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Love Someone With Your Heart , Not With Your Eyes

Love Someone With Your Heart , Not With Your Eyes: There was a girl and a boy leaving in a small town named Udit Nagar. One day the boy proposed the girl. The girl respects his reply and said yes I too loveyou. Boy always used to say that my heart is always with you. I am living withno heart.After some days boy said to her girlfriend that I can’t marry you becausemy parents have good hope on me. I don’t want to lose it. But said we will be friends for ever. Then girl replied that I need you and your family happiness and agreed to be as a friend.After few months later the boy got married with another girl. After two days of his weddings boy and his wife were looking their gifts. He came across a gift and started crying. The gift was the heart packed in a glass jar with full of blood.The lid of the jar was attached with a paper written on it ‘Arrey jaan tumhara Dil mere paas rahega to apne wife ko kya donge”….

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Tushar Sharma

Tushar Sharma: Enjoying #Bday #Party :)
Arrey abhi to party shuru hui h :D :P..

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Yugansh Kaplish

Yugansh Kaplish: Jahan maut hai sasa aapki firaak me

arrey kuch din to guzaariye IRAQ me ;) :p

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Arrey Jennifer

Arrey Jennifer:

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Ishan Mishra

Ishan Mishra: 8 Irritating Habits of DSLR Owners     Sagar Kumar...its fr u.. :D :P

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Romanete Alejandra Arrey Araya

10151456734617108 Romanete Alejandra Arrey Araya: Timeline Photos        

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Åmbrøcîøs Ñôctïvågüs Ârñøb

730369853720219 Åmbrøcîøs Ñôctïvågüs Ârñøb:         hey hey guys, gues what!
pic gulo dekho.. :-D ki bujhla???
ekhono bujho naai! :-/ arrey eiida emon vai.. amar emon vai.. master. he is nww in my friendlist. . guys its really truee. ... dream came truee. ;-)
belive me um shivering . happiness ......
uff kii je koi. kothao berasse nah :-D
EMON CHOWDHURY vai u just made my day. cant beliving in ma eyes tilll now ^_^ ^_^
mah idol.. ^_^ love you so much vai ^_^
nd a huge thankss to মাহাথির শিপন। tore sara ei miracle taa possible chiilo nah :-*

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Arrey Sarah

Arrey Sarah: Inside every perfect gentle m,an lies an ANIMAL

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Marssaille M. Arrey

Marssaille M. Arrey: marssaillebooks, Novels, Blogs, Inspirational articles. | Single Post     "Why Feminism is Dirty" By Ozi Ogu.

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