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Lynette Bledsoe

10203840797373317 Lynette Bledsoe:         My Husband & I Built A National Award-Winning Team 90% Online & We Want To Show A Few Sharp & Intelligent People How We Did It!! This Company Has Products That Sell Themselves. However; If You Want To Learn How To Recruit Like A Master; Then Look No Further!! We Specialize In Online, Social Media, & Attraction Marketing To Help You Recruit Online & Succeed In Our Home Business!! Being On Our Team We Teach You ALL Of Our Secrets!!! Click The Link For More Info!!

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Jerry Jefferson

1508239226079749 Jerry Jefferson:         Not getting the results you want from your Business?
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Whole Heart Marketing

Whole Heart Marketing:    

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Truckin Princess J

Truckin Princess J: I have come to realize that people HATE transparency! I get a lot of grief about what I post on FACEBOOK! Lol the old saying is your business ain't everybody's business or something like that and it is true in some cases! But we live in a day and age where children aren't being raised, where they are learning and copying everything that they see on social media....for example the "FIRE Challenge" I will agree that some things I've posted were in a negative manner and for that I was wrong and I APOLOGIZE! Yet in the same respect I want to my light to shine bright and help others especially young women get through their dark time! No matter what you go through you still can make it! TO LOVE God Is to know him, get to know him and let him love on u a Lil bit! 😘

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Cathy Simmons Buchanan

10152280964591347 Cathy Simmons Buchanan:         Social networking is the key to the future...all about simplicity and duplication! I have 8 personals in just a week with 6 who have already started growing a team. It's insane!! The matrix is key and SECONDS COUNT! Associates only $40 now, Saturday $149. Why Wait?!?!? http://PaidToSnapItTagItShareIt.com This is beyond a business opp...this is a mission & a ministry!

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Michael Bowler

Michael Bowler: The School-To-Prison Pipeline Can Start Even Before Kindergarten, Mother Points Out    

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Stephen Yarwood

Stephen Yarwood: Re Soundwave, some facts…

Council is not trying to shut the festival down, its standard practice to consult on events held in the Adelaide Park Lands. Seriously…business as usual.

As the youngest Lord Mayor in Adelaide’s history (and an old school Metallica fan!) I am the biggest supporter of live music on Council. Those that question the value of Soundwave are not on social media, so I understand why I’m bearing the brunt regardless of my public support.

I DO NOT WANT to shut down this incredibly successful event!

We are in a transition from “Old Adelaide” to “New Adelaide” and the results are clear for all to see on the streets of our City. Council has played a key part in this transition and continues to work in partnership with businesses and entrepreneurs to provide new opportunities.

Chill…music festivals are an important part of this landscape and I am personally keen to see them grow!

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Billy Ray Price


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Janet Bebb

Janet Bebb: Govtoday | Public Sector News | Events|     Up with the larks this morn. Couldn't sleep for thinking about a business proposition that had been put my way....turns out probably a scam. I'm not prepared to see if it's for real or not. Contacted by govtoday.co.uk about training health & social care settings on the use of social media, strategic planning & crisis management. Having looked a bit deeper.....I think not! Good try govtoday! Scam!

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Luvvie Ajayi

Luvvie Ajayi: My tech blog hit a traffic mark that I set for end of August today. WHOOOT! Anywho, what topics do yall want me to write about on Awesomely Techie, or more specifically, what business/blogging/social media/tech question do you need an answer to? I want the site to become one of the most useful places on these interwebs.

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Diana MaiTai

Diana MaiTai: Between my instagram, this page and my fan page, "Diana Mai Tai," i connect with a lot of people; people from ALL different backgrounds, industries, occupations... I want to let people know that im not just in this for myself. So on that note; i want to try out a new idea that ive had. Every Thursday will be "Promo Thursday" between all my social media pages. i want to help everyone out someway or another so heres a start.

Email me your company name, address, phone number, link to your fb page or website, what the company is about, and picture of the business is always nice to have.. It could be anything, DJs, musicians, fellow models, auto body shops, photographers, clothing designers, artists, events, club promos, detailers, car salesmans, cupcake makers... lol you get my drift.

Everything will be posted on different social media pages. So if something is on FB, it may not be on instagram, it could... but who knows.

Please note: I cant post EVERYTHING in one day (or else ill have no more FB friends LOL) so if you emailed me tomorrow, it may not go up until next thursday.
Please ALSO note, i will NOT post or share ANYTHING i do not believe in. I'll leave it at that....

MY EMAIL IS: dianamaitai@comcast.net

you are more than welcome to inbox me on fb or instagram, but its not a guarantee that ill see it. So e-mail is highly recommended.


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HeadHunters Photography

HeadHunters Photography: Head-Hunters.com.au     Moonee Valley Business Exchange - Your Social MIGHT!

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Terri Camp Stevenson

Terri Camp Stevenson: Just finished the power point for the social media for beginners to build their business webinar that I'm doing next week. Seriously - there is so much information! It's always a fine line between giving too much information so they have information overload, and staying too basic. I feel like I have a great balance. I "might" do a test webinar. If you're interested in the test webinar, let me know.

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I ❤ Downtown Victoria

I ❤ Downtown Victoria: EVERY SINGLE DAY we gain about 55 new local twitter followers. We have 11,138 as of today. And when YOU advertise with us, we re-tweet your tweets, every day. So suddenly YOU have YOUR business messages amplified, and sent out to our followers. AND we'll deliver 200 new twitter followers to your account every month. PLUS, we also post your message every day on this Facebook page. All this for as little as $7/day.

Our network reaches 220,000 people every week.

✪ Contact us today for advertising and promotion options

CDM Marketing and Brenons Social Media operate the largest social media network in Greater Victoria. Jointly, we manage over 35 Facebook "pages for business" and twitter accounts, and our platforms include over 89,000 opt-in Facebook fans and twitter followers. Together, our direct-to-consumer messages are viewed over 175,000 times daily, over 5.7 million times monthly, and reach over 220,000 individuals every week.

Greater Victoria is home to more than 7,000 Facebook pages for business - how does your "reach" rate? Victoria's leaders are listed HERE: www.topvictoria.com

Other social media properties include:
Victoria Buzz (FB tw)
**NEW Daily Specials & Happy Hours - Victoria BC (FB tw)
Saanich Peninsula Buzz (FB)
Beacon Hill Park (FB)
I Love Vancouver Island (FB)
Your Victoria Birthday (FB)
I ❤ Sidney (FB tw)
I ❤ Sooke (FB)
I Love Esquimalt BC (FB)
Cook Street Village - Victoria, BC - Victoria, BC (FB)
VibrantVictoria | Victoria's Online Cornerstone (FB tw)
Brentwood Bay Buzz (FB)
I Love West Shore (FB, in cooperation with the West Shore Chamber of Commerce)
Sidney Spit, BC (FB)
Victoria Royals Fans (FB)
Victoria HarbourCats Fans (FB)..

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Germaine Windley

Germaine Windley: So you married in real life but not on a social network. That's none of my business though.

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Renza Scibilia

Renza Scibilia: www.adma.org.au     Busy couple of months of conferences. At the Australian Disease Management Association my presentation is 'Using social media to connect with patients'. Looking forward to sharing great tales of the DOC.

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World Affairs Council of Charlotte (WACC)

World Affairs Council of Charlotte (WACC): National Conference: America and the World 2015     REGISTRATION IS OPEN: The World Affairs Councils of America will host its 2014 National Conference, America and the World 2015, on November 5-7 at The Fairfax at Embassy Row Hotel in Washington, DC.

Held annually for over two decades, the Conference engages our national network's leaders and members drawn from the business, civic, and education communities with leading policy-makers and experts.

The 2014 National Conference Agenda will examine: China, the U.S., and Asia; Russia/Eurasia; Cybersecurity; Future of Education; Youth, Jobs, and Social Unrest; Food and Water; Global Economic Realignment; Future of Energy; Africa; and Climate Change. -
http://bit.ly/1oIZGTs #worldaffairs #globalissues

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Emily Rae Bedient

Emily Rae Bedient: I don't understand why people are shocked by social media sites experimenting on them. It's access to a mass people from around the world in Different parts of life's, is a psychologists dream. Or when people loose their minds and "boycott" social media when they realize they have rights to the photos they posted. News flash: it's the internet, strangers have access to your business the moment YOU post YOUR business for the world too see. Sooo... common sense please.

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Cindy Hawthorne

Cindy Hawthorne: How you on social networking telling folks to stay out your business? ..and U telling your business. ..I'm going to bed on that one. .zzzzzz

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Roberto Perez Jr.

Roberto Perez Jr.: More about Roberto Perez Jr.:
*5 year resident of the North Austin Civic Association-NACA
*Candidate, Doctor of Business Administration
*Master of Business Administration - MBA
*Bachelor of Arts, Public and Social Policy
*Global Career Development Facilitator - GCDF
*Offender Workforce Development Specialist - OWDS
*Offender Employment Retention Specialist - OERS
*Texas Mediator
*Texas Notary Public
*Restore Rundberg Revitalization Team, Co-Chair and Place 14
*Commissioner, City of Austin Community Development Commission
*Project Advisory Council Member, Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities -SafePlace

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James Teamwunlove Perkins

James Teamwunlove Perkins:     This will change your life new products rolling out all the time I love being part of the first social distribution network, owning my own business, and saving money on things I do daily anyway!!    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10154429565940402

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BioLife Impex

BioLife Impex:         India’s Most Eagerly Awaited & Prestigious 5th Annual Indian Affair’s India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2014 were announced in a glittering award program as Nation’s noted personalities & achievers were awarded on Friday, 18th July at Hotel Hilton Mumbai International Airport 2014 hosted by Network 7 Media Group’s biggest media outfit Indian Affairs. More than 300 influential & thought Leaders of the Country in business, politics, social, cinema, sports, diplomats, media were present in full attendance to witness the historic leadership Event at the ILC Power Brand 2014
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhDyP44tuWo
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=608978125888874

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Tenterfield Star

Tenterfield Star: Tenterfield Business & Tourism Awards    

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Michael James Schiemer

Michael James Schiemer: FRUGAL BUSINESS: Digital Marketing & Social Media On A Budget: Online Reputation Management Musts    

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IndianYellowPages: Social Media Marketing: A Boon For Small Businesses    

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Jasmine Leonard

Jasmine Leonard: Well it's official. After four years of Little Caesars, I'll hang up the uniform at the end of August. It's been a good run, but it's time to focus on building my business, getting good grades, and restoring my emotional health. Food service isn't for me, and it took me a while to realize that. I've met so many great people along the way. Thanks for being awesome. Looking forward to saying everything inappropriate I've ever wanted to say I front of customers in the next three weeks! Woo social irresponsibility!

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Amar Nagaram

Amar Nagaram: While the whole social media is abuzz about @Flipkart's $1billion funding, we were busy making one of the fastest flash sales happen. For most of us, it was business as usual and in fact happy and proud of the fact we were able to sell MI 3 in under 10 seconds. Funding news was just an icing on the cake. I think this commitment and customer obsession is what makes Flipkart a billion dollar company, not the amount of funding.

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Tawnia Woodhouse Owens

Tawnia Woodhouse Owens: Boise and surrounding areas!!! You are NOT going to want to miss our OTOM training the first weekend in Sept!! We have scored a training with the CEO of Women Ignite Idaho Business Coach Sheli Gatman AND social media guru Nezakh Abdel!! I'm so excited!! Watch for details and tickets to go on sale!!!

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Shannon Hippie-kat Rey

Shannon Hippie-kat Rey:    

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