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Venetian shores beach hut

Venetian shores beach hut: Soup of the day Clam chowder...(the white one)

CATCH OF THE DAY : FRESH CAUGHT SALMON YOU CAN HAVE IT BLACKENED OR PAN SEARED, topped with mango salsa. Sauteed veggies and corn.

We have tasty grilled chicken quesedolla, lightly spicy with cilantro pesto, cheddar,mozzarella, and sliced tomatoes. Crazy good!

BBQ ribs and fried shrimp baked beans and corn! Falls right off the bone?

Seafaring lovers...SALMON PUTANESCE sauteed with onion, peppers, fresh basil, diced anchovies, and mussels (from Prince Edward Island). In a heavy pomodoro sauce in linguine.




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Cat Clayton

Cat Clayton: So...me and my little man are watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show and Mickey just told all of his little Disney friends that a record player is an ancient machine that loooong ago people use to listen to music on... Really Mickey?! Ancient?! You're no spring chicken yourself....

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Sue Schwartz Ream

10152195948774769 Sue Schwartz Ream: Timeline Photos     White Chicken Enchiladas w/ Green Chilies! - Seriously, the BEST enchiladas you'll ever make :)

Sauce: In a sauce pan, heat Butter, Flour, Chicken Broth, Sour Cream, and Green Chilies (I used some Jalapeno too)

Roll Chicken and Cheese into Tortillas and place in a pan. Pour the "Sauce" on top with a little extra cheese. Bake at 350 for about 25 minutes! That's it... now watch em' disappear :)

detailed recipe - http://myfridgefood.com/ViewRecipe.aspx?recipe=21251

If you don't have an account on MyFF, you can still SAVE the recipes by SHARING them on your wall :)    

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DeAngelo's Central

DeAngelo's Central: GAME DAY SPECIALS!!
Any Lg. Salad (Caesar, Sensation, or DeAngelos), Full Order of Garlic Mozzarella Bread, and 2 One topping 14” Pizzas for $35.00

2 Lg. Salads ( Caesar, Sensation, or DeAngelos), 2 Full orders of Garlic Mozzarella Bread, 4 One topping 14” Pizzas for $75.00

1 Half tray of salad ( Caesar, Sensation, or DeAngelos), and 1 Half tray of Chicken Reggiano or Spaghetti & Meatballs for $ 75.00

1 Half tray of Sandwiches (Little Italy, Al Pollo, Chicken Caesar, or Shrimp Sensation), Chips and a Cookie Platter for $65.00

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Tony Rogers

699864846762908 Tony Rogers: Timeline Photos     The 'Tony Montana' - Say allo to ma little friend.. Twin spicy crispy battered chicken breast topped with our slow cooked BBQ pulled pork, crispy smoked bacon, hash brown, tangy tomato salsa and melted mozzarella and Swiss cheese! Served with triple cooked rosemary salted fries and coleslaw.. Hungry? #MangetoutGrill #Southend #Essex #Burger #ManVsFood     Can't wait for diet to finish in 6 weeks time this what I'm gonna smash this.. Vicky Caroline Rogers

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Taylor Nicole Easton

Taylor Nicole Easton: So the kitty we rescued from our garage wasn't doing very good this morning when we woke. So I called my friend Kelly and asked her what I should do. She said go to the store and get some chicken baby food and try to get her to eat that. So I went to the store and bought some, came home, warmed it up, and mom and I had to pry her mouth open to put some in but after getting a little bit in her she's showing a little more signs of life. Where trying our hardest to get her better. Please keep this little kitten in your thoughts.

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Bubba Thorp

785522158180251 Bubba Thorp:         Chickens are in ,, they got a little dark ?!?!?

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Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott: Chicken for dinner tonight.....thanks to Cosmo Lad.....WINNER WINNER Chicken Dinner, not to forget Little Zenny who was 2nd to him!!! Home tonight, quick turn around and off to Allerton with Sidders!!! #TopLads #Legends #Love #Privileged #BurgieBaby #BritishEventing #BetterTogether

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Jo Blogs Jo Bakes

492049600897904 Jo Blogs Jo Bakes:         Well here is what was in my slow cooker today. Chicken and vegetables in black bean sauce made with fermented black beans etc , not a packet/pouch of ready made gloop. I'm a teensy bit disappointed - I was too cautious with the beans and used a little too much liquid so it's a bit weak in taste. Damn shame - I was hoping I'd have a replacement for my favourite Chinese takeaway dish ;)

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Kirsty Deere

Kirsty Deere:     dog may just be a little big to be playing with chickens    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1481441128774287

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Julie McMurchie

Julie McMurchie: Looks like we have 5 Roos and 4 pullets from our hatch. Chicken dinners and eggs too! All 9 survived. Even little Pasty Butt.

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Jean GrandmaSmiley

Jean GrandmaSmiley: Chicken soup & movies for this girl tonight! Feeling a little under the weather, hope it's not the start of anything I can’t knock out quickly :-/ Have plans tomorrow in Naperville to walk for Alzheimer's and meet up with some great people, I don't want to miss out on the event, hope I can make it, we'll see.....Have a blessed weekend everyone

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Jennifer Terry Jones

Jennifer Terry Jones: Need some dinner ideas for my sick little household...lol. Something quick and easy . We are burnt out on chicken n dumplings and quick soups

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Darla Montgomery-Hollibaugh

10152681611752086 Darla Montgomery-Hollibaugh:         Cute things a two yr old says when holding the ducks & chasing the chickens:
"There ya go little fella", "I luv him", "come-er girl...here guck", "shhhh, I'm gonna get a thicken", "bock bock bock".

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Danny Youngers

Danny Youngers: Silly question, but I'm just starting to learn how to cool a little....

I bought a few boneless chicken breasts at my local market and wanted to know, how long to bake them and at what temp?

Anyone that can help, please sound off!!

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Tiffany B Casey

753805221362470 Tiffany B Casey:         AFRICAN BLACK EYED PEA FRITTERS - This past week someone gave me quite the bag of fresh hulled black eye peas! I froze three bags and still had quite a bit left when I remembered this little restaurant here in the French Quarter and their Black Eyed Pea Fritters. Bennachin, for those of you who are new to the group, is a quaint little African restaurant that has been located in the French Quarter for a very long time. They are most notably known for there Chicken on a skewer and their creamed spinach that they serve every year at Jazz Fest. I am fortunate enough that they are just a hop skip and a jump from me and get to eat there as often as possible. One of my absolute favorite things on the menu is their fritters. They are crispy on the outside and soft and light on the inside, very much like a beignet. At first you don't recognize any Black Eye Pea flavor - but then it hits you, that light, fresh, green flavor comes through. They serve it with a type of tomato chutney but I personally believe they would be just as delicious with powdered sugar! So easy to make, this will be on your "must have" list the next time you come across fresh black eye peas. ( Note: You can also use soaked dried beans instead)

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Ed Gregor


"Late again," the third-grade teacher said to little Sammy.

"It's not my fault, Miss Crabtree. You can blame this on my Dad. The reason I'm three hours late is because my Dad sleeps naked."

Now Miss Crabtree had taught school for thirty-some years.and never heard this so She asked little Sammy what he meant,.

"Miss Crabtree, at the ranch we have a coyote. The past few nights it ate a hen and killed Mom's best milk goat. Last night, when Dad heard a noise out in the chicken pen, he grabbed his shotgun gun and said to Mom, "That coyote's back and I'm going to get him!"

He was naked as a jaybird, no boots, no pants, no shirt!

He crawled right up and stuck that double barrel through the window of the chicken coop. As he stared into the darkness with getting a clean shot at the coyote on his mind, our old hound dog, Zeke, woke up and ran up behind Daddy.

Then we all looked on helpless as old Zeke stuck that cold nose in Dad's butt crack!

"Well Miss Crabtree, we been cleaning chickens since three this morning!"

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Charmaine Welsh

Charmaine Welsh: Who sweats the end of September? Oh~yeah, that's just me after I finished mowing the grass. It's a little humid out there! Grass is cut, laundry going, hot shredded chicken in the crockpot. Going to the TV vs. Logan Elm football game...tackling for cancer this evening . Good Luck Vikings and Happy Saturday friends!

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Santa Glenn Heald

Santa Glenn Heald:     chicken little finds the truth     What did I just watch?
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=927828797264311

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Stephanie Anne Roberts

1485496605058065 Stephanie Anne Roberts:         Sterling silver size 7 asking 35,phone 45.chicken soup books Christian books 5.00 a piece, little girl 5.00,tires 20.00 for all four, desk 150.00 o.b.o,twin bed frame 15.00,pics 10 a piece, tv 15.00,chair 20.00,Santa 5.00,carousel 5.00

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Meridee Carter

10203587729907415 Meridee Carter:         Chicken dijon sausage, onions, mushrooms, brown rice, little bit a maple syrup "Breakfast Fried Rice" More Food!

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Conch Republic Divers

Conch Republic Divers: Ealge / Hens & Chickens: Dive Date:09/20/2014
Boat: Republic Diver
Dive Site: Ealge / Hens & Chickens
Wind: SW 10 knots
Seas: 1 - 3 feet
Visibility: 60 feet
Current: trickle
Sea Temp: 86 degrees F
Comments: Great conditions out there today. Divers saw yellow tail, french angels, several big barracuda, cure little neon gobies, blue and rainbow parrot fish, grunts, damsel fish and tang http://dlvr.it/6yhT55

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Aung Myint Myat

624499594334695 Aung Myint Myat:         If you didn't know, now you know. I am the youngest chef on the rise East of the Ganges River.

Let me tell you what was on the menu tonight:


That's right, I had my crew making Mexican tonight!

Here's what we did...

Marinated chicken, slow cooked it for four hours, until it was fallin' off the bone.

Diced up some mango salsa, with ripe tomatoes, grilled onions, and of course, chili peppers.

Threw together some Guacamole.

Cut up a little cabbage.

And we spread all of these fixings across hand made, pan fried tortillas.

To top it all off, we paired this meal with a light, and dare I say playful Sangria. Complements to the good people from Ayethaya winery.

Finally, I would like to thank John, The Great and Powerful (And the Brave), and Aye Thiri Paing, The Humble, for assisting me create
this masterpiece.

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Sybille Castro

Sybille Castro: My son and I buried all my chickens and ducks yesterday. Poor little babies are now at peace. Thank you all for your kind words and compassion.

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Ralene Gray

Ralene Gray: **In regards to Easton's hospitalization:
Thank you, everyone for your prayers and kind words. It was definitely a scary situation and little man was pitiful, BUT thank God, he's made a complete recovery as far as we can tell. We still have to keep a close eye on him as vaccination side effects can take place up to a few weeks after the injection. All five doctors who have assessed and treated him are convinced that there won't be any harmful, long term damage done. We are guessing that Easton may have had some sort of virus, lying dormant in his system as he had no apparent symptoms before his appointment and when we administered the vaccines, it bombarded his immune system and caused him to get very sick. I am however doing more research into vaccines and their side effects in order to make a more informed decision on where to go from here, but unfortunately there's no way to know if the vaccine itself is to blame or if this was a very unlucky coincidence. The only good news regarding the vaccines is that he's almost at the end of his vaccination schedule (he still has 15 and 18 month shots) but he's already been exposed to these vaccines and they didn't cause any issues. Don't get me wrong, I'm ALL in support of vaccinations, especially because I have a child with a compromised immune system and it could be life threatening for her to come in contact with the most benign of diseases, e.g. Chicken Pox...but I also realize that this may be Easton's body reacting negatively to the vaccines and I can't put him in any more danger, next time could be worse. Thank you all again for praying for my sweet boy. I know his name reached God's ears many times and for this I'm grateful. Another victory in the name of The Lord

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My Little Chicken Coop

643266059121721 My Little Chicken Coop:         Playing with My best gal on the trampoline

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Selling Page

Selling Page: Wii games for sale! Need gone tonight!
- FIFA 10,11,13 (not in proper cases)
- wii sports (not in case)
- just dance 2
- Zumba fitness with belt
- chicken little: ace in action
- samba de amigo
Also got Wii fit board with game

Inbox me

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Red Rhino Sports-Therapy

Red Rhino Sports-Therapy: Injured? Sore? Tired? Hungover? Not to worry my little chicken nuggets, appointments available tomorrow! ;)

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Courtney Beth

10204934510266566 Courtney Beth:         Hello everyone! I'm trying to find out all the info I can on this little guy. Everything I read online is terribly contradicting.

He was found in Rhode Island.
I'm keeping him in a 20 or 30 gallon tank.
He's been eating prekilled mealworms and pieces of cooked chicken.

My concerns are mostly with water temps and how should I be maintaining those temps , how much water should he have, how much "land" should there be, does he need calcium powder, what should and shouldn't he be eating, does he need a UVB bulb.. and I think that's all my questions I have for now..

Sorry to rant all these questions all at once but I want him healthy and comfortable. If things like this aren't allowed here, let me know. I'll delete this.

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Bitter Creek Brewing

Bitter Creek Brewing: It's shaping up to be a beautiful day out there! Recipe for a great start to your day: Take a stroll down to your local brewpub for a little beer & a little lunch!
Today's specials:
Black & Bleu Top Sirloin
Teriyaki Grilled Ahi Tuna w/Pineapple
Turkey Club Sandwich
Thai Chicken Pizza
Panini: Turkey & Swiss
1/2 Sandwich: Roast Beef & Cheddar
Soup: Clam Chowder

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Alan Too Tall Hartman

Alan Too Tall Hartman:     Our little Spartans doing the chicken dance!    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=920592644636232

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Trina Marie Zuckswert

Trina Marie Zuckswert: My little chicken friend passed.. And I didn't even get to say good bye

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Mario Cerusico

Mario Cerusico: Little Feat Waiting For Columbus [Deluxe Edition] 06 Dixie Chicken     http://youtu.be/VOD79kcQz70     I do not own this! I give the artist full credit, & have NO desire to violate copyrights! I only thought it would be fun to share as I see others doing. If i...
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/VOD79kcQz70

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Eren White Williams

Eren White Williams: Big steve is napping now! Thankfully he woke up at 630 to take my daughter to jhs for flags competition today...I got my pork and beef mostly cooked..needs to fall apart a little bit more.Got a whole chicken and some chicken bits cooking down now..HOPEFULLY everything is cooked ontime!? I still have to run to the store later and get some beer for the burgoo and some plastic dixi cups and lord knows what else? BUSY, BUSY day!!! For dessert i kinda cheated...i bought a huge cookie cake thing..Hope its enough. Wouldnt mind if anyone else wanted to bring some desserts. ;) Tons of pie shots on the fridge chilling up. Was happy for this burgoo, I had gray french sea salt and bay leaf....will make it outstanding!

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Rehm Quarter Horses

Rehm Quarter Horses: YUM, a little sautéed chicken with red, yellow and green peppers and sour cream and chive mashed potatoes to start my day. Anyone that thinks losing weight and getting healthy doesn't taste good obviously hasn't found the right program! Now, Im really ready to start my day! Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!!

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Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Bernhardt: Spending time with MacKenzie. Eating chicken wings. He's having spaghetti & me a balls and a cherry coke and I'm having a mimosa & a breakfast pizza. Yum! Enjoying time with my little boy. Wishing my older two were here!

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Lel Yates

Lel Yates: Just polished off a sharer platter of chicken, fries and salad all to my little self. Could do with a massive sleep now. I'm sure I was meant to be a bloke..

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