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Liñdãå Lëê

Liñdãå Lëê: Erica & Cyn are well was my favorite 😍😍😍😩😩

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Slimm Aiko

Slimm Aiko: Shocker!! Erica And Cyn Have The Most Civil Breakup Ever    

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Khalid Williams

Khalid Williams: 'Love And Hip Hop' Check Yourself: Drunky Brewster Has Entered The Building!     Erica is a clown in a bad way no talent at all

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Lillian Freeney

824645557582867 Lillian Freeney: Timeline Photos     Cyn was NOT pleased about Erica’s speech at Rich's launch party! You'll never guess what she thought was most “PATHETIC” about her ex! http://wet.pt/1CIUvtC    

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She Trust'sNone Johnson

910391385678142 She Trust'sNone Johnson: Timeline Photos     #LHHNY #Selfie SHOWDOWN!

Who's got the better selfie... Cyn or Erica?     Who Look Better? Its Hard For Me To Choose Shid.... But My Son chose Erica !

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