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Ashley Baker

Ashley Baker: I DO NOT HAVE A PHONE!
i dropped it like 30 min ago and the screen busted. yes dropped it not thrown just dropped ever so lightly and the whole damm thing is busted. i cant even count the number of times ive thrown that thing across a room into a wall and it doesnt even leave a scratch.....
AND to top it all off my fridge is broke! everything in the freezer melted and there are puddles everywhere....now im going through and saving whatever i can in coolers with ice, and looks like im cooking and eating an ass load of food tonight....
Again i Do NOT have a phone, Dinah Dave Licht i will stop by tomorrow and see if the arena is dry enough to ride when i get done with Rachel Forrest-Weckel horses. Rachel can you please message me lowell and sandys number.
Cindy Baker, now i have to buy a new phone and a fridge :(

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Sherri Ciurlik

798878873477747 Sherri Ciurlik: Timeline Photos     My family would love to send out this gentle reminder in honor of Rachel today. Many of you are now back in school and we hope that if you see someone who is struggling to make friends, someone who is being bullied, someone who is being excluded, anyone who comes across your day and you sense they need a friend, we hope you are the change they need today! We invite you to step up and say hi, to smile, and to remind people kindness is alive and well in this world. You never know what people are going thru, and you never know how far a little kindness can go. My sister didn't get the chance to see how far it would go for her. But we have and we KNOW what a beautiful difference it makes in this world.

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Rachel Gwillim

Rachel Gwillim: Just labelled up the uniform ready for school tomorrow!! Hopefully the drop off will go well!

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Patricia Mannen- Nemzek

10152687054432402 Patricia Mannen- Nemzek: Timeline Photos     Hematite is a fantastic grounding crystal, helping you to stay focused on the present and more easily dismiss worries that go round and round in your head. A small flat piece like this heart is the perfect size to slip into your pocket & keep with you throughout the day.

Hematite Heart: http://www.healingcrystals.com/Hearts_-_Hematite_Heart.html

If you'd like to make a purchase you can use the code BACKTOSCHOOL14 for 10% off of your order along with a special gift for our Back to School promotion.


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Rachel Louise Lockey

Rachel Louise Lockey: I am going to be doing sober for october to raise money for mcmillian... more info will follow with my webpage... :) any donation no matter how small will help. :)

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Rachel Brandt

629039266407 Rachel Brandt:         Spent Saturday evening doing one of my favorite things with my awesome sister in law. Thanks JennandJoe Marseglia for the horseback ride!! Hopefully we can go again soon!!

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Fania de Grecia

Fania de Grecia: JamesBondShowFania     I just found this video of me performing "Another Way to Die" by Jack White & Alicia Keys at the Rotunda as part of a James Bond themed variety show Rachel Benoit and Adam Iezzi were putting together. The story behind this is that I didn't know the song at all when asked to do it. Life had gotten crazy after committing to the show and I realized a week before the show that I had not even listened to it! So I listened to it once but then was so busy that I realized Thursday night (show was Saturday night and I was working nonstop) I have not even begun to learn the lyrics. I came to the tech rehearsal Friday night asking to pull out. I felt terrible but I didn't know the words and had it written down on a paper for tech! Rachel asked me to sing it anyway with the cheat sheet. I did and she asked that I please learn it for tomorrow. I was working all day so I did my best. I came a few hours before the show for our brief rough dress rehearsal and botched the words completely. It was bad. I was mortified and said I should not go on. I was told, don't worry just do your best! Well, I have NEVER focused so much in my entire life! I went on stage so focused that I nailed the song and it even looked somewhat choreographed even though I was just improvising!!!! Enjoy this rather rough recording courtesy of Lee Tamaccio!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ3IRwgKunw     A video of me (Fania Maria Tsakalakos) performing "Another Way to Die" by Jack White & Alicia Keys at The Rotunda Theater in Philadelphia, PA as part of a Ja...
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ3IRwgKunw

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Rachel Crystal Trujillo

Rachel Crystal Trujillo: Well just got done spot testing lol now looks like I b heading back to Ivanhoe Visalia is boring as FUCK now but I gots to let it all go now finding out on da 29th if my son X will b coming home hope SHIT goes good n court. We'll see wat happens.....

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Jim Morgan

Jim Morgan: Just a warning...I renewed my Coach-Net policy for one year last December. Then this July I received an email from them saying my policy was going to expire on 9-5-14. So, I renewed without checking. Then today, I got a message from them that the policy was about to expire (even though I'd renewed for a year in July). So I just looked in my emails and found one paid policy that doesn't expire until Dec. 2014. And when I renewed in July, I'd prepaid by 5 months. And, the receipt they'd emailed said my new policy expired 9-5-15.

Called them and after being on hold for several minutes, Rachel came back, acknowledged their mistake, and said they would extend my policy until 12-15-15. So they gave me 10 days extra. That's cool, thanks. But...why didn't their system discover that they'd taken 3 months from my policy to begin with? And why send a renewal 5 months early?

So, I guess I'm suggesting you all make sure you check your dates before believing an email asking you to renew. Not just Coach-net but all yearly subscriptions.

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Arti Pau

656153691158915 Arti Pau:         Thank you Pannamotaba for the ALS ice bucket challenge. Unfortunately I am going to disappoint you and not throw clean water over me (sorry!). However if someone collect enough rainwater to throw over me I will let them (Ricky Lal) (lets hope it doesn't rain for a while!)

During university I volunteered with Little Big Africa(LBA) and learnt first hand how far people from rural villages have to walk to access water, which is not always clean. For this reason I am going to donate to ALS and also to LBA.

It costs LBA £650 to protect a water source and provide a local community with clean, safe, drinking water. And it costs LBA £880 to build a water tank in a primary school to allow pupils and teachers to study and work in a work in a clean and healthy environment. LBA puts 100% of donations towards projects.

I hope that you will all consider this before you take on the challenge. Also WaterAid has said that if you donate to them by 9 September, the UK Government will match your donation pound for pound, helping them transform twice as many lives - another worthy cause.

I nominate my LBA companions to carry on this challenge - Benjamin Davey Kekeli Dusu Sneyha Shah Rachel Vora Mitesh Shukla Sadiq Mussani get donating :)

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Rachel Wolf

Rachel Wolf: Rachel Wolf     It's that time of year again! In two months I'll be walking to support my very favorite organization, Farm Sanctuary, and their extraordinary work. Wondering what to do with that big jar of loose change, or the Facebook stock you sold, or all the money you've saved by cancelling cable? You can make some cows and chickens and piglets happy by helping me raise the remaining $510 of my goal! Every penny goes directly to care for neglected and abused animals, and toward improving legislation that affects how factory-farmed animals are treated in this country. Go on, help a turkey out!

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Hannah Johnson

Hannah Johnson:     Chris has fulfilled his ice bucket challenge for Motor Neurone. He nominates me, Rachel and Shingiemon. Here we go........ #icebucketchallenge #mnd    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152345314942918

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Decoded Feedback

Decoded Feedback: We want to thank Rogelio Salinas and Rachel Salinas for their amazing work on the video shoot for our upcoming music video for our new song "Waiting for the Storm". Thank you for your incredible creativity and wonderful friendship :) We had a great time even in that hot sun! What spectacular scenery! Thank you also to our new friends Low Impedance and Jaye Leigh Vincent for driving us around Austin. It was so much fun hanging out with you guys :) Not sure which was more fun: seeing the bats at dusk near the Four Seasons hotel, or going to Switched On to look (and buy) synths...

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Anna Lawrence

Anna Lawrence: Car fixed in less than a day and for less than $100! Plus they fixed the dent in my hood, no charge! Take that Jeffrey David and Gregory Schott! I sure lucked out didn't I? And thanks for the recommendation, Rachel Restaino! I let them know you were the one who suggested I go to them!

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Kenzo Page Feltner

Kenzo Page Feltner: holla @ me for going for a run so I can reach my goal weight
and holla @ Rachel for motivating me

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Rachel-Victoria Baxter

Rachel-Victoria Baxter: I've decided that I'm never going to get down to my original weight. I'm okay with that. After all, 6lbs 6oz. Is just not realistic. #selfacceptance

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Neil Theblink Morgan

Neil Theblink Morgan: NHS SOLD...To the highest bidder!         The British National Health Service is being dismantled and sold off right before our eyes. But the media is not telling the public. These are interviews aft...
Watch the video: video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-huHPzbMXc

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Rachel Elizabeth Kramer

Rachel Elizabeth Kramer: Should I go for a run, or should I roller blade... Decisions decisions.

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Donna Alford

Donna Alford: The Price Is Right's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge         #DrewCarey, Rachel Reynolds, Amber Lancaster, George Gray and Mike Richards complete the #ALSIceBucketChallenge! Who's next? Ready, set, go #WayneBrady! Let's Make A Deal
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152414066806785

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Rachel Davis


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Rachel Ryan Lindsay

Rachel Ryan Lindsay: Check up went brilliant today baby perfectly fine. Alls iv to do know is wait for my little princess to come cant believe im going be a mammy any day now

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Rachel Bell

Rachel Bell: Can you Go Sober for October?     Samantha McLean this must be what Rachel was talking about on Sunday...

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Rachel Rowe

Rachel Rowe: I need to go buy groceries..

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Tim Wolfson

Tim Wolfson: Weight Of The World /// 10 String Symphony (Rachel Baiman & Christian Sedelmyer)     I have nothing to say but "wow". This is going to be a perfect show for the Winery.     The Grand Sessions Presents: 10 String Symphony live, performing a new original, Weight Of The World, from The Fiddle House in East Nashville, TN. 10 String ...
Watch the video: video http://10stringsymphony.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=400142a65618aa0300b588a6f&id=8edbba91f8&e=1f2ea80ac7

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Rachel Wilson

10101064811980473 Rachel Wilson:         We are having a HUGE sale this Friday and Saturday from 8-2. It's on Long Creek (county rd 13W) in willow wood, ohio and will be indoors, so rain or shine, it's on. TONS of kids clothes, baby gear, adult clothes, appliances, home furnishings, exercise equip & so much more. This stuff is priced to go.
From Huntington/Proctorville: go out st. rte. 775 for 13.5 miles, turn right on to county rd 13 and follow signs. From Ironton: follow 141 to intersection where it meets 775S and take right (at Wilgus). Go aprox. 2 miles and take left on to county road 13 and follow signs. Hope to see you all! PLEASE SHARE THIS POST.

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Rachel Roser

Rachel Roser: FROZEN - Let It Go Sing-along | Official Disney HD     Im back .. Full force .. # 2 stay .. # anchor my Ship ... :)     A preview of the sing-along version of Disney's award winning "Frozen" in UK cinemas nationwide now! To book your tickets go to: http://www.findanyfilm.com/F...
Watch the video: video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0MK7qz13bU&sns=fb

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Carmen Navarro

Carmen Navarro: Barack Obama They Don't care about us     Obama is the only President of the United States that fights for the middle class and poor of his country if that makes him a bad person and according to some their worst mistake then the great United States of America has lost hope and soon its significance to the world will be diminished as new superpowers rise to the occasion. Dont fool yourselves Americans China is now the world Hegemony and the top super power and it didnt get there by hugging up the extreme right a country must look out for the well being of its citizens and that is what President Barack Obama is doing ensuring that the middle class does not fall into the poorer class and the poorer class does not fall into a state of total helplessness and anarchy. The world look to this man because we see the goodness in him we see a leader who stands out for prosperity and peace not war and hatred and i tell you if the US should go on the path that the Republicans desire certainly there will be another world war and our worst fears will realize as it will be a nuclear war stop pushing the President into compromising his values he is doing a great job and would have done wonders if it wasnt for a Congress that is myopic and self centered and believes in nothing but the GOP. They are all UNPATRIOTIC not one has the backbone to stand up for what is right not one this is not the United States that the founding fathers envisioned. Listen to The Rachel Maddow Show this Journalist gets it why cant you all?     Barack Obama They Don't care about us
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=865259913503488

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Rachel Bjerstedt

Rachel Bjerstedt:     Soo cute! Let's see more cop videos like this go viral!     Police officer caught on camera in a dance battle with some kids on the street - brilliant!

Youtube: Kansas City Missouri Police Department
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=879895592039402

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Caila Byrd


Rachel, Josh, Nikolai and I need some tips on cheap places to stay (do you know anyone that will let us crash??), places to go, things to see and food to eat. Bizarre recommendations are not only welcome, but encouraged.

We'll be driving down south in early October.


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Rachel 'Eddie' Dunlop

Rachel 'Eddie' Dunlop: what am I going to do? he was my constant companion, I can't sit or stand or anything without him - Eddie you took mommy's heart with you

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