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Silver Fox

855717081119914 Silver Fox:         ***************
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Capri MaHaffey

10152454146483920 Capri MaHaffey:         caPri.'s "Livin' Tha Self Help Project" Tough Enough Tuesday Tidbit!:

Social Media, If Like Me, YOU Are Buildin' or Rebuildin' YOUR Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Business, etc. Self After Livin' Ah Survival Mode Life.....

This GLUE Post Is Ah GLUE Mus' Read!!!

Social Media,
Life Battles

"In YOUR Pinky Toe"
Tough Enough
Handle & Fight Them All!

That's GLUE and caPri. Baby!!

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Nate Obryant

826852747334911 Nate Obryant:         ***Noise Announcement***

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Casey D. Eberhart

Casey D. Eberhart: Welcome to the Event     We are on NOW!! Join us!!

TOP INCOME EARNER Edie Anne Côté in 45 minutes!! Social Media Fireside Chat!
She is the founder of The BNS Network, a Direct Sales Entrepreneur, Industry Leader, brings techniques & skills to help build a strong business and self awareness. Along with being an Independent Director, she been coaching and helping people for more than 7 years.
Having her own experiences and creating her own story has helped her become a very valuable coach to others. She has studied Transformational Coaching and has created an amazing strategy at becoming inspired to not only be a successful entrepreneur but to be an Incredible "YOU"!
EdieAnne is now the co-author of the book Empowered Women of Social Media being released on kindle on Oct 5th.
Tuesday September 30th 5:00 PST 8:00 EST
Call in live: 206-402-0100 pin 698541#
Webcast: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=60288510

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Robert Toth

Robert Toth: Bequest:    

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Colin O'brien

10204084243080472 Colin O'brien:         Your Social Media Success is Our Job!
Get your social media assistent. Take a break and go surfing, read a book or grab a coffee.
Take time to be inspired and find new ways to improve your business. We can handle the social media for you.

Your creativity and our powerful technology make the perfect team!

Simple, fast and powerful Social Media Automation Software? Mass Planner is the answer!

Mass Planner is the only piece of software every business owner needs! You will be able to schedule your updates on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter all from one easy to use dashboard.


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Warwick Solutions, Social Media Business Boosters

Warwick Solutions, Social Media Business Boosters: 11 Facebook Marketing Tools to Help You Optimize Your Page     Lots of great Facebook Marketing tools here, bookmark it!

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Brian Bell

Brian Bell: Hey I got an idea! Let's act like grown folks and not use social media to make our friends take sides on stuff that's OUR business! I dunno just a thought!

That's it! Back to Ebola coverage!! Gonna be a long night!

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USC UP Diliman

USC UP Diliman: Adopt A Barangay Project     [Local Council Support]

Let's help the College of Business Administration Student Council in this socially relevant endeavor by liking their Facebook page!

Adopt A Barangay is the social arm of UP CBA, which organizes relevant and sustainable-development projects for its adopted barangay



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On Location Casting

On Location Casting: "Nashville" PRELIMINARY CALL TIMES & BOOKING DETAILS for WEDNESDAY 10/1/14    

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Bobby Ma

Bobby Ma: Staying home will never get me no where, going out to meet new people will help grow my business. Get social...

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Ken Lee

Ken Lee: What many people do not seem to grasp is what democracy means. To many it means freedom. The freedom of choice. If it was as simple as that I would be the first person on the streets to protest for freedom.

So why am I not on the streets? Politics is a very dirty business. It runs of lobbying where interest groups would buy influence or other methods to gain an advantage. So are all politicians dirty. The answer is most are. If the law was changed that no politician or family member can accept any gifts for the term of his employment or after. Then it would be easier for me to say yes to democracy.

Big business should be told to stay away from politics. Why as seen in the west as soon as they gain control. The rich get richer and the poor poorer. There will be no social mobility for the poor as the middle class will be decimated.

I would also accept democracy if we had politicians like the late Robin Cook. Who in my eyes was a politician for the people. Sadly in Hong Kong we don't.

So yes lets have democracy but lets make sure it the one that benfits society rather than just for the sake of one person one vote...

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Shannon Peterson

1483027751982742 Shannon Peterson:         Are you active on SOCIAL MEDIA? Are you getting PAID for it? Join the movement and get PAID for your activity! INBOX me and I will show you how to get a check in the mail EVERY MONTH! This is residual income, so your checks will grow! This is a REAL BUSINESS. INBOX Me today!

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Short Circuit Media

Short Circuit Media: Businesses, Here are Your Rules for Reaching Out via Social Media     It’s apparent that social media is here to stay so it makes sense that the almost 90 percent of all business have at least one social profile to connect with their audience. Not only is it a great way to engage your audience, it also helps widen your …

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Vicki Polglase

Vicki Polglase: Enjoying a coffee at a local cafe, when a man sat down at next table. This gentleman's mobile phone rings and he takes the call, remains seated and proceeds to discuss business in a rather loud manner. A few 'looks' in his direction and 6 or 7 long minutes later the call ends. Next he dials someone and start to discuss his business again. After about another minute, l say to him ' excuse me, as interesting as you life may be, l am not interested in hearing about it, would you please take your cal outside!' He was slightly stunned at first and then informed me that there was no sign evident, banning phone use and he did not appreciate being harassed. He then went up to the owner to complain. When he returned to his table, to await his take away coffee order, he again told me that he did not like to be harassed, to which l replied that it was indeed poor social etiquette to conduct loud mobile phone business in a cafe, when he could quite easily conduct it at a table outside. What is your view, regarding mobile use in public spaces, especially interested in the ' younger generation's' view.

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It's a Crazy  ßeautiful Life

It's a Crazy ßeautiful Life: #GetYourBiznessOnLine!!!

Enjoy STEL Comm Ng Independent day 50% discount for web packages to put your business on the world wide web.

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*Social media campaign (ads on FB, Twitter and Google) starting from 30,000 Naira

To get your business online now call +2348136386437 BBM 2A533CCA Email stelcommng@live.com

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Jennifer Merrill


Wednesday Oct 1: Jermaine Taylor- The Power of Video Marketing and Branding

Thursday Oct 2: Million Dollar Earner and Coach Susan Rowland- .Your Inner Voice (empowerment in business)

Friday Oct 3: Michael Angel Martin- Cloud Storage and Prodigy Bar

Monday October 6: Alfredo Delgado- Ingreso App and more!

Tuesday October 7: Kai Lo- How to attract the RIGHT people to YOU

Wednesday October 8: 'Tom Thefurryhatguy-How I became a 6 Figure Earner on You Tube

Thursday Oct 9: Krystal Taylor- The importance of utilizing Blogging and other social media sites

Friday Oct 10: Dwayne M Golden Jr- Chat and Serve ...breaking it down from point A-Z!!!!



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Chalisse Skis

Chalisse Skis: spending the last year with a strict "no lurking" policy has been a life saver... never went out of my way to lurk anyone but "mutual friends" popping up in timelines and comments is a temptation that I had given into more than I'd like to admit.

Not knowing leads to not caring and it has let me focus more on knowing things that matter in the real world and not caring at all about gossip or just knowing things that are not my business..

wish there was a no lurking AA chip... I think it would undo a lot of the weirdness that social media has added to our lives and lets us just have the benefits of seeing important news and cat pictures from our nearest and dearest

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The Tennessee Tribune

The Tennessee Tribune: Take 10 On Tuesdays featuring CeCe Carson     On our latest Take 10 learn about Crowdfunding and using social media to help build and market a business. Great interview.     On this week's Take 10 On Tuesday Social Media Director Jason Luntz visits CeCe Carson the owner of Just My Perfect Party, a new bakery located in Clarksvill...
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/O5OdnoEZAt0

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Raquel Smith-Harvey

Raquel Smith-Harvey: It's been real social network, but I have some business to handle. See you all in 30 days!!!

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LiveSmart 360

LiveSmart 360: Instagram     We're officially on Instagram!

Don't forget to favorite our pictures, posts & follow us on our other social media business pages and platforms.

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Alisa Milaní

Alisa Milaní: My Social Media Team At Work         Gettin 'likes' is serious business
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=762469850458417

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Malisa Schulz James

810459719004935 Malisa Schulz James:         My kiddo's raise these adorable little pigs sometimes called "pocket piggies", "micro pigs", "teacup piggies", and "pixie pigs." We are located in central Indiana.

We have mini piggies available!!! Designer piggy colors in dalmatian spot and chipmunk stripe!!! The smallest and most social piggies you will ever meet are JAMES GANG ROYAL MINI PIGS !! Visit our website and Facebook page for more pictures, pricing information, location, and LOTS of info about mini pet piggies!!! James Gang Royal Mini Pigs put a royal smile on your face! ***Feel free to share our post on your page!!! The kiddo’s are trying to get their business out to as many people as they can and there’s always new cute piggy pics :)***

Mini pigs make the PERFECT PET for children and adults with allergies!!! They have hair not fur so no dander allergies, they are considered hypoallergenic! They are litterbox trained, playful, cuddly, and very entertaining :) They have no sweat gland so no odor, are incredibly smart, walk on a harness/leash, can learn all sorts of tricks, and no major shedding like a dog and cat! An amazing pet!!!

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Ashanti Clarkson

Ashanti Clarkson: My Social Media Team At Work         Gettin 'likes' is serious business
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=762469850458417

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Denzell Lucas

Denzell Lucas: I can honestly say.. People put exactly too much of their business on social media.

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Only N Door Digital Billboards & Marketing Agency

Only N Door Digital Billboards & Marketing Agency: Eye Tech Optical     Please help us welcome our newest client to Facebook by liking their page! Even though they are new on social media, they are not new to the area. Over 25 years in business!

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RAHUL MISHRA: Can Fashion Bring Social Change in India? - BoF - The Business of Fashion     Bandana Tewari writes in Business of Fashion on how Fashion can change and impact India in Business of Fashion http://www.businessoffashion.com/2014/09/can-fashion-bring-social-change-india.html

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Maryella Catherine Laylow

Maryella Catherine Laylow: To the haters, naysayers, nonbelievers, perpetrators and deceivers: judge all you want, but remember this, ive dedicated my life to and made major accomplishments in areas of civic duty, volunterism, education, public service, and family care-taking in addition to support of local arts, music, and business. So, all of that > anything negative anyone tries to say. 8). What exactly have you done btw? At times, i can be judgemental, but ive kinda earned it and i have solid reasons. Kthx hipsters. Enjoy your social media ivory tower of fame w/ your groundhog day barlife. Ill be over here doing something positive for myself and society. #Boutthatlifeyo

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Darlene Brice

10203993698015739 Darlene Brice:         Anyone out there need a reliable, experienced, creative Internet Services professional? I will blog, write, research, online promote and market your business, create social media campaigns, build/master your website. Also, graphic artist, original web, logo, page designs. Email: Truth@CannabisConsumerResearch.com or call 509-638-5011.
Photo taken in Amsterdam Airport.

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