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Associació Catalana Transpersonal

Associació Catalana Transpersonal:    

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Rosaura Iglesias Gener

Rosaura Iglesias Gener: Daily Bonus    

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Gener Noel

Gener Noel: thanks god for all !!!

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Gener Atienza

757150377655808 Gener Atienza: Timeline Photos     Agree ba kayo?
Like ~> Barkada FM — with Ginavieve Biating Lincona and 41 others.    

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Gener Santiago

Gener Santiago: Christmas Shoes         Nakaka touch yong kwento di ko namalayan tumulo na luha ko :'(

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Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=912487155427965

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Sergi Mestre

796505577079368 Sergi Mestre: Timeline Photos     TOC TOC, a càrrec del Grup de Teatre de Vilaplana, 31 de gener de 2015, a les 21.00 h, al Teatre Auditori Casal Riudomenc.

Sis personatges amb Trastorn Obsessiu Compulsiu (TOC) coincideixen a la consulta d’una eminència en psiquiatria amb l’objectiu de resoldre els seus problemes. Cada un d’ells té un TOC particular i diferent del dels altres personatges. El psiquiatra no arriba mai a la consulta i seran ells mateixos els que hauran d’analitzar els seus respectius trastorns i ajudar-se mútuament, cosa que acabarà en una teràpia de grup que tindrà unes
conseqüències delirants i sorprenents…

PREU: 10€ ANTICIPADA / 12€ MATEIX DIA (sessió numerada).
Taquilla: dijous, de les 18.00 h a les 20.00 h.
Per internet: www.casalriudomenc.cat

Entrades a la venda a partir del 27 de novembre de 2014.     Propera consulta:

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Gener Viola

Gener Viola: News Smartphone|Android Tips Trick - BreakingWap.Com     http://breakingwap.com/

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Jordi Cortiella Montmany

Jordi Cortiella Montmany: 1a Fira del Montserratí - Un món per descobrir    

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Gener DeCastro

Gener DeCastro: Family isn't always blood, a special thank you two 2 very special friends whom I considered part of my family and who would stick their necks out for me. I have friends but not like these 2 special friends, I've known them for a long time & I know I can come and talk to them about anything. These are the only 2 friends whom I really trust outside my blood family. There's a limit of what I can do, if I can, I will for these 2 special friends.
THANK YOU to both of you.❤️

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William Jodoin

958811500800277 William Jodoin: Mobile Uploads     si vous etes trop gener pv ;)     Lol

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Jose Luis Morales Motato

Jose Luis Morales Motato: Una finca de 900.000 hectáreas, entre la inmensa fortuna de las Farc - Justicia - El Tiempo     Hpts!!!

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Gener Pool Chanchari Pacaya

736359479790821 Gener Pool Chanchari Pacaya:        

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Gener Zapata

308500642630313 Gener Zapata: Timeline Photos        

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Vincent Gener De Guzman

Vincent Gener De Guzman: Goodgoodgood rap

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Jun Gener S. Tan

Jun Gener S. Tan: I can taste the turkey leg. In my mind!

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Gener May

Gener May: Please I need 10 dollars just so I can go see my mom in Cleburne Can anyone help me I live in Burleson

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Manuel Gener Lopez

892431337448610 Manuel Gener Lopez: Timeline Photos     Ancient bridge kolpino, Russia    

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Gener Larianto

1517456761873978 Gener Larianto:        

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Mercedes Gener Galbis

10154167122255118 Mercedes Gener Galbis: Timeline Photos     With Christina Millhouse and 11 others.    

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Luis Gener

10151801330902825 Luis Gener: Timeline Photos        

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Merlin Gener

Merlin Gener: Thanks Giving Mass.... thanking God for ALL the blessings....

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Windy Hoppers - Associació Lindy Hop Empordà

Gener Macapagal Bagang

Gener Macapagal Bagang:    

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Edison Varias del Mundo

Edison Varias del Mundo: Edison Varias del Mundo    

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Gener DeCastro

10152829554938879 Gener DeCastro: Timeline Photos     It's in the personal moments of deep disappointment and discouragement that our faith is put to the litmus test. At those times, we must answer one simple question: Do I trust God or not? If not, we need to simply go into a fetal position and waste away for the remainder of our life. But if we do, we can face any hardship or circumstance with confidence, not in ourselves, but in the God who always knows what's best for us and promises to give it to us at His appointed time. - Ron Lambros, President, Touching Lives    

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Manuel Gener Lopez

893056640719413 Manuel Gener Lopez: Timeline Photos     Colisseum Rome, Italy    

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Gener Augusto Nicola

Gener Augusto Nicola:         When it's not your time to go.... It's just not your time.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10154417952285112

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