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Patty de Suarez

Patty de Suarez: Disturbios en Barquisimeto dejan heridos y apagones     #Barquisimeto #activa la #resistencia #19A

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Elis Molina

Elis Molina: Aquí estamos y aquí Seguimos Unidos por una Venezuela mejor, y tú?     ♻

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Guadalupe Bañuls

Guadalupe Bañuls: Encuesta de Anonymus 30M-10A    

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Djane Yenny Djane Yenny

Djane Yenny Djane Yenny: Evento Vinyl Forever         Djane Yenny Dj Thanny Dj Anselmo Quijada de Total Djs. Circulo Militar de Barquisimeto
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HZMsG5WIBE

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Elia Peralta

Elia Peralta:

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Janet Diony Rodriguez Rodriguez

Janet Diony Rodriguez Rodriguez: Twitter / RCTVenlinea: En el Obelisco de Barquisimeto ...    

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Jorge Romero

Jorge Romero: Incendian tanqueta por dentro en Barquisimeto-Lara     #17A

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Juan Pedro DelMoral Vega

607224736019894 Juan Pedro DelMoral Vega: Cover Photos         My friend Remembranzas De Un Pasado Gabriel Marullo reminds me everyday of the architecture I saw as a child and the light of Barquisimeto heating against the old houses walls. The land of no WINTERS. :-)

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Rasmus Nielsen

Rasmus Nielsen:

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Yhon Castillo Teneffe

10154004916540247 Yhon Castillo Teneffe: Timeline Photos     La única vez que Barcelona-Real Madrid se enfrentaron fuera de España fue en Barquisimeto, Venezuela en (1982). Ganaron los Merengues (1-0).

El Gol fue anotado por Vicente Del Bosque. — with Alvaro Morales and 47 others.     Historia!

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Indira Murzi

10204035355337762 Indira Murzi:         Mi primera misa un Jueves Santos en la Catedral de Barquisimeto con parte de mi familia

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DanLucy Arce

DanLucy Arce: Got signal for a few minutes, so here's a quick update. We arrived in Caracas around 10:30 pm, and without one single suitcase opened (PRAISE GOD) we drove down to Barquisimeto and arrived there around 5:30 am.
Over the next few hours, we visited with countless people who stopped by to say hi. We've had some rest. I left at 7:00 am this morning to the city of Nirgua and have been here minstering to over 300 men in camp today. I'll be sharing from Gods word later on this evening. So excited to be right back working and serving God in Venezuela.
Thank you all for your prayers. We love and miss you.
-Dan Arce

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Ralph Sanchez

Ralph Sanchez:     No need for the dark alleys anymore. Rob you right at the register.     Video fuerte, esto va dirigido a quienes aun no consiguen razones para protestar, esto ocurrio en farmacia sas Pedro Leon Torres Barquisimeto.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10154058795910118

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