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Carlos Barboza

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Greg Mudge

Greg Mudge: COSMO: For years industry was adding lead to gasoline. Scientific research indicated that lead content was rising on the planet and in humans. Earlier the Romans knew that lead was a poison; but industry hired scientists to argue their point, until finally the data was irrefutable. Lead was banned from fuel and strict federal regulations were passed to basically get lead out of the environment.

Hmm, does this sound familiar?

Think climate change!!!

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Aaron Grundy

10152336420702356 Aaron Grundy:         Vy ss series2 ute
Cosmo purple
6 speed manual
Full leather interior
Kicker sub & amp and double din dvd player
Factory hardlid
Full xforce exhaust system
175xxx ks
12 months rego and RWC

$ 12500 ONO

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Susan Adler

Susan Adler: Back home......see Mike for the best specialty Cosmo ever and good food, too!

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Sherry Lynn Homeier Ankner

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Mallory Byrd

Mallory Byrd: Ok ladies needing some Cosmo advise! I have got horrible bags under my eyes and it's gotten to the point no makeup will hide them :(
I sleep as much as I can so sleep isn't going to make it better.....any other advice/products you know of that will do the trick?

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Amanda Lynn L'Hommedieu

Amanda Lynn L'Hommedieu:     In Cosmo.... Just dancing by ourselves lol    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=504484286341658

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Dan'of the'Dead

Dan'of the'Dead: Happy Cosmo Sunday : )

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Jenn Harmon

Jenn Harmon: Reading cosmo with your boyfriend....

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Ianne Christophers

Ianne Christophers: OMG! James Reid has gone from Candy Mag sweetness to Cosmo buff hotness! Like kill me now after a kiss hotness! | Diary ng Panget (and yes, it is a pirated copy lol)

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Lideeyah Roundhead

Lideeyah Roundhead: Enjoying my cosmo mag!. Intresting read:)hes watching his game. Keeping busy by doing my laundry" Go see a movie after this done. Coin toss between capt.america or 300. Which is better?. Any feedback.

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Susan Lee Austin

Susan Lee Austin: I haven't bought a girlie mag in years (20) Just bought Cosmo yesterday with Kaley Cuoco on it. Ok... I'm processing now!

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Michael J. Friedensreich

10203608887047219 Michael J. Friedensreich:         Thank you, all of you!! It was fun, and I would totally do it again. Thank you's to Cosmo, who showed up packing the gear. He essentially averted disaster by bringing a decent mixer. Thanks also to Chris Phaydn and Bones Scar who had the emergency back up to the backup, to the backup to the mixer. This project has brought those two together on a musical collaboration, which is too cool. Special thanks to Keith Thornton, who once again came on with an entirely custom set, built from scratch. That was insane, I am always so impressed with you!! It would be cool to get those mastered as tracks and get dub plates made, even if only for decor!
LadyShah rocked, Rodd Sim, you seem like a solid chap. Thanks again for running with us a minute. Bunny Vish'us, your lovely nudity was inspiring... and you're an all around wonderful performer. The Harry Potter twerking was especially memorable. I was so stoked... really awesome. Ashlynn, my wife remembered your tuchas... that's a good sign. Loved having you and the other ladies. Maki Rolle, your outfits were rocking and Heather Lynne really nailed that jumpsuit. The other girls, too, for real. And now I have to apologize to Joe and Mike. You guys were slamming the lid shut on that party... fuck them for ruining your set, and Cosmo's for that matter. I'm really sorry guys. Zachary TuffNerd Morehouse, you have been a very cool partner in all of this business. It's my pleasure to have worked with you on this. I would certainly do this again. Through all of the obstacles, you hung by me, kept me inspired when I was ready to say fuck it all, and I'm a better guy for the experience. No, I'm not gonna slip you tongue, but I'm happy to know you, homie.

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Michael Harbert

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Mary Anne Mohanraj

Mary Anne Mohanraj: Become a Cosmo Fiction Writer!     If I were twenty-year-old me, I'd be jumping on this. As I am not twenty-year-old me, I'll pass. :-)

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Luisa Henderson

Luisa Henderson: Frank Di Cosmo happy birthday old chap!

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Leo Ornstein

Leo Ornstein: cosmo conversation tip: whenever someone's talking to you about pointless shit pull out some sunglasses and look at them dead in the eye and say "WATCH ME RIDE THIS GNARLY WAVE OF I DON'T CARE, DUDE" and then rip off your clothes to reveal that you're wearing swimming trunks and a haiwaiin shirt, then proceed to get into your dune buggy and drive towards the nearest beach

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Eric Anderson Jr

Eric Anderson Jr: since tomorrow is our first rehearsal for 'Greta' at the Bloomington Playwrights Project, I'm going to prepare by watching the DVD of 'Kissing Frogs'... Chloe Williamson Russell Stout Matt Birdsong Evan Mayer Hannah Slabaugh Aaron Densley Cj Pawlikowski Cosmo Clemens Kaitlyn Mayse Nat Zegree Nathan Robbins Nick Pecoraro Julian Ramos Chad Rabinovitz Emily Goodson Gina Ricci

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Mad'em Neith

10151917150647234 Mad'em Neith: Mobile Uploads     (Cosmo)     Lol grandmas good boys

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Kerri Austin

10151876465442234 Kerri Austin: Timeline Photos     (Cosmo)     Damn skippy!!!

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Michelle M. Gilliam

Michelle M. Gilliam: Michelle Johnson and Tiara Cosmo S/O to my nieces for cooking a lovely Easter Dinner! #GilliamGirlsCanCook

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Jennifer Roberts

10151917150647234 Jennifer Roberts: Mobile Uploads     (Cosmo)     Hilarious

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Cristina Abril

Rebecca Gardiner

10201790203867950 Rebecca Gardiner:         Happy Easter from Cosmo! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! :)

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Raymond Starn

10151876465442234 Raymond Starn: Timeline Photos     (Cosmo)    

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Gustav's Dachshund World & Friends

10203001312946069 Gustav's Dachshund World & Friends: Photos of Gustav's Dachshund World & Friends     This is Cosmo ^.^ our active dachshund enjoying the sun, getting a tan ;D!     my handsome little friend Cosmo

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Erica Brewer Winters

10151912140022234 Erica Brewer Winters: Timeline Photos     (Cosmo)    

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Chrissy Durrans

Chrissy Durrans: Has anyone ever been to cosmo in the evening

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Larry Laurenzana

10151987106432234 Larry Laurenzana: Timeline Photos     Happy Easter! (Cosmo)    

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Tshiamo Wa Spade Mohuleng

Tshiamo Wa Spade Mohuleng: If we were to host Friends like this ko Cosmo, who would be the perfect presenter?
#Gontse casanova Maluleke
#Tshiamo Wa Spade Mohuleng
#Kabelo Kabsanova kekana
#Frans Sephelo Mafoko
#Siphiwe Mshaze
#koketso Low

#Sindi kerikeri Dambuza.

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David Currie

10202204763300078 David Currie:         The sonny monster and our wee house rabbit Cosmo. Sonny is so gentle with him

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Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson: Today I changed our profile to Michelle Johnson instead of Cosmo Johnson because many of my Facebook (animal lover) friends have had their pages deleted for using a pet's name. Really?!? I must say Facebook has some screwed up rules in my opinion!

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Jade Briggs

Jade Briggs: Omg Cosmo is so overwhelming but I'm loving it!!!

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TenEighty Petro

10151912140022234 TenEighty Petro: Timeline Photos     (Cosmo)    

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Brandy Gould

Brandy Gould: Just passed Parkway CTC. Made me realize how much I miss my Cosmo girls & cosmetology class!๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’‡๐Ÿ’„๐ŸŽจDamn I'm feeling OLD af.

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CHEZ106: Eric Idle - "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" - STEREO HQ     [Cosmo}     FIND ME AT https://twitter.com/DoryStentorian De-dum-de-diddly-dum-de-dum...
Watch the video: video http://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=lpqBvjhVRYg&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DSJUhlRoBL8M%26feature%3Dshare

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Mokopane Moyo

Mokopane Moyo: Cosmo city ext7. Wht a trip tired two beers will do

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Tony Stanz

Tony Stanz: Old Easters... Brittish walkers lee suit with the graffiti on the back permanent crease.. Cosmo movie theater on the east side of harlem.. Double feature.. U remember!!

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Michael Perryman

10151876465442234 Michael Perryman: Timeline Photos     (Cosmo)    

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Joe Bravo

10152002699915737 Joe Bravo: Timeline Photos         Wake up Cosmo....wishing you and Sylvia y familia the very best on this easter morning carnal."Happy Easter"

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Johnny Law

10151970402237234 Johnny Law: Timeline Photos     (Cosmo)    

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Katie Imnotsingle Horak

Katie Imnotsingle Horak: After careful and countless trials and errors, I think I finally figured out what was wrong with my oldest kitty, Cosmo. After examining his teeth and the reaction I got when I gently massaged his cheeks (he guided me where to rub him and where it hurt), he has a toothache... I will have to switch his hard food to soft food until we could extract his tooth or get his teeth cleaned :/ I was hoping this would be an easy, natural fix, like what we thought it was (which was that he was licking himself bald because he was constipated and we ruled that out with 100% natural pumpkin, which got him going again, but he was still licking and sneezing). Renรฉe Johnson, do you know of any natural things to give a kitty with a possible tooth abscess or toothache?

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Anthony Oldsoulera

Anthony Oldsoulera:     What my Saturdays consist of. Workin on some cosmo beats on the 1k check it out and show some love.
I have a free beat tape comin soon hit me up for details or message me your email and I'll shoot you a link    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=784575784886426

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David Michael Alfred

10151876465442234 David Michael Alfred: Timeline Photos     (Cosmo)    

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Sherri Franklin

745472415493141 Sherri Franklin: Timeline Photos     Cosmo got a new B.F. yesterday and he's looking forward to many adventures in his new neighborhood! Go Cosmo! p.s. Come meet your new B.F. today at Love a Senior Saturday, Noon to 3 at Muttville's headquarters! โ€” at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.     adopted!

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Heather Lovelace

Heather Lovelace: Creating an attitude or gratitude...

I'm grateful for the Cosmo Tina Rodgers Valentine brought up to the hospital today. Finally some reading material that has nothing to do with medical junk!

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Robin Carlson

10151912140022234 Robin Carlson: Timeline Photos     (Cosmo)    

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Barbara McCabe Tutolo

10151912140022234 Barbara McCabe Tutolo: Timeline Photos     (Cosmo)     True story. ..

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Jon Glass

10151970402237234 Jon Glass: Timeline Photos     (Cosmo)    

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George Rode

George Rode:     Cosmo and his new toy    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152060145687633

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