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Bridgette Mitchell

Bridgette Mitchell: Someone said I took too many selfies...hmm...sure...a picture speaks a thousand words...but WHAT words, exactly??? The perceptive meaning lies with the eyes of the beholder...but does the picture speak elaborate, intricately detailed words of TRUTH??? Mine do...I'M A HAPPY HEIFAH!!! After the whipping of the hair, the beating of the face and the snatching of the body in stylish attire...the woman staring back at me in that mirror image knows THE TRUTH...inward & outward...may the rest of my days be consumed with making sure I can both live and die in a truth worthy of owning up to when the tape gets run back...wait, I've BEEN doing that...since 19ninetywho, so...YAAASSSSSS, honny, I am a totally glammed-out, joyfully comedic, yet fiery spiritual warrior who LOVES TAKING SELFIES and I approve this message!!! Bye Felicia...AHGUGGUGGUG!!!

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Zakiya Cherif

Zakiya Cherif: Some people ARE NOT for you .They just are ALL about themselves. Your world could be cashing down right in front of you and they be LOOK I JUST SAVED $100.00 by switching to GEICO.......blah..me..blah. .me, me,me,...UUGGGHH....BYE FELICIA. ......

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Stacie Arceneaux

Stacie Arceneaux: Someone finally told Felicia Hi!     OMG since YOU got me in trouble I have said bye Felicia to everyone Now I can say HI Felicia ! I feel like looking up the Definition for that a sent it to MY Oldest Love (Valen)I love My Daughters & Sons     Someone finally told Felicia Hi!
Vine by: Alx James
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=522458064560427

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Chris FX

Chris FX: Stop Calling EDM EDM - Here Is A Proper Definition - Magnetic Magazine     #byefelicia ; )

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Courtney Eckert

Courtney Eckert: Really these bitches dont understand whats mine is mine leave it the fuck alone stop tryna fuck up what i have im happy stop tryna ruin that you stupid lil hoe u da past for a reason stop tryna make ur self present

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Tay McNeal

Tay McNeal: Every time I hear bullshit you gon get hit with.... Bye Felicia

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Missy Augustin

Missy Augustin: Watch Video: Beyoncé's Secret Baby Sister Makes Appearance On 'Inside Edition' - MissXpose     Bye Felicia!
In a new interview, airing Thursday, Oct. 30, on Inside Edition, Branscomb will sit down with Diane McInerney exclusively and tell everyone that her daughter, Koi is the result of an affair between Branscomb and Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, and that just like Beyoncé, Koi Knowles is growing up in Houston, Texas, with a passion for singing and dancing. See video below.

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Bye Felicia

Bye Felicia: I know I just got hired with Social Services, lol.
However, wish me luck on this interview.

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Kameisha Solodolo Williams

Kameisha Solodolo Williams: Im finna delete sum of dese lames off my page.......bye Felicia!

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Kerri Ratley

Kerri Ratley: Lord works n mysterious ways I tell ya!! You weren't good enough for me anyways love.. Bye Felicia

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Victor Humphrey

678221612246453 Victor Humphrey: Timeline Photos     This is a crocodile wrapped in bacon, with a chicken in it's mouth. A Bacrocken? It's the Turducken of Australia. Would you try it? -Missy B — with Steve Bales and 9 others.     I'm done bye Felicia lmao Keith A Burley

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Meghan Ayers

Meghan Ayers: Haha nothing but snitches in my family.

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Alicia Euceda

948587421821430 Alicia Euceda: Mobile Uploads     Amen! Bye, Felicia.     agree^^ I'm over that already..im done...

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