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Josh-e Podrabsky

Josh-e Podrabsky: Start work next week. Got paper work for loan deferment on my chemeketa loans filed, Have phone conference on Friday with counselor to get started on my enrollment for Bachelors of science In psychology for winter term at the U of P. Got my housing taken care of and paid for the next 3 months. Registered with bridgeway for my drug and alcohol treatment. DMV Friday to set up arrangements to get licence back...... And I only been out for a week.....No matter how low u go in the game no matter how sharp the rocks are on your rock bottom you can get out and stand back up.. I seen the good I seen the bad. Lived in the suburbs, been to the ghetto. Had everything, My own family, owned my own home, cars, vacations, etc.. To having nothing at all, threw away a criminal Justice degree I spent $30,000 and 3 years on, not knowing where I was going to sleep at night. been a drunk, addict, dealer, thief, your worse nightmare. Been locked up with mother fuckers you would never wanna see on the streets. But I learned u gotta turn your life to god and start living for him and trust that he will take care of u and take you where you need to be. and just have patience. And learn to forgive yourself and love yourself enough to do it for you, than you can learn to forgive others. God and life is good!

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Mona Khoshaba Oshana

10151236131611530 Mona Khoshaba Oshana: Daily Inspiration     Only ONE Black Friday offers eternal savings! โœ โœ โœ

Type, "Amen" if you agree! โ€” with Toni Atwater and 46 others.     HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! When we say we are thankful, lets remember who we owe our thanksgiving to...GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT. I am thankful to God for all that I have and all that HE has withheld from me for my own good. I am thankful for all of you family and friends, may you be blessed and highly favored by God. I am thankful for all of my accomplishments as well as my failures, which helped me learn and grow. I am thankful for Jesus and HIS unconditional love. HAPPY THANKSGIVING

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Diamond Lil'Boo

Diamond Lil'Boo: I'm so blessed ! Start my new job Friday !! I'm to excited!! So I'm finna enjoy my Family and Friends for these next two days and eat real good๐Ÿ—๐Ÿด๐Ÿฐ my mama the best in the kitchen ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›

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Rayder Shade Wallen

Rayder Shade Wallen: I just got a phone call and got some good news im gonna start online schooling friday!! They assigned me a mentor and everything.. Hell yeah I'll take a diploma over a GED anyday! Good News keeps coming my way! Imma stick to my goals f*ยฉk yall that doubt me! ;)

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Taylor Denn

Taylor Denn: img.izismile.com     Closing up shop for a few days at eTown for The Holidays! We have another amazing Sold Out show with Bruce Cockburn and Kat Edmonson on Wed December 3rd and it will be our last taping for the year! We will be announcing 4 new shows next week for first quarter of 2015! Feeling blessed to have our first Thanksgiving in our new house with our new Kitty Shiva :] Depending what you are into I hope you get Turkey high, catch a good football game, score that awesome black Friday deal, or fall in love over Thanksgiving break. Over N Out.

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Linda Cardwell Carden

Linda Cardwell Carden: Dewayne and Kim have been so busy today, preparing for Thanksgiving. So far, they have cooked a pumpkin pie, corn pudding, sweet potato casserole and green beans. My son & DIL are doing the turkey and dressing. I feel helpless--but know this is something I 'm not up to yet. Physical Therapist came again today and will be here on Friday. He adds more exercises every day. I've been able to do them all. I will enjoy seeing everyone tomorrow. Especially those two sweet great grandbabies. I am blessed to have a good family.

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Tiffany Mcclellan

Tiffany Mcclellan: Today has been a blessed day me and my husband Shawn went out for lunch at Katana then got got groceries for our thanksgiving dinner today and for my ladies night I am going to Friday then Payton our oldest son and I played monopoly together felt good to spend sometime with him now we are going to eat thanksgiving dinner as a family also my husband cooked it to then me and Lexi and Alex had fun as well nothing can bring our family down because we are blessed.

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David Barnes

David Barnes: Boondocks Bar & Grill    

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Joan Gilleland

10203204674706618 Joan Gilleland: Mobile Uploads     I pray EVERYONE has a BLESSED Thanksgiving w/those they love & care about!! โ™ฅ Forget hurrying to finish your meal so you can go shopping on Thursday! It's really not worth missing out on "good quality time" spent w/family & loved ones...DON'T give retailers the upper hand...the sales & deals will still be around - even AFTER Friday!!...FAMILY is what matters most!!...Missing my family & friends from around the USA โ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅ sending BIG loVe ((hugs)) from the other side of the world! May GOD bless you ALL :) โ€” feeling thankful at Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.    

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Safe Haven Private Vaults

Safe Haven Private Vaults: I was looking for an article to post for Thanksgiving just now had the following thoughts as I searched:
1. The first 3 pages of news searches on either google or yahoo revolved around Black Friday (Thursday) shopping, food / recipes, and weather / travel (sorry all you New Englanders!)
2. Very few articles of people being thankful. I found a few, but also just as many articles on how recent events, retailers are ruining Thanksgiving.
3. A lot of stories of Thanksgiving meals in space (interesting, albeit random), also football is still a Thanksgiving tradition.

Instead of posting an article, I thought to list a few things I'm thankful for.
1. I am thankful for family and friends. They've tried to keep me out of trouble, encourage me, and lend a hand. You know who you are.
2. I am thankful for diversity. I've learned that good hearts come in all sizes, shapes and forms. Even those that I don't agree with, I can learn from. In addition, I've been blessed to have friends in all areas of the world with various lifestyles and beliefs - I love you all and wish nothing but happiness in your lives.
3. I am thankful for adversity. Although pain and suffering aren't things I wish upon anyone, I understand that I wouldn't feel compassion or empathy or even be as grateful for things that I do have without the challenges I face or have faced.
4. I am thankful for time. Time to change, time to learn, time to say sorry, time to forgive, time to make things better, time to grow, time to heal, time to be happy, time to laugh, time to spend with others, time to serve, time to be me.

I'm most definitely thankful for so much more...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Safe Haven Private Vaults

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Glenda Brodrecht

707849722616478 Glenda Brodrecht: Timeline Photos     Help #Runnings pass along wishes for a safe and happy #Thanksgiving by sharing our virtual #turkey drumstick with your friends and family. And, if you "share," we'll enter you to win a $50 Runnings gift card. One winner will be randomly selected on Black Friday morning.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving from Runnings.     Happy blessed thanksgiving

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AO Auctions

AO Auctions: Wishing you and your family an abundance of good wishes this Thanksgiving! Offices will be closed this Thursday & Friday for the holiday. We will still be answering any Customer Service calls and emails. Be Blessed!

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AugustenSkye Birth Services

AugustenSkye Birth Services: Posting my Black Friday discount today because I will be taking a break from cyber space for the next few days to be with family....


*Buy a Gift certificate for Doula ervices at full price, and receive a gift certificate for placenta encapsulation for FREE. (Savings of $125)


*Purchase ANY service between 11/28-12/1 and receive 25% off!
(Savings of up to $125)

These specials are only good starting midnight on 11/28 and ending at 11:59pm on 12/1

Thank you and I hope you all have a VERY blessed Thanksgiving and a safe weekend! :)

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Matt Tucker

Matt Tucker: Blessed yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Off early today and paid Thursday and Friday. God is good thank you Jesus Amen.

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