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Lewis McKinley

Lewis McKinley: Can't help but feel like shit all the time, hate it 😔

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Debbie Ehlebracht McKinley

Debbie Ehlebracht McKinley: I'm starting to organize the lunch for the homeless shelter on December 6th. I'd like to make this a special holiday lunch and trying to come up with a menu. Traditional turkey, ham, salads, etc. or something different? Also, someone suggested giving goody bags to everyone with food, gloves, socks, etc. What are your ideas?

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Min Demetrius Terrell Brown

Min Demetrius Terrell Brown:     Lord have Mercy on him God that had me week     Niki Lynn LaShanta Bell yall play too much!! Lolol. ITye Mychelle Amber Mckinley Kiaria Kay-three Bennett look at this!! #DONE
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Kenneth Borntreger Whitchard

Kenneth Borntreger Whitchard: So excited to join the Arts Council of Kern staff as the Office/Programs Manager. This new job opportunity will not replace my current position with McKinley I will be continuing my employment with the Bakersfield City School District this opportunity is truly a blessing and I'm so grateful that I get to work in a field that I am most passionate about. Such an exciting moment for my family and I!

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Kristopher Harold-Bo McKinley

Kristopher Harold-Bo McKinley: Sometimes you just gotta sat "fuck it"
And pick a random box of hamburger helper...

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Lucas Jay Bush

10152740061310236 Lucas Jay Bush:         This dog is running around on McKinley st. Has orange collar. Friendly

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Steve Mckinley

Steve Mckinley:         FUNNY! (ladies are gonna love this)
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Dynel LovingNoah Mckinley

Dynel LovingNoah Mckinley: I love my fiancé sooooo much King J-Hoodz he makes me and the twins happy EVERYDAY!!! Hard working and striving to make everything thing work out for us..can't wait to be Mrs.Dynel Chavers😍👨👶👶👼👩

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Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado

Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado: EFCO has had a busy month educating schools about epilepsy and seizures! Thank you Woodglenn Elementary in Thornton, Wellspring Community, McKinley Thatcher Elementary in Denver, Aurora Frontier K-8, and Acres Green Elementary in Littleton for encouraging your staff and kids to learn more about this condition that affects so many! If you would like to set up a training in your school or community, please contact Marcee at marcee@epilepsycolorado.org

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Lindsay McKinley

10101668496262038 Lindsay McKinley:         My handsome little Bam Bam is getting his winter coat. I love when he gets all fluffy!

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Manuel Galeote Jimenez

Manuel Galeote Jimenez: TRY OVERTAKING ON THIS STREET CIRCUIT         2014 Vios Cup at McKinley West in Bonifacio Global City, practice and qualifying day (October 18, 2014). Watch the actual race today (October 19). Registration starts as early as 7am.

For the full schedule of today's activities: www.topgear.com.ph/news/racing-news/guys-you-seriously-shouldn-t-miss-the-last-race-of-the-2014-vios-cup

Video courtesy of Toyota Dagupan Car #55.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=788044074575996

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Robinease McKinley

Robinease McKinley: All 5 mid terms FINALLY finished!.. I thought this day would never come loll :)

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Heather Butland McKinley

Heather Butland McKinley: When Someone Attacks Canada, They Don't Respond With Irrational Fear. They Do This Instead.     I love this guy. Sorry, Sydney Butland.

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Mckinley So East Side Jr.

Mckinley So East Side Jr.: Lexi Alsina FaceTime me?

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Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis: To the parents that pick up and drop off their kids at McKinley, have some respect to the neighbors. Please don't park in their yards, block their driveways, or blast your music to where we can hear it inside our houses. How would you like if others did it to you at your home?

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Hubie McKinley

10204152589748469 Hubie McKinley:         Look at this one for TBT

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Melissa Mckinley

Melissa Mckinley: What is wrong with the world? ....

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Leslie Mata McKinley

967850113230692 Leslie Mata McKinley:         Helping spread the word for fellow DS peeps! ;) check them out, they might have some sweet xmas deals for ya!

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Kristopher Harold-Bo McKinley

Kristopher Harold-Bo McKinley:         Going to the bathroom after watching a Scary movie.
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Kristopher Harold-Bo McKinley

Kristopher Harold-Bo McKinley:         Off The Rez
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Lindsi Mckinley

Lindsi Mckinley: Jaden Sorenson
Yur game is at 5 ryte?

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McKinley Art Solutions

McKinley Art Solutions: SHIELD OF STRENGTH & HARMONY - Judy Shintani (floor 4, UCSF Women't Health Center 2356 Sutter St)     Bamboo bends but does not break because of its flexibility and deep roots. Its hollow trunk reminds us to be humble and open to new experiences. It is a symbol of good luck and peace and renewal. || Judy Shintani's 'Shields' (floor 4, UCSF Women's Health Center) honor the strength and serenity women carry for their family, community, and the planet.

ARTIST'S RECEPTION: WED, OCT 29 5:30 - 7:30P 2356 Sutter St, SF Floors 3,4,5,6 & 7

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Simone Mckinley

986136294735508 Simone Mckinley:         The aftermath of two special treats Thanks Definitionofadiva Thatsme and Donna Nettles

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Carik Nice

Carik Nice:     #ImDone
Jc Vazquez Chase McKinley     You can't run from Steve Austin!
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Mariah McKinley

Mariah McKinley: Everyones married, engaged, or in some sort of weird relationship... and I'm just chillin with netflix eating bon bons.

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Tiffany Mckinley

Tiffany Mckinley:         MC.Mooks At it again what a sick brother rocking out on the tram to a song R.I.P
Rest in Peace to the people past and no longer in the present.
Rest in Peace to the people dying you seat is waiting in heaven.
Dear lord we pray for breath for the souls that can Not speak.
For their hand is on our shoulder it makes us Strong no longer weak.

On the guitar is KingWolf and as you may know rapping with me is Incredible Dave and singing is last but not least MC.Mooks MC.Mooks
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Roseanne McKinley Knowles

10202765853660037 Roseanne McKinley Knowles:         Clouds over Oak Grove as of 2:09 PM 10/23

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Dana Rae McKinley

10152524507888386 Dana Rae McKinley: Timeline Photos     #inspirational    

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Faizan Iman

Faizan Iman: ONE FOR THE BOOKS         For those who missed the third and final leg of the 2014 Vios Cup held last weekend at McKinley West in Fort Bonifacio.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=790362181010852

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Mckinley Cougar

Mckinley Cougar: Fake News!! CNN & BBC Busted!! ISIS Is A Fake Threat!! 2014     Every one must watch this!     Shocking proof that crisis actors, green screens, CGI, and paid propagandist are being used to fake worldwide events in order to scare people into giving up ...
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di888JG8x44

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Jamai Fisher

Jamai Fisher: When someone loves you because they have to thats not called love thats called prostitution. - McKinley, Theology 2

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Jessica McKinley

Jessica McKinley: Let it snow, let it snow :-) got what we need for winter now, all set! Lol Abby's gonna be so surprised when she gets home tomorrow at lunch huuuge surprise :-)!

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Tammy Maynard Mckinley

565968820178260 Tammy Maynard Mckinley: Timeline Photos     ...and your b'day month is _______. #rebelsmarket — with Christal Nicole McMillen and 12 others.    

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Lavondo Fatboygemini McKinley

Lavondo Fatboygemini McKinley: Umm Sharonda Gamble wya

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Karmen L. McKinley

Karmen L. McKinley: My ultimate pet peeve and I have a few, is for someone to make plans, I re-arrange my schedule and the cancel #ugh #blacklist

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Tammy 'Lawson' Chavies

Tammy 'Lawson' Chavies: Well, that was harder than I thought!! Driving away from your home for the last 15 years is not easy! Yep, I cried like a baby!!! We will miss all our wonderful neighbors!! Janean Cardenas Edgar Cardenas Teresa Cardenas Christina Cardenas Jessica Cardenas Lonna McKinley Elaine McKinley Doug McKinley Rylie McKinley Patrick Higgins Cari Parrish-Higgins Lorena Lowe Kimberly Harshbarger

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Amanda Leffew

Amanda Leffew:     Aubrey Hollinger Crystal Osner Bailley Mckinley Addie Johnson     Men Try On Ladies’ Sexy Halloween Costumes

Starring Eugene Lee Yang and Keith Habersberger and BuzzFeed's Zach and Ned!
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1543337555807121

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Re-Elect Juvenile Court Judge Kathleen Stewart Richey

Re-Elect Juvenile Court Judge Kathleen Stewart Richey:         McKinley is supporting Judge Richey on November 4th! Here is why:
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=390854591066056

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Tennessee Missions Connection

Tennessee Missions Connection: COGOP Replay: Sylvia Hardin (September 16, 1951)     In honor of Global Missions Month, we thought we'd share this rare clip from the 1951 Annual Assembly of the Church of God. (Special thanks to Media Coordinator Shaun McKinley). Here, Sylvia Hardin, Women's Missionary Band General Secretary, is promoting the missions offering and shares that God placed on her heart to give the first $500. (According to the inflation calculator, $500.00 in 1951 had the same buying power as $4,660.00 in 2014.) The Minutes of the 46th Assembly show an offering was received in the amount of $22,321.60. Enjoy this clip and thank you to all those who have generously given to missions this month!
Shaun McKinley Tennessee Church of God of Prophecy (Official) Tennessee Women of Grace     We found this precious clip in our video vault of Sylvia Hardin, Women's Missionary Band Secretary, sharing at the 46th General Assembly of the Church of God in…
Watch the video: video https://vimeo.com/109757539

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MarquisAllday McKinley

MarquisAllday McKinley:     Join me tonight for #SweatBox

Everyone welcome at this intense, full body workout!!
Come EARN IT!!

"Sweat precedes Success."

#AllDay #HealthCoach    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10204945454456102

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Dan McKinley

Dan McKinley: Tamika R. Malloy we need to get the menu together for thanksgiving!

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Michaela McKinley

Michaela McKinley: Anyone got any jump leads please?

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James McKinley Rake II

804967536193388 James McKinley Rake II: Timeline Photos     Lana & NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski Once Dated?

http://www.ringsidenews.com/article/23805/lana-nascar-driver-brad-keselowski-once-dated/     Kyle Britton Amber Rashael Kinder

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Will McKinley

Will McKinley: Archie Comics Come To Fox With New Drama Series Riverdale From Arrow and The Flash Producer     Archie Comics series coming to TV as Fox drama from the producer of "Arrow" + "The Flash." And it sounds like "Twin Peaks."

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AnJeleise Mckinley

AnJeleise Mckinley: Sometimes I try to force myself to understanding certain stuff...I still just don't understand.. People these days smh!!!

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Kristopher Harold-Bo McKinley

Kristopher Harold-Bo McKinley:         Lunchtime heart warmers with this beast. Cheeky fella hippy jumps a dog for Jah's sake!

FULL edit here: http://sidewalkm.ag/didgathecat
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=733324180075355

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Jaidyn Mckinley

Jaidyn Mckinley: Whos your Top 4 Friends ?    

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James Mckinley

James Mckinley: Halo Nightfall - Official Trailer     This should make some ppl happy. Halo     Glimpse into the story of Halo Nightfall in this official trailer.
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/BUTqtwXLD9M

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