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Sneaky Pete Mafia Page

Sneaky Pete Mafia Page: Max Eberle    

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Aadhil Hashmi

497086497028057 Aadhil Hashmi: cLicked...     with bobby ...
that day maradona
today me ...... tommarow ...?    

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Edge Video

811867322191805 Edge Video: Timeline Photos     As EDGE crawls back from the brink, we are renting movies again!!! New Releases $1.99 a day and classics or not so classics are only 50 cents for TWO nights!!! This week, BLENDED, it's basically a Brady Bunch update Adam Sandler style. So you know the kids are gonna be a little more smartass then Marsha, Bobby and Cindy ever thought of being. Rent it today — at Edge Video.    

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Nil Joyce Jauregui Cortez

Nil Joyce Jauregui Cortez: Today, God wants me to know that I am not perfect, but I am loved perfectly by a perfect God- Bobby Quitain #ligayaonetouchapp #insights #GodisLove

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Bobby Rainey

Bobby Rainey: Jeff Hall    

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DJae Mêlée

DJae Mêlée: Bobby Shmurda & The Notorious BIG- Dead Hot, Wrong Boy (DJae Melee Edit)     Feeling Gangsta today?

Check this out!     Listen to Bobby Shmurda & The Notorious BIG- Dead Hot, Wrong Boy (DJae Melee Edit) by DJae Melee
Watch the video: video https://soundcloud.com/djae-melee/bobby-shmurda-the-notorious-big-dead-hot-wrong-boy-djae-melee-edit

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Bobby Sparks

699261553456435 Bobby Sparks: Timeline Photos     World War II veteran's body returns to Tennessee

The body of U.S. Army PFC Cecil E. Harris, who was killed in France in 1945 and missing until last September, is scheduled to land on Tennessee soil today at McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville at 11:06 a.m.

Harris, born in Shelbyville, Tenn., was killed Jan. 2, 1945, during an enemy counterattack in the Alsace Region of France where his platoon was holding a defensive position near the city of Dambach.

A hiker taking a break last summer at the base of some rock formations in the area where the attack took place discovered Harris' remains. The discovery led to the 19-year-old soldier's remains being returned to the U.S. after nearly seven decades.

A recovery team found Harris' dog tags and military items used during the war and confirmed his identity through DNA tests and dental records.

A funeral service is planned Friday at 11:30 a.m. at Red Bank Baptist Church. The body will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 22 at 1 p.m.

Harris is survived by his former wife, Helen Cooke, of Chattanooga, son, William Edwin Harris, of Mountain City, and sister, Janice Carlton, of Shelbyville.

Harris was posthumously awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He also received the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign medal and World War II Victory medal.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam declared a day of mourning and ordered flags flown at half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Oct. 22 in honor of Harris' sacrifice.

On behalf of a grateful nation, we salute you PFC Cecil E. Harris for your dedication and service to your country.

Remember Those Who Served
The Greatest Generations Foundation    

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Bobby Armstrong

Bobby Armstrong: Today is a Tuesday that feels like a Monday that's really on a Tuesday, except of course today maybe on a Monday in a few leap years and all thanks to the whole extra day thing. So then it would feel like a Monday on a Monday that was really Sunday last year. So to recap it's a Monday on a Tuesday except it feels like a Monday except in a few leap years it will be a Monday on a Sunday if it was this year. Unless of course you keep a lunar calendar and then it's just the 9th day of the 8th lunar month.

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Bobby the Barber

675226665897874 Bobby the Barber:         Today is bizy day

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Bobby Cordero

Bobby Cordero: Day off today what to do

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PRESTIGE Dance Company

10152661863428960 PRESTIGE Dance Company: Timeline Photos     Prestige Dance Company's next master class series is coming up! On Sept. 7th Bobby Newberry will be at Prestige! This class is open to everyone so please make sure you reserve your spot today! This class will set out! We are so excited to have Bobby!     Still room for Bobby's class THIS Sunday! Don't miss out!!

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Bobby Smith

Bobby Smith:         An absolutely cracking speech just now from Bill Shorten MP opposing the Government's plans to limit access to higher education in this country to a narrow elite.

SHARE it to show how Labor is fighting this extreme, ideological agenda.

You can take a stand against these unfair changes and sign the petition today: http://www.alp.org.au/debtsentence

Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=733216480047573

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Michael Funke

Michael Funke: Sleeping Late On Judgement Day: A Bobby Dollar Novel    

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Bobby Roberts

Bobby Roberts:         The cutest thing you'll see today!
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=801062239914747

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University Legal Services, Protection & Advocacy Program

University Legal Services, Protection & Advocacy Program: Disability Matters | VoiceAmerica™    

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Bobby Coggins

Bobby Coggins: www.speedtest.net    

Ouch. This is the internet speed in downtown Franklin, NC today.

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Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore: Comrades,Seafareing friends,
F/B friends
Well people thats me last radiothrapy today so thats me lot just a clinic review tomoz n thats me yem for good just have to wait a few weeks to see wot crack is still only feeling tired but that will pass with time good eh

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Bobby D. Lowe

10152714844139810 Bobby D. Lowe: Timeline Photos     Today we recognize and thank all of our employees for their hard work year round! #LaborDay     Angela M Moyer Angela McCain Payne Victor Whitfield Carles Canaday Burton Christina Marie Gaston Edward Perdue

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NewCity Road-Fans

NewCity Road-Fans: Today is back to work day after a nice 3 day weekend but it is also "Lift Up Your Bud Light Day" and salute these fine NCR Fans who are celebrating a birthday today. Happy Birthday to Pamela Frampton, Dave Gregory, Charlene Heinrichs, & Bobby White!

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Bobby Boles

379200158911012 Bobby Boles: Timeline Photos     What did you pray for today?    

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NE Wyoming Quilt Show 2014

NE Wyoming Quilt Show 2014: Quilt Nook, Inc.     Today the N.E.W. Quilt Show 2014 Raffle Quilt goes on display at the Quilt Nook https://www.facebook.com/QuiltNook?fref=ts ! Stop by and have a peek! Contact bobbie@vcn.com for raffle tickets.

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Tiffani Erica Mulett

Tiffani Erica Mulett: Penny Lane Diersing    

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Debra Thomas

Debra Thomas: Sleeping Late On Judgement Day: A Bobby Dollar Novel    

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Bobby VanHoy

732546066794273 Bobby VanHoy: Timeline Photos     It is not too late, join the fight today.

Support our advocacy: http://store.colddeadhands.us/


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Bobby Johnson

Bobby Johnson: My baby Lily Johnson started high school today i guess shes not a baby anymore! But she will always be my baby no matter how old she is. Love you hope you have a great day my little freshman!!!!!

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Shannon Deal

Shannon Deal: Singing at the top of my lungs driving down 26.....
"The truth about Roni, she's a sweet ol girl, about the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world.....Found a tender Roni, and the Roni is so right, I think I'm gonna love her for the rest of my liiiiiiiiiiiife!"

Me to Myself: Wow, those were the days...what a beautiful day today....so happy the sun is shining. ...dang, that song was out before Bobby got all big and puffy from all those drugs, and dang, it was out waaaay before Whitney (the greatest singer in MY lifetime) went downhill, and dang, I think it was out before Hammer lost all his millions!

#A.D.D. #buzzkill #ohwellnotmycircus

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Sandy Hancock

1501220920126431 Sandy Hancock: Photos from Bobby Bennett's post in GOSPEL FOR COWBOYS/GIRLS     THOUGH FOR TODAYS TRAIL ! W/PASTOR BOBBY BENNETT Psalm 103: 2-5
Bless The Lord ,o my soul ,and not to forget all His benefits :
Who forgives all thy sins ; Who heals all sickness .
Who redeem thy life from sin / destruction ,who crown the with loving kindness and tender mercies;
Who satisfies the mouth with good things ; So that the youth is renewed like the eagles!!!
Fact give God thanks ,praise ,and all glory for every thing even when the chips are and He renew u to keep on fighting the good fight amen !    

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Bobby Mc Etc

Bobby Mc Etc: Running Prime95 and just figured out what "Distance to TJ MAX means" - I think some of my brain cells are in the weight-room today.

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Bobby Isom

868716293158245 Bobby Isom: Timeline Photos     #MotivationalMonday
Allow love, blessings, and destiny to touch your life today.    

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Bobby Hennes

Bobby Hennes: Today is my last first day of college. Finally made it to my final semester

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Bobby Lankford

812920832061618 Bobby Lankford: Timeline Photos     It was 45 years ago today when the first ATM, introduced by Chemical Bank, made its debut in Rockville Center, New York, in 1969. What technology, created during your lifetime, can you not live without?    

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Riccardo Bobbaniosallyiano Abrahams

Riccardo Bobbaniosallyiano Abrahams: Bobby Ricky is 80 percent Unhappy today.    

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Vicki Folie

766258820100430 Vicki Folie: Timeline Photos     Let's start today off on a good note. The next time somebody has something bad to say about you, or the music you listen to, tell 'em...

#ILoveOldSchoolMusic #GrittySoulApparelComingSoon — with Jean Fentress and Greg Stokes.     Let me get some albert an bb king johnny taylor tyrone davis bobby blue bland just a few patti labelle natalie stephanie miss aretha &&& awesome on and on

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Bobby Putnam

Bobby Putnam: WP_20140901_007.mp4         Look Bobby Putnam. Wyatt had a blast today.
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=4425547453209

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Bobby Shawn Nicholson

331788656989388 Bobby Shawn Nicholson: Photos from Harold Foster's post in The Church of God     It was noised that He was in the house.
When Jesus is in the House things happen
many were gathered together, insomuch that there was no room to receive them,
He preached the word unto them.
We need to hear that true word of God today
Watch for more details we would like to fill the house and receive from God they things that are promised to us, ask and you shall receive seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you, come believing and be a receiver what ever you need is.
Son, thy sins be forgiven thee.
This covers any need you may have. Come and see that the Lord is good and remember what you say is what you will get feed you soul with fair hope and joy, He will be in the House please come worship with us
The Church of God, 209 East Cape Rock Drive in Cape Girardeau Missouri. Pastor David D. McNeely. You may call us at 573-979-7678.    

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Bobby Rinkle

663377223680706 Bobby Rinkle: Timeline Photos     Support Cancer today! — with Tammy Rowland Pusser and 49 others.    

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Jasmine Soto

Jasmine Soto: Seen Bobby Akavong today felt good to see his ugly ass. Cant wait till you out bro . & plus gotta see Juanita & my bes fren Von Ruff. #FreeBobbyJuanMikeMikeDavon

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Tad Williams

Tad Williams: Sleeping Late On Judgement Day: A Bobby Dollar Novel     (LT) Today is the DAY!! Bobby D returns in SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGEMENT DAY. Get your copy now!

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Ryan Brush

Ryan Brush: Spring Break Forever Podcast     Episode 14 is out today for your post holiday weekend enjoyment:

Your spring break budz have been seeing all sorts of live music lately. Discussion of recent shows featuring Queensryche, Black Irish Texas, Leo Rondeau, and Slushy is in order. Records of distinction this time around include the Witchboard soundtrack, suggestive new wave by Sue Saad & The Next, and pimpin' old 45 by Alvin Cash.

PLUS: Snacks got his snack on. The Colonel paints pictures with his hole, his words, and/or his word-hole. Bobby is terrible with words.

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Bobby Macc

690159444411045 Bobby Macc: Timeline Photos     Lead me, Lord...make my paths straight today. Amen! — with Carlton Bagby.    

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Bobby Beecher

Bobby Beecher: I love divided government, especially when it's divided between a lazy president and a do-nothing Congress. The less they do, the better I like it. The Constitution used to protect us. But the politicians in Washington today know less about the Constitution than most church-goers know about the Bible. The only safeguard we have left is gridlock.

That's why I hope the Republicans take over the Senate. A Republican victory in November guarantees more gridlock. And it means Harry Reid fades away like a desert mirage. Not that Mitch McConnell is any better. In fact, I hope McConnell gets beat in November, as long as the GOP can take the Senate without him.

Washington has to become irrelevant, if Americans hope to stay free.

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Bobby Lawrence Karate St. George

Bobby Lawrence Karate St. George:     Wow.     Had an amazing time today at Redbull Kick It! This is some footage off my phone. Battle format is perfect. Thanks PeterYang for the awesome seats for us and the Invincible guys. Congrats to Ingun for taking it out. Crazy we were just training with him a couple of days ago...Enjoy
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152228025596277

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