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Claudia Alvarez Cavour

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Israel Cavour

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Aaron Sepulveda

Aaron Sepulveda: I lost my ps3 this year
I got 3 guitars that don't work
I don't have a job anymore
I don't have my own place anymore
I don't Have a tv anymore I don't have a life anymore
... I don't have shit.
Don't ever move unless you absolutely don't have problems cause when you move 20 times in 15 years you miss school you miss tests you get held back you stop going to school than you can't get a job
than you can't get a car
Than you can't get shit
Than you can't think
Than you just act
And when you just act bad shit fucking happens

I have like 2 outfits and there faded as fuck
I got one pair of wearable shoes
So do yourself a favor and when your parents want to move during the middle of the school year tell them to go fuck themselves and wait till the school years over

And do yourself a favor and don't fuck up in school cause your only fucking up a stupid opportunity yes school is fuckin stupid and tought by dipshits but it's something you have to do or else you'll end up in my situation
And even though your school has at least one stupid fuck bullying people let someone else handle it cause if you do what I did and kick the bully's ass than you get a felony charge than you can't even find work at labor ready .. Than your completely fucked and all you have left is to live on a dream of becoming a guitar player than you realize that's the stupidest shit ever cause no one has bought a metal cd since 2002 and you stupid cause your forgetting your guitar doesn't even work and you just end up

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