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Clovers Netball Club

Clovers Netball Club: Clovers Annual Junior Dinner & Presentation Evening (19th September 2014)
MVP - Amy Martin
R/Up MVP - Imogen Pinnington
Most Improved - Olivia Campbell
Coaches Award - Jessica Rigby
MVP - Breanna Franklin
R/Up MVP - Paige Crooks
Most Improved / Encoragement - Ebony Anderson
Best in Finals - Paige Crooks
MVP - Rose Emmett
MVP - Porschea George
MVP - Jordyn Hayes
Most Improved / Encoragement - Taelah Dudman
Best in Finals - Rose Emmett

Junior Clover of the Year - Jessica Rigby

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Clovers Netball Club

Clovers Netball Club: Clovers Annual Dinner & Presentation Evening (20th September 2014)
Division 4
MVP - Alli Alexander
R/Up MVP - Em Beechey
Best in Finals - Shannyn Hodgetts
Division 5
MVP - Pyetia Bryan
R/Up MVP - Kristen Woolley
Coaches Award - Bec Armstrong
Division 7
MVP - Breanna Ranson
R/Up MVP - Bec Fox
Coaches Award - Bec Fox

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Craig Huvos

Craig Huvos: NHL predictions 2014-2015:
1) Boston - will tear it up this year again
2) Pittsburgh - fleury has decent season, flops in playoffs... again
3) Tampa bay - great additions to backend
4) Montreal - Price wins vezina/ Subban wins Norris
5) NYR - will maintain momentum from last year
6) NYI - gab/kulemin reunited!
7) Toronto - defense/bottom six improves... plan the parade route!
8) Detroit - last time making playoffs for a bit... ends playoff streak at 24 seasons
9) Columbus - bobrovski gets injured
10) Washington - trotz will keep them in playoff race
11) Philadelphia - going downhill
12) Florida - Luongo can only help so much
13) NJD - ranked to high
14) Buffalo - will improve over last year by 10 wins
15) Carolina - Staal cant carry team anymore
16) Ottawa - falling apart, cant afford to spend anymore

1) Chicago - Will light it up this year, long playoff run
2) LAK - sick team! But will they have it in them to go deep for 4th straight year?
3) St Louis - will go to finals. team is stacked
4) Anahiem - kessler will help
5) Colorado- iggy wins mvp!!! Or just has one last great season
6) Minnesota - goaltending only issue
7) Dallas - will get evander at deadline, squeeze into playoff but go far
8) San Jose - beginning of the end
Vancouver - will miss playoffs last game of season... causing riot in vancouver!
Nashville - rhine/weber can only do so much
Edmonton - will improve and be contender next season
Pheonix - new name doesnt help
Winnipeg - kane deadline trade/shoulda traded for reimer
Calgary - wins macdavid sweepstakes

STANLEY CUP CHAMPS: St Louis Blues beats Boston Bruins in 7 games.

Cant wait for hockey to start!

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Fritz Stacey Lee Cortes

Fritz Stacey Lee Cortes: Sayang nahulog ang ateneo at la salle at wala sa finals.

Ganda nang finals ngayon battle for the underdog feu vs nu"!!

Go feu! Go for the championship!

# tolomia mvp!
We bleed green and yellow!

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Policarpo Borromeo Jr

760124924054893 Policarpo Borromeo Jr:         North Zone Slahers grabbed the crown
Hanz Jersey Obando finals MVP

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Akhil Sehgal

Akhil Sehgal: New Castle Beat Collegeville To Capture Fourth Title | USA Cricket News, New York Cricket News,...     Just wanted to share good news with all my WCL friends and thank New York cricket and PCL for awarding me the MVP of the play-offs and Man of the Match for the finals. Most importantly, I think cricket getting more recognition in the US is the winner here.


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Tony Weber

Tony Weber: going on record now if Derek rose is anywhere close to the rose we remember the bulls will be in the nba finals barring injury its along way away but this team is loaded if hes an mvp type player if not throw my prediction out.

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