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Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor: The Perfect Proposal     This guy is smooth

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Maria Cincotta

Maria Cincotta: Auzzie FCKN PRIDE    

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Pauline Daniels

Pauline Daniels: Angy Gregg    

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Chainz Gully

Chainz Gully: Chainz Gully - Best Of Em' (Official Video) {HD}         New Must See Chainz Gully - Best Of Em' (Official Video) Prod By JIG Directed By Chainz Gully ..302GULLY The Mixtape Coming Soon...11-14-14 .
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/7an0WBOOF98

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Liz Campbell-Taylor

10152468178956801 Liz Campbell-Taylor:         The grand and glorious 2008 Celtic Peacock by Avroair. One of my (admittedly many) favourite geocoins :D

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Ciara Holden

Ciara Holden: Angy Gregg     Love this, Dennis O'Donnell and David Holden, love the meanings of ur names lol

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Darlene Frank

Darlene Frank: Sarah Willey    

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Shana Williamson Richardson

10205229534563136 Shana Williamson Richardson: Mobile Uploads     Ingrid Gunn Otero and I fell in love with this baby! She's so sweet and set to die tomorrow :( please share!

Allison Strickler Kelsey Adams Alex Phillips Zaira B Causey Bridget Adams Love Nicole Billeau Kosler Cynthia Nicole Claudine Vass Tammy Canton Cindy Fitzgerald Dayna Watson Runge Danielle Ramsey Ranee Walters Gilbert Jackie Denese Garbs Diane Walding Taylor Elizabeth Kohn Erica Hennequin Stacy Elizabeth Furever Home Shari Flood Sandra Flarity Teresa O'Toole Garrone Heather Hanson Melissa White Raynor Johnna Leider Marshall Chris Blankenship Jenkins Liz Clarke Welch Melissa Roe Tammy Anderson Nelson Tiffany Maki Gina Urbanak Vincent M. Morales Jr. Xio Rodriguez Zoila RN     From my friend, Gina Urbanak: Tomorrow is my birthday...all I want for my birthday is for this dog to be rescued... And like 250 more. She's at fort bend animal control. You don't even have to adopt her, you can foster her.

Gina is a great friend to the animals - help me make her wish come true. Share - foster - adopt -sponsor the vetting ($75) There are two adoption events Saturday - can you just keep until Saturday?? It would save a life. Andi Sobran how about this one?

ID# MG1044. She is sweet and a little hyper from being in the cage - she seems to know she isn't meant to be there!

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