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AV Alex

761228313955450 AV Alex:         Lets do this Kennewick,WA. you've been added to the #ASAM celebration this February. This tour is going to be awesome! #SYTYCD followed by Sam Smith, R.Kelly, Jeremih, Brian McKnight and recently added Gabriel Iglesias .

I need more events for the month long celebration!

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Felicia Bergdahl

10152877026086183 Felicia Bergdahl: Timeline Photos     KEPR has learned the man found dead at a Minnesota rest stop was a 23 year old Kennewick resident. http://bit.ly/1GwpDwO     This is crazy!

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Stina Rae Photography

Stina Rae Photography: RiverSands Kennlueur Liqueur Now Available     I am SOOOOO beyond excited to share this big news. I was approached last month to start working with Riversands Distillery to shoot for their new liquor bottle labels and advertising campaign in the future.

RiverSands is getting ready to introduce their 1st Liqueur, Kennewick kennlueur, a delightfully smooth and soft Hand Crafted Liqueur for quite time pleasure. Here is a peak at their first promo and keep an eye out for the unveiling of the label.

I am so excited that Gigi Spott, Betty Bleu, Ruby Mae and Lucky LaRue will be gracing the fronts of the bottles!!!

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Robert Zoric

Robert Zoric: paypal ready......looking for a HPI sprint 2, e-10, or some drifter?? need 1 more drift car as a Christmas present... RTR or ROLLER let me know im in Kennewick have paypal or cash...pm, call, text 509-619-5405

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Tupperware Kennewick

580287955434717 Tupperware Kennewick:        

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Washington News

Washington News: Officials: Kennewick student shot by Minnesota police had knife     The Seattle Times - Officials: Kennewick student shot by Minnesota police had knife http://ow.ly/2Sma6o

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TC Levent Dizman

TC Levent Dizman: Officials: Kennewick student shot by Minnesota police had knife     Officials: Kennewick student shot by Minnesota police had knife http://ow.ly/2Sm8iH

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Tina Bates

1002796289737769 Tina Bates: Timeline Photos     Video as Emily Martin-Badeaux, a local leukemia patient, and her family get a special holiday surprise from Santa and his elves at Trios Health and the Kennewick Fire Department http://www.tri-cityherald.com/2014/12/19/3321130_a-special-christmas-for-the-badeaux.html?rh=1    

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Denny Treat

Denny Treat: I drove Mary to Kennewick for a job this morning ... we stopped at Mickey D's on the way in for a potty break and soft drink. Mary happened to mention to an old (like me :p ) couple that today was my birthday. They said "Happy Birthday" to me, then I chatted with the guy a bit. He mentioned that getting old was a bitch, but was better than not getting old. Then he talked about how we oldsters get so well acquainted with the medical community. I told him I was already riding that train. Then he said he was on his way to see the doctor to get some test results. I told him I hoped the results were good, and he said he hoped so too, else the prognosis would be gloomy.

Then he said "I don't usually sing Happy Birthday to people, but ..." and he looked at me, took a deep breath, and then sang in this deep slow measured voice to me, us standing by the soft drink lids and straws and such:

"Happy birthday ...
Happy birthday ...
Gloom and doom are in the air,
pain and suffering everywhere
Happy birthday ..."

I smiled and thanked him for the cheery song, and he smiled and said "It is cheery, isn't it." Then I wished him good luck with his test results again, and he walked away and out the door. I have no idea what his name was, but I do know this was probably a once-in-a-lifetime event, having someone I'd never met before, a fellow member of the "old man club," spontaneously sing happy birthday to me there standing by the counter at McDonald's. :)

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