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Hobnobbin in Franklin

Hobnobbin in Franklin: Franklin Police to Conduct DUI Checkpoint     On the evening of Friday, 04/25/2014

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Car Loverz

Car Loverz: Garda & Customs Checkpoints Midlands     Another Big Checkpoint @ Ganlys Now Athlone ‼️

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Nazmus Sakib

Nazmus Sakib: Today I have completed 3 years journey @ Checkpoint! Lots of sweet and sour memories in between :) thank you mates for supporting me.

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Dean Dickinson

Dean Dickinson: Антиславянская террористическая операция началась.     The Kiev Criminals must pay for these murders.    
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2kHvGDV32I

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Myron Gray

Myron Gray: From the "Too late to take it back after you say it" files:

This morning when I was going through the TSA checkpoint, I walked out of the body scanner and one of the staff told me that she needed to pat down "ONE" of my pant legs. After she did her business, I moved on, turned to her and said, "My bazooka is in the other pant leg." O_o lol

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Chesper-Joghne Pang

Chesper-Joghne Pang: So after 1.5hrs waiting at the Tuas/JB Checkpoint, the 2 Caucasian tourists were pulled off the coach I am travelling on... Wonder why... At least no further delays...

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Kathy Lynn Rabotinsky

742006635819695 Kathy Lynn Rabotinsky: Timeline Photos     Ukrainian forces killed up to five pro-Moscow separatists in the east of the country, as Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of "consequences" if Kiev used the army against its own people. Stay with Reuters for live coverage of this rapidly developing situation: http://reut.rs/13ClIvQ

(Ukrainian security force officers walk past a checkpoint set on fire and left by pro-Russian separatists near Slaviansk, April 24, 2014. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich)     HEY FOLKS,CHECK OUT THE ENGLISH STOP SIGN,IN UKRAINE????

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Graham William Phillips

Graham William Phillips: RT Filming at Sloviansk Checkpoint     Looking over this 'video bomb' again, amazing message from these guys - that Ukrainian troops stole all the food and supplies from checkpoint they attacked, beg the president to feed the troops -

Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YusiAMVjV8

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Leah O Sullivan

Leah O Sullivan: Darragh Joyce    

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INFORMATION NIGERIA: Aftermath of Nyanya blast: Military checkpoint causes traffic gridlock

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INFORMATION NIGERIA: Aftermath of Nyanya blast: Military checkpoint causes traffic gridlock | INFORMATION NIGERIA    

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The Moscow Times

The Moscow Times: Ukraine Troops Take Checkpoint North of Slovyansk | News     Ukrainian forces appear to be closing in around Slovyansk.

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Checkpoint Color Aruba

Checkpoint Color Aruba: Bon dia "Glamour Queens"

Finally The Photo Glamour is Back!
Checkpoint ta happy pa por trece e Photo Glamour Special atrobe.
E baha aki e lo ta un Facebook most Like promotion.

Nos ta buscando un Glam Queen di Checkpoint Color cu lo ta
e cara pa nos Studio & Promotions te cu 2015.

Claramente cu e Photo Glamour tambe por ta un regalo pa un
ser keri (MAMA) por bin saca potret pa su dia.

E biaha aki nos ta ofrece esaki pero a base di cita y
solamente riba diasabra atardi for di 1 or te cu 5 or.
Inclusive nos ta ofrece make-up y minor hair touché-ups.
Tur participante ta haja un potret size 11x14 fullretoca door di
Fernando Vermeer.
E special aki ta costa Afl 125.= y ta obtenibel te cu dia 10 di mei, 2014


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Kenny Stadelman

Kenny Stadelman: Driver's License Checkpoint Video Going Viral     Know your rights

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Vee Ward

Vee Ward: Because the person who told me this story is not on Facebook..I will not use his real name.... My friend Joe and his friend joined the crowd of Liberians during the war who were walking to safety.The 2 of them had been bothering with diarrhea for 2 days...As they approached a checkpoint..they needed to relieve themselves so they went in the bush. Just as they finished and had picked leaves to wipe themselves..A soldier spotted them through the bushes and thought they were hiding..The routine was to make guys remove their pants to take whatever monies and valuable they were hiding. The soldier yelled towards them..Hey you over there ..bring yaw a#!#=#//^ here..right now. They were not done wiping but were afraid to anger the soldier so they quickly pulled their pants up with poop residue still between their butts.
Of course the soldier demanded them to empty their pockets, drop their pants and then bend over so he could inspect between their butt. As scared as the 2 boys were..they managed a smile because they knew what the soldier would encounter..and he surely placed his face up to their butts to check but got a good whiff...
of the first one and yelled..mehn gettoh..from here mehn..you dehtty...a#!/##!
But the fool went to the second boy and did the same thing...

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Helen Hampton

Helen Hampton: Excellent customer service at checkpoint Devizes once again ...took car in for new exhaust ...they fixed my gear knob too without charge once again a freebie from there I must flutter my eyes at them as every time they so a little extra for me no charge when take car in...so all fixed now Carlee Welford try not to vandle again lol

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Julie Marghilano

Julie Marghilano:     Im really looking forward to playing the first time in sonar. if your in barcelona on the 12th come join us. https://www.facebook.com/events/647475871999836/?ref_notif_type=plan_mall_activity&source=1

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South Front

South Front:     Ukraine, Slavyansk, the assault of checkpoint

#ukraine #news #dnr #russia #slavyansk    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=614878381937454

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Hainz Andaloc

Hainz Andaloc: daghang salamat sa mga tga LTO gniha. kung dli tungod ninyo dli nqu maexplore ang lain2 nga dalan sa iligan . haha. gakabuang qu og aha qu muagi gud kay bsan asa ang checkpoint ninyu :D

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Kathryn Duncan

Kathryn Duncan: I'm still on the hunt for raffle prizes - any suggestions would be very welcome!

I'm also looking for non-riders to be checkpoint people for the event, if you are interested drop me a message and I will tell you more, without giving anything away to riders!

I'll be up today to pop up some flyers - get yourselves and your friends signed up - the more people we get, the more money we raise!

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Patricia Shmorhun

Patricia Shmorhun: Wóz pancerny ukraińskiej armii na blokadzie     Yes! Clean out Sloviansk of its traitors!     24.04.2014 #Ukraina #Słowiańsk #Україна #Слов'янск
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/4m1eVQIyRFQ

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Saudi Gazette

Saudi Gazette: Yet another drug bust, but who are the targets?     The Customs Department at Halat Ammar checkpoint foiled an attempt to smuggle 2.865 million Captagon pills into the Kingdom, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Wednesday. Director General of Halat Ammar Customs Fahhad Al-Harbi said the seizure was made during a routine inspection.

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Maxim  Gorbunov

Maxim Gorbunov: RT Filming at Sloviansk Checkpoint     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YusiAMVjV8    
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YusiAMVjV8

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Rolling Thunder Washington, DC Inc.

Rolling Thunder Washington, DC Inc.: Sailor shot dead on Norfolk warship to be awarded heroism medal     Petty Officer 2nd Class Mark A. Mayo, killed in a shooting on a warship at Naval Station Norfolk in March '14, will be awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, the Navy and Marines’ highest non-combat decoration for heroism.

Mayo, 24, was shot dead March 24 by a felon who had passed through security checkpoints, boarded the USS Mahan and took a gun from a female sailor standing guard on the destroyer. Mayo came to help her and was shot by the civilian truck driver, Jeffrey Tyrone Savage.

Vice Adm. Mark Ferguson, vice chief of naval operations, will present the award at a private ceremony Apr 25th (Friday) at Arlington National Cemetery, where Mayo will be laid to rest.

Rest in peace, sir. Thank you for your service to a grateful nation.

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Yuri Petrenko

Yuri Petrenko: Pro-Russian checkpoint on fire in Slovyansk        
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-wJVTUGUF0&feature=youtu.be

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RT: Ukrainian army tanks, APCs, troops enter defiant Slavyansk as Kiev launches military op     DEVELOPING: Kiev military operation against E.Ukrainian self-defense forces underway. Reports citing Slavyansk locals say up to six dead. Two checkpoints under attack from Ukraine army, helicopter traverses town.
LIVE UPDATES: http://on.rt.com/1q9y34

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eNCAnews: CHECKPOINT: Tasered for bed-wetting? eNCA investigates     Warning, video has graphic images...

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STCars.sg: Malaysian motorist charged for attempted checkpoint breach sent for psych assessment     The Malaysian who was arrested for attempting to enter without proper immigration clearance was charged in court and remanded for psychiatric assessment

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Raychill Seymour

Raychill Seymour: Be careful people. Theres a checkpoint outside the Lytton West bottlestore. Breathtesting hard!

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RT: 2 killed in attack at self-defense checkpoint in eastern Ukraine - report    

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Jazzy Ynui

Jazzy Ynui: Checkpoint bottom of hill petone side

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Margaret Diaz

Margaret Diaz: He's officially in the US. One more checkpoint and he's onward bound. Miss him so much. I need a big hug!! 💋

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Iheanyi Ohikhuemen Ogbonna

Iheanyi Ohikhuemen Ogbonna: God is a shield for me, using the most unlikely and illogical things to display his awesomeness.
Yesterday after an almost 20hr flight from Guangzhou-Doha-Lagos-Abuja, I was driving home from Abuja airport to kaduna when we noticed an illegal checkpoint in front and a tanker on the side of the road rolling backwards into the road heading straight for my car. Guess what shielded me momentarily so I could drive out off harms way? An NNPC tanker trying to switch lanes. Split seconds later that moving tanker had pushed out the oil tanker, crossed where my car was and busted the concrete road divider like it was was a dried broomstick. Myself and others with me were to be the jam in that sandwich if not for God's intervention using an oil tanker. I'm so thankful Lord for your faithfulness and mercy even when I've been most unfaithful

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Mud and Adventure

Mud and Adventure: Event Review: Checkpoint Challenge - Mud and Adventure     http://mudandadventure.com/event-review-checkpoint-challenge/

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Irvin Barnes

Irvin Barnes: Checkpoint one reached!

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All American Santa Clarita Bail Bonds

Harivin Krishnan

Harivin Krishnan: What a great start for the day.. Heavy jam at checkpoint.. Freakin heavy rain in tuas, late for work, soaked wet, and the best part is not even 1 drop of rain at my work place.. now sitting under air-cond soaked wet, alone.. Good Morning friends.. :)

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Pretty Black

Pretty Black: Checkpoint at Lincoln everybody

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Courtney Granderson

Courtney Granderson: There will be a DUI checkpoint at the following locations this Friday. It's state law that DUI Checkpoints must be posted on the doors at Justice Court. I'm also posting it here. Be mindful there is a difference in a DUI checkpoint and a safety check. Safety checkpoint do not have to be posted.
149/carter rd

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Juan Pablo Jimenez Nepomuceno

Juan Pablo Jimenez Nepomuceno: Checkpoint done! First time...

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Teresa Newman

Teresa Newman: So it's looking as if I'll be at checkpoint 5 for the next bid...Yay, summer in the pit of hell!!!

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Renee Holdem

Renee Holdem: Ratshit get pulled over at checkpoint an plunket inform me skylahs carseat expired an now ilegal jus wat i need wen ment to b movin now have to buy a new carseat for her

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KRGV: Agents Discover Meth Inside Fire Extinguishers     Border Patrol agents confiscated millions of dollars worth of methamphetamine at the Falfurrias checkpoint.

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Stand for Israel

10152003549382041 Stand for Israel:         Tensions between Israel and members of terrorists groups ignited earlier this week when a gunman with an automatic weapon opened fire on passing vehicles on Route 35, killing a young father of four and injuring his pregnant wife. The man and his family were traveling to Hebron for a Passover seder. The Israel Defense Forces managed a checkpoint site near the West Bank where earlier shots had been fired. Photos: ASHERNET

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Adam Gonzales

Adam Gonzales: Oh no bout to hit Laredo checkpoint..they asked me sir are u a US citizen...ahhhhmm..does Charlie Sheen do cocaine..or does stevie wonder piss on the toilet seat...smh

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Tif Blue

Tif Blue: PSA!!!! DUI CHECKPOINT!! @WTSP10News: DUI checkpoint in Pinellas Park tonight from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. at Calvary Chapel on US 19.

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Monique Singleanlovinit Morris

Monique Singleanlovinit Morris: Checkpoint on enterprise Blvd in front lcb

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Ratna Narayan

Ratna Narayan: yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I just submitted my first TK 20 checkpoint 1. One down 49 to go sigh!

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Scannews: Soldier, Four Others Killed In Gun Battle In Adamawa

Gunmen suspected to be
members of the
Boko Haram sect have
reportedly killed one
soldier and four civilians in a clash with soldiers at the Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa State, in the north eastern part of

An eyewitness said that the gunmen opened fire at a military checkpoint in Sabongari Hyambula area of Madagali Local
Government on the border between Adamawa and Borno States.

In the crossfire battle which was said to have lasted several hours, at
least four civilians were said to have been killed, including a mad
Two of the gunmen were also reportedly killed during the incident.
The Islamist sect has carried out series of attacks on villages,
churches and schools in the north eastern states of Adamawa Borno
and Yobe.
To quell their activities, the Nigerian president declared a state of
emergency in the states. It is almost 12 months since the rule was
imposed on the states but the attacks have persisted.
The military said its operations in he area were yielding results since it
increased offensives in the region that has seen series of terror attacks
since 2009.

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