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Anthracite Region Accuvision Weather

869295673115382 Anthracite Region Accuvision Weather: Mobile Uploads     Here is our first storm total map. Again this storm will come in two pieces for many, with some snow later tonight and Monday adding up to 3-6" in Central PA and 1-3" for NEPA by late tomorrow.

Then as the coastal low takes over Monday night and Tuesday additional snow falls across the area, with the heaviest in Eastern PA. Again the track of the coastal is tricky. If it comes farther west like the Euro shows we'll get even more snow. If it's farther east like many others show, we will get a bit less.

This map represents a consensus forecast taking into account all the models, our team of meteorologists and input from the National Weather Service. If any changes are needed I'll have them at 5am tomorrow on Eyewitness News.     Meteorologist Dave Skutnik and WBRE have a forecast very similar to ours. ~ Laz

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Debra Jones

Debra Jones: I seriously don't know why you ppl listen to wnep they have no clue what they're talking about or wbre for that matter!!!

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