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Arnitra Johnson

Arnitra Johnson: Some people never mature! I do not know why I let ignorance shock me. All I can say is Bye Felicia. Now shake your head on this comment!

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Jermiria LaideeJae Darden

Jermiria LaideeJae Darden: ~ Yeah, they say misery loves company and all, but just because somebody gives you an invitation to their misery party doesn't mean you have to or are obligated to accept the invite! Doesn't matter WHO it is! Decline that invitation and throw the deuces! #realtalk #byefelicia

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Shawna Jo Cristan

769917889688460 Shawna Jo Cristan: Mobile Uploads     With Catherine Brown Reeves and 50 others.     hell yea bye Felicia

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Likeisha Wilmott

Likeisha Wilmott: It irritates me when people say to me well if you do that with Mason he isn't going to remember it. Ok I get that. Sure he won't remember but I will show him pictures later. Babies really don't enjoy anything at this point but does that mean you keep them in the house? You do yours how you do and I will do mine. This is the nice version. Bye Felicia!!!

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Tameka Hambrick

Tameka Hambrick: Don't save her she don't wanna be saved...Throw them twos up..✌✌✌✋✋✋Bye Felicia... Lol

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Shawndraya Isntshelovely Collister

Shawndraya Isntshelovely Collister: Sniff sniff wat yall smokin on!!!!!!!! #Byefelicia

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Fashion Courier

Fashion Courier: #Gossip Night Crumbs - Shonda Rhimes Bye Felicia’d a trick who complained about all the hot dude on dude action in How To Get Away With Murder. That’s actually offensive to Felicia, because I bet that pesky crackhead would fully appreciate all the hot dude on dude action in that show – Towleroad Jude Law should skip on down […] http://ow.ly/2Pqpk7

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Danyel Memph Pickens

Danyel Memph Pickens: My new response to all foolishness is gon be "Bye Felicia"!!! #AintNobodySafe!!

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Joseph Booth

Joseph Booth: Gotdog! The Monday night football game score were just 7 to 0 Texans. Now! The Halftime score Steelers 24 Texans 13. What a shame. The Steelers scored 24 points In less than 4 minutes. Bye Felicia to Coach Bill O'Brian Bye Felicia to The Q.B. Fitzpatrick. I mean that no bahahahaha lol lmbo behind that either.

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Leeandra Stevenson

789440337781504 Leeandra Stevenson: Mobile Uploads     #ByeFelicia     #dailyBasis

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Persana Shoulders

Persana Shoulders: Bye Felicia!         Get the BILLBOARD TOP 5 HIT SINGLE NOW on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bye-felicia-feat.-mitch-amtrak/id883483550 Joe Gauthreaux featuring Mitch...
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvOqEZqR5IQ

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Cubby Christopher P. Twist

Cubby Christopher P. Twist: And there he goes back to a nobody bye Felicia

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Kekee Too Real

10152446564177607 Kekee Too Real: Mobile Uploads     Slow hoe!............ Bye Felicia    

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Bruce Edward Evans

Bruce Edward Evans: Shonda Rhimes to Antigay Viewer: 'Bye Felicia'    

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Chaka Phillips

10204560813921702 Chaka Phillips: Timeline Photos     Shonda Rhimes to Antigay Viewer: 'Bye Felicia'

The How to Get Away With Murder creator schooled an antigay viewer who tweeted frustration about the show's 'gay scenes.'

Shonda Rhimes has taken an antigay viewer of How to Get Away With Murder to task.

The Hollywood showrunner responded to the tweet of a disgruntled fan of the ABC series, which has featured sex scenes between two men in the first few episodes of its debut season.

The Twitter user, @Dabdelhakiem, told Rhimes that "the gay scenes" were "too much," had "no point," and "add nothing to the plot.

Rhimes sent several tweets in response, using the occasion as a teachable moment for naysayers of "Shondaland," a triumvirate of dramas including Scandal and Grey's Anatomy, which, in terms of both race and sexual orientation, have been lauded as the gold standard in character diversity for network television.

"There are no GAY scenes," Rhimes shot back. "There are scenes with people in them."

Rhimes went on to state that anyone who would use the phrase "gay scenes" is "NOT INVITED to the party. Bye Felicia."     Well said #ShondaRhimes

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Diah Ayu Novasari

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Bye Felicia

345989855573400 Bye Felicia:         Belle size S 25 & witch size M15 must go & MPU!!!!

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Bye Felicia

345989732240079 Bye Felicia:         Belle size S 25 & witch size M15 must go & MPU!!!!

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Nicole Iyamile Novaton

Nicole Iyamile Novaton: Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Tweets About "Gay Scenes"     BYE FELICIA!

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Rocio Cervantes Rodríguez

Rocio Cervantes Rodríguez: Can't even pump gas cuz guys act like they never seen a girl before. Some guys need to start learning more about respect. #IHatePumpingGas #Weirdos #ByeFelicia

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Brittney Bye Felicia Gatewood

Brittney Bye Felicia Gatewood: 23 Promises Every Girl Should Make To Her Best Friends And Keep Forever     Mariah Johnston

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Gabby Villarreal

Gabby Villarreal: If it one thing that annoys me, its nosey people.
Bye Felicia ✌️

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Flute Bufford

Flute Bufford: HELL NAW! Sumbody culda told me dat that damn woman is crazy. Or is it my magic wand. She not z first and Im sure she not z last. But byfar, she is z looniest. She wanted me to put it out that we were fuckn. Then she said TMI. So she blocked me. Then she de-activated her page. Next she re-activated it but wuldnt friend me. Then she started snooping around on my page. She seen where a few of my exes was liking z pretty ricky posts and gave me an ultimatum. She said if I want her, for me to get rid of those on my page. Dat cookie pretty damn good. I am a cookie monster. But it aint that damn serious. Bye Felicia Bye! Lol lmao lbvs heheheheh #SumPeopleDoZMost#

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Shanna Smith

Shanna Smith: #byefelicia

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Kelsey Gesbeck

Kelsey Gesbeck: bye felicia     Oliver Campbell David Hallmark Justine Takacs

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Michele Dore-Cannon

Michele Dore-Cannon: Everytime I see Felicia, I tell that bitch BYE.

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Jezebel: Shonda Rhimes to Tweeter Who Doesn't Like 'Gay' Scenes: 'Bye Felicia'     Her response was simply perfect.

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Amanda Knowlton Melendez

Amanda Knowlton Melendez: It's funny how I'm upset and having "guy problems" and now my inbox is blowing up with guys "who care" and all that bs, gtfoh with all that....u really think I wana be hearing and reading all this now? NO! You're stupid if u think imma give in to someone else so dam quick! Oh ya, and men suck!

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Shakasha Monae Burros

Shakasha Monae Burros: I know this is only a social network but if i dnt fw yu and yu dnt fw me why should we be friends ?? uggh #byefelicia #bisshwhet? #deletedelete #aintnobodygottimeforthat

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Jessica Kurtz

Jessica Kurtz: U got ppl telling u shit but u can't call them up nd let them tell me the shit they telling u about ME!
Bye Felicia nd crackhead ezel FUCK U MEAN

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Erica Comercakes

Erica Comercakes: Fan Complains Of Too Many Gay Sex Scenes In TGIT Shows     I had to turn How to Get Away With Murder off. Everyone has their own preference and know what they can and cant handle and Gay Sex scenes are my personal limit.

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J Mad Madison

J Mad Madison: Every time I check fb there's drama drama lol n I'm tired of people hacking this dumb thing and posting crap to my wall n stuff I'm on this thank called real life...bye felicia

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Brittney Bye Felicia Gatewood

Brittney Bye Felicia Gatewood: I have died everyday waiting for you darlin' don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years.. I'll love you for a thousand more 💗💗

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Marina Martinez Flournoy

Marina Martinez Flournoy: In my FAVORITE Noele Tipler voice, " damn ratchet ass hoes" bahahaha #byefelicia

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Shannon Atkins

Shannon Atkins: Fan Complains Of Too Many Gay Sex Scenes In TGIT Shows     Let's all get together and try to bring down the successful and very professional black woman. If you can can indulge in garbage television such as:
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
Love & Hip Hop LA
R&B Divas Atlanta
R&B Divas LA
Hollywood Exes
Basketball Wives
Married to Medicine
All the housewives shows
Then I know damn well you can watch a sex scene between two men or two women.

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Nicki Wyona

Nicki Wyona: LOOK: Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Tweeter Who's Upset With Gay Sex Scenes     A client told me today she thought it was cute that her daughter said she doesn't like when couples aren't the same color. Same client said she thought it was disgusting to see 2 men give each other a quick kiss before one left the gym for work. Effective immediately I no longer train her. And as Shonda Rhimes says... #byefelicia


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Gina Cruz

Gina Cruz: Some people & their fkin shitty ass attitudes will never change. So glad I made the decision to keep moving forward. Bye Bye Felicia ✌

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Natalie Vargas Garcia

Natalie Vargas Garcia: Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Tweeter Who's Upset With Gay Sex Scenes     #byefelicia

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Everett Wiley

Everett Wiley: Dear Raider Fans,

Before you talk about the 49er or better yet any NFL team realize you've not won a game since November of 2013


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Jack Langiano

Jack Langiano: NC Clerks Quitting Rather Than Giving Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples @NewNowNext     Good! Don't let the door hit you in the ass.

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Kirsten King

Kirsten King: Catchy songs, catchy hooks, catchy names which is your fav:
Bye Felicia Wayne 3d , David Copperfield Frwdp Ceo, or Lil Deon B-Kno The Brand? #D30Radio

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Calea Self-Sufficient Glover

Calea Self-Sufficient Glover: Kmsl its rather funny how people talk shit about a person but be n they face every time they come around kmsl #byefelicia

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Mary Mean Jean Harris

Mary Mean Jean Harris: Bye Felicia!

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Joe Burdick

Joe Burdick: Bye Felicia     Sarah Caldwell lmfao     Bye Felicia

LIKE: ➡ Just Vines
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=684077991699503

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Karla Pomales

Karla Pomales: LOOK: Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Tweeter Who's Upset With Gay Sex Scenes     Pedro Peña look at one of the comments I was laughing so hard #byefelicia lol

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Christina Cleveland

Christina Cleveland: I never bother anyone ur not even a thought to me but I will say this sum ppl are really not gonna like me if they keep playing little kid games! Crackheads at their finest don't throw rocks if u live in glass house u will just be homeless! Laughing so hard right bot even gonna let ppl take me out of my character! Bye felicia ur irrelevant to me n my life!

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Starr Versace Milan Lipton

Starr Versace Milan Lipton: Really grow the fuck up people that's what's wrong with u nosey stank bitches in Woodstock. Va now always worried bout what another bitch is doing # keep my cousin Amanda Dawn Racey name out ya fuckin mouths if ya don't no what the fuck u talking about..... Y'all threating with welfare y'all need to grow up seroiulsy..... Lmfao u must not no bout the raceys.lol.... # bye Felicia....# Haters

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Ariela F

Ariela F: Bang Bang: Shonda Rhimes READS Homophobic Twitter Follower Her Rights Regarding ‘HTGAWM’ &...     “If u use the phrase “gay scenes”, u are not only LATE to the party but also NOT INVITED to the party. Bye Felicia. #oneLOVE” she tweeted last."


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Sal Saenz

Sal Saenz: Shonda Rhimes Shoots Down Anti-Gay "How To Get Away With Murder" Fan @NewNowNext     Best tweet ever!
On Sunday, a viewer tweeted HTGAWM executive producer Shonda Rhimes to complain about the show’s same-sex shenanigans. “shondarhimes the gay scenes in scandal and how to get away with murder are too much. There is no point and they add nothing to the plot,” tweeted Dina Abdel Hakiem.

Related: “How To Get Away With Murder” Continues Its Gay Sex Stampede

Without missing a beat, Rhimes tweeted back “There are no GAY scenes. There are scenes with people in them.”

A minute later, she added “@Dabdelhakiem If u use the phrase “gay scenes”, u are not only LATE to the party but also NOT INVITED to the party. Bye Felicia. #oneLOVE”

Bang. Dead.

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Shell Hammon

Shell Hammon: Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Tweeter Who's Upset With Gay Sex Scenes     Yesss bye Felicia

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