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Jeff Cheong

Jeff Cheong: Recurring trends from awards videos in today's Effies judging:

1. Time lapse animation of Singapore's scenes.

2. Mission (near) impossible task to achieve for a huge campaign with tiny budget (although we have seen the campaign on TV, print, cinema etc)

3. A quote from PM Lee. (Actually he didn't make that quote specially for the campaign)

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Adrian Tham

10152045415839856 Adrian Tham: Mobile Uploads     To all my fellow friends and colleagues from the service industry... Thumb up... To PM Lee — feeling great.    

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Adam Roe

Adam Roe: Looking for quotes to turf garden in Keighley (near Long Lee) PM if interested. Thanks

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Cathay Cineplexes

Cathay Cineplexes: Winners of Brick Mansions Premiere tickets!    

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Panpages.com: Congratulation to the Winner's for #BrickMansion ! Hereby you are the first 30 entitled to watch the First Screening for #BrickMansion organized by #RamEntertainment !

Please collect your prizes at Panpages booth at GSC Cinema Paradigm Mall on 22 April 2014 (Tuesday ) from 7.00pm- 8.00pm.

The movie will start at 9.00 pm. See you there!

Here are the Lucky Winners!

Winners are entitled with 2 Screening Invitation Passes:
Foong Kein Hoong
Dilina Kamaruddin
Lee Chun Yip
Soo Kien Leong
Chyi Yin Ng
Ho Keen Loong
Joey Yap
Yang Guo
Terry Yong
Hoe Yau Tuck
Zhihow Ng
Badiuzaman Mohd Noor
robin ong
Fara Hanis
Maximus Ho
Jc Hk
Ivy Lee
Liu Andrew
Daphne YL
Kalpana Gopalakrishnan (Kavitha)
YuanChing Tai
Terry Lo
Kevin Tay Cheng Young
Vivien Phan
Cowan Toh
Liang SK
Mickey KCh'g
James Loh

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Ken Teh

10151934970556901 Ken Teh: Mobile Uploads     I love you, PM Lee!    

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Candy Ang

10151934970556901 Candy Ang: Mobile Uploads     I love you, PM Lee!    

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Pirakas Ramachandran

10151934970556901 Pirakas Ramachandran: Mobile Uploads     I love you, PM Lee!    

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Thomas Wong

10152362934975330 Thomas Wong: Mobile Uploads     Do you guys and gals.. agree what PM Lee said???    

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Carla Russell

Carla Russell: Facebook Player for Kozmic Mama | R&B/Soul     Kozmic Mama has a show on 04/18/2014 at 08:30 PM @ Lee Ann's in Huntsville, AL http://www.reverbnation.com/c./poni/274449526     R&B/Soul | Meridianville, AL
Watch the video: video http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/fb_share/89973

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Lee Tyler Post

Lee Tyler Post: Facebook Player for Lee Tyler Post | Americana     Lee Tyler Post has a show on 04/18/2014 at 10:00 PM @ Th... in Hilton Head Island, SC http://www.reverbnation.com/c./poni/274442692     Americana | Hilton Head Island, SC
Watch the video: video http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/fb_share/409392

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Justin Lim

Justin Lim: Whenever I want to buy Mee Siam to eat,Mai hum alway appear in my mind...All thank to PM Lee joke..

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Jonathan Lim

Jonathan Lim: MP Gan Thiam Poh Strikes Again!     Moron

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Colonial Downs Race Track

Colonial Downs Race Track: (NEW KENT, VA---4/16/14) ---- A total of 15 bull riders and 47 barrel racers have entered this weekend's Virginia Stampede Pro Rodeo presented by Myrna's Boots 'n Bits, scheduled Friday and Saturday at 7 PM at Colonial Downs.

Five additional rodeo events will take place including bareback riding, steer wrestling, tie down roping, breakaway roping and team roping. Competitors from eight states have entered and each evening features a completely different set of participants.

New Kent, Virginia, home to Colonial Downs, is well represented by barrel racer Meredith Tate, tie down ropers Scott Lipscomb, John Sallee and Jacobie Morris, breakaway ropers Kelly Lipscomb and MacKenzie McNamara and team ropers Sherry Lipscomb, Tyler Mawyer, Joe Parsley and Jeff Brown.

Three Virginians will take part in the bull riding competition including Kody Cox from Bland, James Parker from Gordonsville, B.J. Whorley from Bedford and T.J. Anderson from Fort Lee.

Gates open both evenings at 5:30 PM and rodeo action starts at 7:00 PM. A children's Easter Egg Roundup, hosted by rodeo clown/funny man Mighty Mike Wentworth and the Easter Bunny, will be held Saturday at 6:15 PM on the track's front lawn. Kids 10 years of age & younger can participate.

Tickets are on sale at colonialdowns.com, Myrna's Boots 'n Bits, or by calling 804-966-7223, ext. 1032. Kids (12 & under) admission is $5. Advance sale general admission is $15 and grandstand admission is $25. A value priced Family 4-Pack is on sale for $30. Prices increase day of at the gate.

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Lancy Mong

10151934970556901 Lancy Mong: Mobile Uploads     I love you, PM Lee!    

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Singapore Daily

Singapore Daily: Indonesia apologises to S’pore, PM Lee sends Friend Request to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono | New Nation     Good to hear that they are crushing candies together again :-)

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Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk (RADAR)

291769220987584 Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk (RADAR): Mobile Uploads     Need a three week foster!
Please PM the page for foster application     SAVE A LIFE!!


If you are in the Lee County, NC area and can foster, please message the Friends of Lee County NC Animals page ASAP!

Thank you!

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Danny Lim

10152045415839856 Danny Lim: Mobile Uploads     To all my fellow friends and colleagues from the service industry... Thumb up... To PM Lee — feeling great.     Think he worked service line before ba

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Yeu Yong Yeo

Yeu Yong Yeo: In PM Lee's Coalition "Naive" is the new "Daft".     I couldn't agree more!

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Colonial Downs Race Track

Colonial Downs Race Track: Entries are all set for this weekend's Virginia Stampede Pro Rodeo. On Friday, we have 8 bull riders & 20 barrel racers including Meredith Tate from New Kent! On Saturday, there are 7 bull riders including T.J. Anderson from Fort Lee, and 27 barrel racers! Rodeo action begins at 7 PM both nights.

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Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk (RADAR)

291769220987584 Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk (RADAR): Mobile Uploads     Need a three week foster!
Please PM the page for foster application     NEED 3 WEEK FOSTER FOR OSCAR! HAS RESCUE INTEREST!!

If you are in the Lee County, NC area and can foster for 3 weeks, please message the Friends of Lee County NC Animals page ASAP!

Thank you!

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Blair W-tony

Blair W-tony:         PM Lee speaking at the press conference held after the Malaysia-Singapore Leaders’ Retreat in Putrajaya earlier today.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=688516997877676

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Chris Henson

Chris Henson: MP Gan Thiam Poh Strikes Again!     How many talking out of their a##es over the past two days already??

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Lum Chee Hong

10151934970556901 Lum Chee Hong: Mobile Uploads     I love you, PM Lee!    

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Masande Matuntuta

Masande Matuntuta: Let me thank every1 who wished me a happy born day (frndz n family)...indeed it was marvellous, infect I'm still enjoyng my dae till 12:00 pm. "Lee lilanga lee lami"

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Tony Chee

771044006260377 Tony Chee: Timeline Photos     Look how one student handles a question he doesn't know how to answer -- by deleting it http://bit.ly/1iotscS     Next PM Lee, great at covering up problems

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Kaii Iscrazy

10151934970556901 Kaii Iscrazy: Mobile Uploads     I love you, PM Lee!    

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Goh Siaw Pheng

Goh Siaw Pheng: MP Gan Thiam Poh Strikes Again!    

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The Art Students League of New York

The Art Students League of New York:    

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Huiling Kong

10151934970556901 Huiling Kong: Mobile Uploads     I love you, PM Lee!    

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Rick Zi

Rick Zi: In PM Lee's Coalition "Naive" is the new "Daft".    

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Eric Lindell

Eric Lindell:     TONIGHT: Eric and Co. kick things off at Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz...look forward to seeing you all there...


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Yak Chin Hua

Yak Chin Hua: Tan Kin Lian     “Firstly, do not be afraid. You have a right to exercise, to have a say, in how your country is run,” Jeyaretnam told Reuters in an interview ...

“Singapore is not going to collapse. Competition in politics is as necessary as it is in economics to ensure efficiency.”.....

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Zulkefli Mohamad

Zulkefli Mohamad: Singapore PM, Lee Hsien Loong once said that he's prepared to go to war for water but our STUPID Kalit would rather have his fellow citizens live without water to ensure the federal government is denied of the bigger chunk of the water deal.

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The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern

The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern: Singer-songwriter Jessica Lea Mayfield Offers a Track-by-track Analysis of Her New Album     Jessica Lee Mayfield is a Ohio native with a unique sound all her own. Her latest album "Make My Head Sing" just hit shelves. Check out a track by track analysis of her record and really get to know the singer songwriter and her inspirations. Don't miss your chance to see her live at The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern.

SAT, May 10 | 9:00 PM (8:00 Door)
Ballroom | $13 ADV / $15 DOS | All Ages


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Eddie Teo

Eddie Teo: MP Gan Thiam Poh Strikes Again!    

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Gary Ng

443352295810983 Gary Ng: Mobile Uploads    
💠Call Wendy Goh 98586690 for viewing appointment! 💠


- 450m from Lakeside MRT
- beside Canadian International School
- lake sports & recreation just across the road

(Business Times: 10 Apr 2014)
🚈 PM LEE identified JURONG EAST as a VERY ATTRACTIVE site for Singapore-KL High Speed Rail Station!

💭 Imagine the influx of tourists & business travellers into JURONG GATEWAY! Value will set to SOAR!

📈 Before the government identify Jurong for more development & growth, BUY LAKEVILLE NOW before its FULL APPRECIATION!


👏 Our nation record-breaking project, J Gateway was sold @ an average of $1,450 - $1,550 PSF, hitting the highest @ $1,774 PSF! 738 units were FULLY SOLD in just 12 hours!

👍 LAKEVILLE, just 1 MRT stop away from Jurong Gateway, is priced from $1,153 PSF, to an average of just $1,300 PSF ONLY!


💥 Prices for unreleased units are about 2% HIGHER, and current prices are set to increase without prior notice!


Call now to make your appointments!
☎ Wendy Goh 98586690

Un to unsub    

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Leslie Chew

Leslie Chew: In PM Lee's Coalition "Naive" is the new "Daft".     "It is always a bad sign when your PM needs to clarify in his own newspaper and then again on his Facebook page. Despite his attempts to correct the situation and warn that Singapore would descend into chaos if we ever had a functioning democracy, the PM unwittingly provided the best argument in democracy’ s favour. It is because of the lack of competition in the political arena that we have a situation where the PM is clearly not able to think fast enough to avoid being caught out by even the mildest of questioning by an independent journalist.
This is particularly true when he has to face the novel experience of not being able to subsequently re-edit what he says. Typically even with all his clarifications, the PM was not able to produce a single argument why political competition would be bad for Singapore, just alarmist hints for consumption by a domestic audience fed misleading facts about gridlock in Western democracies. I note here that the new term of denigration for his voters is ‘naive’. Previously we were “lesser mortals” and then “daft” . Our people quite rightly angry got angry with being called names by their leaders and turned daft back on them so it seems that naive is the term du jour."

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Simon Selvam

Simon Selvam: In PM Lee's Coalition "Naive" is the new "Daft".    

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Larry Fenestra Satsuki Lee

Larry Fenestra Satsuki Lee: My opinion of the day ~~~ This is regards to the PAP Auntie volunteers for the CC, RC grassroots club etc. Three kinds of people to highlight. One that works diligently w/o any form of repayment or reward privileges, these individuals deserve my praise and respect and i wish for them to have their contributions recognize by the leaders of Singapore. The other just simply bochup (can't be bothered) and jiak liao bee (Eating good stuff) only. When you asked them to work they give you that kind of facial expression, as if you must pay them $15k then they will work. Then volunteer for fuck? Lastly this other group really disgust me the most. That is instead of helping to work in events and when the VIP arrived eg. PM Lee Hsien Loong, they start to crowd around him and scream, cheer and sing his praises like some 12 year old idol frenzy skanks! Seriously you are doing this to garner attention from him so that you will be noticed and get freebies and privileges? For the mother fucking god fucks sake this is not called volunteering work! This is like prostituting yourselves to a very powerful figure head, to grant that hopeless wishes of yours.....if i were a grassroots leader i would follow the style of Gordon Ramsey saying "you, you and you, piss off". Don't waste your time my advice to you cunts!

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Gary Cheong

Gary Cheong: MP Gan Thiam Poh Strikes Again!    

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CreationTattoo Dunfermline

CreationTattoo Dunfermline: next thurs 2-5 has just become available with Lee PM if youd like in

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Emma Fridae

10151934970556901 Emma Fridae: Mobile Uploads     I love you, PM Lee!     Very much in love.....

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Reiji Kenneth

Reiji Kenneth: MP Gan Thiam Poh Strikes Again!     Haiz my area some more...

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Tony Teddy Tay

10154080045150473 Tony Teddy Tay: Mobile Uploads     Wise words from our PM Lee. Showing respect works both ways be it we are the ones serving or the ones being served.     Customer isn't always right.
Well said^^

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Xavier HarassJunzhao'sAnghun

10151934970556901 Xavier HarassJunzhao'sAnghun: Mobile Uploads     I love you, PM Lee!     haha well, this is the life of service line.

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Stephen Baey

Stephen Baey: MP Gan Thiam Poh Strikes Again!    

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Sue Ajim

10151934970556901 Sue Ajim: Mobile Uploads     I love you, PM Lee!    

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Jentrified Citizen

Jentrified Citizen: In PM Lee's Coalition "Naive" is the new "Daft".     Naive is he who thinks others are dumb enough to believe hole-ridden arguments. PM continues to amaze.

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