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Peter Griffith

Peter Griffith: GOLES-Real Madrid 4-1 Atlético Madrid - Champions League Final 2014     Good argument on why Neuer deserves Ballon DE Ore, Ronaldo scored a penalty in the Finals at which point was already set 3-1. MVP should.of been Ramos or Dimaria.. Ronaldo didn't carry the team for the tittle like Neuer did in the World cup..     ¡CAMPEONES! / CHAMPIONS! Real Madrid 4-1 Atletico Madrid (92' Ramos, 110' Bale, 117' Marcelo, 120' Ronaldo | 36' Godin) #ReyesDeEuropa #UCLFinal #Halamadrid ...
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/_pz-IcDuUkM

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Best dunkss

Best dunkss: Bryant owns the edge on career points, but Jordan has more scoring titles (10-2), NBA titles (6-5), NBA MVP awards (5-1) and Finals MVP awards (6-2). Also, at the end of this season, Jordan will have played four fewer seasons.

Miller went on to credit Bryant for an incredible career, much like he did on Twitter when Bryant passed Jordan against the Timberwolves with a pair of free throws.

“It’s truly a special career,” Miller said of Bryant. “That’s a heck of a lot of points and a heck of a lot of longevity.”

Miller is 17th on the all-time scoring list himself, with 25,279 career points — 67 points ahead of Tim Duncan and 55 points behind Wizards forward Paul Pierce.

Miller played against both Jordan and Bryant during his 18-year career with the Pacers. He even exchanged blows with the legends. Miller, known for his trash-talking ability, fought Jordan at center court during a game in 1993 — nine years before Miller and Bryant tussled at the scorer’s table after a game in 2002.

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Andre Burns

Andre Burns: Kobe fans be like....

1. 1 MVP in 19 seasons - GOAT! Next to MJ!
2. 2 scoring titles in 19 seasons - Greatest scorer has ever lived!
3. Got his first finals MVP in 6 tries – Self carried the Lakers to Championships!
4. Records the most missed shots in season and playoffs – Greatest Laker ever!
5. Missed playoffs & fight for 8th seed during his prime w/ superstar players – Best Athlete of all-time!
6. Sued his own mother for his accomplishments – A great son and Family Man!
7. Still lost when his Team is ahead 3 – 1 in the series – Tremendous Killer Instinct!
8. 6/24 shooting in Game 7 finals - Best clutch player in history!
9. Never averaged higher 50% FG shooting in season, playoffs, finals, olympics – Purest of the pure shooters!
10. Records the most 0 assists in a game among all stars - Make his teammates better!
11. Demands a trade when his team is struggling - Most Loyal player ever!
12. Gets a 30 million contract in his twilight years of his career - Sacrifices for the team & care about winning!
13. Bench warmer in his Rookie/Sophomore year – The Best in 1996 class!
14. Won the Slam dunk competition by a typical between the legs dunk – Half human half amazing!
15. "Led" 3 hall of famers (Gasol,Nash,Howard) to the 7th seed with the refs help - Greatest leader of all time!
16. Won Zero playoff series without the best bigs in the league - best player of his Era!
17. Played with shaq (3 finals mvp), eddie jones (all-star), van excel (all-star), Malone (2 mvp), payton (dpoy), gasol (allstar), bynum (allstar), odom (6-man), Dwight (3 dpoy), Nash (2 mvp), Artest (Dpoy), Rice (Allstar), Richmond (HOF) - Always lead his team & never got any help from teammates
18. "leading" the lakers to the worst record in franchise history with his patented 38% shooting --- GOAT

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Rick Winsman


December 22 - Back in the day when sports was played for the fun of it....

On December 22, 1971, the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) defeat the Baltimore Bullets 127-120 in Baltimore for their 27th straight victory, breaking the previous record for the longest winning streak in professional sports. They had previously been tied with baseball’s New York Giants, who won 26 games during the 1916 season.

Coached by Bill Sharman and led by future Hall of Famers Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and Gail Goodrich, the 1971-72 Lakers began their historic run of victories on November 5, 1971 (also over the Bullets). They set a new NBA record with their 21st win on December 11, beating the Atlanta Hawks 104-95 and surpassing the 20-game winning streak of the Milwaukee Bucks the previous year. As Chamberlain told the press on December 22, "We did our celebrating when we won No. 21. That was the big one."

The Lakers extended their winning streak to a total of 33 consecutive games before losing to the Bucks by a score of 104-120 on January 7, 1972. After ending the regular season with a then-record of 69 wins, the Lakers swept the Chicago Bulls to set up a Western division title match against the Bucks and their star center, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Before the series began, LIFE magazine hailed the face-off between Chamberlain and Abdul-Jabbar--11 years Chamberlain’s junior--as the greatest in sports history. Chamberlain came out on top, outplaying Abdul-Jabbar and leading the Lakers to the NBA Finals against the New York Knicks. Los Angeles won the series convincingly, 4-1, giving MVP Chamberlain his first NBA crown with the Lakers.

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