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Pierpoint Niki

738031286250743 Pierpoint Niki: Timeline Photos     Ahh! We are in love and just placed an order this morning trying to see how many we should order so what do y'all think?! •Bye Felicia!•     Paige Richmond

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Lynn Thompson

Lynn Thompson: Bye Felicia lol.

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Aletta Rangel

738031286250743 Aletta Rangel: Timeline Photos     Ahh! We are in love and just placed an order this morning trying to see how many we should order so what do y'all think?! •Bye Felicia!•     Omg Felicia Steele

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Lolethia Dl Underdue

Lolethia Dl Underdue: Kim Kardashian Plans To Make North West Get A Job     Baby North looking like "Bye Felicia! Daddy Ye said I don't have to get a job"!

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Annmarie Rodriguez-Edmond

Annmarie Rodriguez-Edmond: I despise when people try to tell (or talk about me) saying what God will or won't do in my life. I Have a direct line to God DAILY and ONLY HE ORDERS MY STEPS AND BLESSINGS. Instead of worrying about me n mine u DEFINITELY need to check wats wrong in YOUR LIFE. U DONT EVEN NEED TO STEP OUT UR FRONT FOR FOR THAT JUST TAKE A LOOK AROUND U AND JUDGE THAT, NOT ME OR MINE. Then when u finish that go look in the mirror and see wat else u shud be "judging" AND PLEASE don't use Scripture and ur "phony roller" personna while ur at it. By the way I know u have walked the same walk I have in the past but I guess u got so high and mighty u forgot about that. Take a look around u again if u need a memory refresher.
and Finally LAST I checked the ONLY perfect man was crucified unless u know of any other ???
Don't worry I'll wait ...
In the meantime have yourself and ur " followers " have SEVERAL seats before u get knocked down.

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Joey McGuire

Joey McGuire: I just got unfriended because I had the audacity to insult Frankie Grande.... I think I'll survive. #byefelicia

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Kevin Yoppitime Douglas

Kevin Yoppitime Douglas: Q last one whats up with you and tina

A bye Felicia

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Hector Borrero

10204200342042973 Hector Borrero: Lea MsmeezySqueezeme Kusek's Photos     In that order! #YouFake #YouAndMeAintOnTheSamePage #ImakeMoneyToSurvive #YouMakeMoneyToParty #ItakeCareOfMines #SomeoneAlwaysTakingCareOfYou #FuckYouThought #WeCantBeCool #WewillNeverBfriends #ByeFelicia #BipolarAssBoi #GetYoHeadChecked     Real talk smh

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Hustle&Heart: We waste SO many days
waiting for the weekend,
many nights wanting the morning.....
Our constant lust for future comfort is the biggest thief of life!

This is YOUR life. Start doing what you WANT. Kiss FEAR and the SELF-DOUBT buh-bye!! #byefelicia
OPEN your mind up and look at life as your GRAND ADVENTURE, because it is, We used to look at life like that as kids,

Do your stuff and build the life you want with ENTHUSIASM, if you don't have any then find yours!

#aintnobodygottimeforthat #liveyourdreamlife #claimit

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Amy Sanford

Amy Sanford: Bye Felicia

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Jody Vicknair

Jody Vicknair: This is the longest safety muster station meeting I've ever been too.... Bye Felicia!!!

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Denim Vayne

10153175419687846 Denim Vayne: Timeline Photos     Mother Uses Vibrator on Baby. 21-year-old Rickesha Burns from Phoenix, Arizona is being held by police after her two-year-old son was admitted to a hospital. Burns’ mother noticed blood in the child’s diaper and rushed her grandson to the hospital. Doctors found rectal tears and bruising. During police interrogation a tearful Burns confessed. "I thought toy might make my baby get off a little, you know, and stop its crying. The toy make me get off good. Was just trying to be a good momma and make my baby feel good. I don’t think it’s wrong. Is it?” -@iamReGGo #RickeshaBurns #Vibrator #PhoenixAZ #PhoenixPolice #Arizona #Phoenix #ChildAbuse #Felony #News #InstaNEWS #Houston #StyleMagazine #HoustonStyleMagazine #HoustonStyle #NEW #HSMNews #CNN #ABC #FOX #HOUNews #TeamStyleMag #Style25 — with Kimwana Ligon and Tanie Keepitreal Ligon.     Really?? "Oh I thought I was making my baby feel good, it makes Me feel good."...Bye Felicia

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Kari Christensen

Kari Christensen: Sears to Close Stores, Lay Off About 5,500 Employees - The Business of...    

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Chickie Petty

Chickie Petty: Fwd: word for today
Good morning! Word for today. Be blessed and remember to be a blessing! Love The Chickster!

It's time to take that leap of FAITH!!!... Bye Felicia

When you step off the boat, when you take a step of faith, train yourself to focus on the supernatural, instead of the natural. Train yourself to focus on Jesus, instead of your circumstances. When we focus on our circumstances it creates fear and complacency. Our circumstances and fear will speak to us and say, “What about the economy? You can’t move now. You don’t have enough money. You don’t have what it takes.” But when we focus on Jesus, we hear the Holy Spirit say, ” I will provide. You can do all things through Christ. I will open doors no man can shut. I will touch hearts and pour out my favor.” But the question is whose report will you believe? If you’re going to walk on water and do the extraordinary, you must ignore the winds and focus on the Lord. Are you ready to go to places that you’ve never been before? So many people today get stuck in a rut because they don’t want to get out of their comfort zone. They want to stay with what they know because it’s comfortable. But in order for you to reach your full potential, you have to be willing to step out into the unknown. You won’t ever walk on water until you step out of the boat!
Matthew 14: 28-31
28 And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.
29 And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.
30 But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.
31 And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt.

Remember. .troubles chase sinners. .blessings chase the righteous!

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Bc Crawford

Bc Crawford: You ever been on a date with someone and they keep talkin bout their ex? How all their "besties" are the opposite sex? How they're so close to their opposite sex friends that they're like "brother and sister"? If you come across that, get ya check and bounce. This is 2014, we're all adults. #Aintnobodygottimeforthat #byefelicia #spareme

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Aaron Dodge

Aaron Dodge: Some females on here are atupid ridiculous .! Bye Felicia hahaha

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Shanitta Allison

Shanitta Allison: Pretty Ricky     Yeeeeesss! I know exactly where I stand! #byefelicia ✌✋

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Ramon Gorman

10204251217658825 Ramon Gorman: Instagram Photos     #StopWhitePeople2014 #0To100 #FriendZoned #HitsBlunt #IGotAQuestion #Bruh #YallPlayTooMuch #NoChill #FixItJesus #LMAO #JesusTakeTheWheel #NothingAtAll #IDGT #GirlBye #ByeFelicia #CanYouNot #CanYouFuckingNot #CouldYouFuckingNot #CinnamonApple #MyFuckingCinnamonApple #DuRagHistoryWeek #CuffinSeason #YeaButTheHoodLovesMe #TheHoodLovesMe #WhereDeyAtDoe #WhereTheyAtDoe #TBT #BitchWhet #21     true

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Antoinette Gonzales

Antoinette Gonzales: Idk if its my allergies acting up or I'm getting sick but all this sneezing and runny nose needs to stop bit its making my head hurt in sorry ok no I'm not but go the hell away I don't like you bye Felicia

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Tina Osterling

781960655210136 Tina Osterling: Timeline Photos     With Amaniga Yoj and 11 others.     People who use people when it is convenient for them kinda take up space and the air for the rest of us who have a purpose other than being an asshole. Bye Felicia!

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Ramon Gorman

10204251223898981 Ramon Gorman: Instagram Photos     #StopWhitePeople2014 #0To100 #FriendZoned #HitsBlunt #IGotAQuestion #Bruh #YallPlayTooMuch #NoChill #FixItJesus #LMAO #JesusTakeTheWheel #NothingAtAll #IDGT #GirlBye #ByeFelicia #CanYouNot #CanYouFuckingNot #CouldYouFuckingNot #CinnamonApple #MyFuckingCinnamonApple #DuRagHistoryWeek #CuffinSeason #YeaButTheHoodLovesMe #TheHoodLovesMe #WhereDeyAtDoe #WhereTheyAtDoe #TBT #BitchWhet #21     really?

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Dwaine Hampton

Dwaine Hampton: Pretty Ricky     #OMS #BYEFELICIA 9.7.14

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Ramon Gorman

10204251234179238 Ramon Gorman: Instagram Photos     Shit just does somethin to me #StopWhitePeople2014 #0To100 #FriendZoned #HitsBlunt #IGotAQuestion #Bruh #YallPlayTooMuch #NoChill #FixItJesus #LMAO #JesusTakeTheWheel #NothingAtAll #IDGT #GirlBye #ByeFelicia #CanYouNot #CanYouFuckingNot #CouldYouFuckingNot #CinnamonApple #MyFuckingCinnamonApple #DuRagHistoryWeek #CuffinSeason #YeaButTheHoodLovesMe #TheHoodLovesMe #WhereDeyAtDoe #WhereTheyAtDoe #TBT #BitchWhet #21    

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Donna Gray

Donna Gray: I look a nasty mess today sick as hell, no make up, hair tied up.... I look like "bye felicia" ha ha I look like walking ebola, I look like the most I'm gonna stop and get little greasers on the way home (which I am) done gave up on life looking bitch in public.

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Tina Rivas

Tina Rivas: Could Barack Obama Be Deported Over Using a Fraudulent Birth Certificate? Yes, Says Former DOJ...     Babe I knew he was no good....

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Brittany Monti

Brittany Monti: Omg. I hate Jodi Arias and I don't believe our tax dollars should be used to keep her alive. Bye felicia. Every man should be scared to have a side chick. They may end up like that manipulative bitch. Ugh. I hate her almost as much as Casey anthony.

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Torrean Slaughter

Torrean Slaughter: When "Felicia Day" is trending and it has nothing to do with "Bye Felicia"
-___- #NoLongerInterested #FeliciaDay #ByeFelicia

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Deana Fahey

Deana Fahey: Off is the direction in which you should fuck. BYE FELICIA.

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Julie Bruno

Julie Bruno: If one more person says "bye Felicia" one more time to me today I'm gonna slap them

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Crystal Loughran

519768371460447 Crystal Loughran: Internet things     Quote of the day — with Elizabeth Wilhoite and 9 others.     Bye Felicia

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Anthony Foster

Anthony Foster: 13 Women Have Accused Bill Cosby of Rape — So Why Has America Forgiven Him?    

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Jim Milbrandt

Jim Milbrandt: Bye Felicia!!!     If you don't want someone in your life just tell them these two words......     Just.... just bye!
Watch the video: video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT90D0GKZRM&sns=fb

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Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson: He bought me this shit for our anniversary thinkn it was gone cover up for his lies and him cheatn. . NO NO NO BOO BOO ALL THAT AND YOUR CLOTHES ARE STRUNG ALL OVER THE PARKING LOT AND IN THE DUMPSTER!!! #TooFunny #NewEverything #BYEFELICIA

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Chasity Young

Chasity Young: how u get mad cause YO NIGGA acting single & doing SINGLE ish ! #byefelicia #dontlikemyshitbeatit ✌

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Ramon Gorman

10204250402958458 Ramon Gorman: Instagram Photos     #StopWhitePeople2014 #0To100 #FriendZoned #HitsBlunt #IGotAQuestion #Bruh #YallPlayTooMuch #NoChill #FixItJesus #LMAO #JesusTakeTheWheel #NothingAtAll #IDGT #GirlBye #ByeFelicia #CanYouNot #CanYouFuckingNot #CouldYouFuckingNot #CinnamonApple #MyFuckingCinnamonApple #DuRagHistoryWeek #CuffinSeason #YeaButTheHoodLovesMe #TheHoodLovesMe #WhereDeyAtDoe #WhereTheyAtDoe #TBT #BitchWhet #21    

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Ramon Gorman

10204250406758553 Ramon Gorman: Instagram Photos     #StopWhitePeople2014 #0To100 #FriendZoned #HitsBlunt #IGotAQuestion #Bruh #YallPlayTooMuch #NoChill #FixItJesus #LMAO #JesusTakeTheWheel #NothingAtAll #IDGT #GirlBye #ByeFelicia #CanYouNot #CanYouFuckingNot #CouldYouFuckingNot #CinnamonApple #MyFuckingCinnamonApple #DuRagHistoryWeek #CuffinSeason #YeaButTheHoodLovesMe #TheHoodLovesMe #WhereDeyAtDoe #WhereTheyAtDoe #TBT #BitchWhet #21    

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Brandon Wilke

Brandon Wilke: MF'$ tryn to leave work, OK BYE FELICIA! LET me get them hours. $$MoNEY$$ hungry.. Got to get to it, an no other way!! Love my FaMiLiA! Gunna get my BAE summen slick. Enjoying this lifestyle!

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CareXO: Shonda Rhimes Shoots Down Anti-Gay "How To Get Away With Murder" Fan @NewNowNext     Shonda Rhimes Shoots Down Anti-Gay "How To Get Away With Murder" Fan @NewNowNext #lgbt #HTGAWM

Without missing a beat, Rhimes tweeted back “There are no GAY scenes. There are scenes with people in them.”

A minute later, she added “@Dabdelhakiem If u use the phrase “gay scenes”, u are not only LATE to the party but also NOT INVITED to the party. Bye Felicia. #oneLOVE”

I need to start watching this show.

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Joseph Jeffcoat

Joseph Jeffcoat: I just want to say as I have been coming to sumter since I was a baby. This season has been the best season we as fans have had in a longtime, the number of cars have increased tremendously in most classes. I have been to multiple tracks this season in NC,GA,SC and Dirt track racing is all in the same everybody wants the money no matter what. Now this page is here to support and get information out for this particular track. If you are going somewhere else to race because they pay more ......Bye Felicia .DONT STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING SUMTER SPEEDWAY IT HAS BEEN AN AMAZING SEASON FOR US FANS !!! ....... Thank you

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Nicole Roundtree

843298922377979 Nicole Roundtree: Timeline Photos     #tbt #ByeFelicia #lmao — with Ashley Istandalone Brown and Shaundell Horsey Sulton.     Lol

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Dan Lee

Dan Lee: Shonda Rhimes to Viewer Complaining on Twitter About Gay Scenes: "Bye, Felicia!"     Most people KNOW I'm no homophobe, but I had to look away at some of the scenes on her new show. Free advice to anyone, if you don't like it don't look or change the channel. Works for me!

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Chris Castillo

Chris Castillo: All these females with high standards like having a car own place all this shit like bitch what u got lol?not shit at least I'm working to get to that !you just sitting on your ass wanting a nigga to take care of you!bye Felicia

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Tu Chula Monique Tizcareno

Tu Chula Monique Tizcareno: Gd bye to all deleting this account catch you on the other side lol some of y'all already know jiji bye felicia

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Daniel Boonesworth Lynch

Daniel Boonesworth Lynch: 10 min tests are my fav #byefelicia

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