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Alicia Smith

10152307950006135 Alicia Smith: Timeline Photos     Good morning, #earlyrisers ! It's Alicia Smith - WXYZ Anchor sporting my pink with Malcom Maddox!
Don't forget to #GoPink today! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
The whole Good Morning America team is going pink, too!
I bet even Vic Faust is wearing pink today while on vacation.
Join Malcom Maddox, Keenan Smith, Rachel McCrary, Nima Shaffe, Julie Banovic, Kelly McDermott, and me for your news, weather, and traffic from 4:30am-9am.
You can watch the live stream here: http://www.wxyz.com/live1    

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Lily Anne Designs - Rachel Nairn Independent Design Consultant

Lily Anne Designs - Rachel Nairn Independent Design Consultant: Lily Anne Designs | PERSONALISE YOUR LIFE     With the release today of so many amazing new products, there are plenty more reasons to join my team as a Design Consultant with an awesome company! 30% commission on all sales while you choose the hours you work :)

A new starter kit has been released today including some of our amazing new range! All displayed in a beautiful case which is new to Lily Anne Designs.

Our CEO, Melissa has announced that a percentage from each kit sold will go to empowering women in developing nations. What an awesome way to start a business knowing that you are helping out other women who otherwise may not have been able too.

Interested? Contact me for more info or look online at www.lilyannedesigns.com.au/RachelNairn under the JOIN tab!

Look forward to hearing from you :)

#lovemyjob #empoweringwomen #createyourowndestiny

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Rachel Wanjiku

Rachel Wanjiku: 10 LITTLE BUT COSTLY MISTAKES YOU SHOULDN’T MAKE IN YOUR 20S     10 LITTLE BUT COSTLY MISTAKES YOU SHOULDN’T MAKE IN YOUR 20S - 1. Struggling To Keep Up With The Latest Trends -- Don’t spend all your money on the latest fashion trends and the newest mobile phones. Fashion trends come and go....

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Rachel Roberts

Rachel Roberts: Have to go do tasting at school, they're making rhubarb crumble. ...I hate rhubarb! !!! Bleurgh

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Rachel Nietmann

Rachel Nietmann: Well that was a let down.. Not going home today now :(

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Lee Fox

Lee Fox: Dynamo & Rachel     This wonderful woman used to baby sit me :) haha go on Rachel Burke-Davies!!!!!!!!!     Dynamo shows how to pick up women and practices on Rachel from Capital Manchester Breakfast
Watch the video: video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dRzF57eGCMw

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Gill Curran

Gill Curran: Let's Rock Leeds! - Temple Newsam - Leeds - 20/06/2015 11:00     OMG I'm ALL over this. Helen Newborn, Rachel Cara Moore, coming!?

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Rachel Wanjiku

Rachel Wanjiku: 10 LITTLE BUT COSTLY MISTAKES YOU SHOULDN’T MAKE IN YOUR 20S     10 LITTLE BUT COSTLY MISTAKES YOU SHOULDN’T MAKE IN YOUR 20S - 1. Struggling To Keep Up With The Latest Trends -- Don’t spend all your money on the latest fashion trends and the newest mobile phones. Fashion trends come and go....

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Jay Schreiber

Jay Schreiber: Quitting Your News Job for Weed is Heroic And American? - Alfonzo Rachel     One of his best. Well, since I agree with him. You go Zo.....

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Rachel Burton Hewitt Hall

Rachel Burton Hewitt Hall: Go Sober - Rachel Burton     I'ts not too late to sponsor me :) - Many thanks to those who have already.xxx

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Country959: Country 95.9 and 92.7 Go to the CMA Awards in Nashville!     Once again, congratulations to Rachel and Ashton, who are off to Nashville for the CMA's! Thanks to Valente Travel & Delta Airlines, the Bull N Barrel for the awesome venue, Refresh Day Spa and On the Darkside Tanning! If you missed it, enjoy this video!     We're taking two listeners with us to Nashville in November for the biggest night in country music!
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2xppY1VTZE

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Jason Gill

Jason Gill: Revolution season 2 episode 9... about 6 minutes and 40 seconds in, Rachel, who also played Juliet in LOST..... she just stops, and says.. "I got to go back" lol, LOST easter egg. #LOST

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Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario: Rollin'Green, by Clint Meloni     News Update!

good morning all, as we said before that we are in the middle of recording WCS debut digital download, that is going well and hopefully we will be able to get it all done by the 20th of Dec as plan, in the mean time we are proud to announce that Clint has officially release his first solo project last night. It is a digital download CD, so please spare a moment to go and check it out at:


Have a listen, You can get the whole album or if you prefer just to get your favourite songs please do so!

Yatim will be away now touring Europe till mid November and as soon as he is back we will go back to our studio to finish our music and we will see you at your local venues!

Love an Peace

Yatim, Clint and Rachel! x
    8 track album
Watch the video: video https://clintmeloni.bandcamp.com/releases

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Rachel Highlyfavoured Mogorosi

Rachel Highlyfavoured Mogorosi: This month new doors will be opened unto you & it shall be an extraordinary one because its time for your Independence from past pains, delays & disappointments. You shall increase in all sides & you shall achieve far more than you have achieved in the 1st 9months of the year. It shall be a month of joy/rejoicing for you & your family & Its surely going to be a month of victory for you in all ways. Wish you a Refreshing & Rewarding October! Happy new month

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William J Jackson

William J Jackson: Happy #wtfwednesday.

For this one, I think I'll just throw up some fun images.

For the What the fuck though, I have to focus my attention on the fact that Rachel Maddow is the only one between Sunday and right now, from mainstream to independent media that I heard extensively cover the news about the attacks on the 'white' house living quarters.

I understand that everybody wants to get their foreign policy on and just go ALL ISIS ALL DAY!!!

Stop and look around. If you produce media and everybody else is making 80 percent of their programs on bombs and beheadings, then you might actually increase your audience by talking about something different and doing a little promo-push about the fact that you're covering other stories.


Oh yea...

And it seems somebody named Wendy Williams exists and she is using anti black fox news rhetoric to a predominately white audience on BET to tell black women that rap to shut the fuck up about Iggy.


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Rachel Wesley

Rachel Wesley: Ginny will be coming on to the marae 2pm on Thursday, service 9.30 on Saturday before going to the andersons bay crematorium for service at 12pm

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Rachel Sothankful Thompson

Rachel Sothankful Thompson: Happy Hump Day bookers, back at the rat race again. When the praises go up, the blessings come down. Enjoy your day :-)

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French Property News

10152393504121914 French Property News:         Rachel's Wednesday pick:
"If you've been reading up on running a gîte business and feel ready to take the plunge, how about this one near Nontron in sunny Dordogne? It's all set up and ready to go with a principal four-bed residence, two gîtes, two pools and land. Included in the €495k asking price is everything required to operate the business if desired: bed linen, towels, crockery, white goods, furniture and even the business website."
Rachel Johnston, Editorial Assistant

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Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson: good morning all just got up and haveing a cup off coffee and listing to some music and just let lighting and thunder storm run a rounnd in the bedroom and going to let our kirsty out soon to and going to make my babe boy a nice hot bath

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Sarah Rachel

927348757294336 Sarah Rachel: Profile Pictures         YESTERDAY IM GOING TO BURY MY

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Rachel Ann Finnegan

Rachel Ann Finnegan:     I will be praying for you     Some of you may have heard various rumors since I have had to cancel a few shows over the past few weekends. To clarify and put those rumors to bed, I wanted to just come out and explain what is going on. Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. At that time, I was in shock and scared as I didn’t know what that really meant. After testing, the doctors have asked me to take the next 4 months off from touring and to focus on chemotherapy and radiation treatments to shrink the cancer cells. I will keep you all updated on the progress. I am forever grateful for the love, support, and prayers during this time.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152404553527496

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Rachel Barajas

Rachel Barajas: Just got home from work . Time to shower and go back. Oh the struggles of a boss.. Another day another dollar. . Good morning every1. .

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Moksha Yoga

Moksha Yoga:    

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Rachel Smith

10153234233978084 Rachel Smith:         Babylonstoren midweek adventure. A place of great creative mystery & the nurturing and re birth of old. Even the loo is beautiful. I want to go back soon to venture further in and to the river...

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Deborah Glass

Deborah Glass: Day 9 of my forever living cleanse. Feel great, lots more energy and positive thinking. Lost 9lbs and 8 inches, anyone interested see Rachel Harris. Definitely worth giving it a go just for the feel good factor!

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Hakim Martin

Hakim Martin: I tell you, waking up this morning and doing what I always do first, (checking my Facebook to see what's new) was a bad and very sad thing. I found out that a dear friend of mine died yesterday. I was not a happy camper all day. Well I know she is home now, I always said she was a Angel, now she can wear her wings. Your going to be missed Rachel Sanchez.

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Rachel Tan

Rachel Tan: Epic Patty Cake Song (I'll Think Of You)     whatever where you go I 'll keep you in my heart ~
I 'll think of you in my heart~♡     We did it!! One Take! We shot this all of the little Canon Vixia Mini X :1 Check out this playlist showcasing a bunch of creators making stuff on the Vixia! ...
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/QZpGe5rNJkI

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Rachel Sampson

Rachel Sampson: Any anxieties about going on the Pula or Bust Banger Rally Challenge dispelled when I read this, this morning

Triple A Community £100.00
01.10.14 Dearest Rachel, There are no ways of expressing the proud we are of you; you are such an inspiration to all of us! All our Love will be with you during every single mile crossed and moment lived in this Amazing rally. Lots of Love and Blessings xxx

Matias Crossa Blanco, you are a bright and shining star and I am so grateful to you and Anna, and all of Triple A! Thank you xxx

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