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Edward Gutierrez

Edward Gutierrez:     This why I am a player fan aside from the eagles! Got my Cam jersey ready to be worn.     For all you Cam Newton haters...he may be cocky and arrogant...but I saw him walk past about a few hundred people who asked for his cleats...he then came up on a kid in a wheelchair...he proceeded to sign a ball and sign both of his cleats and give them to the kid...Cam you have a new fan. Here is the video...
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10204641925516644

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Walt Moeller

10204502103741306 Walt Moeller:         2003 Road King Classic anniversary edition
57k on bike, 20k on motor
98" fuel moto big bore kit, woods t555 night prowler cams screaming eagle breather and cam chest upgraded to 2012 specs, dyno tuned, has 100 HP and 111 #s of torque
Jackpot power commander and 4" slash cut mufflers.
Lockable bags and are keyed to ignition, Memphis shade faring
Both tires new 3500 mikes ago
Don't have to sell just looking to upgrade
$8500 or best REASONABLE offer
Call Walt @ 989-971-9550 or message me here. Lift is for sale also $500 obo

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Taylor Bingham

Taylor Bingham: Eagle Racing Engines    

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Walt Moeller

10204502048339921 Walt Moeller:         For sale. 2003 Anniversary Edition Road King Classic.
57k miles on bike 20 k on motor.
Upgraded to 98" by fuel moto, has 100 HP and 111 #of torque, 10.5 pistons, woods t-555 night prowler cams and cam chest has been upgraded to 2012 specs.
Fuel moto power commander and dyno tuned,
Jackpot 4" slash cut mufflers
Screaming eagle breather
Memphis shade batwing faring
Upgraded the bags to solid lockable lids all keyed the same.
New tires 3500 miles ago.
Box of parts also included, new cables, all orig parts including windshield and Harley repair manual
Asking $8500 or best REASONABLE offer
Don't have to sell just looking to upgrade
Bike lift also available for $500 obo
Call Walt at 971-9550 or message me here

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Thomas Scott

Thomas Scott: Import Ohio    

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Eagle Racing Engines, Inc.

Eagle Racing Engines, Inc.: Eagle Racing Engines     Eagle Racing Engines

Freshen and Seal (NeSmith) your GM 604 Crate Engine

Labor Performed
- Complete Tear Down and Inspection
- Verify Head cc in Combustion Chambers
- Verify Intake Runner cc
- 3 Angle Valve Job to GM Specs
- Check Deck Height
- Resurface Block to Min.
- Inspect Pistons for Optium Ring Seal
- Check Rods for Straightness
- Resize Rods for Proper Clearence
- Hone Cylinders w/ Torque Plate
- Install Cam Bearings
- Polish Crank
- Set Clearences on New Bearings
- Degree Cam to GM Specs
- Assemble Engine
- Engine Primmed

Parts Installed
- Moly Ring Set
- Rod Bearings
- Main Bearings
- Timing Chain Set
- Complete Gasket Kit
- Valve Seals
- NGK Spark Plugs
- Renegade Oil
- Wix Racing Oil Filter
- NeSmith Seals


Call Chad 865-408-1000
Email chad@eagleracingengines.com

Options Avalible
- Dyno
- Water Pump Kits
- Fuel Pump Kits
- Carbs.
- Power Steering Kits
- Headers
- Drives

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Low & Slow Racing

Low & Slow Racing: Import Ohio    

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Brandon Bigej

Brandon Bigej:     Cool Eagle with Go Pro Cam     Most amazing view from the back of an eagle. Happy Friday!

Kick It In The Nuts

Found Video Online
All Credits To Video Owner Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC661JhZW_AVZXQKhb0qYynA
Watch the video: video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=796600590372430

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