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Nelton Latigue

Nelton Latigue: I Knew They Wouldn't Just Let Us Know When The Checkpoint Would Be, Talking About Tomorrow ...Checkpoint Tonight...Sober Officer Just Getting Off Work...Nelton Latigue??? Yeah Can We Search??? FUCK NO


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Lars Djerf

768964233138503 Lars Djerf: Timeline Photos     On Qalandia checkpoint in the WEST BANK.


This mother and her little girl look TERRORISTS...

The little girl wears red and the bags are red!

This can't be a coincidence
If we find any other thing red then we'll DETAIN them..

Their blood is red!


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Amanda Bates

Amanda Bates: Captain's log, day 0: made it to the takeoff point, only slightly frisked at security checkpoint... Ready to turn in for the night and wake up in a different city!

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Patrick Cunningham

Patrick Cunningham: Checkpoint on Memorial Parkway headed south after Airport and before Whitesburg.

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Arsh Pairatana

Arsh Pairatana: Stuck at woodland checkpoint for 3hours already. Traffic is terrible T-T

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Border Patrol Foundation

Border Patrol Foundation: The BPF honors Border Patrol Agent Joe R. White, End of Watch April 18, 1995

Border Patrol Agent Joe R. White of the Laredo North Border Patrol Station passed away early in the morning after suffering an apparent heart attack while on duty at the IH-35 checkpoint. Agent White was transported to Doctors Hospital by ambulance, but was pronounced dead upon arrival. Agent White was a K-9 handler involved in significant seizures and locating undocumented aliens.

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Sandra Owens

Sandra Owens: So, I left Asheville early this morning to fly to Toronto. At the first security checkpoint, I had to give the man my boarding pass and passport. He checked it and handed it back with a green slip of paper. I got in line and read the paper. It said I didn't have to take my shoes off. Okay, cool. But I was the only one that got an exemption and everyone else taking their shoes off gave me the stink eye.

As I was taking my laptop and purse out of the basket, I asked the security guy (a different one than had given me the paper) why I was exempted. He said, "Probably your age." Oh, thanks, mister! You could've lied, made something up like the computer just liked your looks. Also, there were people in line taking their shoes off much older than me. :D

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Quantana Taylor

Quantana Taylor: TUNNEL IS CLOSED & DUI CHECKPOINT IS BY THE TWIN SPANS( east park rec center )

#🚫🍺🍻🍸🍹🍷 && 🚙🚘🚗🚕🚫

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Billy Leong Kok Hoe

Billy Leong Kok Hoe: Checkpoint or custom definition - to have passenger stuck in congestion for few hours, and then clearance in few minutes.

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Rachael Hebert

Rachael Hebert: The dwi checkpoint is across the street from my house at east park rec center so don't drink and drive and come this way!!

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Jo Jackson

Jo Jackson: Checkpoint 2nite

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Kia Adams

Kia Adams: That checkpoint on Eastern Parkway and Troy, is in the way!!!! 😡😡😡

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Sheila Dunn

Sheila Dunn: Police checkpoint Old Garner Road & Newcombe

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Cherri Desporte

Cherri Desporte: DWI checkpoint on Power Blvd.

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Richie Drouant

Richie Drouant: Checkpoint on Power Boulevard between West Esplanade and vintage.

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Lacie Spindel Riviere

Lacie Spindel Riviere: I just went through my first DWI checkpoint on Vintage in Kenner OMG! That was sooo intense! I thought I was about to fail based on my nerves alone.

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Chris Apro

Chris Apro: checkpoint check: crossed the border!

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Jamie Leigh Naquin

Jamie Leigh Naquin: Bookoo cops at HPD. They bouta set up a checkpoint on yall asses.

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Halim Ahmad

Halim Ahmad: For those going to MACG: if you're going tomorrow, GO EARLY. Traffic along the Woodlands Checkpoint and Causeway is merciless today considering it's a public holiday, and I fear that tomorrow is more of the same. So come early, and let's have fun there!

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Nick Santangelo

Nick Santangelo: Checkpoint-Power n Vintage

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Jason Sullivan

Jason Sullivan: ACLU Demands Border Patrol Respect Citizens' Right to Record Checkpoints - Photography is Not a...     There are places in America that do not feel like America anymore, but not because the people living in those places speak English as a second language, or aren't white. They don't feel like America because the government has decided that the Constitution and rule of law do not apply in these places, and that as the group with unlimited power and resources, they will take your rights at their whim.

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Joel Reynolds


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Rick Newton


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Matt Persson

Matt Persson: Huge Checkpoint on Power Blvd between West Esplanade and Vintage

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Jesse JHutch Hutcheson

Jesse JHutch Hutcheson: Police checkpoint southbound on Nettles in Newport News.

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Joanne Yu

Joanne Yu: 🎀dislike awaiting

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Amy Rogers

Amy Rogers: Safety checkpoint under over pass by big wheels buckle up just went thru it

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Pam Nickel T

Pam Nickel T: http://m.tucsonnewsnow.com/?_escaped_fragment_=%2FnewsDetail%2F25269505     ALERT TUCSON ARIZONA--->
"Arivaca residents who are concerned about a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint near their community now have a national legal organization by their side.

The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Arizona has sent a letter to the U.S. Border Patrol chief agent in Tucson to request the removal of a checkpoint on Arivaca Road near the town of Amado."


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Danny Taix

Danny Taix: Big DWI checkpoint on Power. Scared me enough to want to give up driving all together.

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Kurt Porath

Kurt Porath: DUI checkpoint video goes viral     SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!!!!!     WOW, look at this! A driver recorded his stop at a DUI checkpoint in Tennessee this 4th of July. Then he uploaded the video to YouTube and it's gone wildly viral. Many say his rights were violated, while others believe these stops help prevent major accidents and deaths on the road. Does this make your blood boil either way? What do you think? Let us know!

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Lisa Marchesoni said officials are “reviewing the incident” and “looking into the matter to determine if there are any policy or procedure violations.”

Chris Kalbaugh is a 21-year-old junior at Middle Tennessee State University and Deputy A.J. Ross are at the DUI checkpoint Thursday night. Kalbaugh faces no charges as the result of the traffic stop.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201439229804973

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Gayu Selvaraja

Gayu Selvaraja: For all today good friday... but 4 me who ever crossing by kranji to woodlans checkpoint for all of us BAD friday lor... damn it!!!! long Q at kranji....

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Ämmar Yasir

Ämmar Yasir: Will be hold Kayuhan Ukhwah Belia by RMKK,THK n skuad 1 Malaysia this evening, on process preparation checkpoint for canoeing event.. Hope everything will be ok.. Amin. Insyallah..

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Miguel Orozco

Miguel Orozco: Just past the checkpoint im almost home....

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Brad St.Pierre

Brad St.Pierre: Checkpoint power before vintage

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Four States Checkpoint Warning Network

Four States Checkpoint Warning Network: ***BREAKING CHECKPOINT NEWS***
Where? Carthage Mo.
When? This weekend.
Tell your friends.
Drive safe and sober.

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Meghan Carrington

Meghan Carrington: Dwi checkpoint on power

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Kyle Gahagan

Kyle Gahagan: I saw them, before they see you, before you see them. Don't drink and drive, but if you do, there'll be a sobriety checkpoint somewhere in Jefferson Parish tonight--I just passed ~25 police cars and a JPSO drunk tank RV on Power Blvd in the Rouses parking lot. I'll drive anyone home tonight for a flat $30 rate!

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InterestingFunFacts: You Won’t Believe What This Cop Did To This Guy At The Border Patrol Checkpoint     This a kind of cop I need to see everyday.

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Daniel Dufour

Daniel Dufour: DWI checkpoint on 18th Street between Ernest and Lake Street. Avoid the area!!!

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Revelation Brazil

Revelation Brazil: Police checkpoint at marsden high.. but damn theres a sexy cop (;

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Justin Foster

Justin Foster: 3 day weekend!!! Friday get to see how a OVI checkpoint works, Saturday i have work, and Sunday i get to be with my amazing girlfriend Danie Marie Anderson and celebrate Easter with her and my family!!!

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Yata Got Stacks

Yata Got Stacks: P.S.A Its going to be a drug checkpoint tonight sometime on Williston rd rite after yuu pass In Da Pines they already gettin get set up so b careful&&drive safe!!!!!!

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Zukhairi Johari

Zukhairi Johari: Pagi2 sua kasi sume org excercise ..bus sumer brenti 2 stops b4 checkpoint n ask all those gg custom to get down... coz CHECKPOINT JAM RABAAAAKKKKK !!

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Cassandra Pang

Cassandra Pang: Stuck at Woodlands Checkpoint because someone mistook his son's passport. Feel sorry for the wife who has to deliver his passport all the way from Tampines to "bail" him out of the immigration office........ Going to be a long journey due to the massive jam.......

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Tony Rogers

Tony Rogers: Lake Charles is having a Checkpoint tonight from 5-10 pm. I will post location as soon as I have location confirmed. People say im crasy warning yall and not sit back and bond you out. Sorry but I would rather give you a heads up. I don't like drunks unless im drunk, that's what got me out the bar business young. lol Love you all !!!

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Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times: Airport security 'recomposure' areas worked but are disappearing     Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport last year tested a "recomposure area" at one of its security checkpoints. The area, designed to calm passenger's travel anxieties, included couches, mood lighting and pictures of flowers. The result: Lines moved 25% faster.

Do you think you'd benefit from such amenities while trying to board a flight?

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Bob Aaron

Bob Aaron: The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Governor’s Highway Safety Program will be conducting a high visibility sobriety checkpoint on Friday, April 18, 2014 from 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on WV Rt. 817 near Saint Albans.

The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office has a “zero” tolerance when it comes to impaired driving in Kanawha County and randomly conducts checkpoints and targeted patrols throughout the year to target impaired drivers on the roads of Kanawha County.

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Claire Stallwood

Claire Stallwood: Emma Neild Kim Biggs Sarah Keith David Ivins 15 years ago, just after Easter I started work at Checkpoint High Wycombe.....how is that even possible!

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George Begbie

George Begbie: So what's next in Germany? Berlin -- the checkpoint charlie, and the Hansa Tonstudio! David Bowie, Supergrass among others have recorded there. Flea markets, and whatever else we find. Nuremberg - parade grounds, toy museum and oldest sausage haus in Germany. Trip now going quickly. Must savour every moment...

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Iggy Samaniego

Iggy Samaniego: At the Border Patrol checkpoint the agent asked the white dude sitting next to me on the bus if he had proof that he's a US citizen. Yeah, his pasty skin.

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