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Systemachaps: Vladimir Vasiliev: Formless Ferocity    

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Monica Ho

Monica Ho: Loretta Coon    

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Danny Rodrigo

Danny Rodrigo: Gay Guide to Super Bowl XLIX     Migg-l Vez, Nick Shultz, Justin Harman: In case of emergencies, please refer to your in-game pamphlet below.

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Leticia M Krupa

Leticia M Krupa: Scott Snay    

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Jeff Cover

Jeff Cover: Bruce Marx    

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Helena Nolan

Helena Nolan: Cannabis Extract Medicine: Successfully Treating Children for Cancer and Epilepsy by Justin...    

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Theodore Baer

Theodore Baer: That's odd, Facebook took down my photo of Richard Sherman telling Tom Brady where to go. Mark Zuckerberg if you're out there could you please tell Justin to look into this? Meanwhile I'll repost the photo. Thanks.

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Jeanie Hore

Jeanie Hore: Cannabis Extract Medicine: Successfully Treating Children for Cancer and Epilepsy by Justin...    

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Whiskey River

Whiskey River: Mike Shaak     Catch the news about this great coffee expert Mike Shaak!!

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Jeff Cover

Jeff Cover: Bruce Marx    

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Jacob Murphy

Jacob Murphy:     This guy is a close friend of mine, and is made of solid gold character, will and determination.

He trained me for free for a year, gave me a job when I needed one, and laughed at even my worst jokes.

Justin's apartment is a mess, but his fight career is immaculate.

Please consider donating $10, $100, $1000 whatever. Let's help him get to his next fight without the financial worry.

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Nicole Frankenberry

Nicole Frankenberry: berlin-artparasites    

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Nathan Pugh

797837256977397 Nathan Pugh:         "I got that Justin Beiber please believe me"


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Hana Clements

Hana Clements: Cannabis Extract Medicine: Successfully Treating Children for Cancer and Epilepsy by Justin...    

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Paul G. Bergeron

Paul G. Bergeron: Nashua, NH Home    

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Roxanne Coryell

455048561311986 Roxanne Coryell: Mobile Uploads     Attention! Salute! Tonight Vinny crossed over peacefully in her sleep. She runs free....     We love you Vinny!

Vinny came from the ACC and sadly lost her fight last night. Her short life was filled with love, happiness and adventure thanks to Justin, Fire Survivor and his mom.

Vinny died from FIP, a fatal disease primarily seen in young kittens, with no cure and no effective treatment. In honor of Vinny, can you spare a donation?


You can support FIP Research and The Bria Fund by donating through Winn Feline Foundation via PayPal, credit card, electronic transfer, or through the mail by check. Please designate the Bria Fund for your donation.

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Shannon Hardway

Shannon Hardway: Cannabis Extract Medicine: Successfully Treating Children for Cancer and Epilepsy by Justin...     Anastacia might listen...

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Sheri Jordan Garner

Sheri Jordan Garner: Allison McKee Askew    

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Davis Mauldin

Davis Mauldin: Cannabis Extract Medicine: Successfully Treating Children for Cancer and Epilepsy by Justin...    

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Becky Bee

Becky Bee: Cannabis Extract Medicine: Successfully Treating Children for Cancer and Epilepsy by Justin...    

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Edmond Stebbins

Edmond Stebbins: Nashua, NH Home    

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Alex Kohli

Alex Kohli: Devin Fleenor     Subvert everything. Well played, Devin and company! Sponsoring an event does NOT equate ownership of the commons. That's kind of like declaring yourself King of Beers.

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Christopher Rowe

Christopher Rowe: Dear Justin Timberlake,
Please make a surprise appearance at today's festivities...you know why.

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Bouncer Smith

Bouncer Smith: Bruce Marx    

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Reginald K Burns

10152706241256443 Reginald K Burns: Timeline Photos     Caught on video Justin Colby ‘trying to kill his pregnant girlfriend by running her over with his car.

Good news he has been found and arrested !

Video of actual crime click here:

If you would like to make a donation to help support Fugitive Watch, Please click on the link below.

Here is the link to the television newscast about Fugitive Watch being honored by law enforcement on its 20th Year Anniversary.

The donations are used to pay for all the expenses related to operating and maintaining the web site www.fugitive.com, the podcasts, TV show, newspaper and pay Facebook so we can reach supporters.

Fugitive Watch receives no tax money.

Donations can be made by credit card and we do not share your information with anyone!

Thank you    

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Susie V Kaufman

Susie V Kaufman: SO many, that I thought I'd fill in some time sharing all these special dates. Please feel free to update. What would REALLY impress me is if one person were to share with us who each person is...

Today’s Birthdays: Jarrett Lennon Kaufman; Del McCoury; Garrett Morris; Terry Jones; Anthony LaPlagia; Ari Brown; Don Everly; Joshua Redman; Elisabeth Shue; Mike Campbell; Pauly Shore; Ray Sawyer; Sherilyn Fenn; Michael C. Hall; Patrick Wilson; Harry Styles; Lisa Marie Presley; Sheri Buron.

Today’s Birthdays of Those Now Gone: Joe Sample; Langston Hughes; Sherman Hensley; Bob Shane; Boris Yeltsin; Brandon Lee; Clark Gable; Clete Roberts; Dennis Farina; Herman Hupfeld; James Price Johnson; Jimmy Carl Black; Jimmy Dorsey; Joe “Trick Sam” Nanton; John Ford; Josephine Baker; Madeleine Parent; Renata Tebaldi; Rick James; S.J. Perelman; Victor August Herbert.

Today’s Anniversaries of Deaths: Mongo Santamaria; Don Cornelius; Maximilian Schell; New York City Mayor Ed Koch; Whitney Balliett; Jill Phipps; Justin Mentell; Gian Carlo Menotti; Alan Grant; Buster Keaton.

Today’s Anniversaries: Black History Month (February); First Sit-In at Woolworth’s (1960); Space Shuttle Columbia Explodes (2003); New York Grand Central Station Opened (1913); United States Supreme Court First Convened (1790).



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Shelly Mcgill

Shelly Mcgill: Them Lost Boys x Treyis - Hourglass     Justin Forster next time you play one of your filthy sets at Mishun I would like this dirty track thrown into a mix please and thanks :)

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Fearless Father

Fearless Father: Cannabis Extract Medicine: Successfully Treating Children for Cancer and Epilepsy by Justin...     Please have a read of this article and share it to raise awareness.
So many children have been cured thanks to cannabis oil.

Please note what this article says about THC being needed to combat cancer. We've been asked a lot of questions about THC and this article does a pretty good job of answering them all :-)

"THC is also an integral component of treating cancer. Both THC and CBD kill cancer cells and even work to inhibit cancer through multiple pathways. However, high-THC oils have historically been more utilised to treat cancer, and there are FEW cases where high-CBD treatment alone had a significant impact on cancer."

Admin team

#FearlessFather #SaveRumerRose


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Bob Edith Bradley

Bob Edith Bradley: Edith Ann Walling- Bradley    

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Jeremy Logan Uzzle

10152938905873046 Jeremy Logan Uzzle: Timeline Photos     **Is your business ready for an EXCITING OPPORTUNITY?!**

RFD-TVs The American is giving you a chance to be Heith's exclusive back number sponsor. Join #teamdemoss along with our other fantastic sponsors CINCH JEANS, Justin Boots, CW&W Contractors, Roughstock Athlete, and REMAX Champion Land Brokers to have your logo seen in AT&T Stadium at The American in Arlington, TX on March 1st. Remember, this is the world's largest and richest one day rodeo and will be televised LIVE on RFD-TV. What an exciting time for our sport?!

There will be a sponsor patch auction February 22nd at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, TX. The athletes that are competing will have the chance to join the silent auction at 6pm. The top 50 will come back to be bid on LIVE, televised on RFD-TV at 8pm central. Interested parties are invited to join the event, but need not be present to bid.

Feel free to share this post on your personal Facebook, and if this sounds like an opportunity you or someone you know would be interested in, please contact us @318-286-9220

#rfdtvtheamerican #cinchteam #teamjustin #heithdemoss #saddlebronc #rodeo #roadtotheamerican #roughstockathlete #rfdtv

*Photo Credit: Joni Kabana and Mike Copeman     Taj Gala this is my neighbor let elite sponsor him

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Lance Eberly

Lance Eberly: Justin Woods    

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Mary Lou Sandler

Mary Lou Sandler: Our OPEN INVITATION Annual Super Bowl / Vegan Potluck Party starts at 3pm till ?! If you are sitting at home drinking soda and eating chips... YOU NEED TO BE @ OUR HOME! If you are sitting alone thinking you can't afford to bring anything... WE HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH FOOD and DRINK 4 EVERYONE! Justin Sandler is making his FAMOUS VEGAN CHILI! Please come and be around good people, good vibes, good football, good food, and a bunch of musicians in a room will probably play all the instruments in our home :-) JAM SESSIONS! See below for the link...

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Maddie Funk

827477853967111 Maddie Funk: Timeline Photos     so cute

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Studio C featuring Shaakwave Coffee

Studio C featuring Shaakwave Coffee: Mike Shaak    

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ShaakWave Coffee Inc

ShaakWave Coffee Inc: Mike Shaak    

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Denise Gail Knupp

10204209953861292 Denise Gail Knupp: Photos of Sheriff Deputies of Ohio     As many of you know, Akron Police Officer Justin Winebrenner lost his life protecting other's 11/16/14. His beautiful daughter Charlee has her fifth birthday coming up on Feb 7th. Can you please share the following post and send a card? We'd like to make this day as special for her, as we know he'd do the same. Thank you

HER BIRTHDAY IS FEBRUARY 7TH!!! SO....... SHARE SHARE SHARE! Share with your family, neighbors, co-workers, congregation, etc. We know if Justin was here, he would make Charlee's Fifth Birthday Fabulous! Help us show her nationwide how much Justin was appreciated and loved. The same as he loved her and this community. Let's make it a special day for her. Please participate in a BIRTHDAY CARD SHOWER for Justin's daughter Charlee. She will be turning five on February 7th. A PO Box has been established for this card shower. (With Mom's acknowledgment) All Birthday Cards can be sent to

Charlee Winebrenner
PO Box 6225
Akron OH 44312.
As always thank you caring and loving supporters!    

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Beliebers forever

Beliebers forever: Artist of the Year - 2015 PopCrush Fan Choice Awards     Okay so we have 16 days to get Justin up higher on the votes. We need to win this just vote because each and every vote counts! Please Just vote! Song of the year: http://popcrush.com/song-of-the-year-2015-popcrush-fan-choice-awards/
Video of the year: http://popcrush.com/video-of-the-year-2015-popcrush-fan-choice-awards/
Best Dressed: http://popcrush.com/best-dressed-2015-popcrush-fan-choice-awards/
Best Twitter: http://popcrush.com/best-twitter-star-2015-popcrush-fan-choice-awards/
Best Instagram: http://popcrush.com/best-instagram-star-2015-popcrush-fan-choice-awards/
Artist of the year: http://popcrush.com/artist-of-the-year-2015-popcrush-fan-choice-awards/

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Nicki Thompson

Nicki Thompson: Allison McKee Askew    

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Anja Jankovič

Anja Jankovič:    

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Svetlana Subotic

860339434009887 Svetlana Subotic: Cats In Need Of Rescue     JUSTIN - ID #A090622 (pic 2 of 2)
Male / age 1 year 9 months
Cage # 596
Stray - found on 5100 block of S. Michigan Ave, Chicago
Intake: 1/24/15 Out Date: 1/31/15
Video: http://youtu.be/f2COwPTs-PQ

Look at those gorgeous whiskers! Handsome Justin was a little shy and nervous, but did accept pets and enjoyed the canned food I gave him. If his owners don't come for him, please plan on rescuing Justin as soon as his stray hold is up.

WANT TO FOSTER? The cats featured on this page are NOT available for direct adoption at Chicago Animal Care & Control and are for rescue only. If you are interested in adopting a cat featured on the page, please reach out to one of our approved Homeward Bound partners and apply to foster or foster to adopt. If you can't foster or adopt, please share & pledge for their care. A list of the groups that participate in the rescue program can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/cacc-cat-transfer-team/apply-to-become-a-foster-now-so-you-can-help-during-kitten-season/861593670551130 — at Chicago Animal Care and Control.    

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