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Alan Malpas

669273046482278 Alan Malpas: Mobile Uploads     five years ago today. rip sir bobby robson. legend //cmc    

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Mike Mallon

Mike Mallon:     Went to my first concert today with Anthony Maglio nd Bobby Fulling had a great time can't wait to go to another one    
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=477497435685993

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Brittney Wickstrom

Brittney Wickstrom: Thanks scoop much to these two sweet studs Logan Sawyer Monte Isaac for helping us move today. Also Deanna Matters Kelli Prothro Cindi Prothro Staci Mae Bobby and Tyler Snyder. Everyone was greatly appreciated.

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Daniel Douglas

707256679346037 Daniel Douglas: Timeline Photos     R.I.P SIR BOBBY ROBSON

Five years ago today you were taken from us.

GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN     5 years today a true Geordie and English legend past away!! RIP Sir Bobby

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Linda Stalnaker

Linda Stalnaker: Dog Saves Newborn Baby Abandoned Along Roadside    

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Alvin Tj Becker

Alvin Tj Becker: good day today, fletched 6 of my arrows and was able to try out my new bow. I love my new bow, I need to practice (a lot) but damn it is awesome. I am fletching 5 more arrows tonight (lost a fletching today lol). I will DEFINITELY be needing a shooting glove though it whacked the hell out of my thumb. thanks to Olivia Haro and Bobby Haro and true for all the help!

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Holly Pitts

562416593883767 Holly Pitts: Timeline Photos     Song #2 today is "Young Blood" by The Coasters.
Please click here to listen on the record player: http://dailydoowop.com/recroom/ (Note: please click on the jukebox to find and hear songs from earlier posts.)
Well, he saw her and followed her home, but her Dad was not pleased and said "You'd better leave my daughter alone." And now?
"Young blood, young blood, young blood
I can't get you out of my mind"
The song was written by Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller, and Doc Pomus. What a combination! And the B-side of the record was "Searchin'," which is another great song. In 1957, "Young Blood" went to #8 on the U.S. Singles Chart and #1 on the R&B Chart. It is listend among Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time. It was included in the musical revue of Leiber and Stoller songs "Smokey Joe's Cafe." In 1962, The Beatles played "Young Blood" at their audition for Decca Records.

The Coasters formed in 1955 out of the group The Robins, a Los Angeles R&B group. Carl Gardner and Bobby Nunn moved to New York. There were some personnel changes, but they eventually added Cornell Gunter and Will "Dub" Jones. The Coasters had many hits, including “Charlie Brown,” "Down in Mexico," “Yakety Yak,” "Searchin'," “Poison Ivy,” "Along Came Jones," and “Little Egypt (Ying-Yang)” among many others. There were plenty of personnel changes after that, and The Coasters still perform today.    

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Tay Berry


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Kwame Pogas

Kwame Pogas: The 30th Annual Reggae on the River® Festival / July 31st thru August 3rd 2014    

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Yvonne Tiller-Rickstad

785612664816631 Yvonne Tiller-Rickstad: Timeline Photos     Treasure your children today!     Bobby Rickstad Nicholas Rickstad Brandon Michael Karley Rickstad

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Kelsy Leah

685927348121662 Kelsy Leah: Timeline Photos     Who would you like to share this with today?     Bobbie Hubbard Ethan Rife Hannah Schroeder Zayda Ervin Jessica Lynn

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Craig Glover

707256679346037 Craig Glover: Timeline Photos     R.I.P SIR BOBBY ROBSON

Five years ago today you were taken from us.


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Sam Walsh

Sam Walsh: 5 years today. You will never be forgotten, Sir Bobby Robson RIP

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Geraldine McDermott

754551904610575 Geraldine McDermott: Timeline Photos     5 Years ago Today Sir Bobby Robson was taking away from us and today we will still chant his name home and away he was one of our own, a Football man, a Gentleman who never let us down ! R.I.P Sir Bobby Robson    

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Ken Robochess West

Ken Robochess West: What a great day to enjoy Saint Louis today. First, hit the Bobby Fischer exhibit at the World Chess Hall of Fame. Incredible stuff. Then some great blues from the Melissa Neels Band at the Mo. Botanical Garden as part of the Whitaker concert series. Even met some new people, one of whom let me share their blanket. I had never gone before and was sitting on the grass near the stage. That got the offer to share. Awesome day and fantastic people.

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Hermann Lammers Meyer

10203361055199668 Hermann Lammers Meyer:         Hermann Lammers Meyer Shows 254 for www.nbrn.fm from Madison,Tenn.USA heute / today Donnerstag/Thursday
July 31, 2014 - 1o am (CST) - 17 Uhr Frankfurt Time / 4 pm London Time


artist .......song .........label

Michael Ballew ... Town & Country Theme... Desert Kid

Roger Miller.. Tall Tall Trees.. Mercury

Sonny Curtis.. The Cowboy Singer… Elektra

Mark Chesnutt.. Good Bye Heartache.. Decca

Charles River Boys.. Help.. Beatles bluegrass

Western Makers.. Who Put The Turtel.. Archiv

Buck Owens… Lady Madonna. Capitol

Sarah Baxton.. That Kinda Day .. Archiv

Willie Nelson .. Cherokee Maiden… Archiv

Patti Page .. Cross Of Gold.. Archiv

Jeff Chance & Hermann Lammers Meyer .. Toolin On My Harley.. Desert Kid / Hillcrest, Sam Lee

The Osborne Brothers… The Older He Gets.. CMH

Jim Fullen… Judas Before Jesus. Jim Fullen

Paul & Helen Mateki.. Only Time Will Tell… Archiv

Patsy Cline… Blue Moorn Of Kentucky – special

Hermann Lammers Meyer .. Am I Standing In Your Way… Desert Kid

Bobby Bare .. Don t Go To Sleep On The Road.. Archiv

Dusty Owens & Donna Darlene… Archiv / Dusty Owens

Dave Dudley.. Listen Betty, They re Playing Our Song… Archiv , Tom T Hall

Porter Wagoner—When The Silver Eagle .. Porter Wagoner

the end





Town & Country Radio

Drosselweg 15

26871 Aschendorf Germany

You would like to request a song ?

sure ..........let us know


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Lorraine Muhammad

10202544530036273 Lorraine Muhammad:         Today in New York Live 106 and park with the final call News paper !! to our. Brothers and sister in. NYPD who was there was all to happy to get the Final call!!!! I. Just want ti tgsnk each and every one echo thank me for putting this trip together I want yo tgsnk brother Bobby who played a great part of organizing ! Tgsnk you do much sister Lorraine I never been to New York I had. Great time ! I first like to thank Allah bad the reaching of the hon Eljah Muhammad send. guidance of the hon Min Louis Farrrakhab !!!

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Aaliyah Martin

Aaliyah Martin:     Lol I was doing this dance today epic fall     Bobby Shmurda Got The Whole World Doing That Fucking Dance
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1450242695228950

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Colin Jones

904353509578098 Colin Jones: Timeline Photos     5 years today sir bobby passed away :'( a true legend to the club, never forgotten, RIP SIR BOBBY ROBSON! /lewie     A great manager who served Newcastle United and football so well

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Twinki Gurl

Twinki Gurl: Light A Candle by Emmitt's Place & Miss Cali the spoiled Yorkie    

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William Michael Foley

William Michael Foley: Overheard following statement today at the beach: " Is there anyone Bobby Zee doesn't know?

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Gavin Young

707256679346037 Gavin Young: Timeline Photos     R.I.P SIR BOBBY ROBSON

Five years ago today you were taken from us.

GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN     Miss you sir bob!!!

Rest in peace

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Jolene Blackshear

628699887243063 Jolene Blackshear: Timeline Photos     Fight Fans,
The official poster for the next edition of San Diego Fights by Bobby D. Presents. Tickets will sell out for this Live Boxing event. Get them today at SanDiegoFights.com    

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Amy D Wilson

786182644753775 Amy D Wilson: Timeline Photos     ON SALE! Pick up this B*TCHIN tee for 20% OFF at Rebel Circus TODAY! BUY HERE NOW —>>> http://www.rebelcircus.com/women-s-im-not-always-a-bitch-just-kidding-go-fuck-yourself-t-shirt.html — with Josefina Rodriguez and 37 others.     Bobbi Cross Anita Henry Diana Jean Farrer Marca Smith

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Richard Lee

Richard Lee: ActiveGiving.com Donations     Have to give it up to all my brothers at Local 525 Ua Plumbers Pipefitters...they have been coming through on supporting me in my fundraising for Team Challenge for Crohn's & Colitis (CCFA) today Otis Byrom, Waqar Ahmad and Kareta Sua bought raffle tickets...I think that puts me at the halfway point...if anyone is interested in raffle tickets just contact me at 702-575-0326 and we can make it happen...great giveaways too...like a helicopter ride for two over the Grand Canyon...lots more too...I appreciate the support!!

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משה לבנון

10152680622429416 משה לבנון: Timeline Photos     Bobby braces himself for the month ahead......

The Fringe officially starts on Friday, but there's previews from today and lots of street entertainers. We'll be primarily promoting and reviewing the various festivals for the next three weeks, with lots of photos from around town. — with Jean Haig.    

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Dhawn Marie

628699887243063 Dhawn Marie: Timeline Photos     Fight Fans,
The official poster for the next edition of San Diego Fights by Bobby D. Presents. Tickets will sell out for this Live Boxing event. Get them today at SanDiegoFights.com     Do not miss an amazing card in San Diego!

Kenia Enriquez is a compelling boxer to watch. Her calm demeanor in the ring is in essence epic in itself. Yet she fires with power and chiseling accuracy. A must see.

Get your tixs.

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Tyler Hart

Tyler Hart: Awesome day on the boat for pony penning all day today! Christopher Gardner James Gardner Joshua Killmon Ryan Greer Brock Williams Bobby Gray and everybody else lol!

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Stephen Morland

904353509578098 Stephen Morland: Timeline Photos     5 years today sir bobby passed away :'( a true legend to the club, never forgotten, RIP SIR BOBBY ROBSON! /lewie    

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MIC-DEE: Good morning peeps, unfortunately today we won't be able to shoot the Bobby-East(Headlines) video due to personal matters. My camera man had a set back. But don't be worried, I'll set another date. Comment for dress code details or inbox me ASAP. Other wise thanks to every one of you for supporting my music. I appreciate your love... I feel blessed to have you as a fan. Let's make this movement great n strong. #WeTheBestTeam #TeamHustleMic #LetsRockThis!!!

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Bobby Schneider

Bobby Schneider: Such a fun and sad day at work. Today had to say See You Real Soon to many of my Cp and Icp friends. If I didn't get to see you before you left, love you all and will miss you. This group of college programmers was truly one of the best iv seen in a while!!!! Good luck everyone with what you do!!!! Bobby will miss you

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Candice Farara Jackson

Candice Farara Jackson: Thank you,thank you, thank you to all who sent birthday blessings. I am beyond the feeling of joy from all of the love I've received today. I especially thank God, my husband Bobbie Jackson,my entire family and my Amazing friends for loving me and showing this not just on this day but day in and day out. I pray and speak extraordinary blessings over each and every one of you. I love you!!! 😊😆😉😙👍👌🎂🎀💯

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Devora Munequilla

Devora Munequilla: Ok so every Wednesday we have our class discussion. I was surprised with the overall views on todays topic.
Anyone like to give me their input on this discussion? I posted below

Bobby and Carmen are in love. Bobby decides that he wants to surprise Carmen by asking her to marry him at dinner. Bobby buys an outrageously expensive ring as a sign of his love and he gives the ring to Carmen when she agreed to marry him. Unfortunately, over time, their relationship began to diminish and after a while they really couldn't tolerate one another. At that point, Bobby and Carmen decided to go their separate ways. Before leaving the apartment, they both share, Bobby took the engagement ring and put it in his pocket.

Discussion Question :

Is this scenario a moral issue? Why?
Assume you are Bobby's attorney, why do you think he felt he was justified in taking his ring back?
Who do you think the engagement ring belongs to? Why?

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Diana Hayes

Diana Hayes:     OK Bobby Alldis and Federico Guerrero here's one for you to watch     At the Stourbridge Carnival today, THIS WAS HILARIOUS!!!
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10203462625382999

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Patricia Greene

Patricia Greene:         Hello FB fam!!! On this day Wednesday July 30,1997 10 friends, 10 band students were killed in a horrific car accident! Today marks 17yrs. R.I.P....RICO,MARCUS, CLAYTON, CHRISTY,ERICA,FELICIA, BOBBY DAMIEN,NORMAN AND RASHAD.. Sherri Blount Gilliam Stavonna Blount Delores McCray Claytreane Cooper LeRachia Bell Chris Toodle Jr. Brenda Drake Felecia Cooper Glenda Spruill Sherrod Blount YoRonda James Shatori Jones
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10153009341858765

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Christine Hull

Christine Hull: Pizza Dough Recipe : Bobby Flay : Food Network    

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Richard Likhosi Mulambilu

Richard Likhosi Mulambilu: THIS IS HOW I SEE IT

Majority of PSL teams doesn't want to do business with Kaizer Chiefs.
Reason being that they are jealousy of Kaizer Chiefs because they have multitude of sponsors.This thing has been going on for a long time.

It is just pity that we as supporters we have been infiltrated by those who claim to support our team wereas they are only here to celebrate our success only.Some people need to get it to their thick skulls that you can't always get what you want and not everything you want worth every effort.

I find it very stupid that even today,at this age,they got the audacity to hurl insults @ Bobby,blaming him for not buying a certain particular player.Some people need to grow up.This thing of freedom of speech is getting out of hand.Hurling insults to Bobby,is an insults to the entire Kaizer Chiefs board of directors.

Ikhosi a li pheli umoya.

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Tricia Barnes

Tricia Barnes: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10202713473493273&id=1092170748

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Cheryl Genz

Cheryl Genz: It's all coming together like a fairy tale ! Signed papers on our new house today and will start the move this weekend ! Bobby signed his coaching/teaching contract today as well !! Jasper here we come !! The girls are so excited and my best friend is finally getting to realize his dream. I am proud and honored to be part if it. I thank God everyday for the changes in my life over this last year. I haven't felt like myself for many years. The worry is gone. The loneliness is gone. My heart has found where it belongs.

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