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Conchi Rodriguez Garrido

708233792547476 Conchi Rodriguez Garrido: OLD HOLLYWOOD     Liz Taylor,1957    

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Jove Belle

Jove Belle: Anyone writing today? I'm thinking around 2pm PST. That's 3pm MST, 4pm CST, and 5pm EST. Anyone care to join me? Ashley Bartlett, Barb Winkes, Angela Musselman, Amy Dunne, Sheri Lewis Wohl, Eric Andrews-Katz, Ken O'Neill, Liz McMullen, EJ Runyon, Yvonne Heidt, Kathy Brodland, Kim Taylor Blakemore, Jennifer Santoro, Marissa Cohen? Any others?

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Tampico Debra

Tampico Debra: Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls for end to corporate tax inversions     It doesn't matter whether your Rep., Dem. or like me Peace and Freedom, we should all agree on this! Garth Watrous Hannah Bertollini Watrous Blake Smith Yauni Smith Erik Benaquisto Melinda Mahboobi Giamaica Rose Adam Rose Erin Schall Doris Tabieros Sean Kelly Erin LaPooks Alvarez Susan Bert Susan Marsh Richard Winn Taylor II

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Victoria Rivera Silva

Victoria Rivera Silva: Liz taylor!

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Terri Vavrick Taylor

665159153555462 Terri Vavrick Taylor: Timeline Photos     With Courtney Aguillon and 17 others.     Have u felt this? Its magic....love my babies, liz taylor, chris taylor, isabel taylor.

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Gregory Enyart

Gregory Enyart: so, I'm revealing myself as a techno-dinosaur here. My I phone is fully charged, I prop it on the table and push the video on. I nail a 10 minute set with my new Richard burton Shakespeare love poems to liz taylor and my phone stops taping at 37 second mark. which it also did at a previous show... tech help, please ? apple stores give me vertigo.

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Ginger Corriell

Ginger Corriell: Vicious Vixens Magazine     Yay! I'm on that list!

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Janene Scouller

Janene Scouller: Okay today has arrived, time to go to Texas to see Jessica Scouller, Lewis Kohler, Justin Kohler, Cameron Kohler, Myles Kohler, Shawn Shepard Taylor, Uncle Kenny, Liz, and our princess Malah! Bags packed=check, boxes of smoked fish mailed=check, frozen gold streaked=check! Time to get to the airport! Here we come Texas hope your ready!

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Juliana Lamberti Levy

10204738217239809 Juliana Lamberti Levy:         The Many Lives of Maggie The Cat (Liz Taylor)

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Vicious Vixens Magazine

Vicious Vixens Magazine: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the list of all of the beautiful ladies who will grace the pages of the August "Rod Vixens" Issue!!!

Alli "Riot Girl" Chastain
Betty Lee
Bobbie Dawn
Bomber Doll
Brittany Pursel
Dana Delacroux
Gypsy Queen
Hemi Von Ruckus
Jasmine Rivera
Jaynie Jezebel (Cover Model)
Lady Liz
Laura Luscious
Madame DeVille
Mischief Madness
Milly Moi
Ms. Kitty Galore
Raven Hell
Rockabilly Bettie
Sadie Deville
Samantha Roxy
Shayna Alexis
Taylor Fogarty
Xanthia Pink

Photographer Spotlight: H.A.R.D. Photography
Special Feature: Mint Salon and TNT Tauna's "Mad Men" Special!!

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Carlos Grown Man Porter

684151768325439 Carlos Grown Man Porter: Timeline Photos     Round 1 has now ended for Season 5 of The Prayze Factor People's Choice Awards. Nominees advancing to round 2... the video review and promotion round... has begun... if you have not submitted your video please do so today... voting ends August 13th... #prayzefactorawards5 It's still anyone's win... so get ready... get set... GROW! Christopher D. Williams Donald Malloy LaRuth Bostick Holloway Candice Jones Precious Thornton Smith Kenneth Kay Morris Kevin Riley Liz Merriweather Tony Dollars Brodric Purvis Deborah A Culp Vania MsVee Edwards Vandarray Show Evangelist Faye Mosby Catrina Reese Angie Cleveland Garry Moore David Marcus Angela D. Stanley Sandra Godley Edwrin Sutton Minister Eugene Allen Akita Campbell Taylor Kimberly Bulgin Wanda Mo'net Artist Page Apostle LaJaye Britt Jon Gregory Graham Clarence St Clair Adams Soul Collector for Christ (SCFC) Darren Edward The Two Grown MeN Greg Walker Adam and Belinda Yasmine Ariana Muby Dey Anitta Smith Rated PG - Praise Generation Tammy Trout Min JR Guilford Jamie E. Parker Music Stephanie KMinistries Allan Kellan Ismael Ramos Appointed2 Hayden Singleton Aunt Mable and Friends Tim Adams Todd Curry Joson JWat Watkins Lakeba Wallace William T. Davis Jr. Kevin Strawder Yolanda Snipes Renee Sunday Tony BiggTone Price Audrey Jones     My Holy Hip-Hop group The Two Grown MeN need your support ! Please visit www.prayzefactorawards.com

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