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Brittney LeAnn Burdine

Brittney LeAnn Burdine: ORIGINAL lyrics im working on: Twisted Heart. Anthony Lewis Josh Elliott picture a more upbeat rock rythm, like "Haha you didn't win" type feel. Opinions/suggestions

I thought i saw you the other day, but it was someone else.
No waves of fear washed over me, i love the freedom that i felt.
For far too long i let you win, gave in without a fight.
But thanks to all your bullshit, im no longer so polite.

I Hope it made you feel good, to strip away my soul.
Letting out the hatred, i worked so hard to control.
You're left to wander in the wreckage, your world stays ugly and dark.
You'll get what you got coming, Karma has a twisted heart.

The memories fade more everyday, & sleep is getting easier.
I've been noticing the sun, & my shoulders feel lighter.
I don't cringe when i hear your name, and my stomach doesn't turn.
I'm not anxious anymore, & your words no longer hurt.

Shes quite a paradox,
yeah, she's both light and dark.
Loved by all the martyrs,
Karma has a twisted heart.

Chorus x1
Yeah you'll get what you got coming;
Karma has a twisted heart.

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Jordan K Alcorn

Jordan K Alcorn: Moron Brothers - The old Firefighter.wmv     Good tune right there!
Jody Durham Josh Waldo Craig Shaver Tj Giles Justin Bailey Steve Hales Jr. Matt Hackney Toby Leinart Charlie Elliott Richard Darryl Kerley Jason Benjamin Eric Mocsari Kerry Osborne Ray Burney David Gray Adam Daugherty Daniel Epperly Randy Alcorn-Wendy Yarborough Alcorn Skylar Shay West     To all my friends in fire,ems,police. we all can relate to this song. Thanks to the Moron Brothers ( Lardo and Burly ) for there great songs and stories.
Watch the video: video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=as2Nm9S_n3M&sns=fb

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Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott: Josh Elliott     At least I know who my real friend's r now good looking out !!!

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Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott: One day to b out of my house barely halfway done helppppp!!!!

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Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott: One day to b moved completely out n not halfway done wtf helppp!!!!

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Vic Premier League Tipping 2014/15

Vic Premier League Tipping 2014/15: Round 12 Ladder

A wopping 14x tipsters got 5/5 this week - Bevo being one to keep some form leading into Xmas

1. 48(5) Ryan Bevis
2. 44(4) Jarrod Burt
3. 43(5) David Tebbet
4. 42(5) Scott Rutherford
4. 42(5) Paul Titcombe
4. 42(4) Elliott Rabinov
7. 41(5) Robert McMullen
7. 41(5) Troy Maclean
7. 41(4) Josh Sanders
10. 40(5) Bob Watt
10. 40(5) Addy Wetzler
10. 40(4) Bryce Young
10. 40(3) Nathan Murray
10. 40(0) Dylan Fisher
15. 39(4) Nathan Lynch
16. 38(5) Alex Skilton
16. 38(5) Graeme Spencer
16. 38(5) Stephen Creek
16. 38(4) Scott Guymer
16. 38(4) Nick Doyle
16. 38(4) Chris Lee
16. 38(3) Jordan Yates
22. 37(4) Jarryd Smith
22. 37(4) Mitch Cole
24. 36(5) Brad Lancaster
24. 36(4) Mick Pacholli
26. 35(4) Sophie Jolly
27. 34(4) Natasha Russell
28. 33(5) Melinda Poile
29. 31(4) Anthony Witkowski
29. 31(3) Ashley Vesty
30. 30(4) Joshua Corless
31. 29(4) Gary Wilcox
32. 27(5) John Roberts
32. 27(0) Kim Lynch
33. 26(0) Lachlan Jolly
34. 25(3) Michael Stanley
35. 22(0) Jack Woodhouse
36. 20(0) Ben Rupert
36. 20(0) Nathan Lewis
38. 19(0) Ben Loughlin
39. 17(3) Simon Collett
40. 15(0) Farris Derrij

Enjoy the break 👍🍻

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Linda Reach Moore

Linda Reach Moore: 5 Ways to Manage Your Child's Meltdown -     Read it parents, and try it, can't hurt. Could save Christmas dinner.

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Neville Norton

Neville Norton: Kingaroy Speedway    

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