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Daniel R Francisco

Daniel R Francisco: California Love - Tupac (Official Video)     I'm going to miss you all !! Margie Reeves Ruthy Widyanto Julie Bunnell@roxanne @marcia Stephan Fetzer Renee GriffinDaniel Pacetti Mitchell Greer Juan Pablo love u Michael Wooleyhan @LJ sexy !! Day Day Da Vinchi my best friend @Gina vargas @Dean !! E.t.c and so many more !! Home is where the heart is @mom @melinda @melissa @marcy @frankie @wendy @brother Bobbie @jimmy @nana !!! (R.I.P Frank) See ya all soon @tyler Clark @jeff !! Stay down !!     This is the official video of Tupacs Hit California Love
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/BKtMiCD_oqk

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