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Fafa Vivi

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Tracy Jo Leake

Tracy Jo Leake: Juke Box Hero,I Love Rock 'N' Roll Diego Boneta,Alec Baldwin,Russell Brand,Julianne Hough Rock...     Gotta love the 3rd kid. We don't need nursery songs. It's straight to rock music! Vivi loves her "Rock of Ages" compilations.

http://youtu.be/PvcLbf_1rgI     http://youtu.be/PvcLbf_1rgI
Watch the video: video http://youtu.be/PvcLbf_1rgI

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Vivi Thrdzz

Vivi Thrdzz: 😢😣😣

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Casarae Womble

Casarae Womble: 5 years ago today i started a new journey in life, that brought me to Dallas, Texas! I didn't know one person here and after 8 hrs on my first day, i had 43 brothers and sisters!!! We became arguably the greatest academy class ever (my opinion)!!! Class 319, We the best!!! "No sacrifice, No Victory, We are 10,000 strong!!! #TEXASFAMILY #SORRYFORTHEEXTRAPUSHUPS

Shala Perry-Phenix Margie E. Argumedo Irene Galvez Tomi Danielle Jennifer Turano Colton Johnson Richard Ruiz Marvin Cole Brent Carter Jonathan Caldwell Roy Gray Andrew Winchester Andrew Prieskorn Justin Norlock Bryan Herr William Paiz-Tabash Edgar N Vivi Molina Matt Carlson David Rodrigues Kelly Schumpert Ding-Ding, Tony Rollison, Michael Manuel, Justin And Jessica Hamilton lance Delesbour Mary Lavender Darryl Crow Eric Duncan Katie Robinson Derry Anderson, Matt Schmidt, Raciel Hernandez Joe Schutz David Norberg Joel Landon Justin Ewald Shane C Voss Michael Slay

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Van Da

Van Da:     នេះបានហៅថាមហាគ្រោះថ្នាក់ចរាណ៍ចរមែន     Este es el acidente de ventanilla lo vivi en carne t hueso
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=702815269793606

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Nicky Loh

715420408536323 Nicky Loh: Profile Pictures     The Odd-tober issue is now out on the digital platform! Here's what we have in store for you. http://bit.ly/1urpyat     Loving the cover image I shot for veteran Singapore actor Lim Kay Tong for the Odd-tober issue of Esquire Singapore~!!!This coincidentally is my first cover picture for the magazine too! He may seem super stern on Growing Up, but Lim Kay Tong is as quirky as you can get!

Thanks to the brilliant Esquire team who worked on this with me... Janie Cai Aaron Kok Eugene Lightning Keith Bryant Lee Wayne Cheong and my dear wife Vivi Yeh who as usual gave very good comments during the reotuching stage! Haha!

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Carl Swanigan

Carl Swanigan: Its been real Chicago. Didn't get to see some faces that mean alot to me but ill be back in a few weeks!! The ones I did thanks for the times!! Mashallah Ghouleh Ryan Green Ronnie N Arie ViVi Rosas Diamyn Lee

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Vivi Lopez

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Unhas de Gel - Vivi Paiva

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Summer Karst

Summer Karst: I'm eating my breakfast and Vivi walks up to me and says "mmmmmm... Want me to help?" Then grabs a handful of food off my plate. #ohviv

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Sol Upc

493200510782794 Sol Upc:         Minha gatinha...minha companheira... minha protetora...minha cúmplice...minha eterna pequena!
São tantos momentos bons que já vivi com vc pra tão poucos anos de vida, o desejo do meu ♥ é pra que Deus continue te enchendo de saúde, vida, amor, paz pra que possamos desfrutar mtos anos ao seu lado.
Vc é uma menina especial uma referência de uma obra perfeita de Deus!
Um beijinho carinhoso de quem te ama mto minha menininha!
Deus te abençoe!

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La Vivi

La Vivi: ONE HOUR : OM CHANTING HEALING AMAZING MEDITATION WITH NATURE AMBIENT     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMaAKkNyB4o     ONE HOUR : OM CHANTING HEALING AMAZING MEDITATION WITH NATURE AMBIENT Chakra Activation & Healing Meditation. Relax your Mind, Body and Soul. SLEEP MEDITATIO...
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMaAKkNyB4o

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Vivi L'ange

Vivi L'ange: Je suis gentille à 3% et méchante à 97%. À quel point es-tu gentille/méchante?     A ben sympa lol

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Vivi Tsai

Vivi Tsai: Clean Bandit - Rather Be ft. Jess Glynne [Official Video]     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-M1AtrxztU&list=RDESXgJ9-H-2U&index=3     'Rather Be feat. Jess Glynne' available on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/CBRatherBe OUT NOW 'New Eyes' on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/neweyes.dlx Amazon: http://...
Watch the video: video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-M1AtrxztU&list=RDESXgJ9-H-2U&index=3

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Chandran Subramaniam

Chandran Subramaniam:     OMG what a disaster is this     Este es el acidente de ventanilla lo vivi en carne t hueso
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=702815269793606

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Vii Vivi

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Sumi Wutzsu Dayzwetkey

Sumi Wutzsu Dayzwetkey: Tfl Viwen *Cuma :p Vivi Wen

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Vivi Murzalina

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Vivi Murzalina

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Vivi Murzalina

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Vivi Murzalina

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Vivi Karampali

Vivi Karampali: Paul McCartney - Hope of Deliverance (Live 1993) [DVD-RIP]         Weird nobody had posted it befoere... Ripped from my copy of the "Paul is Live" DVD and re-enhanced by me (you won't probably notice *the differences) This i...
Watch the video: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ypKvNt81RY&feature=youtube_gdata_player

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