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Kimberly Davis Mader

Kimberly Davis Mader:     Reggie in his first Hunter class.. Woohoo!    
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Gaby Lara

991158950910263 Gaby Lara: Timeline Photos     Watch the World Premiere of The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer now: http://bit.ly/1t5b5zS     Omg! Omg! Omg!... I can not wait!!!!!! Javier Bautista; Gerardo Bautista, Ana Lara, Dana Gohs Damron, Reggie Yolo, Lisa Pham

( http://youtu.be/j4GAs9TJVjM?list=PLP63B9XPsQt0KiUz3ffyiS1tpDywWraPF )

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Traww Too On

Traww Too On: Since Eli Deleted The Status 👌!

Reggie Did You Really Get Locked UpK ?

& Who You Wanna Fight Darmaine Or Eli Cause You Not Gone Touch The Lil Lowc Eli That Aint No Fair Fight!

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Kay Wall

Kay Wall:     Lol Reggie Gotem Haten Darling     Buddy Got 3 Pieced "Oooowwwwaa" #FSE
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Kevin Walden

Kevin Walden:     What's good y'all gone do it with me?? Lol Patrick Davis Drew Patrick Reggie DunningDominique DoughBoi Bradley Carlin Calmuschi     WOW! World’s Most Crazy Terrifying Free Fall Drop Ride EVER… be honest, Would you dare? Yes or No?
Great rides here www.facebook.com/themeparkreview

SHARE with Friends that enjoy Crazy-Thrilling Activities :)
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Renee Blaqubuttafly Reese

Renee Blaqubuttafly Reese:     Marcus Watson Jazzma Flyisforever Reese and Reggie Bellanger     Now thats a "Lap Band Dance"!!! Lolololol #massacretour #thegathering
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Kevin Drdn

Kevin Drdn: This guy playing lost levels is johnning like crazy can we get Reggie to step in and say something

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Toni A. Moore

Toni A. Moore:     Something about seeing the youngsters pursue their dreams make me tingle!
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Tiffany Bradley

Tiffany Bradley:     LOL I see you Reggie Foster     Nigga I'm weak!!
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Travis Hauser

908273595852657 Travis Hauser:         Reggie Womp is souped up and ready to go! I can't wait to dance with all you peeps!

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Reggie Merc White

Reggie Merc White:     Birthday BBq For My 30th Birthday ! August 7th ! Details coming soon ! This gone be nice ! Fwm !!!     It aint here yet but MY NIGGA Reggie Merc White BDAY approaching..We got like 3 parties coming..One tonight at the Carribean Village..So Im gone have him a barbecue the day of..Im gone open my doors to a few of our close partnas..So stay tuned info and invites coming soon..#SPLOOSH
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Dogs, Dogs & More Dogs


My friend Reggie Bibbs suffers from a severe case of neurofibromatosis, the disease sometimes called "elephant man disease". In spite of the burdens and physical pain of the tumors all over his body, insight and out, Reggie is one of the happiest and most compassionate people I've ever met.

Reggie's goal is to raise awareness of neurofibromatosis for the general public, and to be a resource and inspiration for others like him who suffer from the condition. To further his goal, he formed the nonprofit Just Ask Foundation, and he has -- with the help and generosity of friends -- converted an old school bus into the "2014 Just Ask World Tour Bus" so he can drive from city to city in a "mobile billboard". I'm really proud of Reggie for his initiative and drive!

Please take a moment to watch this short video, and consider liking, commenting and sharing. An encouraging word can go a LONG WAY.

THANK YOU!!!     Thanks to the generosity and help from friends, the Just Ask! Foundation 2014 World Tour Bus is ready to roll!

~ botl from JustAsk
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Judas Beast Chicago

Judas Beast Chicago: Flash of the Blade, The Duellists, & Back in the Village     Don't miss our 30 year POWERSLAVE album celebration at Reggies on August 8th!! We will be performing it in its entirety!!
Be seeing you...

http://youtu.be/wQ-D54UtPAE     This was at the 3/29/2014 Judas Beast performance celebrating the 30th anniversary of Iron Maiden's Powerslave album at Q Bar in Darien IL. Great show fellas...
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/wQ-D54UtPAE

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Nick Beezy

Nick Beezy: MC DONALD'S SONG BY "BOB BUCK CHOIR"     Wasn't we jus talking out this lol Marco Lemond Hughes Reggie Seldon Malik Hughes     THIS WILL GET YOUR ABBS RIGHT... U DON'T NEED SIT UPS AFTER THIS LAUGH
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Skip Flanagan

Skip Flanagan: My homie Music exec Corey Jones touching down in Houston Sunday..so me and the homies..my uncle Wickett Crickett...the Fam Reggie Johnson Ghetto Boy Willie D my little Brother Russ gone be at Club Sugarhill Sunday night! COME CELEBRATE WITH US! We will also be filming documentary.nephew the talented Mario Parks who works for Channel 13 will be behind the camera..#The G Channel#Celebrity features

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Ariva C Damuni

Ariva C Damuni:     This video was meant to spotlight Reggie Bush but leave it to the kaiViti to steal his thunder...lol...vinaka Jared Hayne. BOOM!!! #fijianscanttakethemanywhere     Is Reggie Bush considering a crossover to #Rugby? #RugbyIsForReal
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Reginald Richardson

Reginald Richardson:     Reggie want show you about scooter !    
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Brook Holiday

Brook Holiday: Nude - Official Music Video (Moriece)     new artist moriece im working with," NUDE the album coming soon" ! ROCSTEIN ENT . ,RED IRIS FILM , CAPO DECINA on the production , and shot out 2 everyone involved in the video!     New R&B artist "Moriece" debut single NUDE. Directed By: Reggie Huggins, Co-Dir: Krystal Hood, Edited by: Lamont Goodine, Shot by: Sade' Gil, Written by: Bro...
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/-gffXezep8g

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Darren Triplett

Darren Triplett: Good dey........digg this.....most times when I'm running low on that personal-tree....jus in the nic of time....I find a few saks in my laundry or my washer n dryer. It use to be reggie for the most part.....now it always be that LouD....wit a minute hint snuggles fab softner......lol..... how's that for lame ass fb talk.!?!

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Dee Mbandezi

Dee Mbandezi: Ukubone uthi umqhibele kudala u Facebook abantu bokuqala ubabona be online ibengu Tso no Reggy iyawubulala umndla wakho lonto plz malizole no Reee khaniyeke brazzz

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Johnnye Guerilla Redd Davis

Johnnye Guerilla Redd Davis:         It aint here yet but MY NIGGA Reggie Merc White BDAY approaching..We got like 3 parties coming..One tonight at the Carribean Village..So Im gone have him a barbecue the day of..Im gone open my doors to a few of our close partnas..So stay tuned info and invites coming soon..#SPLOOSH
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Michele Brown

Michele Brown:     Reggie Smith such dork' lol jks jokes    
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Wienerschnitzel: 13 things you didn't know about Wienerschnitzel     What does Wienerschnitzel and Baseball Hall-of-Famer Reggie Jackson have in common? Check out Thrillist's 13 Things You Didn't Know About Wienerschnitzel!

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Brandon Scott Wolf

Brandon Scott Wolf: The 2014 Funny or Die Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival presented by Redd's Apple Ale line up:

Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, Aziz Ansari, Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr, Brent Morin, Chris D'Elia, Chris Hardwick, Dave Attell, Demetri Martin, Hannibal Buress, Jeff Ross, Jermaine Fowler, Jim Jefferies, Julian McCullough, Marc Maron, Michael Che, Moshe Kasher, Nate Bargatze, Reggie Watts, Ron Funches, Whitney Cummings, Brody Stevens and...

...unfortunately not me.

That's right. My Road 2 Oddball has come to an end. The judges didn't select me as the overall national winner, which means I'm not going on tour.

I may be disappointed right now, but I am also very happy. A lot of good stuff came out of this experience. I won the New York City regional division of the competition, I performed stand up on Funny Or Die's live show at Carolines on Broadway, and with the help of all of my friends and family I secured more views (5.7K) and Funny votes (3,363) on my plea video than any of the other finalists.

That being said, I am forever grateful to Tony Cohen, Leslie Meisel, Bill Hood, Brianna Dzurishin, Austin Rodrigues, Sue Smith, Ben Cohen, Christian Roberts, Mary Feane, and Rasheda S. Crockett for helping me produce a hilarious plea video. Thank you guys so much. I couldn't have gotten this far without you.

In all honesty, I couldn't have gotten this far without any of you, which is why the biggest thing I'm taking away from this competition is that you all had my back and I can't thank everyone enough for that.

But -- Thank you. I really appreciate the support and the kind words everyone has offered me over the past few months.

Now that I've thanked everyone, I'm going to spend the rest of my day writing, performing stand up, and drinking ice cold, refreshing Redd's Apple Ale.

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Louise LaBianca Kling

10203728399382972 Louise LaBianca Kling:         Close-up of "Reggie" our Skye Terrier, bought at Russo's F.I. 1969

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Eric Contreras

Eric Contreras: Anybody know were to get some reggie let me know

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Sam Bassett

Sam Bassett: Some DJS mix the loud with the reggie. And I don't get nothing but a headache from it...

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The Tom Leykis Show

The Tom Leykis Show: Join The New Normal in a Suite at Dodgers vs Mets 8/22 in LA     FOUR WEEKS FROM TONIGHT! Join P1s Law Offices of Adam Michael Sacks FocoYou FocoMe, Alex from Millbrae, Eric Arnett, Dustin Bartz, Jonah Olivo, Mark Ammerman, Bram Christiaanse, Ryan Ortega, Phil Swiadon, Gerardo Flores, Thomas Block, Reggie James, Victor Orly, Randy Borger, Curtis Golden, John Prater, Ameer Miller, John Rutstein, Manjul Bose, David DiDominick, Jose Trujillo, David Trujillo, Scott McDonough, John Rutstein and more!

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Frank Everett Myers Jr

Frank Everett Myers Jr:         Is Reggie Bush considering a crossover to #Rugby? #RugbyIsForReal
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Angela Cofield Copeland

Angela Cofield Copeland:     Ken Gary Mackeal Cofield Mal Waytogone Davis Vincent Heath Heef Brewer Reggie Robinson Chrissie Cofield Twanisha Cofield Adam C. Bryson Denisha Preshae     Someone come look at this
Follow Worldstar
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Midwest Hype

Midwest Hype: Attention Hype Heads: We'll be rocking Reggies Music Joint on 8/10 with our dudes from Florida Sowflo & Da$Htone! Doors at 8, and tickets are only $8

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Golden SaxophonePlaya Ferguson

Golden SaxophonePlaya Ferguson:     Either he's goin to jail forever jus for pissin off the cops, or he's goin to jail forever but on the way in there gonna thank him for the best excitement they've had in a very long time. Reggie WiseGuy Williams, Darius Shipley, Zay Williams     If you're going to jail you may as well go in style
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