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Anudeep Rb R B

10200905382315815 Anudeep Rb R B: Bitstrips Photos        

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Tr Holaday

Tr Holaday: If you're still doing bitstrips, you're off my friends list. I never liked them and I still don't lame lame

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Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith: do people still make the bitstrips?

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Richard W Abrams

Richard W Abrams: Discovered that MY copy of BitStrips App was infected with a Trojan Malware Virus so I had to uninstall it. I'd suggest everyone else run a quick virus check on their copy before it becomes a real problem. I'm going to try to reinstall the program and see if the bug came from the last update I rec'd just a day or two ago before I got the virus warning.

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Claire Dumont

Claire Dumont: The fact that I got my manager and boss making bitstrips now makes me really happy. (':

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Chris Blair

Chris Blair: Oh that moment you notice your little brother has been making bitstrips of you and your girlfriend and you had no idea it was happening

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Syreeta C Mauldin

Syreeta C Mauldin: Random thought. Its 2014 and colorism is still alive and well as obvious in some of your Bitstrips. #confusedatyourcomplexionchoice #blackisbeautiful #whatmirrordidyouuse?

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Stone Ambrose

Stone Ambrose: Let's start a trend. #PWLBeginning
How I was brought into PWL.. It started in like September I believe. I was friends with a person names Donovan Winslow, who I became friends with over Ringside Collectibles' Facebook Page, began posting things about Bitstrips, which, at the time, was very unpopular. He posted wrestling related comics, which I became interested in. I was looking at one of his photos, and I saw Dan Ex, Jimmy Excitingguy at the time, commented a picture of Cesaro, Miz, Kane, Daniel Bryan, and a few other guys all put together as a photoshopped picture. It was originally a bitstrips scene with casual looking guys. Dan used photoshop to give them masks, shirt logos, and titles. I liked it, so I decided to send him a friend request. We really didn't talk much that I know of. Skipping ahead a few months, I saw Dan post something in PWL, which was an open group at the time. I got interested and asked him what this PWL thing was. From what I remember, he told me he really didn't have any idea. I sent a request to join on November 29, 2012. After being accepted and added to PWL NutCheck, I had my first match against Joe Gonzales in which I won. So I guess if it weren't for WWE Action Figures, Bitstrips, and Dan, I wouldn't be in PWL today.
So, I'm curious. How did you guys get into PWL?

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Cody Fischer

Cody Fischer: Katie Bitstrips can u add me as a firend plase

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Dream de la Whatever

Dream de la Whatever: once again, for the good of your soul~~

stop making bitstrips

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Makenzie Fishbaugh

Makenzie Fishbaugh: first comment i will do a bitstrips about you and me

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Drew Campbell

Drew Campbell: It took me far too long to finally block Bitstrips... Jesus people

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Clifford Reckner

Clifford Reckner: Remember Bitstrips?

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Katelyn Roy

Katelyn Roy: What is bitstrips? I'm still trying to understand.

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Phyllis Brelsford

Phyllis Brelsford: I think I'm going to take some time this evening to pick on my sister. It's been awhile. I'll get her good on a Bitstrips cartoon. ;)

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Andrea Ostrosky

Andrea Ostrosky: Avast mobile just said My bitstrips app had a Trojan virus.

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Warren Harper

Warren Harper: WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone using BITSTRIPS my antivirus has just detected a TROJAN virus attached to it

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Julie Decker

Julie Decker: Ok my bitstrips isn't working! Prob something with Facebook...ticks me off.

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Mike Hamby

437388209729853 Mike Hamby: Bitstrips Photos     With Michael Hamby.     actually I would never do this. One Easter several years ago I lived near a church and I hid plastic eggs containing pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters, all around the playground: anonymous Easter bunny. Guerrilla kindness...Still the cartoon is funny.. and I love being included in Bitstrips. I'm just not as evil as people may think. Especially with children.

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Tracey Hahasaidtheclown

Tracey Hahasaidtheclown: I loves ya, Bitstrips, but I won't have you deciding my take on holidays.

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Dave Kalwishky

Dave Kalwishky: I just discovered I can block all posts from Bitstrips. Those things are so stupid, now I don't have to see them. Yay me!

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Mark Steven Elder

Mark Steven Elder: Blue Murder - Valley Of The Kings     The idea is to occupy Facebook with MUSIC, breaking the monotony of selfies, babypictures, dog/cat pictures, neknominations, personal videos and bitstrips. Whoever likes this post, will be given a music artist and has to post a piece by that artist, along with this text
I was given John Sykes (Official) by James Bain

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfsZ4EzSn80&list=UUc1_QXz8my3S9NyYFpNASDQ     Music video by Blue Murder performing Valley Of The Kings. (C) 1989 Geffen Records
Watch the video: video

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John Massey

John Massey: I stand with whoever mobilizes a movement to ban Bitstrips from Facebook.

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Michele Spencer Lees

Michele Spencer Lees: The Blue Nile - Let's Go Out Tonight     The idea is to occupy Facebook with MUSIC, breaking the monotony of selfies, baby pictures, dog/cat pictures, neknominations, personal videos and bitstrips. Whoever likes this post, will be given a music artist and has to post a piece by that artist, along with this text.
I was given The Blue Nile by Ralph Tonge x (thank you)

Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAswk0OfwZk

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Lissette Torres Gonzalez

Lissette Torres Gonzalez: Stripped By Bitstrips has officially closed!!! Thank you all who have followed.

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Lila Lynn Laguna

Lila Lynn Laguna: uh oh, I am well over my Bitstrips quota today - Carrie Reese is gonna be furious!

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Jane Dickinson Norman

Jane Dickinson Norman: lol I like this Bitstrips

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Casey Tepp

Casey Tepp: Looks like Bitstrips is making a slow comeback. Can't exactly say I'm happy about it but hey maybe we'll learn how to use it responsibly.

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Stuart R Smart

Stuart R Smart: How do i get this bitstrips?

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Sheila M. Boland

Sheila M. Boland: I was feeling down about my life today and now I found BITSTRIPS!!!!!

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Ramona Chaney

749401698437476 Ramona Chaney: Bitstrips Photos         Happy Easter Everyone, Don't Forget Th e Reason Behind This Celebration....Christ is Risen! #hegotup

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Lievin Stark

Lievin Stark: Do any of u guys use an app called bitstrips ?

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Nick Sallee

Nick Sallee: Fred Vicaretti

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Kenneth L. Fulmer

Kenneth L. Fulmer: Melissa May threatened to block me because of my bitstrips. LOL who all thinks that is just wrong?

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Gareth Sean Conradie

Gareth Sean Conradie: These bitstrips clowns really do wanna live a cartoon life, the sad part is it's like a flock of sheep one after the other, amusing.

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Mark Steven Elder

Mark Steven Elder: Whitesnake - Is This Love     The idea is to occupy Facebook with MUSIC, breaking the monotony of selfies, babypictures, dog/cat pictures, neknominations, personal videos and bitstrips. Whoever likes this post, will be given a music artist and has to post a piece by that artist, along with this text
I was given Whitesnake by James Bain

    Music video by Whitesnake performing Is This Love. Taken from the album 'Whitesnake' Buy Whitesnake's Greatest Hits on iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/whites...
Watch the video: video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOJk0HW_hJw

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Richard Suttles

Richard Suttles: I can't remember anymore if it was Bitcoins or Bitstrips that exploded into mainstream culture and then collapsed three days later.

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Lucas Brown

Lucas Brown: People still use Bitstrips? Lol

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Robert E Coleman

Robert E Coleman: I wish they give me an option on body parts on Bitstrips

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Michael Douglass


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MaryLee Lambert

MaryLee Lambert: Feeling a lil blue. I will miss all of you, but I will be back in 2 months. I did bitstrips on a few last people. I'll be praying for all of you. So for the last time Goodnight, God Bless and sweet dreams

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Matthew Becker

Matthew Becker: Not sure I'll ever understand the point of Bitstrips.

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Dennis Fowler

Dennis Fowler: Remember those 2 days when BitStrips were popular? Lol

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Bruce David

Bruce David: Bitstrips = Run their course.
They were interesting the first week. Now 6 months later, simply put, DUMB.

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Franklin Clinton


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Niall James-Horan

Niall James-Horan: Sorry me friends' Bitstrips don't look anything like them. I'll do me best to make sure they're fucking perfect next time -.- #highlyannoyed

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Thomas Powers

Thomas Powers: Bitstrips has had, and continues to have, it's share of problems and unwelcome changes changes, but is the new base font REALLY that bad? Or do people just HAVE to find something to gripe about? Because it's not like the inbox or the scene builder is working right now...

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Prabhu Ðhôñï Åððîçt

Prabhu Ðhôñï Åððîçt: Indha Bitstrips na enna o.O ... Bit-u podradha :v :p :v ?

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