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Embracing Power Within

Embracing Power Within: Freedoms Wings Cailin Pretorius and Daniella

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Izzy Adahl

858390710842263 Izzy Adahl: Timeline Photos         Cailin Ryan Juan

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Angela Brown

10152183343585805 Angela Brown:         Loving husband, father, brother,son and friend passed away 4 years ago today..Will always be loved and remembered...from Angie, Keegan, Cailin and Mum..Rest in Peace

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Rebecca Drewitz

Rebecca Drewitz: Cailin Frusti: Are those acorns on your desk?
Me: What? *looks at desk* Those are pecans!!!!!!

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Cheri McLean

Cheri McLean: Cailin McLean decided to go to the University of Michigan! Go Blue!!!! Good choice, Cailin! I'm proud of you and your decision.

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Kathy Wilson Gipson

Kathy Wilson Gipson:     Typical brother and sister when they have one toy between them. The ending is so cute cailin wins. Hahahaha    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201748009044391

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Sister 2 Sister

Sister 2 Sister: THANK YOU Cailin for joining the sister 2 sister Facebook page being number 600! :)

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Toribio Munoz

Toribio Munoz: Imma keep my old cover I kinda like it ~ Cailin Palaciol ☺️😉👌💕

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Izzy Adahl

Izzy Adahl: "I'd like to consider myself more of a succubus..." - me to Cailin Ann Antoniuk

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Deshawn Rowland

Deshawn Rowland: all shit is cancelled for sunday......Cailin Guwop Stay Lifted Josh Smith

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Kellie Lambert

Kellie Lambert: Took Cailin and my dad to the Connecticut State Capitol and the Connecticut State Library today for a quick little spring break trip. I love it there; I think everyone should go and take a tour. We have so many great stories in our history... And now, I'm back at work -- Frank Sinatra tribute singer interview... I guess Sinatra and politics went together in the past, so it's a fitting pair today...

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Tessa Dennison

Tessa Dennison: With Cailin, Austin, Preston, Katie , Jamesy , Gabbie and Grammy having lunch then heading to the circus!!

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Debby Dillon

Debby Dillon: first night of girls weekend - I don't know that Cailin gets it!!! :(

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Elizabeth Ross

Elizabeth Ross: I accuse Cailin Evans for spelling GARY wrong I cant even spell spelt! xD

**DEFINITELY makes sense**

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Renee Dean

Renee Dean: R.I.P Rambo
You will be missed especially by Cailin

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Adelle Botes

Adelle Botes: 9 Days to Junior Miss SA!!!! Extreme Model Management girls are prepped and ready!! Dresses are hanging ...bags are being packed...last minute details
Brooke Haslam, Savannah Shone, Christin Robson, Cailin Botha, Samantha Gatland Suné Botes Carolyn Baldwin Botha

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Brant Spencer

694327483942370 Brant Spencer:         My extremely talented and beautiful Daughter Cailin (Girl in middle) was awarded Top New Allstar at her ACE Cheer Banquet tonight! Congratulations baby, very proud of you!!

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Madison Schleif

Madison Schleif: Cailin Dotson
Mary Courtney Cook
Taylor Estrada
I love you guys omg :)))))
My brobama, my yawner xDxD and my ratchet :)

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Izzy Adahl

10152179829506840 Izzy Adahl: Timeline Photos     It's about that time of year again
http://9gag.com/gag/aG9NogX?ref=fbp     Juan Astorga Ryan Fields and someone tag bitch ass Cailin cuz she blocked my tagging lol

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Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona

10152407738799311 Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona:         Check out cute Cailin, Brooke and Anika! I am in love! I wanted to let you know my friend Midge (Margaret) White can help you fill out your guardianship papers at no cost. (If you want to make a donation to the Cutty Foundation you can but it is not required.) Contact her at or 480-844-7520. She is the proud mom of Jennifer who is the artist who sells artwork at our Sharing Down Syndrome Walk (Sept. 20, 2014...register for our 15th annual WALK at \www.sharingds.org & create your team today!)

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Mimi Giles Przybyla

Mimi Giles Przybyla: Happy B-earth-day to my beautiful oldest daughter, Cailin Przybyla, who is 26 today. You have made our lives so rich and we are all blessed to be a part of yours. Dad and I are so very proud of the wonderful woman you have become. Love you more than words can describe!

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