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Sonu Sakeer

Production house : Gosree Movies
Direction : Sarathkumar Prabhu
D.O.P : Anand Balakrishnan
Music : Rajesh Cherthala
Makeup : Jayesh Krishna
Costume Design : Mereena Jacob
Art Direction : Sabu Vithura
Photography : Pappinu
Editing : Sujoy Joseph
Graphics : Prince Thenayamplacken
D.I. : Sunil,RGB
Storyboard : Sugunan Aluva
Assistant Directors : Dharshan, Sakeer
Production Controller : Abi Kurangattu
Production Manager : Ajesh, Anoopkumar M.
Finance Controller : Najeeb
Creative Team : Sarathkumar Prabhu,Anoopkumar M.
Models : Anaswara, Aswathi,Vimitha Krshna,Vijayalakshmi,Sona
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=615001648592783

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Ben Harms

Ben Harms: Yes, I did just google "convert rgb to hex" to find that here are three different tool options as the top three results. The internet is amazing.

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Ric Robotican

Ric Robotican: Komodo     Robotican LTD launched the new Lizi robots. The Lizi robot is a smart mobile robot. 4 wheels drive, has full PC running Linux and ROS. Sensors: Laser scanner, RGB-D camera mounted on a pan-tilt head, 9 DoF IMU, GPS, Ultrasonic range sensors. Can work individually or as a part of a team of robots. See more details on:

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Romar Balberona

Romar Balberona: ...Work Hard in Silence and Let Success Make a Noise...

repost ---RGB---

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Audi Raleigh

10151950381231470 Audi Raleigh: Timeline Photos     From our NYC and LA launch events: the #AudiA3 gets the RGB treatment, courtesy of artist Carnovsky.    

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Cindy Crabtree | Makeup Artistry + Hair Design

855008404526194 Cindy Crabtree | Makeup Artistry + Hair Design: RGB COSMETICS     Honoring Earth Day with 40% Site-wide!


Valid Thru April 24.     check out RGB Cosmetics Earth Day deal - 40% off till 04.24 :)

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Sky Dillon

Sky Dillon: 6X 3W E27 85V-265V 16Multi Color Change RGB LED Light Bulb + Remote Controller     This spiffy little gadget has helped me with my chakra and healing, just thought I would share with you guys. Xxx

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Wendy Dong

Wendy Dong: Jill Zeng     RGB pixel lamps for funfair rides, Screen and display and etc...

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Eric Gloege

Eric Gloege: can anyone tell me which counsels/game use limited rgb and for fun which ones use full. i know action max is limited

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Mattia Harlock Alessi

Mattia Harlock Alessi:     Roberto Azerbaijan Rgb Varena     Geoff Gulevich is going crazy... Watch this!

GoPro makes it possible!

#geoff #geoffgulevich #crazy #sick #tookrunoneasy #dakine #teamrider #rampage #gopro
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=647033718684490

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NightOwl LED Systems

NightOwl LED Systems: Ultimate RGB DRL Halos (Pair)     NEW PRODUCT! NightOwl is proud to offer the Ultimate RGB DRL Halos. Order now and take advantage of our introductory pricing. - Jenna


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AKIBA PC Hotline!

AKIBA PC Hotline!: ファンレスになったプロ向け液晶「ColorEdge CX241」が店頭デモ中 EIZO製、Adobe RGBカバー率99%    

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Paul Baker-billy

Paul Baker-billy: Oh for gods sake! We were two merlin annual passes with RGB on an advent competition, We were sent vouchers from avios and told they needed redeeming by the 5th of may. Just got round to looking at them to register them on line and now see that you cant do it online and you have to go to once of the big attractions to redeem them!!! We were going to go to a sealife centre to do that but I've just had an email from merlin passes to say it has to be one of the big ones like alton towers or lego land!! We cant afford to get to anything big like that !

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Lucia Ivínová

Lucia Ivínová: windi adobe rgb hdr    

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Bobbie Larantukan

764591723559675 Bobbie Larantukan:         " EARINGS " Still Life

Exif :
(RGB convert to BW + Cropping)
Mode : Manual
TV : 1/13
AV : F/5.0
ISO : 80
FL : 14.7 mm
Built in Flash : On

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Clarence Beukes

Clarence Beukes: This morning's listening pleasure:
Southside Movement (1975) - Moving South
Spinners - Definitive Soul Collection
Eddie Kendricks (1979)- Love Keys
Ray Parker Jr. (1987) - After Dark
Imaginations (1975) - The Good Stuff
RGB (1982) - Open Up

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MX Equipamentos

MX Equipamentos: MOVING HEAD WASH LED 7X12 RGB     http://mxequipamentos.com.br/item/MOVING-HEAD-WASH-LED-7X12-RGB.html

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Rgb Broadcasting

309678355851596 Rgb Broadcasting: Timeline Photos     Whistle Bowls !!! Project Starts at Sakhi TV

It is in Kerala again!!! RGB start the ball rolling for new project, Sakhi TV, an exclusive channel for Women. RGB Team is all set for the work. As the integrators ,RGB Broadcasting is on to repeat “RGB Quality” as before .Sakhi TV will hit your TV rooms early half of this year. So get ready to visualize the quality this year. — with Nisha Menon and 11 others.     Whistle Bowls !!! Project Starts at Sakhi TV

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Shahani Parages-Batiquin

Shahani Parages-Batiquin: Thank you Rgb Batiks😘

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Bitsadda: Q) What type of software must to be used to translate scanned text into a format that can be manipulated?

(1) OCR
(2) CRT
(3) RGB
(4) MIDI
(5) None of these


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DesignProfessional AADVD, CCCU

DesignProfessional AADVD, CCCU: RGB: Advanced Motion Graphics Design Student Showcase         "RGB" is the project produced by students who studied the Associate of Arts in Digital Visual Design at the Community College of City University.
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWeORXdGAlA&hd=1

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Kayleen Maitai

Kayleen Maitai: Cutest Baby     plz vote & share for lil cutie!

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Colby Cash

Colby Cash: 19' Philips HD television, has HDMI and RGB ports so you can hook up laptop, Xbox, DVD player etc. Hardly used, great picture. $65

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Chas Clarkson Christmas & Illumination

Chas Clarkson Christmas & Illumination:     WE love our new "Mega" Tree and everyone that sees it goers ooh and ahhh...
An indoor or outdoor product, the 8m "Mega" tree features user interactivity via touch screen control. It consists of 2400 x RGB Pixel Lights, 50 strands with 48 bulbs per strand.

Available with some pretty cool "out of the box" lighting effects as seen in this video or easily configurable lighting effects that can be sequenced to music and programmed for timed shows.
The tree can be suspended or assembled on the floor.
Base diameter is 3.2m.    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=663138183722069

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Bina Howard

Bina Howard: Finally finished my course on Photoshop, learnt some cool stuff need to further review histograms and levels of RGB with CMYK according to pixel aspect ratios. Joys of layering and using opacity, hue and saturation in images. Clone stamp tool pretty nifty. Now to sort out my photo's :) Fancy doing Raspberry Pi, learn a language or save up to do a masters :/

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James Flaherty

James Flaherty: RGB Houses / BLUE Art Print by citizenERICH | Society6     buy my prints y'all! free shipping!

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Tso Gainesville

Tso Gainesville: Taking the girls to dinner got rave reviews on my staff from rgb doctors

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Daniel Barash

779984185346511 Daniel Barash:         I have a 1 watt RGB animation laser from Laser World. I am entertaining offers and trades. I am located in the Phoenix area. The laser has less than 12 hours on it. The case is included. Watch a demo video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQ0uw5Y7oqs

Starting Price: $500

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Robert Schmid

Robert Schmid: I won Best Animation for the RGB competition! YAY!!!

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Ascanio Trivisano

10203045158121427 Ascanio Trivisano:         RGB 10min

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Sarah Byth

Sarah Byth: Cutest Baby     Vote for Sway!!!! RGBis a great public professional Lab :)

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Zamoh Mvelase

Zamoh Mvelase: things will neva get bck 2 normal because of the distance btwn us I guess we shud let go of the memories if things were meant 2 be!then only time will tell (RIP)RGB more love guys

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Graffitiboxshop: MTN Water Based (300ml) in 50 Farben - Graffiti Shop Berlin - Das Original Graffitiboxshop.de -...     4 Artists -->

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Pleasure Island 2

Pleasure Island 2: Twisted's Sports Beauties     Rgb

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The In Thing

581392768622664 The In Thing:         Still as popular as ever - Diamond lights (pack of 4) - totally submersible, or just anywhere.
Pure White, Warm White, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple & Amber too. Plus RGB Colour Changing will be back in stock end of May.

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Josh Bacon

Josh Bacon: Ok, still have to unpack the car and schedule a wrap/how can I do it better day for RGB fire but it is also full speed into the next pile of things. Pyrotopia, three things for lakes, but first a fireworks demo. The season has started.

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John Nicholson

John Nicholson: This may be of interest to other photographers/videographers. Most will already know how easy it is to 'blow out' one of the RGB colour channels when shooting fresh blooms (especially intensely red subjects). Doing so wipes out a lot of fine detail and subtle tones that would otherwise be captured.

Well it seems that thanks to advances in new materials and printing dyes the problem is also spreading to peoples clothes - and not just high visibility work jackets (if you've ever taken a flash shot with one of those in the frame you'll know what I mean).

I'm currently 'soft proofing' a nice set of wedding pic's to produce print ready files. A lot of those attending had obviously bought brand new outfits for the occasion and a few of those worn by the ladies are very colourful indeed. So much so that there are green and red fabrics plus a blue printed pattern that would blow-out if printed in every shot they appear in - rendering as solid blocks of monotone colour (they look OK on screen but printed media employs a different gamut or colour range).

This isn't a great problem for me as I always work from the RAW data file and have complete control (via Lightroom) of the intensity of colours during post processing; therefor I can 'fix' issues like this as long as I'm aware of them. If I were videoing such clothes though or shooting straight to JPEG I'd be as stuffed as the average amateur 'tog. Just one more thing to consider if you're concerned about the quality of your work :)

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Japamix Prod

Japamix Prod: Logo Japamix Lasser RGB Full Colours     Logo Japamix Lasser RGB Full Colours     Logo institucional de Japamix Productions proyectado en lasser full colours Creamos,Imaginamos,Innovamos y Lo Hacemos Posible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Japamix Productio...
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/_AVwY7M48YA

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INESFERA: Malú 2014 light design and live visuals by Luis Pastor & SN4CK     Gracias a SN4CK y Luis Pastor por darnos la oportunidad de colaborar en este proyecto de la nueva Gira 2014 de Malú. Y a Gorka de la Granja y Sonia Txiki por vuestra paciencia!!     01. Intro- Ni un paso atrás 02. Te conozco desde siempre 03. Deshazte de mi 04. Me quedó grande tu amor 05. Voy a quemarlo todo 06. Diles 07. Que nadie (con ...
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/uvgL0KuWP6M

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Dewa Gede Parta

Tryka L.E.D. Ltd

Tryka L.E.D. Ltd: Like this if you've eaten in the OXO Tower in London! Lit using Tryka Module 3 RGB spotlights we are looking forward to visiting shortly.

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Josh Bacon

Josh Bacon: Finally in bed, not quite done with rgb fire yet as things need to be sorted and disected but my bed is so nice. Congrats to my awesome team Benjamin Davis, Roger Slykhouse, and Doyle Huge for pulling this of in ten days... My mind is blown. Thank you to Michael Freeland for you help and tutelage, Jessica Rowland for the much needed assistance today (you owe me receipts still), and everybody that came out. I am sorry I missed seeing most of you but I hope you had fun and enjoyed yourselves.

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Wazawadie Wahid

1377049732581012 Wazawadie Wahid:         ZERONE POWER METERS are equipped with latest and high precision stepping motor to maintain accuracy by providing 3240 steps within the 270° dial resolution. By adopting RGB LED illuminator, the display colours are interchangeable between blue, cyan, green, pink, red, white and yellow, while 256 colours are available for the frame (ring). The LED brightness is adjustable with 12 levels (Daytime – 6 levels / Nighttime – 6 levels) of adjustments available for driver’s best viewing. As for the peak and warning functions, the peak value will be recorded automatically while warning can be set according to the driver’s preference. The warning function includes warning indicator and buzzer.

1) Equipped with high precision stepping motor with 3240 steps within the 270° dial resolution.
2) Utilizing 1T high speed microcontroller that is faster and more durable.
3) Equipped with RGB LED illuminator with 256 colours selection.
4) Self-diagnosis on start up/shut down, peak and warning.
5) All sensor connectors are waterproof design.
6) User friendly and easy to install

-Oil press
-Oil temp
-Water temp
-Exhaust temp

For more information
Please don't be hesitated to contact us by

#Vigo #Dmax #Triton #Navara

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