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Claudia Estrada

Claudia Estrada: Team Harmony Lavender, I'm going over to sign us up after I shower around 6:pm
Hope I run into you. I'll turn in the paperwork just ask to finish sign up when you can make it. We MUST pay before the 1st to get our 15% discount and free training session. ;)
Nancy Helton Findlay Angela Avery Mikaila Schaefer

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Scott Uebelhor

Scott Uebelhor:         This is Savannah Jack taking the #alsicebucketchallenge. We were nominated by #RedHeadExpress, #JoeEddins and Glen Helton. We would like to nominate #LoveandTheft, #HomeFreeVocalBand, #BryanWhite and #BillyMontana.
Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to complete the challenge within 24 hours and nominate people of your own. This will spread awareness for ALS, aka Lou Gehrig's disease. Don't forget to donate either way. If you don't complete the challenge, you must donate a minimum of $100. This msg will self destruct in 3.....2.....1....

Just kidding
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152681273687743

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Lisa Helton Gullett

852449388098509 Lisa Helton Gullett:         My babies Matthew Gullett a sophomore at Graham and Ashley Nichol Gullett a freshman at Northeastern. Band and football at two different schools who aren't in the same division! It's going to be a long season :-)

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Kim Helton

Kim Helton: Yup im a big kid im eatting fruit loops with out milk in a small cup.... Lol....

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Michelle Helton

Michelle Helton: I feel terrible. Im at work. My baby is hurt 4 wasp stings. .. moms coming buddy. Soon as i can ...

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Tom Helton

Tom Helton: I think im going to be a stuntman lol

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Daniella Almeida

Daniella Almeida: RF Linhares x Amazonas - Com Helton Morais         Descrição
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbH6DZl0tMc&feature=youtu.be

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Morgan Helton

Morgan Helton:     if anyone was curious as to how my child will be if it were to exists then here is the perfect example     Well, that escalated quickly
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=865995386756855

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Carl Helton

Carl Helton: www.imcdb.org     Southern Miss picking up one of their players and heading up to MISSISSIPPI STATE.

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Pit Grit

Pit Grit: Mike Helton: Tony Stewart Would Be Eligible For Chase - Pit Grit     Six-time Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson said he was pleased that NASCAR could be flexible to allow exemptions and that he hoped that course of action would be used going forward.

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Center of Nascar

Center of Nascar: NASCAR clears Stewart for Chase eligibility    

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Boyd Helton

Boyd Helton: August 29: Gottlieb Daimler patents the first motorcycle on this date in 1885     https://autos.yahoo.com/blogs/motoramic/august-29-gottlieb-daimler-patents-first-motorcycle-date-132935347.html

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Morgan Danielle Helton

Morgan Danielle Helton:     ALS ice bucket challenge.    
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Lesa Helton Watson

681594758597816 Lesa Helton Watson:         Alegria shoes, in excellent condition, sz 37, asking $50.00 each

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Vivian Helton

801755439875214 Vivian Helton: Mobile Uploads     Happiness is popcorn and a movie.     =) TONIGHT !!!!! =)

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Smocked by Stellybelly

Smocked by Stellybelly: Linda Helton     Winner! Winner! Winner!
Congrats Linda Helton, you are the very lucky winner of $100 worth of free Stellybelly threads! Please email us at info@stellybelly.com and we will let you know how to collect. Happy Friday!

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Alice Helton

714916991911159 Alice Helton:         Picture day

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Twilla Manheim

Twilla Manheim: Stylish Eve     Sylvia Helton

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Giovane Guilmo

10152692530474446 Giovane Guilmo: Timeline Photos     Para quem não entendeu -> http://bit.ly/1qN66St

Tirinha criada pelos amigos do Nintendólatras!     Lucas David Helton Diego

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Clay Hewett

697547023632444 Clay Hewett:         Tim Helton it came out glorious! Haha long overdue buddy. Heading your way tomorrow morning.

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Jimmy Helton

832863136746736 Jimmy Helton:         After___ thanks Monty Crouse

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Jimmy Helton

832862800080103 Jimmy Helton:         Before

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James Helton

James Helton: Steve arrested on a scissor lift         most yall probably seen this one. it's november '09 when i got hauled off in the middle of my workday! #SteveJessup #ScissorLift we're already gettin shitty in the shop! new show in just a lil bit. see ya at 4.20
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=732125270157174

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