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Tammie Owens Dowell

755227927821214 Tammie Owens Dowell:         Thanksgiving 2013. 4 generations, Homer Owens, Beverly Weeks Owens, Tammie Owens Dowell, Lucas Dowell, Mirrajean Renee Dowell.

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Michael Robison

Michael Robison: Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 at Dumont Thanksgiving 2013 HD     As you know, I am into the video thing. I have a lot of videos on YouTube under Robbi Robison but here is 3 links to take a look at.

Dumont Sand Dunes - http://youtu.be/De_e6Zz8KiA

My Girls growing up - http://youtu.be/MyZwHQRWb68

In the Snow with my 1000 - http://youtu.be/k5B2pSi2yt0

Take care, Robbi
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/De_e6Zz8KiA

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Karen Slemp Jennings

Karen Slemp Jennings: Its a known fact women hate talking about their weight but today I am happy to say that since Thanksgiving 2013 I have lost a total of 27 pounds. I was wearing a size 16 woman jeans and 2XL shirts. Today, I wear a large shirt and a very baggy 15 junior (need to buy a smaller size). I am no longer considered obese and only have 30 pounds to goal weight.

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Terri Sullivan

756844590996973 Terri Sullivan: Mobile Uploads     Us three sisters at Thanksgiving 2013. — with Terri Sullivan and Barbara Kozloski.     I love my sisters!

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Lisa Crouch Helton

Lisa Crouch Helton: I really need some advice. So I have 2 beautiful children (Darian and Jordan Helton) I love those kids more than life but heres the problem. My kids live with James mom (james was my husband of 17 years that passed suddenly in 2011) She takes EXCELLENT care of my kids but heres the problem ..she wont let me see MY own kids. Last time I hugged and kissed them was Thanksgiving 2013. Ive tried everything first without resorting to a lawyer. First of all I have made alot of mistakes since James passed but i know that I absolutely LOVE my kids and want them but im told they dont love u and dont want to be around u. All the phones are blocked so that I may not speak with them. So I have had enough of letting her control my life so I got a lawyer and cross ur fingers ..visitation schedule soon.. I mean murderers get to see their kids.. I just had to vent. My life is going good and Im on the right track..pray for me and the kids.and of coure pray to soften my motherinlaws heart..

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Heidi Sutley

272575749582909 Heidi Sutley:         Thanksgiving 2013

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Courtney Bennett

622957171114940 Courtney Bennett: Timeline Photos     Me and future hubby David on Thanksgiving 2013 #7.5monthspregnant #love    

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JJ Smith

JJ Smith: Gladys Knight & the Pips - On and On (Live Performance) Video     Gm family...I'm on day 4 doing well...I struggled a little last night...was missing the love of my life...he died the day before thanksgiving 2013 of lung cancer...i could hear him encouraging me in that heavy Jamaican accent...and I pushed through!..I weighed myself this morning just because and I'm down 12 pounds...12pounds 4days...girls I started dancing...I danced to one of my favorite songs...On and On!...Singing!!!..I'm going to keep on because we're going to make it through...huggin and lovin my smoothies!...keep on keepin on family!...small note I do kickboxing 3 time a week     http://youtu.be/ORrlUJTLxlw
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/ORrlUJTLxlw

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Wendy Krenik

1424521477800259 Wendy Krenik: Mobile Uploads         Thanksgiving 2013 * My Children And Niece And Nephew.... Love You All

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Ann Lambert

695430850495184 Ann Lambert: April 17, 2014         Thanksgiving 2013 at Carter Shields Cabin in Cades Cove

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David Kincman

David Kincman: I feel like I am loosing the battle, as long as Patti Kincman is by my side, we will win this war. Since about Thanksgiving 2013 my health has been far less than stellar. Without Patti by my side and continually advacating for me, I am sure i would be in even more ill.

I have been at Massachusetts General Hospital since April 11. So far we have more questions than answers, but feel very confident in the team working on my treatment.

Thank you all you who keep me in your prayer and thoughts.

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