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Amanda Harris

603315923046101 Amanda Harris: Timeline Photos     Someone proud of his brother asked to post this...Who here has a brother?     Ozzy Arrey I love you bro

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Mohankrishna Karumuri

Mohankrishna Karumuri: LyRiCs GaLaXy    

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Malik Ali

Malik Ali: BF Trolled
Girlfriend : "Last night I had a
dream of you."
Boyfriend (got excited): -
"Maine kya kiya tumhare sapne
mein aa ke"
Girlfriend replied : "We were
traveling in bus,
Suddenly the bus lost control
and fell in the
Everyone swam to save their life,
but you were still swimming and
searching for
Boyfriend (with luv): "I was
searching for you,
Girlfriend said: NO,
You were shouting-
"Arrey, conductor kidhar gaya, 2
rupaye lene
the" :p

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Sunil Sree

Sunil Sree: Abba cha avana    

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Ksrc Murthy

Ksrc Murthy: Indian Actress Gallery    

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Sabari Nath Reddy Kanaparthi

Sabari Nath Reddy Kanaparthi: Indian Actress Gallery    

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