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Mirian Elizabeth Talavera

601421759967999 Mirian Elizabeth Talavera: Timeline Photos     With Alejandra Cordoba de Hid and 47 others.    

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Mark Talavera

Mark Talavera: i nominate to all members of DC barkada's to do the ice bucket challenge..humana ko ana kamo napod :D.....

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Celia Talavera

1441425059469726 Celia Talavera: Mobile Uploads     With Silvia Fabric Venegas.     ricki bareiro

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Miguel Angel Talavera Medina

10152903641632228 Miguel Angel Talavera Medina: Timeline Photos     With Atic Caduyac and 46 others.    

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Jennifer Talavera

10154559399015343 Jennifer Talavera: Mobile Uploads        

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Mhila Concepcion Talavera

10152402171848879 Mhila Concepcion Talavera: Timeline Photos        

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Taylor Keig

Taylor Keig:     Alice Armstrong is an absolute dickhead, dressing me up as a naughy policewoman. Water was fucking cold. David Yeomans, Jonathan Talavera and Ben Mcwilliam you have 24 hours and you have to do it in mankinis ;)    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10204178066908005

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Jose Talavera

10152623574086840 Jose Talavera: Timeline Photos     Has Apple reacted this #IceBucketChallenge yet?
http://9gag.com/gag/aW0OBrK?ref=fbp     Yass

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Naye Talavera

Naye Talavera: Follow us on instegram @ __naye__talavera!!!

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Laye Talavera

Laye Talavera: Find Out Which Celebrity You Look Alike    

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