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Malgorzata Janowicz

Malgorzata Janowicz:    

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Jon Janowicz

Jon Janowicz: Happy Turkey Day People!

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Ruth Marie Rice-Janowicz

Ruth Marie Rice-Janowicz: I still get excited watching the Thanks Giving parade, I even cry a little when I see Santa.
May each and everyone of you and your families have a wonderful Thanks Giving Holiday, but be careful about over eating( I know easier said than done, lol).
I hope each and everyone of you out there will remember our military, who can not be with their families today. Also those who are ill or in the hospitals,( my own cousin, Jerry (Rocky) Stone) is in icu I believe or ccu in Petoskey Mich.
Please pray for the ill, military, and each other. God bless each of you.

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Jarek Janowicz

Jarek Janowicz: Daily Bonus    

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Piotr Janowicz

Piotr Janowicz: Palais d'Egypte    

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