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Marianne Novak

Marianne Novak: Maureen Lipman abandons Ed Miliband over Israel - Telegraph    

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Shirl Edgar

Shirl Edgar: Ed Miliband: commit to increase NHS funding    

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Motti Ben Yitzhack

Motti Ben Yitzhack: Maureen Lipman abandons Ed Miliband over Israel - Telegraph     Well done Maureen.

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Georgi Petkov

Georgi Petkov: David Cameron    

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Richard Tibbetts

Richard Tibbetts: Green Left    

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Keith Wakefield

Keith Wakefield: David Cameron    

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David Boag

David Boag: Ed Miliband: commit to increase NHS funding    

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Taylor Zoey

Taylor Zoey: because republicans are holding our country hostage for the very very wealthy...
Ten Miles Square
November 18, 2013 2:09 PM If You Want the American Dream, Go To Finland

By Blake Fleetwood
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As the Washington Monthly explains in its current cover package, the American dream—the notion of equal opportunity for all, the chance to make something of yourself—is dying.

This is not news to anyone who follows comparative national studies.

Consider what Ed Miliband, the popular British Labour leader—and would-be Prime Minister—said to a conference on social mobility last year: “If you are born poor in a more equal society like Finland, Norway, or Denmark, then you have a better chance of moving into a good job than if you are born poor in the United States.”

This is a sad, depressing state of affairs for the U.S. and is becoming more true every day.
Recently, President Obama told a group of high school students in Brooklyn that other countries are working every day to out-educate and out-compete us “every year brings more research that shows them pulling ahead.”

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Richard George Cowe

Richard George Cowe: From the office of Ed Miliband    

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Sussex Labour Representation Committee

Sussex Labour Representation Committee: New Statesman | NHS reform and the hollow marketisation myth     Senior health care clinicians slam the rapidly increasing privatisation of the NHS, saying that the huge costs of administrating this marketplace-style policy should instead be poured back into primary care, where money is desperately needed. The hospital consultants who are speaking out are on the frontline of patient care and yet no-one is listening to them. Ed Miliband must continue to keep the NHS at the centre of his election campaign and, if elected, undo the damage done to our health services in the name of profit.

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Jon Thomas

Jon Thomas: Ed Miliband is trying to hitch a ride to Downing Street - from Nigel Farage - Telegraph     Miliband and his aides are now praying that Ukip win the Rochester and Strood by-election. In public, Labour "maintains the fiction that it’s going all-out to win in Kent when visibly the towel was thrown in before the campaign started"

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Sonething News

Sonething News: Scottish Labour faces being wiped out by SNP at general election, poll shows     Scottish Labour faces being wiped out by SNP at general election, poll shows. #EdMiliband, #JimMurphy, #Labour, #OpinionPolls, #Politics, #Scotland, #ScottishNationalPartySNP, #ScottishPolitics, #UKNews. http://shortr.link/1L59m

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Nigel Prior

Nigel Prior: Ed Miliband: commit to increase NHS funding     Please sign and share

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Yes Shetland

Yes Shetland:     Ed Miliband arrives in Scotland this afternoon to the "most dramatic opinion poll ever published in Scotland" according to STV News.     Bernard Ponsonby 'The most dramatic opinion poll ever published in Scotland' http://bit.ly/1FYW5Zf
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152746186323670

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Sheena McCulloch

Sheena McCulloch: From the office of Ed Miliband    

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Pete Kennedy

Pete Kennedy: General Election nominations are now open in Doncaster, to select the Green Party candidates to contest the three seats against Ed Miliband (Labour Leader), Rosie Winterton (Labour Chief Whip) and Caroline Flint (Labour Energy and Climate Change Secretary).

We are welcoming nominations from people who live outside of the area.

If you are interested, then please get in touch with me ASAP!

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Michael Smith


'Every single pound of public money started as private earning. Every million in the Treasury represents a huge amount of hard work: early morning alarms, long commutes, hours spent on the factory floor, the office, the hospital ward or the classroom.
Conservatives understand this basic point. Labour doesn't. Ed Miliband once memorably described tax cuts as akin to government “writing people cheques”; in his world, public money is for the minister to bestow magnanimously on the people. And when you start with that attitude, you end up with appalling government profligacy; billions wasted; a growing public leviathan that demands ever higher taxes from working people'.................Prime Minister David Cameron.

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Hugh Sweet

Hugh Sweet: Ed Miliband: commit to increase NHS funding    

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Parça Yusuf

Parça Yusuf: David Cameron    

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Brian Thake

Brian Thake: David Cameron    

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Menter Mon

788152634578296 Menter Mon:         Criw y Ganolfan Technoleg Bwyd yn arddangos cynnyrch ac Ed Miliband yn sgwrsio am Ynys Môn yn Llundain ddoe.#diwrnodynysmon

FTC staff displaying Anglesey Produce and Ed Miliband talking about Anglesey in London yesterday. #angleseyday

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Emily Brothers

Emily Brothers: I’m astonished by Paul Burstow (Lib Dem) backing the Welfare Minister, following widely condemned remarks about disabled people. Labour held a vote of No Confidence in Lord Freud following his remarks at the recent Conservative Party conference that some disabled people are “not worth the full wage” and suggesting some should be paid £2 per hour. Subsequently Ed Miliband challenged David Cameron to dismiss the Tory Peer from Government, but he still remains in post with Lib Dem support. Local Lib Dem, Paul Burstow MP, backed Lord Freud’s comments by voting this week against the vote of no confidence.
The ‘nasty’ reputation of the Tories has clearly held up, but also now contaminates Lib Dem thinking, as Paul Burstow strives to defend outrageous comments about disabled people.
As a disabled person myself, I’m appalled that Mr Burstow has stood up for prejudice of this kind. It is very worrying that he shares the Welfare Minister’s view that some disabled people are not worth a full wage.
In my view, Lord Freud’s remarks were completely unacceptable. It is also unacceptable that someone with these views remains in charge of welfare policy.
Even Ester McVey, the Coalition’s Minister of State for Employment, said: ‘those words will haunt him. I cannot justify those words, they were wrong.”’ So how can local MP, Paul Burstow justify those views?
Lord Freud didn’t talk about any kind of state subsidy as some have tried to suggest, but instead focused on the value or otherwise of disabled people. After all, it is this government that abandoned supported employment programmes: for example – closing Remploy.

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Eileen J Anderson

Eileen J Anderson: David Cameron    

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Jock Campbell

Jock Campbell: STV poll: SNP at 52% as Labour face general election meltdown     Think we'll need a swing-ometer to track this trend??!

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Owen Thompson

Owen Thompson: STV poll: SNP at 52% as Labour face general election meltdown    

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Owen Thompson

Owen Thompson: STV poll: SNP at 52% as Labour face general election meltdown    

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Sussex Labour Representation Committee

Sussex Labour Representation Committee: Labour faces prospect of losing more than 30 seats in Scotland at the next election, poll reveals     Latest poll results indicate that Labour will struggle to avoid almost total wipeout in Scotland during the next general election. There's still time for Ed Miliband to regain voters' confidence, however. He needs to face head on those issues which emerged during the referendum and present a good, strong, socialist-based policy to Scotland and the rest of the UK.

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Donald A. Petry

Donald A. Petry: David Cameron    

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Latest news from UK's online Newspapers

Latest news from UK's online Newspapers: Ed Miliband facing battle to hold off Ukip surge in South Yorkshire    

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Martin Jackson

Martin Jackson: David Cameron     Read this, it's about our only hope for the future...

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Fraser Henderson Ukip

10204302868405153 Fraser Henderson Ukip: Politik     "If we don't deliver on our side of the bargain, vote us out"

Thanks to Ed Miliband for reminding us all about this - please distribute to any Tories even thinking about voting for Shameron again!    

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Yochy Davis

Yochy Davis: Maureen Lipman abandons Ed Miliband over Israel - Telegraph    

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Brian Semmens

Brian Semmens: PMQs: Should David Cameron grant Essex independence?    

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John Corall

John Corall: From the office of Ed Miliband     Dear me. How many times do they have to shoot themselves in the foot before the penny drops?

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David Frame

David Frame: STV poll: SNP at 52% as Labour face general election meltdown    

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International Business Times UK

International Business Times UK: Scotland's SNP Surges 29 Points Ahead of Labour's Ed Miliband Amid 2015 General Election Blow     New poll says Labour would only win 23% of the Scottish vote at the 2015 General Election

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Mohamed Fawas

Mohamed Fawas: David Cameron    

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Haste Ye Back

384383621718305 Haste Ye Back: Mobile Uploads     In an exclusive interview with the Daily Unionist, Jim Murphy has declared his intention to apply for the job of the Area/Branch manager of Labour's office in Glasgow.
He said “I am not going to shout at or about the SNP, I am going to talk to and listen to Scotland.”

Well we all know how that goes.

But it's very different to what he said to Dermot Murnaghan during the Labour conference.

Jimmy "...I’m determined to be a member of Ed Miliband’s Cabinet next year with our hard work when we can win that general election.

DM: So you are ruling that out, if asked to take the helm at Scottish Labour you’d say no, no, no, I’m focusing on the national picture?

Jimmy: Yes, I’ve got a job already and I’m looking forward to not just doing it in opposition but having the privilege and opportunity to doing it in government and dealing with some of the things that we’re speaking about this morning."
Full interview here: http://corporate.sky.com/media-centre/media-packs/2014/murnaghan-interview-with-jim-murphy,-shadow-international-development-secretary

He also had some doozies about Labour not jumping on the immigration bandwagon to keep pace with UKIP.
So what was wee Eddie tweeting about while in Rochester campaigning for the by-election?
"I'll reform our immigration system. With Labour you'll get clear, credible, concrete change, not false promises or a risk to jobs & business"

Berks. I hope Murph does get the gig. Smaller paypacket, and a man we can trust. (to lie to lamposts)

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North London Friends of Israel

North London Friends of Israel: Maureen Lipman abandons Ed Miliband over Israel - Telegraph    

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