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Graceanne Sullivan

Graceanne Sullivan:     Proud mommy today. Bobby learned his yes and no's, even without his hearing aids. (Ignore my yelling lol)    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=730367780404

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Glenn Gonzales

Glenn Gonzales: It was good talkin to a long time friend Robert Glass [Bobby] today. Been too long.

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Steph M Prince

Steph M Prince: Today celebrates the 25th Anniversary of my parents Sheila Prince and Bobby Prince's wedding date. 25 years strong and still going!!! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

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Anne Marie O'Keefe

10154050951830156 Anne Marie O'Keefe:         Hey bud I still can't believe that your gone and I miss you more every single day. You are the last thought before I go to sleep and the first in the morning. Keep giving me signs because I need them to get through the days ahead. Always in my heart and on my mind, sweet boy. Bobby & I were out today for awhile and cleaned up your memorial site and added some new blue flowers to match your beautiful blue eyes, I can still see that wink. love and miss you nan's man. rip xo

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Lynn Kroskrity Villemure

Lynn Kroskrity Villemure: Bobby, 5 years ago today Heaven received an angel. Not just any angel, the funniest, craziest and by far the most Amazing Drummer I have ever known. My guardian brother of an angel I miss you so much but know that my Life is So Incredibly Blessed because you wouldn't have it any other way ....โค๏ธ Sissy

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Anne Marie O'Keefe

10154050921345156 Anne Marie O'Keefe:         Hey Bud I still can't seem to accept that you are not coming home. I expect you to come through the door any minute. I miss you so much. Bobby Joe and I went out for a visit today. We cleaned up the site, and got some new flowers, blue for your eyes. Keep giving me signs sweet boy. Love and miss you. Always in my heart and on my mind last thought at night and first in the morning. rip xo

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Heather Harkness Cantwell

Heather Harkness Cantwell: Made my profile public today so my husbands(Bobby DjBabydaddy Cantwell) ex-wife can superstalk me even more than she already does "with" my permission. Your welcome. LMAO!

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725940880787708 myFOXaustin: Timeline Photos     Hope everyone gets a chance to see our Care Force story today at 5pm and 9pm. We're profiling an amazing guy. Bobby Henline was nearly killed in Iraq and was terribly burned, he's gone through more then 40 surgeries since his injury. Now he is doing great and moving forward with his family and life and he's doing Stand Up Comedy!!! It was really a thrill and honor to sit down and talk with him. His is a story worth seeing.     The FOX 7 Care Force shares the story of a soldier who finds laughter is the best medicine...

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Patrick Genoe

Patrick Genoe: Hunger Strike Begins Today : Bobby Sands Trust    

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Lynn Atherton

Lynn Atherton: Aaron just said to me that he seen battered Bobby today!!!! who is battered Bobby? a duck on the old river i think he's blind lol x

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Nina Murphy Prather

Nina Murphy Prather: Happy 80th Birthday to a dear and sweet friend today-Bobby Stringer! Life will never be the same without you for Mary and Debbie, Gary Lee and Bruce and all your friends! We miss all your funny things you would say and just you! Love u Bobby!

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CrossFit South River

764870226856974 CrossFit South River: Photos from Megan Lauffer's post in CF for CF     EXCITING NEWS!!!! We have the amazing Bobbie Trahan Millett coming to our box to give us all massages after our WOD! I've heard some awesome things about this woman, so you don't want to miss out! Contact her for a slot for your massage that day and $5 will go towards the fundraiser. She's also so kind to throw some gift certs in the raffle! You don't want to miss out on this!! Sign up today!     Bobbie Trahan Millett will provide massages at our CF for CF fundraiser on May 10. Another reason to join in on the fun!!

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Danielle Moore

Danielle Moore: Soppy mother status alert....
I could not be any prouder of my son right now, his speech has come on brilliantly, he has told me in great detail everything he has done at nursery today and has just informed me that bobby will sleep in our bed and we will sleep in his room... Well done son, but nice try!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ’ž

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Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits

Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits: $30 Superpack: Meal Deal with Ebola Songs | Microcosm Publishing     It's come to our attention that four or five of you out there are woefully unprepared for the Rock Apocalypse. It could happen at any time, and we want you and your families to be ready.
Be sure to pack plenty of water and vitamins, antidepressants, depressants, beef jerky, some throwing stars, change of underwear, and our two books, Meal Deal with The Devil and The Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook!

Crammed chock full of lifesaving half-truths, medicinal rumors, and questionable wilderness survival skills, these books are like Swiss Army knives, only made out of paper. Absorbent enough to soak up snowmelt, firm enough to use as a splint, and thick enough to temporarily fend off post-apocalyptic wasteland mutants, these books are everything your family needs to get through the coming Tribulations.

Get them both for the discount Super Pack price of only $30! Order today, and spread the word!

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Lisa Marie Galvan

Lisa Marie Galvan: Happy birthday to my baby girl Yasmin monero turns 7 today .... an my brother Bobby Garrett.. and my dog Chico turns 3... I hope yall have a wonderful day.

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Justen Briley

Justen Briley: Ok this is gonna get long... haha You know, growing up I was blessed with two amazing parents that I still love dearly... mom was nothing more than what a mom and best friend should have been and still is and my dad... well that old man was a hero to me. For many reasons so small and others so big it'd take years to explain. He's the reason I turn wrenches today and have the passion I have for this trade. He's covered my ass when I did know what to do and thought the world was crashing down ha. I just pray every single day I can grow up and at least be half the dad to my little girl that he was to me. Don't see him much now that I have a family and life of my own but just a quick cheesy shout out to Mr. Bobby Briley thanks pops. Oh... I'd also like to be able to grow a beard like him one day too... haha

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Saint James School

Saint James School: โ€˜Amazing!โ€™ Daughter freaks out over momโ€™s new look     Alum Lisa Bright Villacis ('04) went to the TODAY show this morning with mom (and former STJ Board member) Lynn Bright, expressly asking the morning show to ambush her mom for one of their famous makeovers! She got her wish! Take a look at the "made-over mom" and her super-excited daughter! [Lynn, and her husband - former Montgomery Mayor and Congressman Bobby Bright, are also the parents of Katie Bright ('07) and Neal Bright ('01).]     Video on Today: Hairstylist to the stars Louis Licari and style expert Lilliana Vazquez makeover two moms: one from Alabama who admitted she was a little embarrassed at first to get a new look, and another who hasnโ€™t updated her style in 17 years.
Watch the video: video http://www.today.com/video/today/55026609#55026609

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Victoria Latrice Hannah

Victoria Latrice Hannah: Lord I thank you for this day! Feeling some type of way! 30years ago today I lost my best friend. The woman that gave birth to me! Miss her so much. R.I. L Bobbie Jean Towns Hannah! Gone but never forgotten

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Janice Shippy

Janice Shippy: Today, a very special young woman who succumbed to cancer was remembered as a loving wife, mother, daughter, friend. My heart is sad, but my mind knows that she is standing along our Lord and Savior. My question to all of my FB friends and family....Do you know Jesus as your Savior???Bobbi did, I do and I pray that you will know Him. It was my pleasure to know Bobbi. I will see her again someday!!!

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Bruce Corbitt

Bruce Corbitt:    

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Lorna Hunt

Lorna Hunt: This morning Mya heard me talking about the death of Bobby. She asked me(the innocence of a child) who it was and what number was he mama? I had to think for a minute what she meant(you've heard people say"their # was up") we all have an appointed time. If your # is called today WOULD U BE READY? If the answer is no, then you still have time. As sure as there is a HEAVEN there is a hell.

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Mermonkey Tattoo

Mermonkey Tattoo: Today is Melissa's Birthday!!! If you see her in your travels today wish her a Happy Birthday!!!

Her husband and business partner

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Stephen Paul Pallach

10203345619748817 Stephen Paul Pallach:         W/ Dani Harmer & Bobby Davro. Plus leaflet's signed by Dani, Bobby and Art Attack's Lloyd Warbey - Met today :)

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Cameron H Handel

10151983318952471 Cameron H Handel: Timeline Photos     Issue 53 of The Brass Herald is published today. 92 pages covering brass the world over! The front cover story features trumpet legend Bobby Shew. Major articles featuring Cameron Harder Handel, Ronald Holz, Dennis Najoom, Lauren Knust, Amanda Pepping, John Irish, Rich Illman, Sylvie Irvoas, Thomas Gansch, Takeo Yamamoto and much much more. To purchase your copy - www.thebrassherald.com     Extremely honored to have a 2 page article out in this edition of The Brass Herald!

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Kris Ward

Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2vminPxcNc&feature=youtu.be

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103 GBF

103 GBF: What's it gonna be today in the G-Spot all request lunch hour? Requests at 1-888-900-WGBF, or text to 812-463-3103, or left below.
--Bobby G.

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FAGE: Ready for grilling season? Join our Twitter party with Bobby Flay and Mom Central using #FAGEtotal today from 1-2 PM EST to talk cooking! https://twitter.com/FAGEUSA

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770341646339814 Bodysattva: Timeline Photos     | #quote | #yoga | #spirituality #wisdom | www.yogitimes.com |     Good morning yogis and feline zen masters... Today 4/24:
9:30am Pathways to Peace: Spring Cleaning & Renewal of Body, Mind, & Spirit w Bobbi
4:30pm Integrated Yoga w Penny

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Pam Mc Entire Ellis

Pam Mc Entire Ellis: Rita Marie Jaeger McEntire     Update on Brother Bob. Keep up the prayers, please!!!

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SNY: Coverage on SNY at 12:30PM

Today's Mets lineup:
Eric Young, Jr. โ€“ LF
Daniel Murphy โ€“ 2B
David Wright โ€“ 3B
Lucas Duda โ€“ 1B
Chris Young โ€“ CF
Bobby Abreu โ€“ RF
Anthony Recker โ€“ C
Ruben Tejada โ€“ SS
Bartolo Colon - RHP

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Paige Robinson

10203811499473660 Paige Robinson:         19 years ago today, Bobby and I said "I do" on the shore of Montego Bay Jamaica!! Bobby Robinson, I love you more than I did yesterday and less than I will tomorrow! Thank you Earl & Susan Redmond for sharing that journey with us and even still today! 19 years of great memories and excited about making so many more!! #stilltogether #loveneverfails #tbtmontegobay

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Danah Arnett

Danah Arnett: Thank God Bobby was put on this Earth 28 years ago today! He knew I needed a soulmate to be my other half. I and Lerah Kai love you more and more every morning we wake up. Happy Birthday Bobby Roden

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KDHX: Song of the Day: 'Another Murder in New Orleans' by Bobby Rush with Blinddog Smokin', featuring...     Bobby Rush with Blinddog Smokin' and Dr. John are the featured artists in today's "Song of the Day." Download or stream the powerful new track "Another Murder in New Orleans" at KDHX.org.

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Mom Central

Mom Central: Join us today for the #FAGEtotal Twitter Party! From 1-2 PM ET we will be chatting about cooking up your favorite foods during the warm weather months and how FAGE Total Greek yogurt is an easy and delicious addition or substitution to your spring and summer recipes! Celebrity chef Bobby Flay will be joining the party as well! There will be chances to win $50 American Express gift cards and a copy of Bobby Flayโ€™s cookbook!

Be sure to follow @MomCentral @FAGEUSA and @bflay before the party! Looking forward to tweeting with you!

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Rita Marie Jaeger McEntire

Rita Marie Jaeger McEntire: Praying for a better day today. Bobby boy had about a 2 min episode yesterday of slurred speech and drooped mouth, this was after getting up. Dr says everything that can be done at the moment is being done. Cardiologist dr in the morning and neuro dr on Monday. Getting 2nd and 3rd opinions. His son Chris will be here with him today while I'm at work. Aunt Bev is improving from the reports we're getting and so far cousin Steven Johnson doing ok with his cancer treatments. Keep the prayers going up please peeps. So many are needed right now. . Have a great day.

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Daniel Foreman

Daniel Foreman: Hanging out with Donny Lynn, and Bobby today!!!

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Leah Owens

Leah Owens: Love Like Crazy Lee Brice Lyrics     8 years ago today Bobby Owens and I officially became a couple and started our whirlwind romance. We had been *talking* for a long while before that, but the timing was never right. It is funny. This day is, in a way, more significant to me than the day we got married. I knew I loved him before we even got together. From the day we started dating I knew I would be his wife. We would stay on the phone all night talking even when we had seen each other that day and really didn't have anything to talk about. I could not wait to get to school because I knew it meant seeing him, and I know he felt the same. To this day when my phone rings, I feel like that love-struck 16 year old girl again with a smile creeping up on my face and butterflies in my stomach. I love you so much baby! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFsrfZ9SMJg     Check out Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-MtX_qk1ok I own NOTHING in this video. No copyright infringement intended!
Watch the video: video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFsrfZ9SMJg

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Carolyn Muse

Carolyn Muse: I woke up Pain Free! The first time in Weeks.Im not talking just hurting some.This Pain has Gave me shakes swelling and Tears.It was so Mental after awhile I thought I could not go on.Thanks to Bobby for caring He is so understanding.Now today I pray they find the Answer to this and a mild way to fix it.I don't want Pity.I want Prayer God has the answer He gives the Doctors Knowledge.If you have ever been in Labor,Thats how I have been Hurting.Waist Down to my Feet.I Love you all

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Salt + Light Media

Salt + Light Media: SLRadio1: Sing a new song to the Lord!     SLRadio1's Easter #songoftheday is Bobby Fisher's This is the Day. An OCP classic from the Pray Your Heart compilation. Listen for it here: http://saltandlighttv.org/live/radio1.php

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The Training Station Athletic Club of Glen Cove

The Training Station Athletic Club of Glen Cove: Good morning! Here is the class schedule for today, Thursday April 24

10:35 AM YOGA W/ DEE

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Davey Cooper

Davey Cooper: 3 years ago today, Our little man arrived who we knew wasn't going to be on this earth for very long. Bobby Lee Cooper you changed our lives forever even tho you were only with us for 5 days that was more than i could ever have asked for. You taught me more about the value of life than I could ever learn myself. I still think of you every day and wish you didn't have to leave so soon. Happy 3rd Birthday my first born son, you are always on my mind and forever in my heart. I love you baby boy...

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Antoinette Arevalo

Antoinette Arevalo: I'm going to join in on the #100daysOfHappiness :) love seeing everybody's posts! I think it's very healthy!
So here it is :
Day 1: Receiving a phone call from my Grandpa Bobby today made me happy!! We try to call each other during the week until we can see each other on the weekend. I'm truly blessed, I love that man. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ด

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Jacki Jefferson Bruning

Jacki Jefferson Bruning: Well tomorrow Bobby is leaving Memphis and moving to Dallas! I'm sad because he will be farther away from us, but he has been given a great opportunity that he can't pass up.

It was a hard decision for him,because he has enjoyed working at Raymond James and had a great boss. He willl be leaving good friends and colleagues, but it's a move up with new opportunities. Please pray for him as he travels and settles in Dallas this weekend.

We had a good therapy day that included some new improvements. The weather here is beautiful today and we had a wonderful dinner with the O'Briens and Jiriks. We are so blessed to have these friends here.

Tomorrow will be a full day that will be here too soon, so I'm going to bed! Love you all! Thank you so much for your kinds words ( I read each and every comment you post as if it were a a gift......and it is)

Sweet dreams!

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Pat Clark Ghyselinck

Pat Clark Ghyselinck: Thanks to Crys & Bobby today for taking Bob to the Va for his eye check-up--got all the packing done to go home--now watching the weather to see when we can leave!!!

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Kimberlie Wilbanks Helton

Kimberlie Wilbanks Helton: Just finished teaching and its been a super busy day.

Bobby: Why don't you just go pick us up something.

Me: (silence...relaxing on couch)

Bobby: hello. You can't just sit there and look pretty. This is a weekday. You are not a singer today. Tell her

Brady: Nope. You're not a singer today. You're a mom who goes to get us supper. Lol
๐Ÿ™…๐ŸŽค๐Ÿ‘ธ....๐Ÿ ๐Ÿšโšฝ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‘

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