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Amber Helton Dodds

Amber Helton Dodds: A Scare Spreads In Florida     Barbara Klintworth Helton

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Janis Helton Williamson

Janis Helton Williamson: Play and win free coins!    

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Tina West

Tina West: Good night world! God and the Angels surround you with their care and love. Remember who made this day possible and thank Him. Keep the Helton family in your prayers as you say them tonight. And all the others out there sick, injured, lost, and in need of whatever it may be. God knows! Amen.

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Jenny Harms Doughty

Jenny Harms Doughty: Try This Healthy Alternative to Potato Chips: Baked Kale Chips!     Jason K Helton Scottsdale Allen

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Brittany Lynn Newman

Brittany Lynn Newman: Bed. It's been one of those days. Everybody please continue to keep lil Paul Helton Barbara Ann Helton & family in your prayers. He's doing good but still in critical condition. There only letting immediate family back we're he's so critical. There needing all the prayers they can get. I can't imagine what their going through. We love you all & your in our prayers. 🙏🙏🙏

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Larry Van Hook

Larry Van Hook:    

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Jonathan Helton

Jonathan Helton: Downtrodden

Fake a smile just for today, when your back is turned it will slowly fade away. I can not treat what ails my heart, the more I put together, the more there is to fall apart. The tears don't come any more, just this constant tired woe, there seems little I can do, and nowhere for me to go. I just want to shut my eyes and will the world away, go to some other place and there for ever stay. You say you love me, you'll never leave me lone, here I am and I am not made of stone. I know now that I have a soul, there is so much that I feel, the coldness if this wild is all to fuckin real! I just want a way for things to be ok, but I have to wake up and it all just slips away...

Short poem by
Jonathan Jonathan Helton

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Brooke St Myers

Brooke St Myers: I can't wait for Destiny Helton's baby shower. I feel the need to spoil her and the baby. Lol

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Alyssia Danae Scott

Alyssia Danae Scott: Putting on my pjs and calling it a night before Jonathan Helton comes home.

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Judy Carlton

Judy Carlton: we buried my sister today, almost 65 yrs old. too young. she hasn't been the same since she got hit by a hit and run back in 1986 on fulton st. her name is linda reed she used to be linda helton, and im gonna miss her

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Gene Ramirez

Gene Ramirez: Who hit some PR's today? Maris Ana, Deidre Helton, Meghan Edmondson, Gemma Arnott, Tim Dohey, Theresa Tran, Cory Blair?

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Veronica Marinez

10152465687583159 Veronica Marinez: Mobile Uploads     How many of y'all be like this? Lol http://bit.ly/1pGSzrl

Like my page >> Spectacular — with Earnest Scott and 18 others.     Ain't this the truth Ashley Helton Takara Childs Noah Paul Cody Sanders Jessalyn-Hope Santos Jessica Ranstead Alice Acosta-Karnes

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Michael Huffman

Michael Huffman: Drunk Eagle     Crazy. Carol Helton Neal see they can could pick up any of our fur babies.     Go Home EAGLE! YOU ARE DRUNK!!!
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=487610307944746

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Donna Pinson

784317781619163 Donna Pinson:         Shared a wonderful evening with Don and Patsy Helton @Rodizio grill for their 53rd aniversary

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Connie Helton

Connie Helton: We need prayer for my nephew .and the helton family. Praying that god will heal him. And please be with his wife, mom and dad and brother and sister . We love u Brenda Bradshaw Helton and family.

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Onai MissinWaun Stallings

Onai MissinWaun Stallings:     Fredia Helton Lol     Lol
follow BlackPeople Vines
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Gordon Anderson

Gordon Anderson:     Airbus Ballet! The magic of fly-by-wire!
    Foi o Pouso mais loko que ja fiz em toda minha Vida !!! André Braun, Manoel Neto, Helton Freire
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Cory Shortt

Cory Shortt: I did this once before and I guess I'll do it again. She is amazing so she's my wcw. Marissa Helton. Can't get enough of this girl.

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Erik Clary

Erik Clary: EKG a la Hjörtur og Þorbjörn     Shauna Helton and all of my other medical field friends     Það styttist óðum í Vorfagnað Hjartadeildanna 21. apríl!
Er hárkollan reddí? Ertu búinn/n að kaupa miðann?
Set hér inn brot af EKG kennslu Hjartar og Þorbjörns frá því á vorfagnaðinum í fyrra.
Sjáumst svo í dúndurstuði síðasta vetrardag!
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=384246797308

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Helton Estates

Helton Estates: Had a wonderful Birthday party for Patrick Helton hard to believe he will be 20 years old in less than 45 minutes Love you and our family

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John Orvis

John Orvis: I got PASS - Can you answer 10 history questions?     Thank you to Harvey, Helton, and Trager.

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Jazzmine Nicole

Jazzmine Nicole: My bootyful WCW's are: (no order)
Dajiah Tuel
Carly Dru Alexander
Courtney Brooke Skeen
Lindsay Lloyd
Deanna Cornett
Kaylee Patterson
Whitley Kaylor
Brandi Helton
Noelle Hope
Shayla Reynolds
Halee Crane. Couldn't decide.

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Mary Rivas

Mary Rivas: I'm asking for prayers for Paul Helton and I need not go in detail. I just need prayer warriors to join my family and I in prayer for him and his family. As a mother I can't even imagine what his mom Brenda must be going thru this family needs god healing touch and love. God let your presence be felt and angels band around Paul guide the drs. To know what to do.

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Terri Austin

786455101376444 Terri Austin: Mobile Uploads     My sister tagged me in this earlier. Made me chuckle lol 🙈 K x — with Rachel Fallon Rock and 33 others.     Who is who Sharon Helton Phillips?

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