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Justin McAllister

10152642405176613 Justin McAllister:         Hey everyone, thank you for the add! I am Justin McAllister, Professional Sharpie Marker Artist. This is my latest piece for sale. Please message me if interested. Also available in shirts!!! Check out the link in my comments.

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Victor Soulkiss Ng

10203674853925801 Victor Soulkiss Ng:         SOULKISS FAMILY PRODUCTION PRESENTS:


3rd Aug (Sun) – Soulkiss Band Japan super live at Culmeni Shopping mall (front gate) in front of Umie shopping mall, Kobe, Harborland (http://www.culmeni.jp/) Kobe-shi, Chu-Oku, Higashikawasaki-Cho, 1-5-7 Harborland, Kobe, Japan. Starting time: 2:30-4:30pm (NO CHARGE)

For event detail information: https://www.facebook.com/events/686415914741112/?source=1

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Dquan Cage

Dquan Cage:     Please Share this video and like it!     DC From The Mother Son Duo Singing Nothing Like Us By Justin Bieber

Submitted By Dquan Cage
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1446224388975808

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Uri Luna

Uri Luna: Dear god,
Please give us back tupac and we'll give you justin bieber
And if you give us back bob marley and we'll give you lil wayne 🙏🙏🙏

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WicNbed Rosario

WicNbed Rosario:     They Justin US At THE Gas station     Please share!! I didn't want to believe it until I seen it myself.. This is happening everywhere!! We're getting screwed people!!
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10100166993681619

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Jacob Adam Keller

Jacob Adam Keller: Calling Justin bieber gay is an insult to Freddy mercury, Adam Lambert, Elton john and Ricki martin...so please stop putting him in the same category!!

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Canadian Muslims

981014818591198 Canadian Muslims: Timeline Photos     Have a twitter account? Ask Justin Trudeau to #SpeakUp4Gaza :
Canadian Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau may be pressured to take a more balanced stance. Please join our Twitter campaign (http://on.fb.me/1AIfWta) Sample tweet:
Please #SpeakUp4Gaza @JustinTrudeau. @Amnesty, @HRW and @CJPME have made clear that #Israel is violating international law
More sample tweets at: http://on.fb.me/1AIfWta    

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Logan Kane

Logan Kane: Tomorrow night, my quintet, Birdland Social Club on MLK way in Oakland. 2 sets, 11 pm. Please come support this amazing group!Featuring Michael Orenstein, Zev Shearn-Nance, Justin Rock, and Kshimon Stevenson

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Daniel Henry

Daniel Henry:     Will Lyles Justin Rowzee Tyler Johnson Will Dodson     If there are any single woman in the "Wife Zone" please write to me.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152552203017365

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INBA PNBA Bikini Pro Joelle Christine

INBA PNBA Bikini Pro Joelle Christine: Bodybuilder Justin Rys dying for a good body     This is worth a watch. Please think about your long term health before taking drastic measures to satisfy your short term desires.


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Amanda Haese

Amanda Haese:     Justin Torres dam you hit that danger zone... This is all the "Tiffany's" !!! Best part!!!     If there are any single woman in the "Wife Zone" please write to me.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152552203017365

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Sam Fink

Sam Fink: Dark Matter     Support local talent!! Dudes tight as hell!!     I'm inspired by the people Ive met in my life.. You all make life easier knowing im surrounded by greatness everday. It may not mean much to you but it means the world to me. I appreciate the hard work each of you dedicated your time and effort to. This line of work isnt easy, regardless what your profession is. Overall, please take a minute and 40 to view this video "Dark Matter" by Troy Opis Davis and I. Bulut Erdem Knock Out Nick Adam Reinholdson Neddy Jay Juq'o Vibe Jeff J Welathon Smith Jake Helling Alec James Knutson Justin Allen Kachar Winston Roberts Simon 'Ole P' Palm Kia Rap Princess F Kenny Strong Christopher Young Eagle Chris Siegel Wayne Kelly Jason Fabus Toby Witte Todd Williams Torre Williams Tony Salamone Bda Mg YaFavorite Joe
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10154320031670092

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Warren Musicman Newell

Warren Musicman Newell: Well another YLF had come and gone. To all those who helped make this past week a MAGIC week....Just a quick recap our theme this week was I...PRESERVER, I...ADVOCATE, I...DREAM, I SUCCEED (IPADS).What a week it had been. Monday: Opening session and meeting everyone for the first time keynote speak LeDerick Horne...first small group meetings and having Challenge Discovery come in to so the delegates how to work as a team.
Tuesday: Resource Fair, Michael Beers and the Disability History, Pizza and a comedy show w/ Michael Beers, Wednesday: Capital Day where the delegates were able to take part in a mock session of the Legislative Branch plus a tour of the state Capitol...I must say the delegates did a great job....on there testimonies some dealing with ISSUES IN SCHOOL, TO DUI DECREATION, TO PERSONAL LIFE TESTIMONIES, just a GREAT DAY.
Thursday: Networking Luncheon where the delegates were able to speak and array of persons in different fields plus the keynote speaker was Mark Goffney a musician who plays the guitar with is feet also he was born w/o arms thats was a great experience having singing during the luncheon plus did their I AM I WILL STATEMENTS.
Friday: Graduation and presentation of the YLF C/O 2014 with keynote speaker Justin Graves.
So overall it was another GREAT year at the YOUTH LEADERSHIP FORUM. I hope all pf our Delegates who are now Alumni will keep in contact and help start a new movement for people with disabilities we still have alot to do and so far to go. Lets make a movement happen....that is all I have if I missed anything staff members please write it down. I love my YLF family you all be safe and be Blessed. And be safe ttyl.

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Dean Thomas

Dean Thomas: Asking all prayer warriors to pray for Tony Howard. He needs all he can get. Please remember Justin Howard and Judy Howard as well. God is gonna move for this family. Amen

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Artful Dodger Tattoo

Artful Dodger Tattoo: Lucky Barnard    

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Jed Lloyd

Jed Lloyd: Please Welcome Justin Pope who has decided to take a look into My Advertising Pays. Please Give A Warm Welcome!!!!

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Lucky Barnard

10152291617990847 Lucky Barnard:         Hey Seattle! So we have had a few VERY busy months. So here is a medium sized update. We have GROWN a lot! We expanded, and now have 10 artists available to choose from! Please welcome our new artists, Taylor Henze, Lonnie Effin' Moon, Justin Daniel Reberger, CJ Shades, and our counter help Erick Lingbloom , Jennifer Popkin, and Kody Barton! Our family has grown, and the energy here is amazing.

Also, we are starting to carry NEW COMIC TITLES MONTHLY! It's a slow start process, but we are planning on going full force. We will be offering pull boxes, and if you want us to carry a monthly title(s) for you, hit us up, and we will start carrying it!

And we are proud to have the most amazing up and coming LOCAL (as in Capitol Hill!) comics creator Siya Oum https://www.facebook.com/siya.oum?fref=ts current unbelievably cool new book "Lola" in stock. We have all the collector covers and variants of her first issue on Aspen Comics! Written, drawn, and colored by her, and is so stunning! Come get your copy today!

Also, we have a few Tattoo expo's coming up! First is The Seattle TattooExpo this month.The Three Rivers Tattoo Convention in September, The Portland TattooExpo in October, and Evergreen Tattoo Invitational in February! So make sure you come out and help us represent, and if you want to get tattooed, contact your favorite ADTC artist!

One last thing. We will be closed August 31st to September 3rd for the ADTC Annual Camping trip! My crew has kicked ass and they deserve a few days of bonding in the woods. So plan your tattoos/comics and toy buying around this event!
Thanks to all of you!

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Simon Lu

785874318132194 Simon Lu:         Hi Interactors!

Thank you guys for volunteering at the Fremont Art and Wine Festival.
The shifts that are posted below show who you will be working with, and at what time. The number in parantheses next to the cart refers to where it is. Please refer to the map also posted below for reference of where the carts are.

Feel free to either have the map on your phone, or even print it our for reference.

There will also be a mandatory training meeting which is on Saturday and Sunday morning from 8:30-9:00. **If your shift is Saturday, you attend the Saturday training meeting, if your shift is Sunday, you attend the Sunday and Saturday training meeting.**

This meeting is very important because it they will be explaning how to operate the ice cream carts. If you cannot attend due to VERY IMPORTANT REASONS, feel free to tell Justine, Sri, or myself. The mandatory training meeting will be located at Blue Chip Food trucks which is behind the festival headquarters. Festival headquarters is located behind the Murco building on Paseo and can be reached by entering the drive way next to the former Black Angus Restaurant on Walnut Avenue.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to message me on Facebook!

Thank you guys for volunteering with Washington Interact! :)

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Donna Beckwith

Donna Beckwith: Justin Reidy my cousin may you rest in heaven. You make the 2nd cousin under 25 to leave us. Please people don't drink and drive. Justin love you much. Going to miss that smile of yours and miss playing your pretty hair.

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Spôngebøøb Pânts


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Kristie Nackord

818549221490404 Kristie Nackord: Timeline Photos     From starvation to stardom. The Fairplay Horses story continues! Lily and Star (pictured here) are headed to Justin Dunn Mustang Horsemanship for 30-days beginning on August 20th! These girls are going to LOVE being with Justin! He just knows where it’s at when it comes to working mindfully, skillfully, and gently with wild horses. As both of these girls have never been handled before, we knew immediately that Justin was their man. Justin's passion is working with BLM mustangs and has an incredible training program that we know these girls will thrive in. MOST importantly, Star and Lily are looking for their forever homes when they head to Justin's. Is that you? The lucky person or person's who adopt these girls will have an opportunity to train right along side Justin and learn from the best. Check out our website for more information and contact us to learn more. Please help us spread the word! www.fairplayhorses.com

Photo credit: Kate Spinelli Hogins     From starvation to stardom! The Fairplay Horses story continues. . .
Star and Lily, who have been in our care since the auction, are headed out on August 20th for an adventure of a lifetime. They will spend 30 days under the skillful guidance and training of Justin W. Dunn of Justin Dunn Mustang Horsemanship. While the girls are at Justin's, we hope to find adopters for them. Justin would like to train the horses AND the humans! Is that you? This is an opportunity of a lifetime. 30 days of training with Justin and Star and/or Lily! I can't believe I am even passing it up! Let's just say, Justin gets it. And you will too. Please help us spread the good word on these girls and let's find them their perfect forever home like they deserve.

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Golden Koltnet Chabala

Golden Koltnet Chabala: Happy Sabbath All: I would like to inform you that we've lost our brother and friend Manyepa from the Moyo's please for more information contact your Leader Br Justine Kambunga.

Thank you.

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Lucienne Wesbee

Lucienne Wesbee:     Crazy please share and talk to your children.     When The Fire Challenge Goes Wrong Lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Add Justin Parke for More Videos!
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=358292790986043

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Austin Malone

Austin Malone:     Lex Ádōnis Momosi Justin Webster Roman Bronson James Brandon Dillon Sr     If there are any single woman in the "Wife Zone" please write to me.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152552203017365

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Troy Bettge

Troy Bettge: COCO from the COUNTRY is waiting for you.... - dallas male escorts - backpage.com    

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Serena Christine Bartley

Serena Christine Bartley: Everyone, please add him c: he's really a great friend and person to talk to c:
>> Justin Sushidoshi Blackman

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Jessica Lovell

Jessica Lovell: Everyone listen up... Justin Bieber hasn't had the haircut I have for quite some time now. So please stop referring to me when talking to or about me as Beiber or anything similar. You can call me Jessica, Jess, or Jesser ( Aunt Dana and Ricki) beautiful, or gorgeous. Those are your options.

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J Bossalini Bossalini

689698377779581 J Bossalini Bossalini:         》》》 S/O 2 to - #TEAMJBOSSALINI:

I'M LOOKING FOR HUSTLERS... IF interested please inbox me #YOUR #EMAIL ONLY THE BEST HUSTLERS WIN! Would you like to support my movement and help promote my product? The best hustler win I have a proposal. #SALUTE:

Acetone KC, Jared Berry, Justin Carney, Charrles Milliner, Michael Miller, Tamicka Taylor, Nunie Brazile, James Carter, I SEE YA WORKING IT... DjLadymac Larkin...

#Indiana, #Kentucky, #Texas, #Alabama, #Mississippi, #Georgia, #Florida, #Louisiana, #California -


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Jihan Septi Velia

Jihan Septi Velia: Life Revolution #3    

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Elizabeth Wilson

546040795496902 Elizabeth Wilson: Timeline Photos     Sing For Hope 2014, Designed by Graphfix Worx(Lou Wilson)

Page 56
Saturday, October 11, 2014 at the Hobby Center     Michael Cordua, Lucia Callejas Cordua, David Cordua, Vivian Wise, Marcus Sloan, Shannon Hall Are the best!!!! Nick Day you are missed!!!! Mark your calendars: Jeff Gremillion, Jessica Rossman, Jared Lang, Angelica Chapman, Ben Carey, Cara Pauloski Rudelson, Paul Pettie, Liz Gorman Jones, Troy Brooks, Drew Case, C Mark Nichols, Sandy Jane Stacy, Mark Cox, Jeff Hoffman, Brian O'Leary, Camille Zamora, Ty David Lerman, Devlin Browning, Tammy Greene Dowe, Christian Gabriel Alvarado, Gabriela Dror, Maneesh Singal, Lindsey Moreno, Morris Malakoff, Jeff Shell, Shelly Tarpley, Jeremy Fain, Christiane Afif Waldron, Natalie Holmes, John Evatz, Tina Marie St.Cyr, Christina Gorczynski, Sarah Walters, Cj Soukup, Timothy Daniel Hampson, Jones Timothy, Lisa Izzo, Kermit Patrick Eisenhut, Taft McWhorter, Justin Villasenor Concepcion, Carolyn Farb, please share!!!

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Tyrannosaurus Red

10201846894807944 Tyrannosaurus Red: Photos of Tyrannosaurus Red     I mentioned this a few months back here, but I have a big update with it. I made a petition last year asking Saban Brands and Nickelodeon to create a new reunion for the actors who were not invited to attend, were invited but uninvited, had to turn down appearing, etc., filming of the "Super Megaforce" episode "Legendary Battle" and Austin St. John is listed as one of the characters fans hope to see return if a new reunion is made.

Voice actor Robert Axelrod (the voice of Finster and Lord Zedd) and actor Blake Foster (Justin the Blue Turbo Ranger) were both kind enough to share the link to my petition asking for a new "Power Rangers" reunion, since both are mentioned in the petition as characters fans would like to see return if a new reunion is made. Since both gentlemen were kind enough to share my petition, I went from 374 signatures to 600 and counting since Monday and I cannot thank either of them enough for their help.

If anyone here is interested in signing the petition (and don't worry, despite all the information you have to give to sign the petition, only your name and city/state get publicly displayed, or you can uncheck the "Display my signature on Change.org" box to sign anonymously), please go to this link:

Thank you for reading. Have a great night and have a great weekend as well. :)    

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Madasyn Roe

507690429340299 Madasyn Roe: Timeline Photos     To the doctor please. — with Maha Hammoud and 5 others.     Justine Vargason Rachael Lynn Bair

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Tammy Seagroves


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