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Just Me Chelle Photography

Just Me Chelle Photography: A Friday morning cruise on the back roads looking for some good shots before the "big thaw" was very successful.

My favorite moment? I would say watching the bald eagle in his perch. Closely followed by some magnificently gorgeous deer wandering in their element.

We are SO blessed to live in this beautiful state! Looking forward to editing!!!

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kaci snyder :)

kaci snyder :): its a quiet friday night and was thinking about how very lucky i am to have deirdre and paul snyder as my parents. they are kind, loving, honest, very good looking and sooooo geer=nerous. I hope someday to be just like my mom, that tall and beautiful goddess:) who is luckier thn me. I am truly blessed!

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Wardi Mariam Weir

Wardi Mariam Weir: Friday Evening Devotion!❤️🙏

Good evening!❤️


Colossians 3:23- Knowing that from Yahweh you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve Yahshua the Messiah.

In concept we know we are working for the Lord whatever God has placed us. But are you really? Do you go the extra mile to make a difference for the Lord, even if you don't get the extra buck? This is never the easy route, but Jesus never said it would be. Remember to go the extra mile willingly today for the Lord. Amen!!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful evening! God Blessings and Love always! Good night!❤️

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Daniel Urias


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