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Wee Diolata Salulog

Wee Diolata Salulog:     Teddy Altman is gone!
Lexy Grey is dead!
Mark Sloan is dead!
Arizona Robins is amputated!
Derek Shepherd is on vacation!
#SeatleGraceMercyWest is flipping!

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Dawson Morgan Ceramic Works of Art

Dawson Morgan Ceramic Works of Art:     So I guess it is time to tell all my FB art people that we are moving back to my hometown area in the Alabama Gulf Coast. I'd also like to invite you to our Farewell Party and offer you %50 off any of my work at Wood Icing that day. Please click the join button so Heather knows how big the cake should be. I appreciate you all so much and remember it's not the last of me or my work for Saint Louis Fairs and Shows.

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Lorraine Baltzer

10152106199723123 Lorraine Baltzer: Timeline Photos     Memorial Sloan Kettering medical oncologist Mark Kris appeared recently on PBS NewsHour to discuss personalized medicine and how genetic testing has improved treatment for many patients with lung cancer. Watch the video: http://to.pbs.org/1iDuQZe     My mentor....best MD I ever worked with (8+ years). He is reason I am who I am and so sucessful. Great MD! Great man!

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Ben Draper

Ben Draper: Gregory House is the anti-Mark Sloan.

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Paolo Scorsone

692792370785550 Paolo Scorsone: Mobile Uploads     — Mark Sloan, Grey's Anatomy.    

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Olivier Bailly

10152378543592673 Olivier Bailly:         Mark sloan

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Olivier Bailly

10152378542667673 Olivier Bailly:         Mark sloan

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Olivier Bailly

10152378541877673 Olivier Bailly:         Mark sloan

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Harmony Sawyer Gibson

Harmony Sawyer Gibson: "Mark Sloane, 1968 - 2012" Pas pleurer, hein...[I remember everything...#FiveFigerDeathPunch]

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Samantha Caputo

Samantha Caputo: Mark Sloan!!!!

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Wood Icing

Wood Icing:    

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Samii Vilvi

Samii Vilvi: Mark sloan


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Daniela Costantini

692792370785550 Daniela Costantini: Mobile Uploads     — Mark Sloan, Grey's Anatomy.    

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Romain Sengel

Romain Sengel: RIP Mark Sloan

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Sophie Da Luzia

Sophie Da Luzia: RIP Mark Sloan

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Series Addict Report

Series Addict Report: RIP Mark Sloan #GreysAnatomy , i miss you so much !!!!

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Chelsea Henderson Bieber

473367539460119 Chelsea Henderson Bieber: Timeline Photos     Are these tables awesome or what?! While I'm enamored with the natural wood rattan on these nesting tables, I'm so sad to report that it's just not in good shape. Too many scratches and water marks. SO, since they must be painted, I've narrowed the choices down to three colors and am having a really hard time deciding: PARIS GREY, (a soft grey by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint), OLD WHITE, (a creamy white, also by ASCP), and DUCK EGG, (a soft natural aqua, by ASCP). If you're having a strong emotional reaction to any of those colors, please leave your thoughts in a comment below, (or feel free to throw in another color idea)! I'd love, (and need), your input!!!

Thanks, guys!

P.S. - These will be available at the Fairfaxe Lake Park Flea Market on June 7, (8am-4pm)!     Help a girl out? Leave your ideas Chelsea's Garage!

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Justin Posey

Justin Posey: I was challenged by Diana Dean to post one of my favorite Bible verses and i have been thinking about which one I wanted to share. My favorite person in the Bible is Paul. I find myself so interested in his journey and the love he had for the Lord. He went through so much persecution and trials sharing the Lords word with others. So this is one of my favorite verses from Paul.

"But he said to me, "My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness." So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. That's why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong." ~2 Corinthians 9-10

I want to be more like Paul, to Love and Serve God the way he did. When he found the Lord and started believing in him, he dedicated his whole life to serving him and sharing his word with so many others.

I challenge Paul Davis, Dianne Davis, Frances Davis, John Martin Davis, Lisa Davis Young, Daniel Mark Davis, Betsy Parsons Davis, Judy Jordan Posey, Sharon Arnesen, Shari Shaw Roberts, Jennifer Michaels, Tracey Young, Martha Webster, Rhonda Gentle Posey, Maggie Jones, Brandy Sloan, Ross Jaeger

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Larry Freire

Larry Freire:     Chantelle Ramirez De Arellano Alex Arellano Manny Torres Luis Cobraviperpit Freire Henry Chade Katherine Danaher Chade Natalie Albright Natalie Fernandez Robert Alexander Betance Milton Ibanez Anthony Baez and anyone else thats interested. Spread the word!

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Olivier Planeix

Olivier Planeix:     now replaying, on air : Deep and Soulful House mix from Sonia DoblefeuckUu (Toulouse, France) in Planet X presents House Fundamental Radio Show 182 (20140421) on http://stromkraftradio.com/ - High Quality stream 320 kbs -

For all players : http://stream.stromkraftradio.fm:8012/listen.pls

Played History:
ELECTRONIC - Jingle by Mark Kavas
Played at: 23.4.2014 @ 15:57
TUBE and BERGER - COYU presents SUARA PodCats Radio Show
Played at: 23.4.2014 @ 14:56
ELECTRONIC - Jingle by Sascha Luxx
Played at: 23.4.2014 @ 14:56
Rainer Weichhold - STROM:KRAFT presents CIRQUE DU SON exclusive Radio Show
Played at: 23.4.2014 @ 13:44
ELECTRONIC - Jingle by Claudio Fiore
Played at: 23.4.2014 @ 13:44
eeneMeene (Hamburg, Germany) - STROM:KRAFT presents SPACETRONIC exclusive Radio Show
Played at: 23.4.2014 @ 12:42
ELECTRONIC - Jingle by Sascha Luxx
Played at: 23.4.2014 @ 12:42
Get Closer - My Favourite Freaks Podcast #61 Get Closer
Played at: 23.4.2014 @ 11:42
ELECTRONIC - Jingle by Claudio Fiore
Played at: 23.4.2014 @ 11:42

Olivier Planeix STROM:KRAFT - Radio

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Robert James Greenhill

Robert James Greenhill:     Come along to a free event and catch a glimpse of student history on 30th April with Wessex Films, as we screen the best of student filmmaking from the last six decades! Featuring documentaries about exciting events at the University of Southampton, among narrative shorts, music videos and other things. Make it the last thing you do before preparing for exams next month! :)

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Timo Elzmlkawy

Timo Elzmlkawy: Mark Sloan & Lexie Grey-Negi 3ala Balo عبد الفتاح الجريني -نيجي علي باله     [!]     Mark Sloan tells Lexie Grey that he likes her and she is surprised why he is telling her that. Clips belongs to abc and the song to it's respective owners. S...
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT8GS5eOsjo

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BBC Radio Suffolk

BBC Radio Suffolk: Rachel Sloane sits in for Mark Murphy today .. would you want the NHS to pay for any treatment for you, no matter what the cost? The medicines watchdog for England and Wales, NICE, says a new drug to treat breast cancer is too expensive for the NHS. NICE says it's unlikely to recommend the use of Kadcyla, which costs around ninety thousand pounds for each patient. The manufacturer, Roche says the drug is the last resort for some women. Phone 01473 212121 or leave your comment her

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Kelly Bayles-Cagle

Kelly Bayles-Cagle: Come on people help us out only 10 names left! We have to do better than 9 Denise Colleen Gholson Sloan said she had 9 left...the class of 1984 can do better than the class of 1989! I need your help! Debbie Debbie Coufal do you know Marc Coufal's address? Mark Jansen do you know Steve's...Randy West do you know Mikes?..Brian Cooper you have done so well what about Paul Weller?

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Glenna Sloan

Glenna Sloan: HOME     Easter 2013. He's Alive Tour. The last half of the video is an interview with my beautiful son who went to his heavenly home on January 31 of this year. I hope you'll be blessed. In a minute I'll post the Easter 2014 video that is related.

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Matt Piucci

Matt Piucci:     I think we played our very last show ever at the Berkeley Square in 1987. Back in the East Bay for the first time since then.

WIll be busting out a bunch of songs we have not done in a while.

Cmon down.

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Magen Randol

Magen Randol: The Last Ship | TNTdrama.com     Oh how I miss you, Mark Sloan!

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Christi Harris Bennett

Christi Harris Bennett: Next set of missing address' ... I think the second 1/2 of the class is missing far more address' than the first 1/2!!!
Jeremy Leatherwood
Phillip Leon
April Lillie
Kevin Little
Eric Luman
Angie Mars Schmidt
Marty Martinez
Amit Masih
Scott Matthews
Jared Meeks
Brian Mincher
Beverly Mitchell
Michael Moore
Brian Morrison
Trena Neely
Jon Nelson
David Novosad
Virginia Oden
Cindy Ogle
Heather Olsen
Arthur Onspaugh Jr
Sean Patrick
Shannon Perkins
Jeremy Phelps
Buffy Price
Larry Rardin
Brian Reed
Ryan Reese
Richard Reid
Wilson Rovers
Traci Robertson
Brandon Robinson
Eli Rounds
Andrew Ryan
Jennifer Satterfield
Bobby Sayadeth
Deborah Schwarz
Thomas Scott
Wayne Sears
Jason Shiling
Michael Shipley
Suzy Sims
Jason Skoch
Brad Sloan
Ryan Smith
Tina Smith
Joshua Snyder
Michelle Sorick
Tara Standlee
Mike Steele
Janet Tate
Shannon Terry
Stephanie Tumbleson
Febi Varughese
Denise Vick
Chance Vineyard
Mark Wagner
Aaron Wake
John Walker
John Ward
Brad Wedman
Gary Whitaker
Vanessa Woolsey
Tim Yandell

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Rachel G Thompson

Rachel G Thompson: Kevin Sorbo Official Facebook Page     Jo Jo Ellen Sloan

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Robyn King

Robyn King: I just watched the Greys where they kill off Mark Sloan. I am crushed. 😩😩😩

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Thomas Vaile

Thomas Vaile: Thanks for the add Mark Sloan u will do good u r easy to deal with and do people wright

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Southpaw Damoneymaka

235030486691998 Southpaw Damoneymaka: Timeline Photos     **Please read this!!!!**

IM WEAK! :p     Mr elrod @ dalewood lmao ...
Mr Sloan 2 ahahahahahaha Mark Lew Marco Campbell LaDarius Price Marcus Fleming

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MIT Sloan School of Management Alumni

MIT Sloan School of Management Alumni: MIT Sloan Finance Forums     Boston Finance Forum is May 16!

Come join us and hear from Andrew Lo, Deborah Lucas, Robert Merton, Adrien Verdelhan, Jonathan Parker, Mark Kritzma, Eric Rosenfeld, Roger Stein, and Paul Willen as they discuss evolving financial markets and policy changes, and bring a global perspective to the challenges facing the industry.

Read the agenda and register today at the link below!

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Ballycastle Golf Club

Ballycastle Golf Club: Glandore Cup - Open Stroke - Monday 21st April

1st Place: Eddie McMullan (13) Nett 68 (36.5/31.5)

2nd Place: Ciaran McFarline (13) Nett 68 (33.5/34.5)

Section One (0-12) Neal McAuley (9) Nett 70 (37.5/32.5)

Section Two (13-16) Liam McGarry (15) Nett 70 (35.5/34.5)

Section Three (17-28) James Sloan (23) Nett 70 (38.5/31.5)

1st Gross: Francis McGinn (3) 76 (39/37)

2nd Gross: Mark McCormick (3) 77 (37/40)

CSS = 72 (Reduction Only)

Two's x 8

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Racquel Barnes

Racquel Barnes:     Katherine Emmons look ! !

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Ana Elizabeth Capote Monzon

Ana Elizabeth Capote Monzon:     My Khal is coming

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Floretta Jackson

Floretta Jackson: Homegoing Service for Reginald Sloan, husband of Joyce Sloan, President, BTW Class of 1971, Vice-President of the BTWAAA, friend and advisor to many will be held on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. at St. Mark AME Church, 3605 Campbellton Road, S.W. (corner of Campbellton and Barge Road), Atlanta, GA 30331 (404) 349-6800.

The viewing will be held on Friday, April 25, 2014 from 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at Gus Thornhill's Funeral Home, Inc. (404) 768-2993.

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Garrett Piersa

Garrett Piersa: Report: Marriage equality will add $60 million to Virginia economy over 3 years     Not only is marriage equality the right thing to do legally, but it would also add $60,000,000.00 to Virginia's economy! Adam Lester Elliott II, Colleen Vaughan, Nicholas Freer, Amy B Reineri, Charles Sloan Chan Massey, Krystal Drewry, Kristin DiLoreto, Mark Myers, Marita J. Rea, Elena Dårlig Wolf, Elizabeth Massie, Barbara Spilman Lawson, Mesa Fama, Helen Futrell, Katie Xena, Hex Keith Nottingham, Angela P. Wade, Patti A. Watkinson, Lynda Achorn, Nicole Achorn, Samantha Leyda, Yvonne Hilliard-Bradley

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Animate! Miami

Animate! Miami:     PLEASE SHARE the Facebook event page for FLORIDA SUPERCON July 3-6, 2014 - https://www.facebook.com/events/194210944084345

Planning to attend? RSVP and let us know! Plus, don't forget to check out our website at www.floridasupercon.com for all the latest news and updates

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Shirley Sowersby

Shirley Sowersby: Imperial Filey    

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Michelle Nicolo Prentice

299976773501062 Michelle Nicolo Prentice: Timeline Photos         My hubby with his old time friend Lyle Lovett playing on a record of Billy Joel songs produced by Monty Powell! Mark met Lyle Lovett back in the 80s when he came back from Europe and J. David Sloan and Billy Williams put a band together for him. Mark was in that band. It was a very nice reunion last night. Good for you babe!!! And thank you Monty Powell!!!

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Bob Higgins

Bob Higgins: Orphans and Inmates     COMING SOON. .. to an E- reader near you

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Brianne Waslo

Brianne Waslo: To ALL. Ok so after today and remembering the good ol days and thinking about John Bozzi. Im thinking we need to have a throw back cookout, for just the fun of it. My house is open, or we can to park, whatever. But spread the word, share the post, whatever we gotta do. Lets get everybody together for a MASSIVE cookout!!! Everyone let me know if you would be down and we will set something ASAP.!!!!

Ashley Bullett, Ashley Hawks, Ashley Donadieu, Garrett Sloane, Jahlil Cook, Travis Davis, Nikita Marie Riggleman, Matt Fleenor, Eric Fleenor, Krysten S. Warner, Alicia Brubaker, Frank Martinez, Eddie Talley, Mandy Renee, Shane Tatu, Felicia Andre, Felicia Johnson, Josh Hartman, Jessie Marie, Jessica Madison, Jessica HolbornLaura Feathers, Shawna Pierce, Mark Fillmore, Chris Price, Jason Wilkins, and again anyone else. PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD. Gotta make this EPIC!!!!

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