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347320485472764 Relaid: Relaid         Click here to see the map: http://Relaid.net/Saluda #checkpoint #roadblock #license #tags #insurance #weight #DUI

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Checkpoint Cafe

Checkpoint Cafe: I cannot believe Essendon players and coach are "innocent" Must have been "FLU" injections, surely?????? Another season of cheating in Melbourne????
You "drug free" WA players and supporters of AFL football have only 2 days to join the CHECKPOINT FOOTBALL TIPPING competition for the 2015 season.

Our HOT MEAL for TODAY is CHICKEN CARBONARA: Cooked by Liz and supported by Casey, Mary, Sarah and Bernie in it's preperation. You will enjoy.

Now the cold mornings are upon us, enjoy a hot SOUP, coffee or tea. Our much vaunted "SMOKO" specials are in great demand. Also our burgers, pies
and pasties, toasties, huge range of savouries etc, etc.
Rolls and sandwiches of your choice, salad trays, frozen dinners (for those working out of town), fresh fruit salads, cakes etc.
Grab a chocolate bar to enjoy during the day. Give you more energy. A full choice of softdrinks, juices, milk drinks etc are available.
Get over your "anger" with Melbourne bias and have a happy-go-lucky safe day.

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Quenelle+: Publicité     Le checkpoint du plateau ( présenté par un autre fils-de ) : Raphael Gluckzxzxsmann

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Melody Simpson

Melody Simpson: Checkpoint at 13th and Western and Polk

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10152664004872455 Sendible:         Social media, DUI checkpoint help recover woman's stolen car - http://bit.ly/1EyhM3S #socialnews

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WCTV.tv: TPD Holding Sobreity Checkpoint in Midtown Tuesday Evening     The Tallahassee Police Department will be holding a safety and sobriety checkpoint in Midtown Tuesday Evening.

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Sticks & Stones

Sticks & Stones: #SocialMedia NC (@greensboro_nc) posted a photo on Twitter     Retweeted #SocialMedia NC (@greensboro_nc):

Stolen vehicle recovered at DUI checkpoint, victim finds out through social… http://t.co/pzr5FjR9TX #socialmedia http://t.co/s7UDP8MYyg

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Siedlung, Mauer & Checkpoint

10152762614086569 Siedlung, Mauer & Checkpoint: Palestine Festival of Literature        

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The Daily Ripple

The Daily Ripple: Photos: Iraq’s Battle of Tikrit as the Islamic State loses control     Photos: Iraq’s Battle of Tikrit as the Islamic State loses control
The Battle of Tikrit began about a month ago, but stalled until the United States decided recently to launch airstrikes in support of it.


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Art Kongruengkit

10204272772204931 Art Kongruengkit:         Reaching the final checkpoint!

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Mikoto Azuma

1432663693697963 Mikoto Azuma:         //OPEN RP//

*it was mid lesson as Mina was doing orienteering running fast as she could to the next checkpoint when she turned the corner fast before bumping into someone and yelps landing on her butt* waa owiee. wh..wha oh im sorry *she giggles and sticks out her tongue* my bad hehehe

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Checkpoint from The Washington Post

Checkpoint from The Washington Post: Photos: Iraq’s Battle of Tikrit as the Islamic State loses control     Iraqi soldiers and Shiite militia took back the center of the Iraqi city of Tikrit on Tuesday from Islamic State militants.

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KWTV - NEWS 9: DUI Driver In Stolen SUV Arrested At OKC Checkpoint     Oklahoma County deputies arrested a man for driving a stolen SUV and driving under the influence of drugs during a DUI checkpoint Saturday night. #News9

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Jayson Shannon

Jayson Shannon: TPD Holding Sobreity Checkpoint in Midtown Tuesday Evening     http://www.wctv.tv/home/headlines/TPD-Holding-Sobreity-Checkpoint-in-Midtown-Tuesday-Evening-298171821.html

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Pokémon Episodes

569326063209105 Pokémon Episodes:         See the list of Pokémon: Battle Frontier episodes for a list of episodes aired this season. Just north of the checkpoint is the south entrance

play game on http://www.monstermmorpg.com

to Victory Road. However, a #Silph Scope will reveal their true natures and identity, #allowing the Pokémon to be #engaged in battle #extreme #applegames.com #pockmon

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Boucetta Younes

1642559455973033 Boucetta Younes:         The arrest of a young Palestinian man near the Hawara checkpoint after trying to run over one of the soldiers at the checkpoint
La detención de un joven palestino cerca del puesto de control de Hawara tras intentar atropellar a uno de los soldados en el puesto de control
اعتقال شاب فلسطيني قرب حاجز حوارة بعد محاولته دهس احد الجنود على الحاجز

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Sky T Karish

Sky T Karish: Does it hurts 2 be corrupt?but it will hurt if ur properties acquired thro corruption are taken away.@KTNKenya #GraftCountdown #checkpoint

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Support Law Enforcement

Support Law Enforcement: Social media, DUI checkpoint help recover woman's stolen car     A woman's stolen SUV was returned to her after she saw her car in a picture posted on the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office's Facebook while OCSO was conducting DUI checkpoints this weekend. ~D

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Checkpoint Five

788754234534701 Checkpoint Five: Christian         if you can't get enough: we jump after cittipoint gig to Bierinsel!

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Chris Joseph Torrez

Chris Joseph Torrez: Bowe Bergdahl, once missing U.S. soldier, charged with desertion    

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DWI Checkpoint Alerts St. Louis

DWI Checkpoint Alerts St. Louis: Police shooting radar on over pass just south natural bridge on 170 south

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868800533191818 ahlyolf:         BERLIN; when THE WALL was up & this divider

This pic shows U.S. TROOPS on the lower side
facing the top half as THE RUSSIANS with tanks
& men staring each other down across the



who's "NEW EAGLE" house we inherited in
1988 when CHARLIE died & then we sold it
in 1992 (around '91 or '92) & as soon as
we sold it the next door neighbor built
a replica RUSSIAN CASTLE as his
new RUSSIAN BRIDE'S childhood home
replicated. She then died & he the neighbor's son
building it himself became immobile unable
to complete it's work. The outer shell is almost
all done but the interior is totally incomplete.

He the neighbor's son then bought CHARLIE'S
house off the couple we sold it to & put caretaker's
of the connecting properties inside. They allowed
pipes to burst ruining CHARLIE'S house with
water & now CHARLIE'S house has been
empty of any occumpants for years now
but still owned by the son who's Mom
"ADDY" we knew next door.

SEE & COMPREHEND all this telling
AHLYOLF karma?

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The Daily Ripple

The Daily Ripple: Why Operation Jade Helm 15 is freaking out the Internet — and why it shouldn’t be     http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2015/03/31/why-the-new-special-operations-exercise-freaking-out-the-internet-is-no-big-deal/

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Checkpoint Five

Checkpoint Five:

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Moniz_Latimer_Constables: State Police Sobriety Checkpoint planned for Bristol County    

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Checkpoint Marketing, Inc.

835841616483083 Checkpoint Marketing, Inc.:         Have you backed up today? Kim Komando reminded us . . . "Today, March 31, is World Backup Day. It's the day set aside by computer manufacturers, tech companies and computer experts to remind everyone, especially the 30% of computer users who never back up their files, that backing up is important."

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Janusz Sauermann

Janusz Sauermann:

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GA Checkpoint Yamaha

GA Checkpoint Yamaha: G.A. Checkpoint Motorcycle Demo Ride 2015 | GA Checkpoint Yamaha     Click on the link to pre register for our demo day! Secure your spot on the motorcycle that you want to test ride!

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KOCO 5 News

KOCO 5 News: Social media, DUI checkpoint help recover woman's stolen car     A woman's stolen SUV was returned to her after she saw her car in a picture posted on the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office's Facebook while OCSO was conducting DUI checkpoints this weekend. http://on.koco.com/1IMYx5c

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Downtown OKC Breaking News

Downtown OKC Breaking News: Social media, DUI checkpoint help recover woman's stolen car    

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Dwight Braswell - Courage. Confidence. Conviction

800328830058405 Dwight Braswell - Courage. Confidence. Conviction:         It may seem like a long road, but keep going. There are always checkpoints along the way for you to celebrate your victories. These will be the fuel that will drive you to your destination. You just have to keep going and create momentum. Your next checkpoint is right around the corner. #liftothers

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Boys and Girls Club of Durham

1094143247278547 Boys and Girls Club of Durham:         There's nothing like the thrill of solving a checkpoint challenge!

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Ahenda Felix

Ahenda Felix: To all that have expirienced bad,asleep less night,atiresome day moment in the last few days . God is with u don't loose hope.
remember the way to heaven is narrow and hardible, only the survivers will reach. Therefore, in any temptation u never know if u r in a checkpoint to the long race. Morever, i wish all of u a happy new month. May He bless u. Amen.......

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City of Tallahassee Police Department

City of Tallahassee Police Department: TPD HOSTS SOBRIETY AND SAFETY CHECKPOINT

This evening, the Tallahassee Police Department will be hosting a safety and sobriety checkpoint in Tallahassee. The checkpoint will run from 9:00pm until 10:30pm and will be in the 1100 block of Thomasville Road (Midtown). Upon the completion of the operation, officers with the Leon County DUI Strike Force will be conducting saturation patrols throughout the city to find impaired drivers. DUI checkpoints are used for the purpose of detecting drivers who are too impaired to operate a motor vehicle, vehicles with faulty equipment, and those drivers operating a vehicle without a valid license. The checkpoint will be well marked by signage, marked patrol vehicles, and uniformed officers. The operation is designed to have a minimal impact on traffic flow and to save lives.

The Tallahassee Police Department reminds you, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over”.

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PenTest Magazine

PenTest Magazine: Metasploit Framework Workshop (W5)     #Metasploit Framework Workshop

Week One:
Deploy a fully sand boxed network running on #Virtualbox to do all the testing you need;
Have a fully exploitable server at your disposal;
Configure and use a full functional Checkpoint firewall;
Deploy your #Metasploitframework with #KaliLinux;
Configure and deploy a fully working #CiscoRouter;
Grasp basic navigation concepts and commands of the Metasploit Framework;
Recreate a fully functional network for present and future testing.

The first session will be all about using Metasploit to gather information than you can use in your advantage. Session two will be about advance scan techniques using specific Metasploit modules and leverage that with the use of our database. It’s all about the scanning. Scanning is all about finding the right attack vector and that’s 50% of the work of the #penetrationtester. In some cases, you might even not be able to exploit the network or system, but the vulnerability is still there and it’s still going to be part of the final report. Metasploit, as the framework, it is, makes this job much simpler for the penetration tester by using some auxiliary tools and also by integrating with 3rd party tools to maximize the #scanningprocess.
If you’re ready lets get started!


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Checkpoint: PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup April 2015     PS+ de Abril! Tower of Guns, Never Alone, Dishonored, Aaru’s Awakening, Killzone Mercenary y MonsterBag.

¿Contento?     PlayStation®Plus membership includes free games and online multiplayer on PS4™ systems.* In April, PS Plus membership includes Tower of Guns, Never Alone, Di...
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsVxu_LDGuU&feature=youtu.be

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817077691705583 Heatsick:         Next Berlin show: 18th June 2015
Heatsick will perform INTERSEX in its entirety for the first time, with choreography by Sasha Waltz dancer Nicola Mascia and set design by Claudia Dodderer as part of the exhibition Checkpoint California at DB Kunsthalle, Berlin.


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