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Carmen Talavera Hansen

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Carmen Talavera Hansen

10151773141644989 Carmen Talavera Hansen: Mobile Uploads     I was a bit surprised at myself being hesitant at posting this. So I read it again and decided if I didn't post it what does that say about me and my faith. Here it is. Now it's time to read John 13:38 — with Sue Keller and 10 others.    

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Ronald Talavera

Ronald Talavera: It's been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it.

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Chely Talavera

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Luisa Costa Talavera

Luisa Costa Talavera:         Who else wants a Christmas penguin?
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=747162845338455

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Romar Dechavez Talavera

10152918876479732 Romar Dechavez Talavera:         Authentic Kate Spade New York Daycation Bon Shopper!

Please pm me for inquiries and details..

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Carlos Talavera

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Pautricia Santos

1525324191058961 Pautricia Santos:         Family bonding at talavera park 😇

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Menchu Rivero Talavera

4194816047463 Menchu Rivero Talavera: Photos of Fotos Antiguas de Canarias     At PARQUE SANTA CATALINA.    

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Jordie Talavera

Jordie Talavera:

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Cryber Gutierrez

Cryber Gutierrez: La Policía inspeccionará los locales de ocio para garantizar la seguridad de las fiestas nocturnas     #BoicotAEDE
“PLAN COMERCIO SEGURO POLICÍA NACIONAL. Por su parte desde la Comisaría de la Policía Nacional de Talavera se pondrá en marcha el Plan Comercio Seguro para proporcionar un entorno seguro al comercio, con la finalidad de que comerciantes o ciudadanos puedan ser víctimas de hechos delictivos. Para ello, este cuerpo contará con la colaboración de Policía Local, empresas de seguridad privada y colectivo de comerciantes.”

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Nery Talavera Vivas

899743440045589 Nery Talavera Vivas:         While choosing animal toys....

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Gala Talavera

914390375252437 Gala Talavera: Timeline Photos     JEWELS OF BHARATAM ...SERIES [TM]


The enticing Havelis of Jaisalmer are mansions built by the wealthy merchants of this city. With the oldest of them going back nearly 300 years, these Havelis are an ode to true Indian architecture, without any European influence.

Built in sandstone, the Havelis have exquisite detailing in the patterns carved in stone. The fineness of these patterns is a joy to behold. The decorative latticework on the Havelis facades’ are made from stone and wood. The Havelis are all in mint condition and have imposing and beautifully done up interiors. The history of each of these Havelis is as colorful as the place itself. It is pride and joy of Jaisalmer:

The Havelis of Jaisalmer are as famous as its might fortress. Carved in the same yellow sandstone, their intricately carved beauties are a reminiscent of the prosperous past of the town when it happened to be the business hub on the Camel caravan route connecting India to Central Asia.

More Ornate work at the HavelisThough there are so many havelis in Jaisalmer, there are few as famous as the big three: Patwa ki Haveli, Nathmal ki Haveli and Salim Singh ki Haveli. It is needless to say these Are Renowned For Their Architecture, Rajasthan Royal Grandeur And Exquisite Paintings. so it fascinated by the beauty and grandeur of these buildings whose owners were as grandiose as the royals.    

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Pedro Gustavo Alderete Talavera

879996105365242 Pedro Gustavo Alderete Talavera: Timeline Photos     oooO
(….)…. Oooo…. Reflexion
.\..(……(….)… Frases. Evangelio del dia
..\_)….. )../… ↓↓♡~Da Clic aquí y VISITAME ~♡↓↓
………. (_/…..http://dejandomihuellaenlared.blogspot.mx/ — with Adriana García and 21 others.    

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Jener Cruz Jebulan

Jener Cruz Jebulan: Reika Hwang     Another Milestone on our Team!!!!

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Lulu Dacalano Talavera

708894352551647 Lulu Dacalano Talavera: Mobile Uploads     #DESTINY LOVE** — with Venus Del Castillo Simbre and 17 others.    

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Angelo Talavera

831286066928707 Angelo Talavera:         :)

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Rhea Reña Estolas

Rhea Reña Estolas: PJG Talavera Extension Hospital is now ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED!!!

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Jennifer Perez Talavera

Jennifer Perez Talavera: Check Out Your Daily Heart    

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Talavera Mareneza

Talavera Mareneza: Angel Locsin meets Angel Locsin         When Angel Locsin meets her impersonator... Reactions nina La Greta at Pokie, hilarious! | www.lionheartv.net
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=905602629458825

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Romar Dechavez Talavera

10152918814854732 Romar Dechavez Talavera:         Gyssan Barbarona birthday celebration! 🎁

Thank you for a sumptuous lunch... busog much!!!!🎂

May Jane Palle Ivy Joy Panaligan Elena Zarate Elarcosa Corz Code Ronjay Torion Aljean Grace Lopez-Cafe Connie Dulla Bibiana Gonce Mendoza

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Nyleivuj Odranoel

Nyleivuj Odranoel:

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Danelen Talavera

Danelen Talavera:    

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Jovilene Yopyop Talavera

764088363667839 Jovilene Yopyop Talavera:         Baby amver and daddy Dham

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Edgardo Talavera

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Chris Imba Ostique

Chris Imba Ostique: Swimming time with my friends -Jebi Alfiller,Dave Steven Ferales,Mia Goodeva II,Mayet Talavera,Cyre Louise,KaThe Joy Bacharo,Law Rence,Justin Delacruz


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Edgardo Talavera

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Edgardo Talavera

770152289717884 Edgardo Talavera: Timeline Photos     “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies.” – Hudson Taylor

Never miss our daily quote. Get it in your email. Sign up here: http://www.christianquotes.info/quote-of-the-day-in-your-email/     M

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Edgardo Talavera

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Edgardo Talavera

Edgardo Talavera: The Most Feel-Good Christmas Surprise Of The Year         Simbang Gabi is one of the unique Filipino family traditions during Christmas. Watch what happens when families get the surprise of their lives during the first morning of Simbang Gabi!
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=829268517116941

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Edgardo Talavera

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Lorena Talavera Olivella

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Jose Maria Soriano Talavera

Jose Maria Soriano Talavera:         Good morning! We wish you have a nice day!
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Rose Marie Tabamo Talavera

Rose Marie Tabamo Talavera: Jgh Thankyou san :*

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Krishanne Talavera

Krishanne Talavera:         this is a great hairdressing technique
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