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Marber Arteaga Bernardo

Marber Arteaga Bernardo: Es bueno comer Chocolate pero tambien es bueno hacer ejercicio     Maniac!! :)
Shirley Basty Roberto Karina Wagner Andrea Julio     Es bueno comer Chocolate pero tambien es bueno hacer ejercicio para la salud.
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Kaelah English

Kaelah English:     God Blessed the Broken Road just for Shirley Curtiss and Ben Bergeron    
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Traci Rosado Fernandez

Traci Rosado Fernandez:     What was your favorite food?

Mine from Kenneth was rice cake and a root beer or red vines and a strawberry soda

Shirley and Walter had the best noodles

Dan pork hash and manapua

My first experience with the manapua man was Kenneth in Aliamanu, Shirley and Walter and of course Dan the Man!     If your from Hawaii growing up buying food from the Manapua Man was a part of our childhood. From shoyu chicken, ice cream bars, pork hash, Burritos, lumpia you name it. No matter rain or shine after school he was always slanging his products. If didn't grew up here or you're not from here this is a little slice of our culture.
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Tammy Harper

Tammy Harper:     Video 2.
This was the moment when Dan learned that Jon was here also, and that they both have moved to Calgary.
Shirley Launder. I wanted to make sure you got these videos... They are very heart warming    
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J Andrew O Valdez

838468706163882 J Andrew O Valdez:         Sampler appetizer, honey walnut shrimp, curry basil chicken fried rice, and boneless Peking duck "al" orange. Pared with a Saarstein Riesling and Shirley temple

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Katy N Bo Burton

10203553773156368 Katy N Bo Burton: Mobile Uploads     So many beautiful mommy's on my wall 7 was way to Lil lol — with Maryjane Sult and 39 others.     Christie Shirley, Anita Cobb, Sue Ellen Burton, Corisa Cobb, Tricia Lynn Anson, Christine Cobb Steele, Teresa Pulcini, Jennifer Denise Alexander, Jennifer Plamondon, Jennifer Lynn Doeden, Suzette Jarvis, Carol Newlin, Kara Scott, Katie Burton Allbritton, Lori Burton-Braselton, Peggy Potrebic-burton ,Lucy Ann ,Ruby Ventrice, Crystal Kenny, Heather Fisher, Joey Gurgone, Melissa Snyder Hall, Felisha Jaros Brittney All, Julie Ann Flack ,and Tainted Angel...Way too many on my list to pick only seven!

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Calin DemdeySoundz PooBanger Henry

Calin DemdeySoundz PooBanger Henry:     Lmfao Shirley Torho JuJu Bear Eric Lambert de little youth box him in him head    
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Kathleen Gatz Fernandez

Kathleen Gatz Fernandez:     For you Aunt Shirley. Love you    
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Lakeshia Smith

Lakeshia Smith:     Beverly Smith Tramaine Matthews Pollard Ke'Ondra TrulyDefined McNeal Keosha Leavemealone Smith Shirley Kelly     Please share!! I didn't want to believe it until I seen it myself.. This is happening everywhere!! We're getting screwed people!!
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Neicia Sensing

Neicia Sensing: Sony Releases New N'Sync Album to Former Band's Surprise     Well I'm about to order this.

Kacie Hagerty-Hallock Tara Shirley Chapman

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Callista Amarylliis

Callista Amarylliis:     For my auntie Shirley Ann Wynn..lol..     3 dollars and 35 cents
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Ramel Werner

Ramel Werner:     Those Shirley Temple's will have you like...    
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Debbie Pryatel

Debbie Pryatel: Day 3 of 3.....3 positives
1. Beautiful weather
2. Having parents who were great roll models
3. Being able to live on my Moms home place and the health so far to look after it!
I nominate Shirley Ropchan, Joan Knauer & Angela Wilson...3 positives for 3 days.

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