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Cosmo Seedrian

Cosmo Seedrian: HEY GUYS!


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Mary Jacobson

Mary Jacobson:     They were so excited to finally accept this challenge! It was nice to talk with them about why they were doing it and to see them excited to help a great cause. Tyson nominates Tyler Call ( Michelle Pfahler Call ) Tanner Balderree ( Pamela Polson Balderree ) The Broadbents ( Becky Montgomery Broadbent ) The Callisters ( Jessica Jacobson Callister) and Cosmo the Cougar
Ryder nominates Buster the Bronco, The Montgomerys (Kate Drakos Montgomery) and The Defries ( Jaime Jacobson DeFries)
Kyler nominates Mickey Mouse, Aunt Jenn Jacobson, and Kennedy (Amanda Montgomery-Gulli)
# thinking of you Natasha Kynaston Coltrin    
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Cosmo Cater

Cosmo Cater: DJ Steve Aoki’s stage diving attempt goes very wrong, cutting out music     How exactly is the music cutting out during a Steve Aoki set a BAD thing?

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Crystal Lee

1462464780694851 Crystal Lee:         Verizon Cosmo slide out keyboard phone $20

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Chippa Donald

Chippa Donald: Eix b4 ke lebala batho ba gauteng.ba bula mall 2mrrw da cosmo city go cheap neh

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Prince P. Da Don

Prince P. Da Don:     LMAO YO Drizzle Coulibaly Cosmo Youngc Montana Richmond Kandea Pittman Cheapoo YA PEEP THIS     Lol if I laugh I dead
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Eastern Idaho State Fair

Eastern Idaho State Fair:    

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James Fry

James Fry: At this moment, my wife, whom I adore, is lying on the floor reading sex tips from COSMO to our pet rabbit. Earlier this evening she pushed home a shopping cart containing three neon orange pool noodles, a mannequin dressed as Dorothy Gale and a headless human skeleton. Swear to God, they made this one for me.

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Heidi Cosmo-Antil

Heidi Cosmo-Antil:         Funniest ice bucket challenge yet
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Matthew McCahill

Matthew McCahill: Bartenders love it when...
You flatter them and or compliment them on their smile/outfit/hair/eyes, etc
Tip a dollar per $11 drink 3 times in a row instead of starting a tab
Order then walk off for a few minutes
Order a Mojito, Cosmo, White Russian and of course a three wise men shot...just one shot though

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Tyrus Cosmo Thomas

Tyrus Cosmo Thomas:     This nigga drives     This guy is good!
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Cosmo Carlos Mancini

894048787302152 Cosmo Carlos Mancini: Timeline Photos        

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Cosmo Swanson

Cosmo Swanson: Your friend Cosmo Swanson has requested help to join in a battle against Thanatos, the Reborn!    

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Maria Norma Soto Vargas

767828673275723 Maria Norma Soto Vargas: Photos of Homer Blind WonderCat     Hi Homer. My name is Hannah. I came to my furever home two weeks ago. At least I hope this is my last home. I think it will be because my new Mommy got me a really pretty pink necklace with a Purple Heart charm with my name and phone number. I'm supposed to stay inside but sometimes I sneak out. My first Mommy had to go to a place called a nursing home and she couldn't take me. My second Mommy had a bunch of scary dogs. My third Mommy really didn't want me and when she got a new boyfriend who didn't like cats she said she was taking me to the shelter. My new Mommy heard that and said no way. I have a fur brother - Cosmo and a fur sister - Liberty. They are starting to be nicer to me. Cosmo even let me sit in the window to watch the birds this morning. Here I am helping Mommy in her office. I'm keeping the recycling bin neat. Mommy loves your books and has been telling me your story Homer. I hope you are having fun playing with all the kitties over the rainbow bridge. My brother Coco crossed in May - I didn't get to meet him but Mommy and Daddy talk about him a lot. Your new friend Hannah    

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Fernando Oliveira Cosmo Silva

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