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Kim Jelinek-Edwards

Kim Jelinek-Edwards: Having some lunch while for Reese's game at noon in Delavan. ..

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Elizabeth A Jelinek

Elizabeth A Jelinek: Cream Bassist Jack Bruce Dead at 71    

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Sharla Jelinek

681330468611627 Sharla Jelinek: Timeline Photos     With Nina Lyne Corvinus Tet and 25 others.    

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Sharla Jelinek

10152397342464425 Sharla Jelinek: Timeline Photos     Photo by: Hessel & Hannes    

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Robin Adams Cooper

727473920668802 Robin Adams Cooper: Timeline Photos     Class C-1 football playoff bracket has been released by the NSAA. The Falls City Tigers will travel to and play the Norfolk Catholic Knights for their 1st round playoff game. Game time and school information will be made available when the details are finalized.     Bobbie Adams Jelinek, looks like we are making a road trip!

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Richard Jelinek

460755334066906 Richard Jelinek: Timeline Photos     I can not wait to make this PUMPKIN PIE ANGEL FOOD CAKE this weekend!

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Radek Jelinek

Radek Jelinek:    

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Radek Jelinek

Radek Jelinek: Throne Rush - The most challenging game 2014    

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Debbie Jelinek Capps

671749526202740 Debbie Jelinek Capps: Timeline Photos     I felt like I needed to SHARE this...    

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Virginia Jelinek

Virginia Jelinek: Will you live to be 100?     Wow, now if I only had more money.

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AmyChad Jelinek

370119999830387 AmyChad Jelinek:         BKE jeans. Never worn. Pick up only. 29S. $10

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Christa Jelinek

Christa Jelinek:    

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Joan Jelinek

10152735904593552 Joan Jelinek: Timeline Photos     I love this! So funny!! - Terri — with Mari Teco.    

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Liz-Mary Jelinek

Liz-Mary Jelinek: Tourist to her husband: "Go touch her and see if she's real."
Please........please don't..... #imrealipromise

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Jelínek Jan

Jelínek Jan: Jelínek got a daily card reward!    

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Marta Young

Marta Young: Sandy Chabica Jelinek and Dawn Yonkman

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Joan Jelinek

10152825900529700 Joan Jelinek: Timeline Photos     CATS & BOXES

Not every box is empty.    

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Brett Jelinek

Brett Jelinek: Defend Reverend Pinkney!     From Gordon Matthews: "The Berrien County trial beginning this Monday at 8:30am now has a jury and it's all white. Pinkney is from Benton Harbor, 96% African-American, but the jurors are from the surrounding white towns.

Here are some other glaring irregularities:

--Prosecutor Mike Sepic on 3 or 4 occasions asked the jury pool, "Could you convict someone without evidence?" Right after he asked this question each time he nodded his head - indicating that they should answer in the affirmative.

--Prosecutor Sepic also told the jury pool several times that evidence was not necessary in order to convict someone.

--Judge Schrock did everything he could to help Prosecutor Sepic. "

The message broadcast goes live on Monday morning. We need 25 more sign-ups before then. Help us spread the word!

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Gail Jelinek

449856391752407 Gail Jelinek: Timeline Photos     LIKE & SHARE! — with Meryshia Hess-Hochstetler and 49 others.    

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Bill Jelinek

10152797298318514 Bill Jelinek: Timeline Photos     How does this happen??

www.thestonerscookbook.com — with Maniacal Butcher and 7 others.    

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Joan Jelinek

649688645146623 Joan Jelinek: Timeline Photos     www.butterbin.com
Here's a great post about nurses    

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Jiri Jelinek

Jiri Jelinek: Level 237    

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Radek Jelinek

Radek Jelinek:    

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