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Lillie West

Lillie West: Bitstrips

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Cynthia Fuller

Cynthia Fuller: I have been enjoying myself with Bitstrips...okay....I don't have a real life with the parasite that is attached to me....lol

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Susan Crumley

Susan Crumley: Really liking this bitstrips thing lol :-)

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Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith: ima start back making funny bitstrips 😂

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Cece Herrera

Cece Herrera: Create your avatar on bitstrips now and come and play with me ;))

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Oussama Rma

238805379655444 Oussama Rma: Bitstrips Photos        

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Aaron Panasci

Aaron Panasci: Bitstrips are not funny or quirky or clever. They have never been, and never will be. Please refrain from adding more garbage to this already-toxic environment. This site is like the New Jersey of social media as it is.

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Casey Bradley

Casey Bradley: can anyone make a bitstrips thing with me in or a buddypoke me

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Patrick Fifty-sevenstates Sanchez

Patrick Fifty-sevenstates Sanchez: Not sure which will cause me to go murderously postal first: Bitstrips or people who respond to any question starting with "so".

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Trisha Dasch

Trisha Dasch: Dear friends,
Your politics that differ from mine? They don't bother me. We are different and I like that. Your spelling errors in posts? They don't bother me. This is facebook, not an essay test. Your hashtags, emojicons, silky cat pictures, bitstrips, music posts? Bring it! Facebook is for entertainment, not judgement. I won't threaten to delete you for any of it. You console me when my life suffers a loss. You send me greetings and make me smile. Be yourself with all of your silliness and grammatical errors. I love you unconditionally!

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Erica Guiles Saldivar

Erica Guiles Saldivar: I just unfriended someone who is ALWAYS complaining about what other people post, in a very passive-aggressive way. Lots of people post about the weather, post Throwback Thursday pics, and post from Bitstrips (all things this person complained about). I just think it's so rude to post about how much you hate it when people post about those things, knowing that a lot of people you are friends with post those things. I guess my point is, you can't control what other people post, and you shouldn't try to. It's YOUR Facebook, post what YOU want and don't cry about what someone else posts!

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Greg Martin

Greg Martin: Can proudly say I've never done a bitstrips cartoon.. ;)

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Kaliska Kiotari Ford

Kaliska Kiotari Ford: I'm pretty sure everyone is going to get sick of my "bitstrips"
This app is great

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Shobhana Padinjhattil K

Shobhana Padinjhattil K: bitstrips wins     Intersting.Aman Anam

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Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston: Just letting you guys know that Have Bitstrips...Who has Bitstrips?
Ok I'm Leaving Now Good Night..Ehehe

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Sandra Green

688822027840711 Sandra Green: Timeline Photos         To all those who make me smile, especially Tracey, Melissa, Darren, Carryn and Gareth - time to pick on you all on Bitstrips xxxx

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Prince Oji


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Katherine Tankov

Katherine Tankov: RAFF.



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Wesker Apprentice

Wesker Apprentice: Bitstrips And Hashtags... Both Equally Annoying And Pointless -_-
Just Saying...

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Ailton Ferraz

508829069239388 Ailton Ferraz: Bitstrips Photos        

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Kimberly Coomer

Kimberly Coomer: "Yes. I am goofy and bored. That is why I keep posting Bitstrips. :p "

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Terra Marini

Terra Marini: Admit the bitstrips thing is a lot of fun but some of their suggestions are like Whoah! I think you got the wrong idea here, things just don't get that frisky with my friends!

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Ariel Clark Fish

Ariel Clark Fish: Im really loving these bitstrips comics.... it really helps when you have the perfect imagination and just the right amount of sense of humor to make some pretty outrageously funny comics...

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Lindsey Marie Cole

Lindsey Marie Cole: Sick day under the covers in My 8th HOUR pants, waffles, American Dad..n the bitstrips possibilities r endless. Oh and My dog. She's pretty neat lol gotta Kick the crap soon for a quick drove to damn.

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Dustin Runyon

Dustin Runyon: going threw old bitstrips and laughing my head off :D

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Ryan Fiffick

Ryan Fiffick: is it negative of me to opine my hatred for Bitstrips??
hmmm. don't care. they are idiotic, repetitive and boring. the next person to suggest that i start using bitstrips will have to buy a new computer or smartphone...whichever they happen to use.

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Debbie Amaral

Debbie Amaral: Sorry but "Bitstrips" is the most annoying thing on FB right now.

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Lady Fred

Lady Fred: Bitstrips doesn't have Bathwomen anymore. I had a lot of fun with that one.

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Lady Fred

Lady Fred: Good Grief Charlie Brown, now Bitstrips has ads in between their cartoon selection. So tired of advertising being shoved down our throats! UGH!

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Cassandra Leigh Frear

10152006330871078 Cassandra Leigh Frear: Timeline Photos     God thought of everything when He designed us!     This is WHY I need Bitstrips.

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Patrick Waldo Whelehan

Patrick Waldo Whelehan: Holy crap I just found out I could hide all posts from bitstrips! For being an IT professional I sometimes feel like such a social network noob.

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