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Solar Stage Children's Theatre

Solar Stage Children's Theatre: 2 more shows of Chicken Little today! Tickets are $16 and are available at the door. Shows at 11am and 2pm today!

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Deb Stout

10202999433840629 Deb Stout:         Chick (aka chicken little) is looking for her forever Peeps. Please give this Plucky Pup some help and share. Happy Easter everyone.

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Joany Bishop

Joany Bishop: so im in alot of pain and Chicken Little is beat and banged up pretty good :( but we gonna put our big girl panties on, suck it up, grab the reigns of life, and ride the chic~a~doodle out of today! :D yeah....i said it....

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Amanda Beynon

Amanda Beynon: Sunday lunch over. Time to watch Chicken Little.

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Zilanaqi Endra

Zilanaqi Endra: Home sweet home... not a gd holiday for my chicken little as he was down with fever.. i guess he miss home.. sampai rumah teroz happy demam pon ilg... but nevertheless we did njoy ourselve with the whole bunch of our big family.. now time to rest and back to my daily routine

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Aldi Ralph Breezy AB

Aldi Ralph Breezy AB: Na TV ZIMBO


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Amy Hartshorne

Amy Hartshorne: Watching chicken little wiv my princess :-) dan Cody an bailey r still fast asleep in bed!! Nice chilled day 2day till t time then kids off out for a meal an 2 the balls wiv there nanny y me an dan go an c dancing on ice live tour excited much 😁 #films #chocolate #familytime

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Jackie Gillespie

Jackie Gillespie: Hopefully everything goes threw and I get my duckling soon I'm naming him chicken little 🐥

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Jahaira Rodriguez

Jahaira Rodriguez: Oops conversation of the day while standing in line to take a picture with Easter Bunny:
Mario (son): so mom if its an Easter bunny how do we get Easter eggs?
Me (and my wit thinking and smart mouth): well duh it's married to a chicken.
Little girl in front of us turns around with the most shocked look : WHAT???
I close my eyes cover my mouth and just laugh.
Little girl: is that real? Is that true?
My kids stare at me with the cheesiest smiles....
Me: um...(whisper)yep!

Smack my forehead smh...oops!!!

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July Quiñones

July Quiñones: Xavier is in love with this movie!

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Stephanie Lovin Jermyala

Stephanie Lovin Jermyala: Wit my love bugs

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Christina Robinson Bates

Christina Robinson Bates: Kelvin Irvin, Ann or wait Lashay, maybe chicken little, better yet dirt dart!!!! Which ever nick name is being used, I want you to know I have enjoyed watching you grow tremendously as a horsewomen. I am very proud of you. You have come to represent your team, school, family, community and better yet yourself with style you should be proud of. Thank you for showing them that we are small but YOU are mighty!!!! Famous in a small town!!! One more day and you will ROCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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David Serrano

10152185671356655 David Serrano: Timeline Photos     Just saying. I'm ready.     Anyone looking for chicken little this Easter Sunday?

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Christopher Ney

10151978421831316 Christopher Ney: Mobile Uploads     Now this is funny!! — with Amarige Ama and 21 others.     Why why you chicken little. You never even had a chance

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Dawn Michelle Ponce

Dawn Michelle Ponce: Just realized who Benjamin runs like.... chicken little!!!

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Claudia Evans Porter

Claudia Evans Porter: "Oh, Henny Penny, the sky is falling! The sky is falling!" Cried Chicken Little. "Why do you say that?" Answered Henny Penny. "Because, Claudia has been up since 2 o'clock this morning and she hasn't turned on the tv once!"

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Jackie Swidan

Jackie Swidan:     Awe! My chicken little missed 2 shots, but it's ok he's still my champ & got a price    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10203370789010977

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Sera Nikole Meier

Sera Nikole Meier: Holy cow in the words of chicken little the sky is falling

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Tom Denham

Tom Denham: Scotch Eggs, Made At Home     Hmm... Someone give me a good vegetarian substitute for ground chicken. Little links crumbled up maybe? I do so wanna make these.

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Kira Minniemouse Thommpson

Kira Minniemouse Thommpson: Ugly,chicken little,ugly

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Robin M Braithwaite

Robin M Braithwaite: Hey, Dawn (Chicken Little), the Easter cake that you were talking about...was it a cassata? Look it up. I bet it was!

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Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke: I don't want to be profiled as Chicken Little or the Little Dutch Boy---however, I just had a gander at the Vernal Equinox chart.

Could there be a big earthquake with ensuing tsunami hitting the Pacific Coast concurrent the sun at the Aries Point?

Anyone else feel springtime Pacific West Coast seismic sensations, too?
~ Re-post 14 March 2014

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Ochei Weil Prince

Ochei Weil Prince: Mr. Chicken little,Bugs Bunny,Tom,jerry,dexter and Didi..all came to visit me 2day....

It was fun...

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Diana Mil Goofyzgal Rodriguez

Diana Mil Goofyzgal Rodriguez: Don't judge me lol

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Phil Roberts

Phil Roberts: Not to be "Chicken Little" but if you have friends in the Pacific NW, it might be wise to be earthquake prepared. . . There have been a lot if earthquakes all over the globe in the last day & nothing to speak of there. . .

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Kelsey Erin Begg

Kelsey Erin Begg: it's never a good thing when you feel like chicken little at work....

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Devonte Hardamon

Devonte Hardamon: chilling at home wit my favorite lil girl watching chicken little lol she hand full but i got this lol

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Joe Kendall

Joe Kendall: I say I say what kind of people would vote chicken little over Foghorn Leg Horn as the most popular chicken in history. I say I say this is a miscarriage of justice ..Justice I say them folks bout as sharp as a bowling ball ..I say!!!

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Tom Del Beccaro

Tom Del Beccaro: Chicken Little "Science" | RealClearPolitics     One of the best, Cal Thomas asks, if they are right, why are they so shrill? If it is settled, why have their predictions been so wrong.

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Craig Taylor

Craig Taylor: For every movie as good as Wreck-it-Ralph, there's a Chicken Little to keep the universe in balance...

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Jacko Tutavaha

Jacko Tutavaha: 😂Chicken Little😂

Split up into two teams popular vs unpopular ahahahah 😂😂😂

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Daniel Sutcliffe

Daniel Sutcliffe: My Saturday night is better than yours.

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Nathan Laurie Zappia

Nathan Laurie Zappia: Chicken little by my self

Oh yeah.

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Luca Zappia

Luca Zappia: With Francesca Zappia

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Roz O'Ryan

Roz O'Ryan: Monsters University, Eight Below and now Chicken Little. Why foxtel did you bring out the Disney movie channel, I'm stuck 😍

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Karrie Anders Kuykendall

Karrie Anders Kuykendall: About to get my babies Chunky Monkey, Chicken Little & Luke. Savanna Too Real Nicolee is going to help me and make some money too :)

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Denise Norris

Denise Norris: Chicken Little 'science'     I happen to agree with Richard Tor on his points about adaptability of humanity.

Remember: RTFP


Professor Tol, writes Globalwarming.org, recently "accused the IPCC of being too alarmist about global warming and asked to have his name withdrawn from its recently released Working Group II report (WG2) on climate change impacts." In a recent article for the Financial Times titled "Bogus prophecies of doom will not fix the climate," Tol explains why, "Humans are a tough and adaptable species. People live on the equator and in the Arctic, in the desert and in the rainforest. We survived the ice ages with primitive technologies. The idea that climate change poses an existential threat to humankind is laughable."

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Fláre Néko

Fláre Néko: Chicken Little FanFiction Archive | FanFiction     In case you want to kill yourself

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Marji Mullis

Marji Mullis: I just realized i can medicate myself and escape this horror show thus I am opting to be a chicken little and doing just that! Oh yaaay!! Locking all doors for the first time on months.

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Uniquah Cassio


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Laurie Holton Finley

Laurie Holton Finley: Mandy Hilliard     Our little jellyman. Isn't he cute.

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Shelbie Natasha Arteaga-Templeton

Shelbie Natasha Arteaga-Templeton: Easter egg hunt in the morning with my Chicken Little. Then he is getting old fashioned pictures :) I wish I didn't have to work. I love my son more than life.

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Christopher Stockton

Christopher Stockton: Feel like chicken little.

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Dave Blackburn

Dave Blackburn:     Don't let this happen to CHICKEN LITTLE miss J lol     How do you not notice?
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=630318653717137

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Heather Delzell

Heather Delzell: Relax, Ukraine is Not Ordering Its Jews to Register    

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Chit Chit

1397269490543110 Chit Chit: Mobile Uploads         my second chicken little

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Michelle Macias Trevino

Michelle Macias Trevino: Mom & daughter alone time

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Laura Lopez

Laura Lopez:     Monica's class performance of Chicken Little my phone died when it was almost done. Super cute! Good job Kindergarden Readers!!!    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=493309330770053

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Cindy Gaston

420451068092056 Cindy Gaston:         One silly Rooster and Miss chicken little. Ha!

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