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Friends of Great Lakes Estate Services

641442835893775 Friends of Great Lakes Estate Services: Timeline Photos     Haha!! — with Jose Lopez and 28 others.     And this is what happened to the poor " elf on a shelf" sobs.... Lol

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Louise Brown

10205166356499491 Louise Brown: Timeline Photos     It's getting to be that time of year for the elf on a shelf to come around. These are my elves one vintage hugging elf and the other one is just plain old. I want to send them around the world if I can, feel free to share them and add where you live so we can see where they are vacationing. They have been stored for years and I think they need to be enjoyed this year. They are starting in Lordstown Ohio November 22nd, 2014.    

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Mariah Nagel

10204521502370994 Mariah Nagel: Timeline Photos     Wanna do something magical for the kids??? This is something they will never forget. Plus it's cheap and easy to do!!!!

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Pardon My French

930187880344033 Pardon My French: Timeline Photos     Elf on the Shelf makes snowman donuts from mini donuts, mini chocolate chips, and candy corn.     https://www.facebook.com/Elfontheshelffunideas/photos/a.920944461268375.1073741829.920581034638051/930187880344033/?type=1

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Peggy Sue Bloomfield

980604755289128 Peggy Sue Bloomfield: Timeline Photos    

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Shawna Wood

845547828828956 Shawna Wood: Timeline Photos     MORE ELF ON THE SHELF POSES:

25 more suggestions for all you elf-lovers out there. I love the Barbie one! Heehee

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Marie Tomaccio Harala

10152497538273157 Marie Tomaccio Harala: Timeline Photos     Bored of Elf On The Shelf?     Dawn T.....Save this and show Olivia in a few years,funny !

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Christy Conway Uldrick

857088967645099 Christy Conway Uldrick:         Elf on the Shelf
Girls outfit- skirt
( We bought boy elf so doesn't work for him.)
Brand New $4
Located in Petal smoke free

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Janette Teresa Gomez

1004974356195513 Janette Teresa Gomez: Mobile Uploads     The proper way to hang your Elf on the Shelf....~Laura     Best Elf on a Shelf EVER

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William Hostman

1004974356195513 William Hostman: Mobile Uploads     The proper way to hang your Elf on the Shelf....~Laura     My friends, I've tagged you lot because I know you'll find this a hoot... and because I miss the whole lot of y'all sick puppies most when the holidays are immanent.
Richard, Richard, Rich, Patrick, Jerry & Terye, Stephen, Stephen, Jera, Matthew, Ron, Linda, Scott, Ben (RIP) & Shanon, Fran, Patricia
And yes, this is as close to a seasonal holiday card as you're likely to get from me.
As appropriate to each of you: Happy Hannukka, Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, and happy thanksgiving!

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Roxi Drescher

10203111647738470 Roxi Drescher: Timeline Photos     Wanna do something magical for the kids??? This is something they will never forget. Plus it's cheap and easy to do!!!!

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Lynn Boyd

Lynn Boyd: Simply Irresistible    

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Chancie Bryan

10152683027945845 Chancie Bryan: Timeline Photos     ALL THE {SUPER EASY} ELF ON THE SHELF IDEAS YOU NEED THIS YEAR!


Yup, it's going to be time before you know it...     Kera Byerly Bullard

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1004974356195513 운티아라: Mobile Uploads     The proper way to hang your Elf on the Shelf....~Laura    

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Valles Marisa

10152497538273157 Valles Marisa: Timeline Photos     Bored of Elf On The Shelf?    

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Amy Smith Joines

Amy Smith Joines: Free elf on the shelf doll pattern     Adorable...... I would love a set of these

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Lisa Hardy

830770540308412 Lisa Hardy: Timeline Photos     {Win - On the 7th Day of Christmas}

If you have a special little girl who loves to dress as a Princess or needs an outfit for Christmas or a special occasion, make sure you visit Toffee Tots. They have a lovely range of Christmas gift ideas for Little Ones too. My favourite being the charm bracelets and highly sort after Elf on the Shelf kits.

To win a Toffee Tots Voucher valued at $120

1. Click Like
2. Share with your friends
3. Comment; Toffee Tots
4. Confirm your entry here;http://bit.ly/1x7IKGo
#12daysofchristmas #Christmas #win    

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LaTisha Blasiar

10152872462824165 LaTisha Blasiar: Mobile Uploads     Let the Elf on a Shelf season begin!    

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Diane Hatch Foster

814600851924137 Diane Hatch Foster: Timeline Photos     Mealey's Furniture is hosting it's first ever Elf On The Shelf Event! We're so excited! Bring your kids to any of our 6 area showrooms on Saturday, December 6th for the search of the Elf On The Shelf in our Showrooms! Event will also include Holiday Photos, a Meet & Greet with Mrs. Claus and Santa's Elves, Prizes and more! RSVPs are encouraged here: http://elfontheshelfevent.rsvpify.com/?embed=1    

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Tamra Walker

1004974356195513 Tamra Walker: Mobile Uploads     The proper way to hang your Elf on the Shelf....~Laura     Try this Tim Danner! I think your family might have a great time !

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Jene' DuBose

905714896113243 Jene' DuBose: Timeline Photos     'Tis always the season for dog shaming.     Elf on a shelf is now dead so stop passing him around on Facebook, lol

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Tammy Hysert

10152497538273157 Tammy Hysert: Timeline Photos     Bored of Elf On The Shelf?    

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Leona Higgins

Leona Higgins: Wow what a day! Got to spend some time with my other family Russ, Kay and Brad ! Then a nap and off to work got out at 1135 ish and wow thank God for the rain slowed things down so we could zone and clean. Then it was off to mama Margie's for dinner and drinks with my Top shelf elf. Talk to my baby and off to dream land. Steave ill see you in my dreams ! :) goodnight FB peeps! God bless us all!

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Christy Gant

10152704511165845 Christy Gant: Timeline Photos     WHAT IS ON YOUR ELF "PLAN" FOR THE YEAR??


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