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Derek O'Brien & Associates

Derek O'Brien & Associates: DEREK'S YiPPee! CHALLENGE for students of classes 5 to 7 is all set to come to your city and school.

Friday (January 30):

City Finals:

*PUDUCHERRY: Amalorpavam Higher Secondary School @ 9:30 am | Contact Person: Daniel [09903991587]

*VISAKHAPATNAM: Little Angels School (Sector 3, M.V.P Colony) @ 10 am | Contact Person: Prasad [09533311089]

Good luck participants!

How can you participate in DEREK'S YiPPee! CHALLENGE?
It's simple. Ask your school to get in touch with us at Derek O'Brien & Associates

Click here for details >> http://derek.in/pages/yippee_challenge.aspx

This is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a show that prepares you for the world outside. Are you up for the challenge?

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Ara Malate

788801527835317 Ara Malate: Mobile Uploads     NBA Title, Finals MVP and MVP Awards

#sports #sportsinfo #mvp #award #nbatitle #finalsmvp    

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GrenadaHoops: Here's the scoop on the secondary school Finals:

Boys' finals at Grenville ( game 2 )
Gbss. Vs. GCA
73. 52
Mvp. Jonathan Williams 28 points ( Gbss )

Girls semifinals ( Grenville )
48. 29
Mvps. Nickolene Ettienne. 18 points
Kishonice Mitchell. 18 points
Both from HHSS

Girls semifinals ( Sauteurs )
50. 47
Mvp. Sparkle Joseph 29 points ( AHS )

#basketball #SSC #grenadahoops

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