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Patti Kaye Savage

10152756018229696 Patti Kaye Savage: Timeline Photos     Getting chilly in your neck of the woods? Enjoy this recipe for Tortellini Soup:

This is a great soup for a cold winter night, especially when you don't have a lot of time to make a "homemade" meal that takes forever. It's also a great way to get some vegetables in your diet, but in a yummy way! Serve with a little buttery toasted bread and you've got yourself a tasty supper. The best part is that it's even better the next day! Shelley

3T olive Oil
1 Clove garlic, minced
3 stalks, celery, chopped
3 carrots, peeled and chopped
1 onion diced
10 oz box frozen spinach (unthawed)
2 cans cream of chicken soup
2 cans water
32 oz chicken broth
Family size package of cheese or chicken tortellini, half cooked

1) Put olive oil in the bottom of a large soup/stock pan
2) Saute' garlic, celery, carrots and onions until tender
3) Add frozen spinach. Break up blocks of spinach as you cook
4) Continue to saute' until spinach thaws, then heats up
5) Add cream of chicken soup and water
6) Add chicken broth and then add tortellini
7) Heat and Serve

Note: It's better to eat it a few hours after it's made so the broth soaks up into the noodles. Better yet, make it the night before.

WOW, you all love this recipe! Thanks for the shares. If you want more great recipes like this, be sure to check out POG cook book found here: http://store.warnermusic.com/cooking-with-grace-cookbook... Team POG     Who ever gets home first..... Get this started please:) yummy.. Justin Heather Beierle or Holly Heming

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Amanda L. Lane

315484171968905 Amanda L. Lane: Timeline Photos     When I found out this morning that over 80 of my Nielsen For Sheriff yard signs had been stolen overnight, I was angry. It upset me even more to find out from our team that we were out of our signs and will not be able to replace them. Anger is a waste of time. After spending the weekend with my eight year old granddaughter Sofiya delivering signs, listening to today’s sermon at ZUMC, and seeing my daughter Taylor’s post on Facebook this afternoon, the SMALL things really don’t matter. Sofiya pointed out to me that “We will win because God is on our side”, our sermon this morning was how our pastor lost his wife one day before his first anniversary in a car accident, and Taylor’s post was quoting the scripture Romans 12: 14-21, “Do not let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good”. The good news is that we have distributed over 1000 signs! When we started this campaign almost 2 years ago, I would have felt blessed to need 500 signs. As of today, we could have easily delivered over 1500 signs! I continue to be humbled and I want to thank all of my supporters. Please continue with getting people to the polls on November 4 to vote Nielsen For Sheriff. I will continue to be committed to INTEGRITY, VISION and EXPERIENCE which the people of Boone County deserve. If you have any information on the stolen signs please contact Officer Justin Fuston at the Lebanon Police Department (Phone: 765-482-8836, Email: jfuston@cityoflebanon.org). Officer Fuston is investigating the thefts.
Humbly yours,
Big Dog — with Chastity Peterson Harris and 12 others.    

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Justin Blaylock

Justin Blaylock: Please understand me!
I'm breathing not living
I wanna know if my souls worth saving.-Beartooth

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Justin Lee

873200209371238 Justin Lee: Timeline Photos     Who are you sharing this candle in memory of tonight? Please SHARE.

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Justin Vodane

Justin Vodane: Good morning. I am looking for an associate to work with me in Hamilton. It would suit a new graduate or someone returning to work after family leave. If you are interested or know of anyone who is, please contact me. Justin Vodane

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Justin Haywood

Justin Haywood: Hi everyone,

I have just sent a request via MyCricket gearing availability for this Saturday and Sunday. Can you please check your emails and respond, if you haven't received a request from Mycricket can you please email selector@tvcc.org.au with your availability and also include that you didn't receive the request so I can update mycricket. If this could be done ASAP so I can start putting teams together for Saturday.



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Justin Wiswell

10204953305542780 Justin Wiswell: Timeline Photos     Please circulate this until he is arrested! There are 5000 of you on my page, SHARE IT! All it will take is one drink too many to cross the line.... THIS is already crossing the line!    

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Matheus Lima

Matheus Lima: JUSTIN BIEBER - "PRAY" off the MY WORLDS ACOUSTIC album     I close my eyes and I can see a better day ♪♫     Here it is...the OFFICIAL VIDEO for "PRAY"

From the MY WORLDS ACOUSTIC album in Stores Exclusively at WAL-MART NOW!!!

Directed by Scooter Braun and Alfredo Flores

Wrote this song thinking of Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror and we are donating a portion of the proceeds from every album sold to CHILDREN's MIRACLE NETWORK HOSPITALS. This song means alot to me and I Love this video. I hope you all do too and please support the MY WORLDS ACOUSTIC album at WALMART now. THanks so much. I love music and I love your support of my dream. We will never stop. This is just the beginning. CHASE YOUR DREAMS and always try to make a positive difference in other's lives.

Much Love,

Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=673388985937

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Justin Pratt Local Finesse

10203786767124439 Justin Pratt Local Finesse: Mobile Uploads     ATTENTION SPOKANE RESIDENTS! My sister Rachael has been missing and our family is very worried! She hasn't shown up for work and no one has been in contact with her the last few days. If you have seen her or heard ANYTHING about where she might be, please let Prayon Jones Kreutz, me or Spokane Police Department know. If you are in the Spokane area or have friends that live there feel free to SHARE. The more people keeping eyes out, the better — with Rachael Kreutz.    

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Justin Shaun Antoni Wylie

Justin Shaun Antoni Wylie: Bike for sale only need a little attention to back rim offers please

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Justin Farnell

Justin Farnell: I was pleased to report 14 months ago that the Oscar Mpetha High School now had a PC lab that was online..thanks to the corporate donation Gabriel Soobramoney and I raised to get 17 PCs installed which was was far better than the 6 the kids (and teachers) who were coming across Emms Road to use Lagunya Nyanga. Well guess what? The lab has never been opened and when I challenged the Vice Principal on Friday he countered, "why are you interrogating me?!"... you know what, maybe this umlungu should fuck off back to the UK because it seems to me that in SA they don't need the foreigners as a reason to run this country into the ground

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Jamie McCluskey

Jamie McCluskey:     Lori Odders Please share this with Justin! LOL... (back in the day we had nerf wars all the time!     This is the most epic Nerf war you will ever see! Absolutely genius!
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10154685288180045

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Laisvas Irlaimingas

Laisvas Irlaimingas: What would you do to Justin Bieber Chatroulette     Greetings everyone First off all I would like to thank you for joining this group it is very nice to see this group growing little by little and if I can I would like to ask u a favor if you can spare a couple of minutes I would really like to know what do you think about my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2eKxmCAiHs
so please if you can comment about the video and if you can share it with your friends
and thank you my friends and keep being friendly     In this video I ask people on Chatroulette what would they do if they Would meet Justin Bieber Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SineNomine2014 Twitter https...
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2eKxmCAiHs

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Kenneth Mcmillan

Kenneth Mcmillan: No. 1 vs. No. 2 Showdown Highlights 2014 GEICO ESPN High School Football Showcase « ESPN MediaZone     My nephew Justin McMillan QB of Cedar Hill TX High Rank 6 in the country and was recruited by LSU (Louisiana state University) for 2015 is playing a game against 38 ranked school on thur oct 23 on ESPN please check him out if you have time.

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Suzanna Binkley Gilmore

Suzanna Binkley Gilmore: Double Your Vote on Amendment 1     Imteresting and shocking little known fact about how your vote will be counted. Please share this info.     On November 4th, 2014 vote Yes on Amendment 1 to protect women and children in Tennessee. If you want to double the impact of your vote... watch this video. ...
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mnIgn-WXls&feature=youtu.be

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Giovanna Drew

Giovanna Drew: JUSTIN BIEBER - "PRAY" off the MY WORLDS ACOUSTIC album     Pray
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=673388985937

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Tim Crawford

10154778647835451 Tim Crawford: Timeline Photos     HELP: my cousin Justin Archer Biophiliac last name: LAPENTER) is missing, last seen in Bakersfield, California on Sept.30th - he was supposed to be heading to Northern California, via Amtrak. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST, especially through California contacts — with Justin Archer Biophiliac.    

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Justin Cole

Justin Cole: Facebook 2     So its been roughly a month or 2...or 3 since the last time I shared a playlist, so here is the next one. I originally stated that it would be weekly, but turns out I listen to a lot of the same music for a long time. Again I'll say feel free to ignore the playlist, or listen to all the songs, choice is yours. I will say though, at least 1 of the songs in this playlist is going to be played at my wedding. And also, if you listen to Out There by Sister Hazel, please take the time to find the real version. The one in the playlist is the acoustic version, and the original is so much better. I will work on making a video for it, but it may be a while before I'm able to complete one. ENJOY!

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Justin Wells

Justin Wells: If you could take any coach at any level right now to coach your team ... would your number #1 guy be Jim Harbaugh? Yay or nay? Thoughts please...

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Corey Richard George

Corey Richard George: Helping Out A Friend     Nicole Baxter Moses George Justin Buster George Amber Rose Austin Dorian Candice Mary George     A young hockey player helps his teammate with special needs score a goal. This is an incredibly touching display of friendship :)

Please Share

Like -> Sun Gazing
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1392759020959042

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Justin Sciarappa

Justin Sciarappa: Early voting starts today! Please go and vote straight republican. And get these yahoos out of office before this country goes down the drain. Please please vote. It and you matters.

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Hardcastle Insurance Agency

391760677638525 Hardcastle Insurance Agency:         Please help me welcome my newest employee Justin Flores to my agency. He will be my new CSR / Marketer since Bruce is now my agency producer.

This is going to be a killer team and I look forward to working alongside you guys.

Congratulations again Bruce for passing your P&C exam!!

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Justin Lovie

Justin Lovie:         First full songed's song are so hard to sing haha forgot the words at the end but keep hateful comments to yourself please☺️
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=843980045646582

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Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas: Dear Portland,
I want to be a Winterhawks fan but I know, right now, I am going at this alone. Any rad gay/not gay hockey fans out there wanna spend the season watching otherwise passive straight Portland males throw punches on the ice? Please advise.
I expect this to get zero likes or comments. :/
xo, Justin

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Mark Brunstrup

Mark Brunstrup: Hope you all had a great weekend! This week is going to be another great week of Next Generation. Adam and Justin will be in the house for worship, we'll be talking about "Studying the Bible prayerfully and Obediently". The girls are bringing the food, so we know it'll be good! Please remember to bring your items for the care packages so we can get them put together and sent out. Have a great week and we'll see you Thursday! Don't miss it!!

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Justin Bass

Justin Bass: This man tells the world his BIG SECRET, it brought me to tears.         This man tells the world his BIG SECRET, it brought me to tears.

LIKE our Facebook page HERE>> Graffiti Kings to see PART 2 by Spider, his on a great mission.

Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=721581861224059

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Justin Garcia

Justin Garcia: Click here to support Henry Torres by Jesse Ruben Pena Jr.     This is for my lil brother. ..IRVINGS LITTLE BROTHER...Any donation will help...R.I.P my brother I miss and love you bro bro...

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Justin Aufdermauer

Justin Aufdermauer:     As promised, here is The Dairylands Brand Guide book (low-res) for those who are interested. If you have questions or would like to know how you can use this please feel free to email me at justin@gotillamook.com.

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Arika Ryan Hendricks

Arika Ryan Hendricks: Has anyone heard from Justin Mason if so can you have him call ME and Kayla Cargill ASAP please!!!

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Justin sain guitars

Justin sain guitars: Poster For George    

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Nwa Ada Biafra


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Justin Redman

Justin Redman:     Men are that they might have joy. Please watch.     Feel lost and alone? Hear what a man on the brink of suicide learned about God's promise to light our way no matter how long it takes. http://bit.ly/1AuYjwQ
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152547285611550

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Aaron Lester

Aaron Lester: The IES vs Welch game is Tuesday at 6. Players please be at welch by 5:30. Amy Kennedy Easha Auville Donnie N Nicole Roberts Scott Mary Mullins Christina KogerLj Mike Picklesimer Kimberly Hagy Hunt Sandi Lawson Chrystal Bowles Andrigo Penny Justice Devon Nakia Cline Melissa Roberts Anita Varney-Proffitt Jennifer Birchfield Laura Justin Mileigh Goodman

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Martha Ledford

Martha Ledford: Attention my fb friends just receive new that Sara and Justin are on there way to his Grandmothers surgury in Atlanta hospital she has suffer two strokes and brain bleed she is in surgery right now please stop what your doing and please lift this lady up in prayer GOD WILL HEAR ALL PRAYERS FOR THIS LADY THANK YOU FOR CARING GOD BLESS EACH ONE OF YOU!!!!

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Justin Bonner

Justin Bonner: This Insurance company is garbage. They have been fucking me since these assholes knocked this 14,000 lb steel beam on me. They fucked up my rehab and continue to fuck up my pay. I've been waiting since Friday for my regular check that pays my bills and buys groceries. It's Monday and no check insight. FUCK YOU ZURICH of North America. FUCK YOU, PAY ME! Please friends... Boycott this piece of fuck insurance company. #WheresMyCheck? #FuckZurichOfNorthAmerica #FuckWorkersComp

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Justin Giardini

899815260029458 Justin Giardini: Timeline Photos     Who wants a FREE Worlds Quickest Street Car T-Shirt?? Because of the great response we have had on FB we want to reward one of our fans. Here is all you need to do to be eligible. Must be a fan of Larson Race Cars, must have liked this post and you have to share this post on your time line. As soon as we reach 13,200 (get it) fans, we will pick a winner. All of us at Larson Race Cars want to thank you for your support. We have been amazed at the response we are getting here on FB. Good luck to all of you and be sure to check back tomorrow 10/21/2014 for some exciting news on the S-10. The quest for the 5's is alive and maybe heading to a town near you.

World Record T’s Are Here! 6.16 @ 219 MPH

Here is the new artwork for our Larson Race Cars World Record T-shirt. The T will feature Larry’s new twin-turbo 1998 S-10 that shattered the street car world record during Drag Week 2014. If you would like to get yours, we are now taking orders for all sizes. See information below. Base t-shirt color is available in black only.

Sizes: Small – 5XL

Price: $20 (small-XLG)

Price: $25 (XXLG)

Price: $30 (3XLG_4XLG)

Price:$35 (5XLG)

Shipping: $7.95 for all domestic orders shipped USPS ground parcel post. Please email us for a freight quote on qty’s of 2 or more.

To order your T-shirt please click the link below.


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Save Thy Bully

10102008570814938 Save Thy Bully: Timeline Photos     SOS. SOS. Beautiful 5 year old tan male pittie was to be euthanized tomorrow!! Owners moved out and basically decided to kill him instead of finding a place where he can live with them. Luckily, someone close to the situation is trying to find this poor dog some better humans. We should have the weekend to save this baby.

Emergency foster needed. He is... not bad, but questionable with dogs, cats, and kids. Very friendly with humans, especially the nice ones. Probably would do very well to get him fixed. He is up to date on everything, including rabies. Could really benefit from a pit savvy person to evaluate him during his foster stint, as his good samaritan coming to his rescue hasn't seen him much of late, so there are a few unknowns. Still, he is a very sweet dog who has a ton of potential once he gets some owners who have brains and a heart. Please share and let's figure something out for him ASAP. Nick Munn Carlo D'Angelo III Justin Costantino Sr. Robin AL Donovan Kimberly Strong Jennifer Góñez McCool Tina Hudson Antonio Giglia Kaylee Ulrich    

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Kyle Hamrick

547164763223 Kyle Hamrick:         November 8th, Coed Softball
Centennial Park, Sedalia, Missouri
$150 Entry Fee per Team: Starts at 9AM
3 Game Guarantee: Please Bring Your Own Men's & Women's .52/300's
ASA Approved Bats & 1.20 BPF Bats, No Ultra 2's or Seniors
Raffles will also be held: This tournament is to raise funds for Justin Gaddis & Kelsey Toebben who recently passed, 100% of the proceeds of will be donated to the families of these two amazing individuals.

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Justin Anderson

Justin Anderson: So I am putting a feeler out there to see what kind of interest I can drum up. On November 11, 2014 at Bellevue University I, SGT Justin R. Anderson US Army Retired, will be giving a speech/presentation to all that would like to attend about Veterans Day, the history of Veterans Day, and what a Veteran is because there are some misconceptions on what being a Veteran means. This is a family friendly event and I am hoping we can get a good turn out for this event, invitations are extended to Veterans and their families of course, but also to the general public, parents, friends, family, and children of Veterans both past and current. This event will take place at Bellevue University either at the Veterans Center, a classroom, or the Auditorium depending on the interest and feedback that I can get. I hope that I can drum up a lot of interest and get a good turn out to help spread the word about Veterans Day and also about Veterans in general. Comment or like this post if you feel this would be something you would like to attend if possible, there is not a set time yet so suggestions for time would be welcomed as well. Also please share and tag with anyone, friends, family, or anyone else on Facebook.

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Abigail Roberts

10152320904346876 Abigail Roberts:         Day 19: Our Photo Shoots

I am thankful for pictures of us. Before you judge the level of narcissism in that sentence you must know that if you were to ever go and look at our ‘friendship’ on Facebook (please don’t) you’d see there’s like 50 pictures of us so we don’t actually have a lot of pictures together. But there were a few times throughout our friendship that we decided to do photo shoots because that’s just what you did in the mid-2000’s. Facebook was popular so you’d take posed pictures of yourself and friends to post in albums. This one particular time we grabbed our buddy Gabe (insert sympathy for Gabe) and went and took pictures in the blue bonnets because Texas. It was a lot of fun. What was even more fun was editing and trying to come up with cute titles. Of course, with us ‘cute titles’ ended up being a montage of Justin Bieber quotes and just nonsense. This one is titled "totes totes presh in sepia!" If I’m lying, I’m dying. Haha love you guys!

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