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Shabnam Ria

1542659112614026 Shabnam Ria:        

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Shabnam Ria

1542658809280723 Shabnam Ria:        

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Shabnam Hashimi

Shabnam Hashimi: Which Politician you Resemble With?    

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Shabnam Khan

321245974729742 Shabnam Khan:        

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Shabnam Balouch

10152404382216479 Shabnam Balouch: Timeline Photos     Women worldwide invest 90% of their income in their families and communities. Why it pays to bet on women entrepreneurs.    

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Shabnam Imran

1531483900426845 Shabnam Imran:         hi frnds new hoo welcm to karo

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Shabnam Khan

799550816776416 Shabnam Khan: Timeline Photos        

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Shabnam Khan

Shabnam Khan: Happy birthday Prashant Tamse

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Shabnam Sayed

505713719565401 Shabnam Sayed:         Bought this set don't like it anymore wanting r300 for it

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Shabnam Panjwani

366465883510667 Shabnam Panjwani: Mobile Uploads     This kid was found by KONDHWA PUNE police and not able to tell his address. Pls share in all your groups so that he can get reunited with his parents....
Pls sahāya maadi!
C-c c-c c-c īs for a reason!

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Shabnam Khanna

562213990591012 Shabnam Khanna: Mobile Uploads     With Rajiv Arora and 47 others.    

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Shabnam Mustary Mustary

Shabnam Mustary Mustary: Karor ki sahos nei amar sathe bondhu howar?

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Shabnam Hashimi

Shabnam Hashimi: Your Top 3 Friends?    

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Shabnam Saher

Shabnam Saher:         This is such a powerful video. Without saying much, it says a lot. I had to share.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=768780313178235

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Shabnam Jadoon

Shabnam Jadoon: Shabnam got a daily spin reward!    

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Shabnam Matharhoo

837403616310980 Shabnam Matharhoo: Timeline Photos        

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Musafar Khan

Musafar Khan: Kamliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii         :P ;) #Shabnam
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=569832749800029

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Shabnam Ahmed

Shabnam Ahmed: Can anybody sy ......

Wht iz "LOVE"?

Rply coment fst. ....

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