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Claricessa McFarland

Claricessa McFarland: Good morning FB Thank God for another day today is my Friday. Off to a good start prayer line made it to work on time .Too bless to be stress .What God has for me its for me ..

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Veronica Hernandez

Veronica Hernandez: Friday got my head did and once again god blessed me with another blessing. I met Victoria who they call veronica and she was like they call you Victoria right I go yes and they use to wonder why I did not answer. I did not know they were talking to me. lol very funny. she did my hair invited me to her home and church. she was like I like you and gave me her number and invited me to her church and home. how so beautiful is that but out of all this I forgot to give her, her tip. I will go take it to her next week. God is putting Sweet good people in my life. how more thankful can I get or even be. I don't go looking for them. GOD is good. :)

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David Clement

David Clement: Thursday's Weather Roundup - Another Cold Front Dives South Today/Overnight • Texas Storm Chasers    

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Silvia Gail Hilliard

861450047232814 Silvia Gail Hilliard: Timeline Photos     Good Morning Everyone!!! Welcome To Another Weekend. Its Saturday November 1,2014. Happy Saturday & November To All Of You. How Everyone This Morning? Hope All Of You Had A Blessed & Safe Friday Night. Its A New Month!!! This Year Is Going By So Fast. We Just 8 Weeks Away Till 2015 To Come. & Also We Just 4 Weeks Away Till The Thanksgiving Holiday!! Right Now Its 47 Degrees In New York City Tri-State Area. Today Weather Forecast Will Be Cloudy Rainy & Windy Highs Today 50 Degrees. Have A Blessed & Wonderful Weekend!!!    

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Chisom Chikwekwem

Chisom Chikwekwem: Read Rhapsody Of Realities    

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