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Rachel Lewis

Rachel Lewis:     Now The Cursing Is Not From Me, It Was Already There... But Wow She Knocked Her Out... And I Was Wondering How Was She Going To Handle That Amazon Of A Woman... But She Did...     Got Daaaaaaaamn!!!!! Couuuuuuld Lawd!!!!! She got knocked the Fuck OUT!!!! Slim is done!!!
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Amy Edwards

1474787572786082 Amy Edwards:         Tony: Hey there! Would you like to go on date with me? My treat!
Rachel: What's your shoe size?
Tony (smiling): 12
Rachel (Smiling): Ha! you wish!

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Rachel Pachivas

Rachel Pachivas: Otis Redding - That's How Strong My Love Is     so much soul.
"I'll be the weeping willow drowning in my tears
And you can go swimming when you are here
I'll be the rainbow after the tears are gone
Wrap you in my colors and keep you warm."     This is a love song that I like.
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7T9HKmERv0

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Rachel Luna

Rachel Luna:     Query letter to literary agent is DONE! One step closer to my dream.

Turning a dream into reality doesn't happen with one "BIG" action. It's a series of SMALL, CONSISTENT steps.

Get accountable by leaving a comment with that ONE step you're going to take today to get closer to your dream. I promise I'll check back with you at the end of the day to see how you did.

And to help you get in the mood, here's an inspiring song from Jordin Sparks (One Step at a Time, available on iTunes)    
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Marcin Suszyński

Marcin Suszyński: Tales From The Crib - Kay Marry Go Round (Rachel Auburn Mix)     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXMKd411vbQ&index=7&list=RDxgYmUANUIX0    
Watch the video: video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXMKd411vbQ&index=7&list=RDxgYmUANUIX0

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Kristy Keel

870050579681596 Kristy Keel:         Rachel Johnson going on her first date today.... and big brother Nathaniel Harvey is the chaperone!
Oh my.... they are growing up too fast!

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Rachel Osolinski

Rachel Osolinski: The clocks go back tonight. Instead of having an extra hour in bed, why don't you think of the countless times you complained that there's not enough hours in the day and DO SOMETHING?!

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Demi Darling

Demi Darling:     Shara Wright, Rachel Closertomydreams Waugh, Danielle Scott here ya go. ..YOU'RE WELCOME     Lmfao, Dead!
Insta @Reine_Jazzy
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=385358534946294

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Rachel Wright

Rachel Wright: So down to 2 housekeepers now! !! Can't believe how many people we go through. ...so over it tho....someone who needs a job & will b dependable & quick at cleaning rooms plz come get a job. ...I'm sick of stressing over this crap....we can't do all these rooms everyday plus inspect & a bunch of other shit! !!! Come on people why don't we wanna work? ????

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Amanda Ketron-Murphy

Amanda Ketron-Murphy: Spending every day from here on out like it's my last with my girls and gonna get the situation at hand worked on and figured out fighting it to the end I wanna thanks to all the people that have helped or been there this last week!! My Aunt Sis is number one then to Angela Kristine Byrd and Sam Byrd for helping me with the little ones to my dad and Aunt Rachel Bond for keeping the oldest ones Crystal Buchanan and Becky Lowe for helping trying to see what all was going on so they would know!!! And everyone else that has checked on me and listened to me I see now who I have in my corner!!! Jaclyn for coming by to check on me and Tabby Johnson the help with Amara and Nyi Nyi!! I love you all and we shall see where this goes!!! And both my sister's Elizabeth Ketron Dunbar and Ashley Cloteen Jennings!!!

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Rachel Dowle

Rachel Dowle:

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Rachel Candas Gormley

Rachel Candas Gormley: So it's time to make things right not only for me but for spencer, he needs me more then anything and I'm slightly embarrassed by my weight which is 256 as of my 6 week check up after having spencer, my goal to reach by spring time is to go down 56 lbs! It will be tough but I'm confident I can do this. I lost weight before, but now I have a son to motivate me! Let's just hope I can get it off !

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Diamond Inda Rough

10152764810869710 Diamond Inda Rough: Timeline Photos     WEDNESDAY PLAN OF ACTION:

You know that voice in your head that’s always telling you that you’re not a good enough woman, man, wife, husband, mother, father, friend, artist, worker, giver, human? Let’s retrain that voice today.

Let's practice speaking to our self kindly and with respect- like we would speak to a good friend. We need to make friends with ourselves. We are stuck with our self ALL DAY, so let’s be kinder, gentler, more amusing company. Let’s take our own hand and say, “There, there, sister. You’re doing a good job. I’m proud of how you’re handling all this craziness down here. Don’t give up. Carry on, warrior.” Life is a long journey. Let's become better traveling companions to our self.

HERE’S THE PLAN: TODAY - when we lose our temper with the kids, when we accidentally eat that third brownie, when we don’t send that thank you card for the fortieth day in a row, when we forget to stop at the gym, when we’re late for that meeting - anytime and every time we fall short of the ridiculous expectations we put on ourselves - we are going to say to our sweet, well-meaning selves:

"Whatever. I’m fabulous anyway."

That’s grace. TODAY we shall offer ourselves GRACE and see how THAT goes. Let’s make friends with our selves. We deserve to have a good, kind, gracey friend. We can BE that friend to ourselves.

We must practice believing that we are deserving of Love and forgiveness. We are. Life is Forever Tries.


thank you for this meme Flying Yogini- LOVE your guts!     Angela Irene Abel Rachel Barnard Catherine E Mcnabb Malissa Linz Sarah Mcnabb Deborah TutsonPatricia K ArmstrongJake Patterson Renae RileyAshley Gilbert

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Sally Crawford

Sally Crawford: "Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls and Why Were They Forgotten?" A Lecture by Rachel Elior     This is excellent..you all may have heard it already.I knew something was terribly wrong and deep inside my spirit while everyone was not on the same page that is following the moon for the feasts,etc. So I asked Yahuah, long story short. . .felt heavy for days asking him, when he answered and showed me and continues to confirm that people are following a lie that started long ago..I knew as soon as I looked up the word for moon and the word for month. Two different words. no brainer for me, yet people believe the lies!! I can not find anywhere in 'Torah' that I am to wait on a man, who is waiting on Barley, that then waits on a moon! also, I studied what a day really is, and it does not start in the evening, according to Torah itself, which is what Yahuah says, not me!! It is not even about me!! It is about Yahuah and what he really says!! Now, I do not know because I have not studied to know, is WHO HAS THE RIGHT CALENDAR!!! LOL!! There are many different beliefs on the Calendar Of Yahuah going by the sun, and people call the Enoch Calendar, because it was taught to and by Enoch, yet I see it is Yahuah's Calendar!! This could take awhile!!! Shaolm!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLit979B60Y     During his recent visit to Israel, President Barack Obama began his itinerary with a viewing of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Shrine of the Book at the Israel ...
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLit979B60Y

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Rachel Mangrum

1558344531056027 Rachel Mangrum:         This is how uncle archies spends his saturday watching his play football . He cant go watch them on friday because of he gets to cold quick :-( He is on the couch saying my boys are playing good :-) love it

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Rachel Quick

Rachel Quick: Please Like Me: Homosexual Sex Church Aunt Peggy     Way to go grandma.

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Rachel Sage McDonnell

Rachel Sage McDonnell: You're two faced.... you were going to call me fpr whatever bs excuse u gave them..

But really u were asking me to call all day.

Bahaaha fake ass nigga

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Movie Michael Calleri

10203164606615870 Movie Michael Calleri:         THE SMOKE-FILLED ROOM IS ALIVE AND WELL. EPQ WITH ANTHONY TONIGHT AT ALTERNATIVE BREWS IN AMHERST. Remember what it was like to be in a bar inhaling cigarette smoke, even though you never smoked? Well, smokers, and those who want to go back to that fond memory, are welcome at Alternative Brews, 3488 Sheridan Drive, in the Buffalo suburb of Amherst. Because it's fully licensed by New York state as a cigar bar, smoking of all kinds is allowed, except, of course, for THAT one.

Tonight, Saturday, October 25, you can hear the Ellen Pieroni Quartet from 9:00 to 1:00 a.m. at Alternative Brews. Joining them will be vocalist Rachel Heyman. EPQ is Ellen Pieroni on saxophone, Anthony Henry on bass, Harry Graser on keyboard, and Colin Sperrazza on drums. This is a 21+ show. Admission is $4 at the door.

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American River Community Church

American River Community Church: "Beware of the distractions that keep you from spending regular time with God. Remember to "face the Book," before going to your Facebook." Rachel Johnston, pastor of Women's ministry at Bayside Church , Day 49 devotional in our 50 Days of Unleashing Hope Series

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Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith: Who is exactly is going to the Largo park spooktacular??
The person I was meeting up with can't go,

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Amanda Jean

455623204578333 Amanda Jean: Timeline Photos     Take a moment and tag somebody who makes people feel like they're somebody!

This quote from one of our videos serves as a nice reminder to all of those working to make #Socktober so special for their neighbors who are homeless. Keep going! Be this kind of somebody! - Brad

p.s. Thanks to 'the daily note' for writing this out (http://instagram.com/thedailynote)     Krislyn Dorsel, Amie Novosel, Brittany Renner, Andrea Stockwell, Michele Garrett, Amanda Lea, Rosa Rose, Rachel Reynolds, Elizabeth Stevenson and so many others! Thanks for making me feel like i am SOMEBODY!!!!!

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Rachel Learned


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Alicia Lex

Alicia Lex: Everybody stay off the streets: November 8th is going down. Rachel Fuller and Katie Falk know what's happening ;)

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Rick Pease

Rick Pease: The other day a friend of mine made arrangement for me to meet Mr. Terry Meiners I have always been a fan of his, and wanted meet him. Joe Joseph Salisbury Contacted Linda Danna, The President and General Manager of WHAS 11 Told her about my health and situation and that one of my little bucket list things was to meet Terry Meiners. Ms. Danna set it up with Terry and My good friend Joe for us to meet. We went up to the WHAS11 Studio and I go tot meet Terry before the Great Day Live Show. We Talked for a few minutes, and then I got to Watch the broadcast live. I was amazed at the way show is run, at how well Terry Meiners and Rachel Platt the hosts of the show worked together. I want to take this time to let all my friends know that Ms. Linda Danna, Mr. Terry Meiners, Ms. Rachel Platt and all staff at WHAS 11 are some of the nicest and most sincere people I have ever met. For them to take time out of their busy day just so I could meet them just brought home to me that life has its ups and downs, but when you have a good open heart and you have God in your life, life is Beautiful.
Joe Salisbury, other then to thank you from deep in my heart I have no idea what else to say. You are a true Friend, and again thank you brother.

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Sewela Makgalo

Sewela Makgalo: Statuses We Would Be Updating
On FB If We Were In The Times Of
Abraham, Adam, Moses and
Noah, Jesus etc

1. Guys it's scary. Lot's wife just
turned into a pillar of salt..

2. Pimping my Camel.. Jerusalem
here I come..

3. Chilling with Moses by Mount
Sinai.. Miracles be going down
here.. #OMG !

4. Eve and Hubby got banished..
They ate from the forbbiden
fruit.. I mean who does that!?

5. Just chilling in first class At
Noah's Ark.. The view here is
Fantastic.. But 'em Lions keep
staring at me.. #Weird

6. Some people are soo Cruel!
Cain, How do you kill your own
bro.. #RIP Abel.. *Tear Drop*

7. Jacobs Status: Things we do for
Love, Can't believe I served her
father for 14 years just to get
her.. Got Mad Love for you

8. Isaac: my goodness! Dad nearly
sacrificed me.. #SelfieWithLamb !

9. One of Jesus' Disciples post:
What a Long day.. Walking and
Preaching the gospel.. Now
chilling with 'em bro's.. They guys
are funny.. #LLP (Laughing Like

10. Mary: Joseph is not replying
to my messages on WhatsApp.. He
still thinks I cheated.. Grow Up

11. David: Guys the balcony is
Dope.. I can see every female
Anatomy 101 #Word !

12. Jezebel: Victoria's secret is the

13. Samson: This chick just sold
me out.. I am going to bring the
roof down on this party.. #TurnUp !

14. Judas did what!!? That bro
aint Loyal

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Daryl & Daryls Pizza and Wings

721783081244496 Daryl & Daryls Pizza and Wings:         Winner Winner of the the Pizza, wings and T-shirt goes to Rachel Darnell! Congratulations! Please send me a message.
Having a game party today! Don't forget we have our sheet pizzas starting at $19.99. It will feed between 8-12 or more people! And our wings are Jumbo fresh wings, never frozen!!
Did you know we can also deliver any item from our carryout with your food! Including adult beverages. GO BUCKS!!!!!!
Harding Hwy 419-225-9464
Robb Ave 419-224-946

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Rachel Newton

Rachel Newton: Who's going OOK tonight??

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Rachel Dunbar

Rachel Dunbar:     So this has been going on for like the past 15 minutes.... #BrotherlyLove    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153238173963906

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Rachel Martinez

Rachel Martinez: Good morning wat go dwn today !

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Rachel Buechner

10154796153615457 Rachel Buechner:         Badger homecoming! :) Go Bucky #Badgers

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Rachel Burlock

Rachel Burlock: I cannot believe Im going on 27 weeks...time flies by when your expecting! Finally getting some maternity clothes today! Excited to wear something other than yoga pants and tights. Lol!

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Rachel McFarland

Rachel McFarland: I never understand people...they want a baby sooo bad but then complain when the baby keeps them up. They want a job sooo bad but then complain that the hours are wrong or the job is too tough. They want a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse then complain they are tied down. Do people think of the ramifications of having these things/relationships/children beforehand or are people just generally negative and can't be happy? Also, when looking back on our timelines, how often are we posting complaints rather than joyful things? From here on out, I am going to try to keep people informed about the good things in my life because everyone is carrying their own burdens, I don't need to add mine.

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Susan Jude

Susan Jude: On my way to Portland, Oregon with Rachel for some quality time together before she becomes a MRS.! This is a true adventure for me~looking forward to it! Flying across the country today~ just going over Colorado now~Going to be on planes for 8 1/2 hours today ~ anybody that knows me knows that is real proof that i love my girl more than i hate flying!!

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Tom Laz Bisley

Tom Laz Bisley: The Fault in Our Stars (2014)     To reward Rachel Marie Whittaker for going on a London adventure by herself we are watching more sickly teenagers.

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Wyer's Woods Spook Tour

Wyer's Woods Spook Tour: Our Final Scare - Thank You For The Memories    

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Miguel Jordan

565794820232596 Miguel Jordan:         I don't know what the hell I'm doing! Rachel get your ass up so we can GO!

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Rachel Ledbetter

Rachel Ledbetter: Joel Osteen Power of Letting Go Past         Joel Osteen Power of Letting Go Past.God Bless you All. Subscribe our Channel for more videos.
Watch the video: video http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Csd7lW1L99c

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Jana Brewer Disney

10154757404600023 Jana Brewer Disney:         My sister in law, Rachel Brewer, just walked the stage as a brand new Juice Plus Qualifying National Marketing Director! Woohoo! Team Puregoodness is going to the top in April 2015!! #puregoodness #beWellthy #changinglives

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Beccandsuzanne Koman

Beccandsuzanne Koman: Rachel North Charlotte Louise Vicky Mcwilton are u all going Clo-louise Mia Walsh party??? Xxx

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Kristy Moore

10201803512729707 Kristy Moore:         Can anyone guess who Allie is going to be for Halloween... Lol Thanks Aunt Rachel Hetzer-Brotherwood of course Allie loves her Elsa Dress!!!!

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Jennifer Tully Browne

Jennifer Tully Browne: Rocky theme song     Upstairs doing homework, and I hear Rocky music blasting from downstairs! MUST BE GAME DAY!!! Go Rachel, Julia, and Shannon!!!!!! #pregameritual     just felt like uploading one of my favourite songs from one of the greatest movies ever made.
Watch the video: video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhlPAj38rHc

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Denise Lennox Gurr

Denise Lennox Gurr: As hard as yesterday was for our family to say good-bye to someone as special as David, it was a reminder of how much we all love each other even though we aren't always in touch or live near one another. Emilia you are so strong and you stood by David's side for over 40 years. He was so blessed to have you for a wife and mother of your three children. In time it will be easier to remember the good times without crying. Those memories will make you smile. (Or burst out laughing because of who David was). I'm sure you'll want to shake your tiny fists a few times as well. And that's ok

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Markus Kaulius

Markus Kaulius: I want to wish good luck and blessings on all my Popeye's partners who are rocking their customer appreciation day today! Pop Vic, Popeye's Staff, Popeyes Lethbridge, Popeyes Coquitlam-Burnaby, Popeye's Richmond, Ruan Malan, Jeffrey Mac Isaac, JennyJen AndScotty, RJ Rj Hensley, Allan Noccey, Aaron Labarre, Rene Gutierrez Philippe-Antoine Defoy, Paul Bodnarchuk, Tarik Rahiman, Christopher James McCrudden and all the others I am missing. Today is the perfect day to go stock up on Magnum!! Good luck also to the 30+ Magnum athletes doing demos at the CADs all across Canada. Have fun Kyla, Heidi, Marie, Vanessa, Rachel, James, Vanessa, Taylor, Erin and everyone else!

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Rachel Meeks

Rachel Meeks: Michigan State Spartans Football- Fight song         Love the Spartans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--------------------------------------- Video dedicated to the memory of Steve Furness.
Watch the video: video http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eT_ZuY63qKw&sns=fb

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