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Chloe Law

Chloe Law: Awe I don't even know what ur going though but I am always here to help u know where I am if u need a shoulder to cry on both of you ...
Liam Mitchell u are the strongest boy ik I hope day gose we'll but just remember if u need to talk drop a inbox in ye πŸ’•
Cailin Mitchell we'll ur the most beautifull and strongest girl Ik I don't even know how u do it I don't know what I would do with out a dad but all ik is tht u too are the most strongest family and sis&bro ik ..... But I'm always here if u need me day and night when ever morning or night
Iy both πŸ’•
Well done hope today gose we'll πŸ˜„πŸ’•πŸ‘Œ

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Violinita Vitria Wijaya

Violinita Vitria Wijaya: The Truth About Love Chapter 3    

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William Cassidy

William Cassidy: We'll i think I know where Cailin Cassidy will move after school, OR they pump your gas for you here she will really like the service... Sure wish stations in Pulaski TN pumped gas.

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Brooks Real Thomas Priv

Brooks Real Thomas Priv: More fav people
Γ‡amiΕ‚a Γ‡aΓŸΔ™Ε‚Ε‚ΓΈ
ZendayaMaree Coleman
Elyar Fox
China McClain
Samuel Priv
Anabella Thorne
Brenda Song
Cailin ObeyCute
Caroline Sunshine my sunshine xD
Iam Debby

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Pete Conran

Pete Conran: 19 Vintage Easter Bunny Photos That Will Make Your Skin Crawl     Elizabeth Weate Cailin Skye
It's that time of the year again. :)

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Tonya Moyer

654709501250717 Tonya Moyer:         Had a nice dinner thank u Tracy Strouphauer and had some family time dying eggs with the kids Dakota Koch Cailin Lemke Jeremiah and tracy made me a heart see she loves me someone has to thanks a lot it means so much to me and thanks for listening for the last two days still don't have a clue what to do it sucks but u made me feel loved thanks!!

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Danielle Crowe

Danielle Crowe: Happy 21st Birthday to my beautiful friend Cailin ! I am so lucky to have had you in my life for all these years! Have a great day babe 😘 xx

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Diana Enrile

10201417869481410 Diana Enrile:         Chilling with cailin

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Robert E. Kirsch

10201992669554698 Robert E. Kirsch:         After taking in a Job in Bergenfield, & taking a few Train Pics it was off to see MY Grand Daughter, with Mary. Happy Easter Cailin, Pop Pop got U an Elmo....

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Denise Walls

Denise Walls: Well we laid my cousin Adam Kipling to rest today you wouldn't believe all the people he was so loved gonna miss you terribly everyone please keep my aunt Donna Shepherd his brother Jordan Kipling his 2 sisters Cailin Shepherd an Carlee shepherd an kiera his niece they will be missing him greatly as we all will love you guys

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Shayla Lawrence

Shayla Lawrence: Cailin Jones and I are making dinner for our babies!

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Matt Hensley

Matt Hensley: Unwritten Law - Cailin     Have to play this song for my daughter who turned 9 years old today!!!!! can't wait for her to come over tonight so her and I can cook her bday dinner then have her party saturday!!!!!!     Music video by Unwritten Law performing Cailin. (C) 1998 UMG Recordings, Inc.
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaRW0EKqCuA&feature=youtube_gdata_player

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Alternatives Restorative Justice

Alternatives Restorative Justice: The first round of our cross site football league completed today with SBA1 top, EBA2 second and EBA1 third so far! A big well done to all the 51yp who participated & special thanks to Lynn & Cailin from Belfast CC, Sharon from EBCDA, Bloomfield FC & Connswater Greenway for all your support! Looking forward to the next round at South! Well done everyone :)

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Cio Cio San's Norwegian Forestcats

390059731132588 Cio Cio San's Norwegian Forestcats:         NL* Draiocht Coills Cailin Daisy NFO ns

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Izzy Adahl

Izzy Adahl: 50 Cent dubbed over Jehovah's Witnesses trying to get deaf people to stop masturbating     Cailin Ann Antoniuk Ryan Fields

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Chanda Watson

737843402914190 Chanda Watson: Timeline Photos     I think all daughters are beautiful in the eyes of their moms and dads!     Cailin Macmurray - and you only picked ONE day...lol, there is a whole week! FYI Rick Watson

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Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell: Never In A Million Years...     Our anniversary day of over posting culminates here with Cailin saying it best...


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Roberta Sproul

469286279809012 Roberta Sproul: Timeline Photos     Cut the bottoms off wine bottles to use for candle covers. It keeps the wind from blowing them out when outside. β€” with Anne Knight and 5 others.     This would be nice for a special event - Caren O'Neill Goodier and Cailin Marie

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Gabriel Murphy

620794004671562 Gabriel Murphy:         4yo Class 1 R.I.D Mare 160cm for sale.

Robe Cailin Aluinn.
Sire: Carrickrock Close Shave
Dam:My Castana Rose:
Sire of dam: Castana.

Super mover with an amazing jump.
Just broken.
Easy to handle.
P.M me or call me on 087-6752799.

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Gormley Footwear - Strabane

10152391407422313 Gormley Footwear - Strabane: Timeline Photos     OK Here it is.!!
This absolutely amazing looking clutch bag from Cailin Punk.
Just 3 off them so hurry!!
Own something really unique and its only Β£34.99 and we can post it anywhere for Β£2.50 (3.95 ROI)

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Angela Garland Gross

Angela Garland Gross: Hannah Cailin Gross and her wisdom teeth escapades- she wanted to give her teeth to her brother for his birthday, then she took them out of the package and tried to put them back in her mouth- then she told me I was pretty and she loved me and wanted to be just like me- then she cried hysterically because I wouldn't take her to Tropical Smoothie- then she threw up out of the truck window before I could pull over- good times 😜

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Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell: Robert & Cailin Wedding Photos | Robert Campbell     4 years ago today was one of those turning points in my life that one sees better in retrospect. Cailin Marie Green and I got married on a dike in #MapleRidge BC with family and a few friends. Then we had a honkin' great pot luck party the next day with about 200 dear friends from our Rotary, community and musical families plus an awesome bunch of players and dear friends on stage. The proof is linked below.
We have had some interesting journeys in the last 4 years and I am happy to say I would not want it any other way. I am truly blessed and I am more in love today than the April 16th all those years ago when we had or first kiss and more in love than the April 16th when we married.
I love you Cailin Marie Green.

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Melissa Goolden Hooley

Melissa Goolden Hooley: I thought our house was going to skip this belly bug. Poor little Cailin brought it home yesterday. And with how loving and generous she is.... shared with mommy. How it doesn't last long. :(

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Violinita Vitria Wijaya

Violinita Vitria Wijaya: The Truth About Love Chapter 2    

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Jeff Butler

Jeff Butler: Feels crazy being alone since Cailin has been gone

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Style Inspired

Style Inspired: Justin Bieber Video Girl Cailin Russo -- Swapping Spit with Justin Scored Me a Girl-on-Girl Gig     Justin Bieber Video Girl Cailin Russo -- Swapping Spit with Justin Scored Me a Girl-on-Girl Gig

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Sarah Wagner

Sarah Wagner:     Cailin Anderson and Eleanor May Rowe, here is Viva La Vida. Go ahead and let me know if you don't understand anything or have any questions.

Also, it's up to you guys, but one of you gets to play a drum set bass drum. (You just tap your foot along at certain points for the back beat, it'll be cool). Each part has 4 mallets so let me know who will play which, along with the bass drum part.


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Jennifer Nelis

540025076106834 Jennifer Nelis: Timeline Photos     Exactly β€” with Farah Sadek and 14 others.     LOL THIS REMINDS ME OF MY SISTER AND MY ACE Cailin Bender and Dar Crowe.. I have done this many of times!!

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Kayla Benner

Kayla Benner: The worst thing you can do is sign into Facebook and see all the R.I.P posts and then wonder who the hell they are talking about. I'm in complete shock right now. I have been friends with Cailin Cali (as I call her) Caitlin Callahan for god knows how long. She brought a cake over for my adoption date that says "You're adopted" and has been there for me for god knows how long. I just chatted with her the other day... and was planning on hanging out with her this summer since she lives up the road. I am just in such shock right now I can't even. So many memories, so many good moments. Her birthday is the day before mine! I'm just so, kind of in disbelief right now. I don't wanna believe it. All my prayers go out to her family and all her friends & bf. I can't even. I don't even know what to say. I love you Caitlin and I'm hoping you're in a better place now! Complete shock..

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Kimberly Marie Warner

Kimberly Marie Warner: Excited for family pictures for me and cailin! The 26th cant come soon enough

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Karen Voyce

Karen Voyce:     Cailin having a nice quiet walk after jumping tonight - so chilled novice walking her off, what a star xx    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=613645168704112

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Karen Voyce

Karen Voyce:     Cailin having fun tonight    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=613642735371022

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Pam Veach Marlin

Pam Veach Marlin: Cailin picked up the phone and called the "ammulance" for Petey (the cat) who died (awhile back), said he had to go see the doctor to feel better....then she picked the phone up again and ordered pizza and a slushie. Never a dull moment with this one....

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OCAD University

OCAD University:     Congrats to everyone involved - lots of exciting student and alum work here!

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Angie Linder

Angie Linder: Cailin Haggerty & I are on our own for the next two weeks. PARTY TIME!!!

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Violinita Vitria Wijaya

Violinita Vitria Wijaya: The Truth About Love Chapter 1    

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