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Julian Burns 2014

Julian Burns 2014: Potter Community Park Dedication Ceremony — Town of Elgin, South Carolina    

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Calvin Erskine

Calvin Erskine: Ron Paul Makes Moderator Look Stupid on Military Spending - South Carolina Debate 1-16-2012     This is who should of been our Commander in Chief... Listen good     http://NickRiali.com Credit Upload: LibertySource This is so good. Ron Paul educates Fox News moderator on the difference between defense spending and the mi...
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/duhaz-WYl3k

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2 Pens & Lint -

2 Pens & Lint - "A New Direction In Poetry":     PHILADELPHIA | THIS SUNDAY, September 7

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Joseph Stayencouraged Turner

Joseph Stayencouraged Turner: Erick Sermon feat. Marvin Gaye - Music     Kevin Turner this is that vibe from South Carolina days     Erick Sermon's music video for his single "Music" which was featured on the What's The Worst That Could Happen soundtrack. Samples "I've Got My Music" by Mar...
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/fle-zebSXNc

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Good Bull Hunting

Good Bull Hunting: Podcast #113 - Gamecock Recap, Around the SEC, and Voicemails     The latest podcast recaps South Carolina and the rest of the SEC games. http://gbh.ag/podcastUSCrecap

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Edgardo Ramirez Jr.

10152654470634564 Edgardo Ramirez Jr.: Timeline Photos     Get Back Up and be there to cheer on your Gamecocks on Saturday vs. ECU at 7:00 pm - gotta love a Saturday night game in Williams-Brice!!

Tickets: http://www.ticketmaster.com/Univ-of-South-Carolina-Gamecocks-Football-tickets/artist/880198?list_view=1&tm_link=Artist_SwitchTo_List — with Dalton Foster and Robin Wilson.     This is something my father Edgardo Ramirez and mentors Tyrone Ball and Steve Sanchez taught me growing up! Hopefully we can show some improvement and play with toughness and intensity! Go Gamecocks!

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Jamie Brewer

793191390703311 Jamie Brewer:         Thank you all for the birthday wishes, here is what we did. North Carolina and South Carolina.

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Nick Shultz

Nick Shultz: I got the top fuel dragster job full time! I move to Anderson, South Carolina this weekend.

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Suzanne Kelley

Suzanne Kelley: Positive and productive day and to make it even greater I got 2 letters from my son, to god I give the glory!! One month to go and we'll be South Carolina bound cant wait to go pick up my marine....much love to you Dheaven Kelley...#proud#marinemom..

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Altrovesia Grace

Altrovesia Grace: Alil birdie just informed me,...THAT IM ON CHANEL 30(ESPN) WITH MR. KELVIN BENJAMIN OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA PANTHERS :-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #(((""HIS""))) FAVOR LEAVES ME SPEECHLESS.....

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Pat Franklin

Pat Franklin:     Labor Day at Defuskie Island, South Carolina    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1468593896733681

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Tanner Mix

Tanner Mix: Finally at reception in Colombia, South Carolina airport, met our first drill sergeant and found out it's going to be a long long night ahead of me. But, excited as all hell to be here!

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Laura O'Neill

Laura O'Neill: WOW! Is 2014 USDDN Worlds going to be AMAZING! YES IT IS! So far we've received many many Yes, We Are Coming!

Super Open - we have 55 Confirmed Qualifiers from: China, Japan, Czech, Spain, Slovakia, Colombia, Canada and the USA (Texas, Kentucky, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, California, Missouri, New Hampshire, Connecticut).

Super Pro - we have 53 Confirmed Qualifiers from: China, Japan, Czech, Spain, Slovakia, Colombia, Canada and the USA (Texas, Kentucky, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, California, Missouri, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Minnesota, South Carolina, Alabama)

Please, if you have not yet RSVP'd, please do so quickly!!

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Kris Butts

680651515360543 Kris Butts:         I'm using historical helmets for my radio winners for this weekend as I go with South Carolina over East Carolina, Clemson over S.C. State, Oregon over Michigan State, New England over Miami, and Minnesota over St. Louis.

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Marine Corps Direct

Marine Corps Direct: – Video: Kyle Carpenter leads South Carolina fans in pregame cheer     Although The Captain's Gamecocks got their butts kicked, this is a must watch......
Captain C


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Doris Mozelak

Doris Mozelak:         This is Amanda's story. If you are a parent, take time to watch this....I could not be more proud of Amanda! We will continue to make it a great day in South Carolina for everyone.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152374945613226

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Thorne aka Wooferstilskin

Thorne aka Wooferstilskin: Light A Candle by Emmitt's Place & Miss Cali the spoiled Yorkie    

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Seth McIntire

Seth McIntire: Looks like I am going to the Mizzou vs South Carolina away football game.

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Mandee Blackwell

Mandee Blackwell: "Magic Mike" Sequel Being Filmed In Myrtle Beach     Hannah Wooten, were planning a trip freakin asap!!!

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Alpha Punishers 1-34

Alpha Punishers 1-34: Another day of shooting- as trainees embrace the rifle techniques taught by their Drill Sgts. Group and zero require them to hit the target 8 out of 10 times in a 4 cm circle- back to back. The South Carolina heat, makes it even more challenging for the new shooters- Always Forward.

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Val Applewhite For Fayetteville Mayor

566455853459168 Val Applewhite For Fayetteville Mayor:         Candidate for 2015 City of Fayetteville Mayor honored to welcome athletes from North and South Carolina to Fayetteville for the 2014 North Carolina Open Taekwondo Championship.

It was a privilege to pay tribute to Master Donald Roderick (second from left) a Vietnam Veteran and retired PWC employee for his life long service and commitment to our great nation and city!

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Ben Flack

Ben Flack: Maybe leaving South Carolina was a mistake.. But it'll be a cold day in hell before I say oh well. I still got a couple cards up my sleeve

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Hanna Nicole Gilliam

Hanna Nicole Gilliam: "Magic Mike" Sequel Being Filmed In Myrtle Beach     Lisa A Whitten I need a myrtle beach trip!!!!!!!

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Dakota Derryberry

Dakota Derryberry: I keep hearing people say it's week one can't really tell much about anyone.. We'll that has some truth in it but not a lot. Georgia is clearly the team to beat in the east not saying they don't have flaws because I know they do. Alabama and Lsu In the west yeah Texas looked good but I don't think they will go to Alabama and put on a show. South Carolina is just way over rated every year . We all expect them to be good every year they always turn out just okay.. Tennessee showed some strengths but I still think they're a year or two away from being where they need to be.. As long as mason provides a little and opens the field up by throwing some deep balls and keeping the safeties and backers honest Georgia will sail through the east.. But if he continues to be average at best Georgia will show everyone that they're not the team everybody thinks they're. And I'm a huge Georgia fan but facts are facts. We are not Georgia tech we have to throw the ball and lengthen the field.

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