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Rachel Mcniece

Rachel Mcniece: Just got up nneed to get ready n go shoppin aww the joys xx

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Shiela Giner Seymour

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Rachel Badd


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Rachel Fisher

Rachel Fisher: Can't wait to finish uni for the day so I can go and give my yes vote!

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Rachel Fearn

Rachel Fearn: https://www.nutrimetics.com.au/portal/ebrochure.aspx     If you would like to order some nutrimetics please PM me :) The link has current brochures.
*If you have PM'd me please comment saying so as it may go to my others and I don't check that very often.


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Rachel Slater

Rachel Slater: I know nobody will see ma status but sometimes when I'm bored I like to go into the garden, cover masel wi earth n pretend I'm a carrot :) xxx

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Vivienne Kelly

Vivienne Kelly: I feel a longish post coming on... On a personal level, I want to share my RELIEF and excitement. My Rachel Skye Kelly is over the worst of her surgery ordeals and is recovering well. I'm so proud of her can-and-WILL-do-attitude. Behind the scenes I see her struggle and her determination. This young woman is going far in life and will help and inspire so many people on her journey.

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Rachel Rawlinson

Rachel Rawlinson: Oh well off to theatre I go let's hope all goes well

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Rachel Morgan

Rachel Morgan: Huge spiders set to descend on Derbyshire homes, say experts     Live and let live, thats what I say. As long as they stay outside. Come in my house and I will go all Terminator on you!!!

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Rachel Scheller

Rachel Scheller: I know of someone who knows someone who knows a missionary on the frontlines. Please stop to pray that the Gospel will spread and that these believers will be spared.

News from missionary

".. ISIS has taken over the town they are in today. He said ISIS is systematically going house to house to all the Christians and asking the children to denounce Jesus. He said so far not one child has. And so far all have consequently been killed. But not the parents. The UN has withdrawn and the missionaries are on their own. They are determined to stick it out for the sake of the families - even if it means their own deaths. He is very afraid, has no idea how to even begin ministering to these families who have seen their children martyred. Yet he says he knows God has called him for some reason to be his voice and hands at this place at this time. Even so, he is begging prayers for his courage to live out his vocation in such dire circumstances. And like the children accept martyrdom if he is called to do so."

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Rachel Stickley

Rachel Stickley: Just me FINALLY acknowledging the shade thrown at me from a rapper I worked with, he knows who he is. DON'T you EVER call me greedy and say I'm not worth promoting. I worked for FREE for you, when I know I'm WORTH being paid. If I volunteer-which I do-A LOT, then that's on me and I understand I won't be getting paid. Duh. I have a different opinion than you on my image-something you weren't willing to let off of-that hurt me and I stood my ground-I'm not going to be anything other than who I will feel proud of when looking in the mirror. I don't care if you're trying to compare me with someone you've taken under your wing-hope she flies high-but don't try to ground me with your supposed "Anointed" words against me. Because if that's the game you're playing-you will lose. Not because I want you to, but because you don't want to see me win. My desire to succeed is stronger than your desire to see me fail. If you feel you've reached this message in error, let me repeat-MY DESIRE TO SUCCEED IS STRONGER THAN YOUR DESIRE TO SEE ME FAIL! #myteamglobal

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Rachel Dunn

10154633717645370 Rachel Dunn:         Mummy please don't go to work, stay and have snuggle day with me!

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Rachel Larsen

Rachel Larsen: I know nobody will see my status but sometimes, when I am bored, I go into the garden, I cover myself in earth and I pretend I am a carrot

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Rachel Adele McCarthy

Rachel Adele McCarthy: ***Urgently need a wardrobe if anyone knows of any free ones going***

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Cheryl Piper

Cheryl Piper: Morning all well been out and about already no sign of mumble or scats Rachel have you thought of going back to your old house and putting up posters round there. Here's hoping today is the day for both of them xxx

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Roxanne Gutierrez

Roxanne Gutierrez: Spell "Father"         Watch This Guy Misspell 'Father' At A Spelling Bee For A Beautiful Reason.
In what started as a pleasant dream, this poet vanquished words like “duodenum” with ease.
At 30 seconds, however, a six-letter word really gets him going.
This is dedicated to Karianne, Rachel, Nicole, Traci, and all the other single moms out there I forgot to tag. :) Please share the heck out of this beautiful piece of work.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10202177255216714

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Rachel V. Olivier

10152378876004077 Rachel V. Olivier: Timeline Photos     "Even young people who have a plan (be a doctor, lawyer, research scientist, singer) don't really know what will happen. If they have any certainty at all, they're a bit deluded. Life doesn't go according to plan, and while a few people might do exactly what they set out to do, you never know if you're one of those. Other things come along to change you, to change your opportunities, to change the world. The jobs of working at Google, Amazon or Twitter, for example, didn't exist when I was a teenager. Neither did this job (Blogging). So if you can't figure out the future, what do you do? Don't focus on the future. Focus on what you can do right now that will be good no matter what the future brings. Make stuff. Build stuff. Learn skills. Go on adventures. Make friends. These things will help in any future."
--Leo Babauta, Creator & Writer for zenhabits.net (Illustration by Julia Gamolina) — with Dominique Deacon and 2 others.    

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Rachel Jeremiah

Rachel Jeremiah: I know nobody will see my status but sometimes, when I am bored, I go into the garden, I cover myself in earth and I pretend I am a carrot.

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Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee:     I would not be that nice. I'd lose my mind, & go bat shit crazy and rip off his head with my bare hands. His family would be going to his funeral... And the girls he cheated with >:)     Busted!!! My best friends husband tried cheating on her with me.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=706502706109234

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Hope Joline LaFave


Find more: Stylish Eve
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=716531181720799

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Rachel M Morrison

Rachel M Morrison: The big day is here. No matter what you are going to vote please go out to your polling station and have your say! This is yours, your children's and their children's future! It's going to be one long day!

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Kareen Joy Rabotaso

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Rachel Silber - The Consciousness Fairy

827461147284946 Rachel Silber - The Consciousness Fairy:         Every time I get stuck and things are not flowing with ease... I ask what point of view am I holding on to that is creating this? You see, our points of view create our reality... really they do! So.... if it is not working for you the way you'd like... if things are not fun for you... you could ask a question or two or a million... "what is this? What am I holding on to here, that if I'd let it go would create more for me and the world?" So I wonder friends, what could you shift? What could you look at with a fresh perspective? And how does it get any better?
Go forth and prosper! :)

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Carl Seaman

Carl Seaman: I though Rvr had turned a corner, training nights going well.
Beginners moving up to the Inters and couple of the Inters training with team Tom tom. It show the hard work the runners have put in over the 6 months. Then i hear a couple of old members complain about the new members running at 6.00 and everyone should run at 7. The club membership is the stongest it been in years. Maybe it just me but could the club handle maybe in 2 years time having 200 members turning up at 7 oclock run?
Big thanks should be given out to people like, Tracy Evans, Michael Gillard , Amy Edwards, Clive Denton and Rachel Walters Was Rosser who are looking to move the club forward as one club.

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Ken Schemmer II

Ken Schemmer II: Because of the heat Abbey only made it to school for a couple of hours on Monday. Tuesday, she made it through the entire day and in the evening we went over Abbey’s new friend Natalie’s (Nano’s) house. Her mother, Rachel shared Nano’s story of having a brain tumor when she was 9 and through their family’s changes in nutrition, at 17 she is very healthy and has not had any reoccurrence. Rachel educated us on Juice plus+, and the effects on good nutrition and alkaline water in the fight against cancer. They are a great family. Lori Guilford, an amazing friend, is partnering with us to develop an action plan to improve Abbey’s nutritional status to help her fight her cancer. Wednesday, Abbey did not have enough energy to go to school, but she did work on her homework.
Thursday we are meeting with Abbey’s surgeon at 11am. Please pray for him to have wisdom on how to treat Abbey’s cancer, for God’s peace to be on us and God’s healing hand on Abbey.

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Rick Cole

Rick Cole: Spinning or Stripping?     Rich Budhan Rachel Klaers Sheena Cole yall should enjoy this     This needs to go viral!!!!
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=707875392588945

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Rachel Swanner Trolinger

Rachel Swanner Trolinger: CT FLETCHER TRAINS MS. OLYMPIA DLB     Love her!!!!! She is BEAST!!!!     http://www.ctfletcher.com - The one and only Ms. Olympia! Dana Linn Bailey! Dana is on the same page when it comes to "overtraining"...IT DOESNT EXIST! Watch...
Watch the video: video https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=UUBDWo0g9N8pL8c9QhE8Lxxw&v=6-KA2Ihxc2Y

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Rachel DeAnn Huff

Rachel DeAnn Huff: Sometimes I wonder why me, why did I have to do the things I did, or go through what I went through??
Then I speak to another addict and it clicks..
Without my experiences - without that I would never be able to reach someone still suffering. Without being able to relate my feelings through my experience they would never see they can find peace too....
Things aren't perfect but on a consistent basis they get better with just a little footwork and a full heart of faith xo

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