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Doris Talavera

741672285939016 Doris Talavera: Mobile Uploads     With Gera Hernandez and 47 others.    

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Jhomarie Paraiso

Jhomarie Paraiso: Good morning...
O.t.w to talavera. ..

Ingat kme...

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Miguel Talavera

10152697022643463 Miguel Talavera: Timeline Photos     The Cleveland Cavaliers make their highly anticipated debut as they host the New York Knicks, 8pm/et NBA on TNT! NBA.com/cominghome    

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Oscar Eduardo Talavera Lara

10152591567603173 Oscar Eduardo Talavera Lara: Timeline Photos     With Eliana Berrios Macedonio and 49 others.    

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Mi Ciudad Talavera de la Reina

10204295397097099 Mi Ciudad Talavera de la Reina: Photos from Jesus Toubes Mariz's post in TALAVERA AYER, HOY Y SIEMPRE        

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Celso Talavera

346852195495531 Celso Talavera:        

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Marysol Talavera

Marysol Talavera:

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T-phen Talavera

T-phen Talavera: In Your Atmosphere John Mayer     morningBlues     "Como dois estranhos, cada um na sua estrada, nos deparamos numa esquina, num lugar comum. E aí? Quais são seus planos? Eu até que tenho vários. Se me acompa...
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Cookie Talavera

Cookie Talavera: Thank god because he is good just got my keys to my apt it's been 2 yrs i been living with mom it wasn't bad i have the best mom ever but there's nothing beter then your own

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Manuel Talavera

Manuel Talavera: Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name         Music video by Rage Against The Machine performing Killing In The Name. (C) 1992 Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/bWXazVhlyxQ

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Andrea Talavera

Andrea Talavera: Love You XxXxX    

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Victor David Arce Talavera

305332012998534 Victor David Arce Talavera:        

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John Talavera

10202967544449691 John Talavera:         To love God is the greatest of virtues;
...to be loved by God is the greatest of blessings.

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Luz Ivonne Talavera Cardenas

Luz Ivonne Talavera Cardenas: Now everything makes sense...

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Melyssa Martinez Talavera

Melyssa Martinez Talavera: Just got back from my sons teacher conference... Nothing but good news I'm so proud of him he is coming along way..#proud mama#team Adrian#feeling proud

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Miguel Talavera

Miguel Talavera: Posted at the job putting in OT doing nothing lol XTA $$

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Sherine Eseo Talavera

Sherine Eseo Talavera: ...gud muwning....going to work again......


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Montaña Talavera Gutierrez

Pedro Talavera

Pedro Talavera:         #ACDelco honors those who honor the trade, like Mbie Carroll from N.C. Watch her story!
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=676228735830220

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Haydee Talavera

Haydee Talavera: ¡Obtén algunas Monedas!    

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Vanessa Talavera

Vanessa Talavera: Channel963     Was having a sucky day but can't nooooobody bring me down now !!!!!! Omg yaaaas I get to meet my pretend husband Zayn !!!! #DontKillMyVibe #IWonOnZaynDay ❤

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Haydee Talavera

Haydee Talavera: ¡Nuevo Caso de Asesinato!    

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Desiree Cannistraci

Desiree Cannistraci: Can't wait to see Elizabeth Talavera. Leon Talavera is a lucky man. Lol ;))))

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Doris de Talavera

Doris de Talavera: ¡Nuevo Caso de Asesinato!    

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Irene Duque Talavera

Irene Duque Talavera: Check Out Your Daily Heart    

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Teodoro Dominguez Marin

Teodoro Dominguez Marin:         but first

Por: Talavera
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Channel963: Congrats to our #OneDirectionConnection winner today, Vanessa Talavera! She gets a pair of tickets to see One Direction in KC at Arrowhead Stadium on July 28th!

We'll do it again tomorrow!!

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Pedro Talavera

Pedro Talavera: Natalie Okri - Britain's Got Talent - Show 6     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7_k5tUeoUc&index=145&list=LL226TgnZqir3XnjXAnqsMMQ     Britain's Got Talent: Natalie just loves to sing - but this isn't just any little girl singing - she actually has talent!
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7_k5tUeoUc&index=145&list=LL226TgnZqir3XnjXAnqsMMQ

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