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Steffanie Kovash Romanov

1493076137613810 Steffanie Kovash Romanov: Mobile Uploads     Good morning family and friends , we made it to Friday ! Have a great day and stay safe , happy and blessed this weekend !    

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Maclean Doe

Maclean Doe: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Patrick Phiri

Patrick Phiri: TB Joshua Ministrìes    

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Cameron M Stevens

10102248790862049 Cameron M Stevens: Mobile Uploads     Happy Blessed Friday!! For some reason people think that everything has been Giving to me...Haaaa!! You really don't know me. And I will be more than glad to tell you my story. God has definitely been great to me, and I don't take the Ups and Downs for granted because it's make me learn grow and be even stronger in my Life Journey to become the Best person I can be and impact others in the process. It's been 2yrs since I have been promoting the #bodybyvi #Project10! My Life and my
Health has completely changed. After my injury to my shoulder and taking medication for my blood pressure. A change needed to be made. So I made the choice of making my Health a better Lifestyle. So grateful to have this product in my Life because I don't have to no longer take my blood pressure medication. And all the weight I lost from not being able to workout I was able to rebuild the muscle and the weight because of the nutrition that my body is receiving. From just being consistent and making Good Health 1 of my Priorities. I have been Super Blessed to be the #2014ViModelChampion and with Everyone voting and supporting me.. The Thank yous and Gratitude is not gonna stop so get used to it because I am really Happy that people actually believe in me and see that I'm trying to make this world a better place and I again thank everyone for that. With that being said, Get ready to be Challenged!! Turnuppppppp!! #godisgreatallthetime #teamdrivenbyfaith #viLife #Project10Challenge #notdiets #HealthyLifestyles — feeling excited with Apostle Teresa Nelson and 42 others.    

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Omosaka Herbahyormee Saka

Omosaka Herbahyormee Saka: Abdulkabir Usman Akubo    

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Grace Mbekelu

Grace Mbekelu: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Jimmy Ancheta

Jimmy Ancheta: Pastor John's Message - 05.09.2014        
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/ixeLJ8Mb1Ic

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Biruh Desta

1482664255335319 Biruh Desta: Mobile Uploads     GOOD MORNING EVERYONE.....
GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.... — with ኤልሻዳይ ኤልሻዳይ and 68 others.    

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Brain Goshy

Brain Goshy: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Pattie Tarnowski

10152320368767061 Pattie Tarnowski: Timeline Photos     Great “Feel Good Friday” moment this morning on GMA when a bone marrow recipient met the donor who saved his life- what he learned was that they saved each other.
WATCH: abcn.ws/XQwzTT     Be a Match is a big deal and a simply way that we can all help out ... it does not matter how rich or poor you are, what color you are, boy or girl ... in the end you could help save someone's life ... you could be someone's hero. Anna was very blessed that Michael's bone marrow was a perfect match but that does not happen as often as one would think it should. There are companies, schools and people that put together Bone Marrow Drives ... please consider getting on the list ...

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Patricia Mukwevho

Patricia Mukwevho: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Julyan Kim

796639707025263 Julyan Kim: Timeline Photos     Friday such a beautiful and blessed day. Let their smile make it brighter. Sharing MINHYE airport fashion recently.
For more pictures and updates, join our SHIN HYE forum at www.park-shin-hye.com
Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/ThePSHIC
Good day and pleasant evening everyone. — with Apaza Jihuallanca Yaneth and 49 others.    

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Adrian Jacobs

Adrian Jacobs: Maher: It's getting harder to ignore Canada's genocide by Stephen Maher     It is always easier to point a finger far away but much harder to look into the mirror and see the ugly truth.

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TeChina Jackson

TeChina Jackson: LET ME TESTIFY: Last Friday my uncle had a triple bypass surgery and this Friday he went home in good spirits, no tubes, talking and knowing that he's blessed. God will do what surgeons, medicine and research cannot. Thank you Jesus for being with Haywood Jackson and his amazing wife Yolanda throughout this ordeal. Father, I thank you more so for the praises that shall flow from their lips as a result because you alone.. DID IT!

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Robert Bruce King

Robert Bruce King: Shelly Ann Cawley    

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Basani Shibambu

Basani Shibambu: TB Joshua Ministries     People will know dat de is God in scoan

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Isaiah Godwin

Isaiah Godwin: TB Joshua Ministries    

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David Chawonga

David Chawonga: TB Joshua Ministries     I pray the tragic events of 12 September 2014 will not reoccur.Lessons learnt,mistakes made but let love bind us all to trudge on regardles

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Amowie Orobosa

Amowie Orobosa: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Patience Osawaru

Patience Osawaru: TB Joshua Ministries     may d departed souls rest in peace and d injured ones hv a speed recorvry

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Lungi M. Luthuli

Lungi M. Luthuli: TB Joshua Ministries     Thnk you Man of God

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Ukpe Utong

Ukpe Utong: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Christina Garvey-Tamez

754940041204526 Christina Garvey-Tamez: Timeline Photos     Let's make it a Good Friday! We are truly blessed!    

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Michael Willombe

Michael Willombe: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Don Daniel Johnson Jr.

805244122830979 Don Daniel Johnson Jr.:         September 20th Saturday 2014 all day ! The Sabbath to rest !

whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, ... [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure ... are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; .. PHILIPPIANS 4:8 ( KJV )

I am back from North Carolina . I only spent two days down there and more time driving there and am now back . I was home last night Friday, and seen all kinds of things ; went through the mountains it was cool . I spoke to a lot of people mostly for directions while wearing my Jewish Star with the cross in the middle .

All the people I met where very nice and kind to me , and I made it there and back very safe ; while praying with my friend sister Shelly what a wonderful lady she is , and we prayed together in Jesus name as the Lord wanted me wanted us too .

Nothing to do today but rest and praise God ; let it be a " beautiful day in the neighborhood" as Mr. Rogers used to say .

If anybody has any ideas on what to do today let me know it seems just another day to be blessed and think of things ? PHILIPPIANS 4:8 whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, ... [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure ... are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; ..Maybe pass it on ?

Posted by : Don Daniel Johnson Jr. Aka WabiDon The Preacher Man

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Michael Willombe

Michael Willombe: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Kaiza Kemekesele

Kaiza Kemekesele: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Sara Cade Harmon

Sara Cade Harmon: Thank The Lord for another blessed day!! On Friday my brother Dean Cade was able to eat 4 full meals at the Hosiptal!! GOD good!!! Thanks to my cousin Steven Mickerson!! Michael Cade!! Bro Postell!! Furman Greene!!!! Tyrone Tillman!!!! Author Gary W. Cade!!! Henry McIntosh!!! These are his cousin and best friends that is real real close to him that help my mom out on Friday!!! Tony Thomas!!! Ira Greene!!! Much love!!

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Betsy Franklin

Betsy Franklin: Huckabees Open Market & Cafe     Come on down

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Miracle Goodluck

Miracle Goodluck: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Miracle Goodluck

Miracle Goodluck: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Miracle Goodluck

Miracle Goodluck: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Miracle Goodluck

Miracle Goodluck: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Miracle Goodluck

Miracle Goodluck: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Francis Afanquah

Francis Afanquah: TB Joshua Ministries     The true source prophect ,GOD be with you,in Jesus name....Amen.

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December Twennyone

December Twennyone: I'm still BLESSED pa din..! Thank you GOD for the good news last Friday!
I still can't believe...!

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Chi-chi Ifeyinwa

Chi-chi Ifeyinwa: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Vuyolwethu Papu

Vuyolwethu Papu: TB Joshua Ministries    

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Olumuyiwa Oloruntoba Jemix

Olumuyiwa Oloruntoba Jemix: TB Joshua Ministries     Peace be wt u Man of God

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Nomawethu Langa

Nomawethu Langa: When I'm down u lift me up, when I'm weak u strengthen me, Lord u 've been good to me , lord I thank u for these friday night prayers, for some of us depends on them for spiritual uplifting thank you Abba Father.

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Gift-boy Gold Raiment

Gift-boy Gold Raiment: TB Joshua Ministries    

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