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Gail Walker

740698965980005 Gail Walker:         PMSL at the block having lunch break out the shakes made them on water and the boys are complaining about the taste ...... Didn't you bring the milk no I say you blokes are sooks I drink my shakes with water all the time......Brad Walker says I am telling you in the zombie apocalypse I will still chase down a cow and milk the bastard with Cody Walker standing guard ..... Love this place full signal on top of the mountain go the serenity

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Cody Walker

Cody Walker: It's a green Halloween tonight

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Cody Walker

Cody Walker: Fml

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Barry Reaume

10204533575192271 Barry Reaume:         My chitlins and Cody Rudy Holmes , Patty Carpenter-Reaume, Mary Walker- Carpenter

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Cody Walker

Cody Walker: Had a good day went and donated plasma then Kayla and Adrien and i went to Wal-Mart then we came home and ate dinner then got Adrien his bath for the night now just spending the rest of Halloween with the family i love you Kayla and Adrien you are the best wife and son a man could ever ask for

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Jay Smith

10202960705394379 Jay Smith:         So wish I had the kids tonight. Also wish I could have at least seen a pic in their costumes :( but having a blast with Bobby Flores, Trish Christopherson Flores, Brenna Cody and Rusty Walker god is good!

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Cody Walker

Cody Walker: The Pentagon Has A Zombie Apocalypse Emergency Plan    

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