Poonawalla

Zubin Poonawalla: At heathrow airport, an announcement goes out over the Public Address system: Mr.Rand Chod Kar Sandaas! Mr. Rand Chod Kar Sandaas - please report to the Reception desk.

Ranchhod bhai Karsandas, who has just arrived from Surat , goes red with anger. He goes to the reception, & shouts loudly to the English receptionist. The following conversation must go into the history books of cock-ups:

Ranchhod bhai: Madar Chod ! I am Ranchhod...

Receptionist: Mr. Madar Chod Rand Chod ? Sir, that is not the name I have here. I have Mr. Rand Chod Kar Sandaas.....

Ranchhod bhai: Arrey Bhenchod ! I am NOT Madar chod!

Receptionist: So are u Mr. R.A. Ben or Mr. R.A. Chod? Is your surname Ben or Chod ?

Ranchhod bhai (now really really pissed off): Chootia teri! I am Ranchhod....

Receptionist: Excellent sir, so who is Chootia Teri then?

Whereupon, a Chinese gentleman ambles up to the Reception & asks: Were u calling me?

Receptionist: Now, who are u?

Chinese: I am Choo Tia......

Ranchhod bhai decides to fly back to Surat !!!

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Ryan S Nagvekar

Ryan S Nagvekar: A Foreigner and a Goan were walking together on the road, when they meet another Goan who tells him something and walks away.
Foreigner : ''Hey, who was that man ?''
Goan : ''Naruto''
Foreigner : ''Yes I like Naruto. Wonderful anime.''
Goan : ''Naruto''
Foreigner : ''Yes man I love Naruto. The manga is cool.''
Goan : ''Naruto''
Foreigner : ''I see you like Naruto too, you keep repeating his name.''
Goan : ''Arrey dukra ! Naru teje naav! Naru to! Pachaak khaiche'

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Paro Pratap Ranawat

Paro Pratap Ranawat: Arrey Yaar Mujhay maaf kerdo I really don't know english aur american accent toh na re baba na! and compete? why will I compete with someone who knows better ENGLISH : oops sorry not english but Angrezi, yup Why will I compete with someone who knows better Angrezi than me? Naah it's not my cup of tea. Meri first language Angrezi toh nahi hai Hindi hai!

Ab kya karun iskeliye mein Police station jaake surrender toh nahi kersakti na ke please arrest me because I am unable to understand dialogues of the american shows!

woah some people really are free! Oh btw aap ki first language angrezi hai? meri nahi hai! bye! I am thinking ke ab coaching classes le hi loon! :-O

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Mateen Aimim

Mateen Aimim: Arrey bewaqoof pehley aap na andaaz sikh baad me development development ki batey kar....
Any one guess ki feku kiss ka style marta...
Must comments bhy

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Anindya Dutt

Anindya Dutt: Arrey BHAI, bahoot din hon gaya GUJRAT MODEL ki koyi news nahin... hahahhah yeh MODEL hain bhi ki nahin..?

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Anindya Dutt

Anindya Dutt: Anindya Dutt     Arrey BHAI, bahoot din hon gaya GUJRAT MODEL ki koyi news nahin... hahahhah yeh MODEL hain bhi ki nahin..?

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Anindya Dutt

Anindya Dutt: Arrey BHAI, bahoot din hon gaya GUJRAT MODEL ki koyi news nahin... hahahhah yeh MODEL hain bhi ki nahin..?

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Sone Zane

Sone Zane: Chaii Chelsea pikin dem with mop,coz Atletico send Barca home e mean say Chelsea play ball pass Barca?How this palava fit be true Adayi Jay Z Dogky, Klovis K Kongchi, Fabian Kebei, Ongolo Sylvester, Nicolio Barbar?Anyway thing way do cocoa Na e go surely do coffee too.we all get Na same prayer tonight.I de great u Beauclair Ayuk, Sona Arrey, Vally Cool, Molonga Simon, Dione Mirabelle,wanabowa Simone and others.

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Shubham Agarwal

Shubham Agarwal: Ek Bar Ek Aadmi Zoo Mein Gaya.

Wahan Jaa Ke Usne Dekha Ki Ek Pinjre Ke Bahar Likha Tha Intelligent Monkey.

Us Aadmi Ne Samne Khade Watch Man Ko Bulaya Aur Poochha: “Arrey Bhai Iss Bandar Ka Naam Intelligent Monkey Kyu Rakha Hai?”

Watch Man: “Saab Aap Ise Kuch Khane Ke Liye Do.”

Aadmi Ne Use Ek Mongfali Khane Ke Liye Di To Us Bandar Ne Wo Mungfali Pehle Apni Gand Mein Daali Phir Bahar Nikali Aur Phir Kha Gaya.

Aadmi: “Bhenchod Iss Mein Intelligent Wali Kya Baat Hai Ye To Bevkoofi Hai.”

Watch Man Aadmi Ko Samjhate Hue: “Saab Aapke Aane Se Pehle Yahan Par Ek Angrej Aaya Tha Usne Bandar Ko Ek Poora Aamb Khane Ke Liye Diya, Bandar Ne Ghutla Samait Uss Aamb Ko Kha Liya Aur Jab Ye Bandar Tatti Karne Gaya To Ghutli Uss Ki Gaand Mein Fass Gayi, Iss Liye Ab Ye Har Cheez Ko Apni Gaand Mein Daal Ke Check Karta Hai Ki Gaand Mein Se Nikal Jaegi Ya Nahi.”

Aadmi Bandar Ki Iss Samajhdari Ko Sun Kar Bada Khush Hua Aur Chala Gaya.

2-3 Mahine Baad Wo Aadmi Uss Bandar Ko Dekhne Phir Se Aaya.

Lekin Iss Baar Uss Bandar Ke Pinjre Ke Bahar Likha Tha Double Intelligent Monkey.

Aadmi Ne Watch Man Ko Bulaya Aur Kaha: “Yahan Par Double Intelligent Monkey Kyu Likha Hai?”

Watch Man: “Ise Kuch Khane Ke Liye Do.”

Aadmi Ne Use Ek Kela De Diya.

To Bandar Ne Kele Ko Pehle Pani Mein Dala Phir Apni Gaand Mein Dala Or Phir Kha Liya.

Admi Ne Watch Man Se Poocha: “Aisa Kyo?”

Watch Man: Saab, Aapke Jane Ke Baad Vo Angrej Doobara Aaya Tha Is Baar Sale Ne Isko Jalti Hui Cigarette De Di Or Phir Jaise Hi Isne Apni Gaand Mein Jalti Hui Cigarette Daali Iski Gaand Jal Gai, Tab Se Ye Har Cheez Ko Pehle Bujhata Hai Or Phir Size Check Karta Hai Or Phir Khata Hai.

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Love Confession Punjab

Love Confession Punjab: I'm a bad bad girl,
I'm a bad bad girl with a gun in my hand
Arrey bas mazzak kar rahi hoon .m.a

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Vivek Tiwari

Vivek Tiwari: Arrey yar bike pe ek scratch aa gya.....:(

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Rahul Jaiswal

Rahul Jaiswal: Girl Demanded for Ice Cream
Boy Purchased It

Girl: Thank U

Boy: Sirf Thank U

Girl: U Want Kiss Na?
Boy: Arrey Romance Ki Bhuki,
Aadhi Icecream De..!

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Simranjeet Singh Soorma

Simranjeet Singh Soorma: “HAADSA”
Father – Beta Zara Apna Mobile Dena 1 min
Son – 1 Minute ON Kar Dun !!
Delete Videos
Delete photos
Delete Calls
Delete Messages
Ye Lo Dad ON Ho Gaya Start !
Dad – Arrey Nahi Bas Time Bata De !!!

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Rabia Arshad

Rabia Arshad: Arrey sb kaha gye ?? :/ :o

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Raman Bathla

Raman Bathla: Jalandhar Cool    

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Jalandhar Cool

Jalandhar Cool: Narendr modi ke khilaaf vadodra se chunaav ladne wale Mistri rajya sabha ke sadasya bane ; aaj subah hua shapath grahn smaroh

Arrey mistri ji 16 May tak to run jaate wo bhi nahi to Vadodara mein voting hone tak hi ruk jaate
Aapne to election se pehle hi haar maan li

Congress sirf logon KO dhokha Dena hi jaanti hai

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Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan: THE ULTIMATE "TURN UP" IN WEDDING HISTORY (at the Altar)     Dude... I can totally see Haley doing this at her wedding! XD Lindsey Arrey     No words for this one... Just watch the wedding party turn all the way up!
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10153843517620634

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Emmanuel Trifilio

10152356806189448 Emmanuel Trifilio: Timeline Photos     This is NOT your average choral concert.

The Choral Arts Society of Washington will be highlighting the Argentine Tango through our upcoming performance: "Tango! Soul and Heart: A Celebration of Argentine Music and Dance", Sunday April 27 at the The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. (Tickets: http://choralarts.org/)

We are thrilled to be sharing the stage with some amazing artists:
- Sergio Buslje and the Pan American Symphony Orchestra (PASO) (www.panamsymphony.org),
- Emmanuel Trifilio on Bandoneon
- Javier Arrey, baritone (http://www.harrisonparrott.com/artist/profile/javier-arrey)
- Anamer Castrello, mezzo-soprano (http://www.acastrello.org/)
- PLUS the passionate and sensual dancing of Andres Bravo and Carolina Jaurena

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime performance. Reserve your seats today! Tickets start at just $15 at http://choralarts.org/     Ladies and Gentlemen: I am going to be the soloist at Misa Tango by Bacalov at the Kennedy Center. It is the centerpiece of a wonderful program. I am so exited, so happy and so thankful. I hope that you can make it. Abrazo!

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Romi Mittal

Romi Mittal: Hai bhala sa naam uska...main abhi se kya bataoon
kiya beqaraar hanskar...mujhe ek aadmi ne

Arrey mujh pe naaz waalo....yeh nayaazmandiyan kyun
hai yehi karam tumhara...to mujhe na doge jeene

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Ivo Arrey

Ivo Arrey: Arrey Ivo's Art Space     From the Magician's Cowries By Arrey Mbongaya Ivo

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Ivo Arrey

Ivo Arrey: Arrey Ivo's Art Space     From the Magician's Cowries By Arrey Mbongaya Ivo

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