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Brenda Mcguire

618483154899394 Brenda Mcguire: Timeline Photos     From all of us at Cannabis Network Radio. Happy 420!! Be Smart, Be Safe — with Nick Smith and 14 others.     Shana M Wilson Shirley Mcguire Twilla EsaLokita Danielle Rice-reyna Nikki Rice Acit Ybsub Rhea Larry GetnGuap Wilson Gaby Vizuet Addie Jeanann Rice Tamara McGuire Shane McGuire Hezzie Adonis Stacy MyDadsson Bess Lamont Hendrix Cesar Martinez Nathan Taliaferro Amber Payne Nick Payne and lots more

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Jim Moody

Jim Moody: Church Slave - Shirley Q. Liquor     A timely reminder of what Easter is not about from Ms. Shirley. Amenz.     Shirley Q. Liquor on Church, hats and church slavery. HILARIOUS!
Watch the video: video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YVQ0jfZqsE&feature=youtu.be

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Heather Fleming-Viskovich

Heather Fleming-Viskovich: When Ally finally woke up (a lil' after 10) she said, "I'm soo excited 2 go 2 G'Ma Sharon Viskovich's 2day!"
I said, "Y?"
She said, "4 Gram's ( Shirley Ericsson's) B-Day party!"
Then we cuddled 4 awhile & talked about the day. Never a mention on any bunny or basket waiting 4 her.
Gabrien Viskovich eventually rolled over & said, "Happy Easter girls! So wut did the Easter bunny bring u Ally?"
She screamed, "Oh yeah!"

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Carol Hoskins-Burks

Carol Hoskins-Burks:     Uncle Shirley Earl!!!!! Honey!    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201696388920471

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Michael Jackson

10152144647034615 Michael Jackson:         What an absolutely amazing day in the Barberton and Komati mountains. Awesome relic & rock hunting, and we even rescued a crashed paraglider! Thanks to Andre Shirley and Stephan Uys for a monster outing. If it gets better... I want to know where! Ex Africa semper aliquid novi...

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George Zlumlord Watters

10201938396207042 George Zlumlord Watters:         Shirley 9-16-90 24 yrs ago when NHRA meant 1320!

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Pop Spencer

Pop Spencer: A marvellous afternoon's music at The King Billy Kingsthorpe at KRAB's Big Easter Eggstravaganza. Many thanks to Leo Shirley, Daniel Hughes, Esme Eva, The Rogue State Circus, Duncan Craven and Hammrock, and to Joe Spencer for my guitar cake which went down a treat, Gelda for the Easter cakes and flapjacks. And me for a gorgeous chocolate cake. Such fun. :)

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Alex Blue V

Alex Blue V: B3     Finally done messing with this one. Sometimes, ya just gotta leave it alone. :)

Shirley Scott tho.

https://soundcloud.com/blue-the-fifth/b3     Vinyl.
Watch the video: video https://soundcloud.com/blue-the-fifth/b3

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Francais Nickolas Andrade

Francais Nickolas Andrade: Church Slave - Shirley Q. Liquor     Easter do not mean about hats!     Shirley Q. Liquor on Church, hats and church slavery. HILARIOUS!
Watch the video: video http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8YVQ0jfZqsE

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Gaz Beecham

Gaz Beecham:     St Georges Parade in Shirley!!!

Drive by!    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10154095348190473

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Kathi Whalen Winker

Kathi Whalen Winker: The story of Shirley.

For those of you who don't know the full story of the cute little Shetland pony that arrived at my sister Terri Baxter's yesterday and are curious, here is a little story for you. Ever since the horse barn became a reality, dad kept asking Terri if she had a horse in that barn yet?? When he ended up at Meriter in January, (and any time he met new people) he asked questions about where they lived, what they did... So we typically got to hear stories of his nurses and Dr's and what their lives when we were at the hospital. One nurse that we heard about from dad was from Viroqua, and as the days went on, dad and her figured out they were both loved horses and had a little Shetland pony named Shirley that pulled a cart and a sleigh for her and her husband, who is a minister. Well, Kris Buschor decided that it was a sign when she heard the pony's name was Shirley, and she was for sale. Shirley is my mom's sister who passed away when we were young. Well, as the stars aligned ( dad's interest in astrology is another story) Brother Kevin Whalen checked Shirley out in Viroqua, made a deal and along with Geena Whalen and Greg Whalen, got Shirley to Darlington for a big Easter surprise! I think we got Terri on this one!! Happy Easter everyone!

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Katrina Bromlow Tarver

Katrina Bromlow Tarver: For some reason I always think of my aunt Shirley on Easter. Maybe because of the flowers, family time, or cadberry eggs. lol Miss her but know Ill see her again one day.

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Janice Farris Hall

Janice Farris Hall: Remembering My sister Shirley on this her Birthday. Love and miss her.

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Greg Carlson

Greg Carlson: Church Slave - Shirley Q. Liquor     "Easter do not mean about hats!!" lol
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/8YVQ0jfZqsE

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Sello Molete

Sello Molete: Shirley Brown Long As You Love Me     Shirley Brown - Long As You Love Me

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm7taVuzXvA     Shirley Brown was born on 6th January 1947 in West Memphis then moved to Saint Louis where she sang with many soul artists before a first recording on A-Bet ...
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm7taVuzXvA

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Myztwokute Deshia

Myztwokute Deshia: - C Shirley Stubbs We Shudnt Be Running After No1 Who Ent On Our Run Or Who Want Play Da Cheating Game..!!! :3
- Das Why We Shall And Remain #Siingle
- #Das_Lyfff

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Sommore Rambough

Sommore Rambough: Hurry up! I want to see some Shirley Temple curls, hair bows, bow ties, patient leather shoes, white gloves and jelly beans!

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Shirley Black

Shirley Black: At the drug store yesterday...
Brandon: "Okay, Shirley Black, you have got to find me a small truck, someone totaled mine yesterday."
Me: "Why do you need a truck?"
Brandon: "To take girls out."
Me: "What are you driving now?"
Brandon, rolling his eyes: "A Honda Accord."
Me: "I drive a Honda and LOVE IT."
Brandon: "You are not 19 years old."
(Wonder what he meant by that...)

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Leandre Sweet-t Moore

Leandre Sweet-t Moore: Wishing My Aunt Shirley Moore, Cuzzin Tammie Smith-Ward, A Very Happy Birthday!!!
May God Continue To Bless You Both With Many More To Come!!

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Dianne Warren

Dianne Warren: Enjoying Evang. Shirley Owens in Sunday school, and ready for morning worship.

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Tfl Jean Burgos Mantala

632116013540521 Tfl Jean Burgos Mantala:         After Vacation.. Nagkita-kita! Honda Jazz of Upline Tfl Shirley Mae Sibulan, Ford Fiesta of mine, Honda City of Up Tfl Marlon Santos, and the blue car of Upline MiMi Conde ford fiesta on the other side of the road!! :D TFD problem nga.. Kulang space sa parking!

Join TFD and experience the future you have dreamed off!!
pm my acct.!

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Carolyn Hedge Baird

746699582041330 Carolyn Hedge Baird: Timeline Photos     Happy Easter! Melissa Shirley Designs for Mary Lake Thompson.    

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Kaleb Xander Lynch

Kaleb Xander Lynch:     Norman and Shirley at work. Normie really needs a dog, a cat and a person to love him!    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10100300452522972

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Frank Portman

Frank Portman: So, my girlfriend basically has Shirley Partridge's hairstyle at the moment and it feels like coming home.

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Brenda Gay Potter Scurlock

Brenda Gay Potter Scurlock: HAPPY EASTER to all my children, grand/great kids, My Mother Shirley and Mother in Law Jean, all my family, friends and facebook friends, Have a wonderful day, and most important Happy Easter to my late Father Clyde Potter and my late Father in Law Herman Scurlock Sr. Miss and love you both.

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Classic Movie Hub

10152066250495893 Classic Movie Hub: Timeline Photos     Have a great holiday!     The adorable Shirley Temple coloring Easter eggs :)
sooooo cute...

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Darlene Vanderford Sherfield

Darlene Vanderford Sherfield: Happy Easter to all my family, Tonya Sherfield Gaffney, TjandDee Sherfield, MjnMal Gaffney, Taylor Sherfield, Halie Michelle Cook, Jeremy, Khloe, Carson, Shirley Vanderford, daddy, Sheila Vanderford Calvert, and all her gang!! Hope you have a safe and wonderful day !!

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Deana Lee McQuhae

Deana Lee McQuhae: Shirley... just had a thot as I remembered our 'date'... would you be ok offering item in basement to Friends of Fire Folks.. perhaps one of the women could use it .. or ... to be sorted and figured out who needs what once all is confirmed.... if that is ok.. Ivy is sending her muscle team out this week and they could haul it up and out for you ???
Thank YOU eh :)

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Lucinda Meisch Cook

628034873957694 Lucinda Meisch Cook: Timeline Photos     Shirley Temple - Shared from my Vintage page! :-) — with Danny Smith.     Happy Easter!

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Jackie Boudacious Simpson

Jackie Boudacious Simpson: Wanna send out a Big Happy Easter to all my ppl.who holds it down w me ... Lenita Wills. Rudysia Renee Blocker. Tamika BriganceTAMI Lloyd Garner Shirley JacksonSHIRT Cynthia BandyCYNTHIA Lilbitimsodivalious Benoit Patsy MarksPATS David WiltzDAVID Larry CastellowLARRY Twanna TeeBaby SmithTEE DOMANIC LANE SHANTE.N MANY OTHERS ...
BUT SPECIAL ONES GO TO MY DADDY. MICHAEL FLETCHER WHO ALWAYS have my back thanks everyone ....for being who u r ...

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Katie Sheridan

Katie Sheridan: Church Slave - Shirley Q. Liquor     This is all that matters every Easter forever.     Shirley Q. Liquor on Church, hats and church slavery. HILARIOUS!
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/8YVQ0jfZqsE

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Michelle Muth

Michelle Muth: Happy Easter to all my Facebook family and friends! Happy Easter to Bob and Shirley Drake, Micheal Drake, Stephen Drake, Kathy Forgie and Jordan Drake. Hope you all have a blessed day!

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Sandy Cheatham Maranto

Sandy Cheatham Maranto: On April 20, 1929, a really cool chick was born: Shirley Mae Everidge. She later became Shirley Cheatham, and even later than that, she became my mom. Okay. So maybe she wasn't "cool," but she was my mom. She was the walking and breathing definition of selflessness. I really miss her. I'm very glad to know she's with our risen savior!

Happy Easter, peeps! (And by peeps, I mean you people; not those little yellow, marshmellow-y things kids and adults will be eating today)

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RichardNijboer MisterAmsterdam

RichardNijboer MisterAmsterdam: What a great journey I had. Thank you: Wiser Oner for the inspiration. Thank you Anne D for the quickest tour in Edinburgh really enjoyed it. Shirley Hamilton for the art we created. Tina Martin for all your help getting the tour organised. Fee Jackson for all the drives and Mountaintrip. Chris Maisey you made me a bigger fan of streetart. Claire Hindle Model and Jenny Marquis Brushstrokes BodyArtfor orgazing the Bristol workshop. Sara Miles, Toni-Leigh Winter and Annabel Biles for the interesting cardiff trip. Thefacepaintingshop for having us at your shop and the great ribs ever. Olivier for the energy you shared in London. Anne Hamilton Black and Peter. I will try not to eat other burger than a Bobo burger. And offcourse all the painters models who made this tour unforgatable. Im so gratefull. Thank you . Love you all

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Fallin' Pines Critter Rescue, Inc.

723953647656895 Fallin' Pines Critter Rescue, Inc.: Timeline Photos     Happy Easter everyone.
Big HUGS, Shirley & "The Critters"    

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Cheryl Moloney

Cheryl Moloney: Happy birthday to my mother-in-law, Shirley, up in heaven celebrating the birth of her first great-grandchild born this morning! Congratulations Lindsey and Michael Jordan!

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Necon Dronkie Mthombeni-Faro

Necon Dronkie Mthombeni-Faro: Gugu Shirley Vilakazi once wrote:-

some christians act like when Jesus died ngathi he left them in charge..

Umuntu ngoba kuye yena eSontweni namhlanje thina we are bad people all of a Sunday

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Steelo Madhouze

Steelo Madhouze: Goodnight Shirley

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Chastity Thornhill Shirley

Chastity Thornhill Shirley: Happy Easter, Rusty Leon Shirley, Gone But Never Forgotten, I Will Love You Today, Tomorrow, And Always!!!!!!!!!

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Stephanie Rachelle Lane

Stephanie Rachelle Lane: Thank you aunt Shirley Melton and uncle Steve Bumgarner for the warning call about the big chug hole! I missed it BC of the forewarning!

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Billy Anderson ProducerEngine-Ear

Billy Anderson ProducerEngine-Ear:     A piece of (generally) unknown history. True hero badass.....
Ben Shirley, Erica Stoltz, Ursula Stuart, Jesika Gorton, Stevie Floyd, Dana Schechter, Laurie Safdie, Kelly Harris, Elizabeth Davis-Simpson, Uta Plotkin, Karyn Crisis, Lori Joseph, Shanda Demon Lung, Kim Kelly, Sina d'Crime, Cat Jones, Sigrid Sheie, Ashley Spungin, Juliette Jones, Joseph D. Rowland, Haley Elizabeth, Melynda Jackson, Jason Walton, Valerie Agnew, Reid Raley, Tad Doyle, Andrea Gehrz, George Rice, Andrea Vidal, Michele Anderson Schubert, Lauren Schneider , Jonnie Ray Monroe, Ross Sewage, Gary Mader, Joe Preston, Martyn Millard, Thomas Rusnak, etc etc...     What can I say?
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1538811928172

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Jhon Gonzalez

Jhon Gonzalez: andabas con shirley en srm verdad?    

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Kathy Tellechea

Kathy Tellechea: Shirley Rugg is undergoing surgery to repair a tear in her artery. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that it is a successful surgery.

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Floyd K. Jones

Floyd K. Jones: Hello may I speak to Barbra. Hey Barbra this is Shirley. Lmao first recorded main chick and other woman conversation

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Pastor Shirley Caesar

Pastor Shirley Caesar: After 40 Years, Still Sweeping Through the City by Shirley Caesar     Jesus I Love Calling Your Nane

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Azia Montgomery

Azia Montgomery: I remember Easter Sunday back in the day. My mom use to Shirley temple curl my hair in the kitchen and have my baby hair popping, dress me in the Most Beautiful lace dresses and ruffle socks. And ofcourse the prettiest, shiniest maryjanes shoes. The way a little girl should be dressed!! Then when me and my brother got older for easter we'd wear matching sweat suits and the hottest sneakers out. Lol We would be feeling ourselves so much we'd want to wear it back to school the next day. Lol don't front like y'all never did that either!! Cthu

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Chicago English Bulldog Rescue, Inc.

10152381867343701 Chicago English Bulldog Rescue, Inc.:         CEBR Alum Laverne & Shirley hoppin' in to say Happy Easter!

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Bobby Pierce

Bobby Pierce: Got the win at Granite City tonight!!! Tough field of cars. Erb, Babb, Korte and Shirley all in the top 5. Thanks to my Fans, Family, Crew and Sponsors for making it all possible! On to 34 Raceway tomorrow for the Slocum 50. #TeamChampion #RefusetoLose

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